Can I give Zakat to an Islamic school?

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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics related to donating to Islamic schools, including a photo of a woman doing a massage, a declaration from the Islamic Council about protecting Islam, and the category number seven for those who are broke, while the category number six for those who are working for the Muslim government to disperse Islam. The category number seven is for those who are broke, while the category number six is for those who are working for the Muslim government to disperse Islam. The title "front door" is mentioned as a way to fight for Islam, but it is not a formal category.
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I said I want everyone to love this is your brother out of Denver? I want to react to and translate the first word of chefs a lot of sorry about donating your cattle mal to Islamic schools very interesting. But what I wanted to share with you all let's listen to other Shaykh says then I'm going to translate what he said and then I'll add some of my comments in short order.

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Kabira of southern Colorado, I'll make my slamming with Robert Ireland with slavery. They are very, he we have that in mind that I showed my e

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Murat fee.

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live in divorce workflow when you have a subpoena?

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Right here.

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All right. That is what's shift us shifts a lot. So he says I'm gonna turn off the display here for a sec. hamdulillah. There is. It's very beautiful, very beautiful photo very beautiful.

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You know, the way the chef has explained it is really beautiful. And I'm going to try my best to translate it and then add a bit of commentary to this. So the question was, is it allowed to donate to an Islamic school or Islamic schools My dad is at Islamia in Canada from the cattlemen.

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The assumption here is it's totally acceptable to donate any good cause from sadaqa. Right, just general philanthropy, because the problems that Coloma rufen saw that every good action is an act of charity. So there is no question about that at all. The question is about the cat because the cat is restrictive. It has eight specified categories in the Quran. The question is, is donating to an Islamic school? Can it fall under one of those eight categories? The answer of the chef is as follows. He says Islamic schools outside of Muslim lands, specially as our Muslim lands are the cat eligible as they fall in the category of feasibility feasibility, scattergun number seven, out of

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the eight categories

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in the fall in the category of feasibility law, which literally translates to, in the way of Allah. He says sheiks Allah, because Islamic schools preserve the religion of the young Muslims. He says Jihad just like as it includes war, just like it's where the end is also include using speech to defend Islam and preserve Islam takanobu kalama. Chaka Khan Academy is also with speech. And he quotes the idea of the Quran to say how

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included in the concept of jihad is defending Islam through speech, a lot smarter says in Surah Furqan Fela tutorial catharina which I hate whom behaved you had an Kabira so do not yield to the disbelievers, but strive diligently against them with this or with it, and that it is referring to the Quran according to the scores of the sere like given Kafeel he says that it here is referring to the Quran. This is evidence the chef is using this is evidence that jihad is not just warfare, Jihad includes defending Islam by using, you know, arguments using the Quran using speech essentially, okay, the institutions that protect Islam are thus included in the category of jihad. And that's the

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category number seven. He then for further continues

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that the Islamic Council of most of the Muslim World League has issued a declaration on the matter. And he says this is something that has been issued by them. And we have alluded to this declaration many times in previous for towers. And then he makes the idea that we ask Allah to unite the Muslims to give success to our institutions, and to give them the ability to fulfill their responsibilities and obviously add that to that beautiful door. I mean, so that is shifts allows fatwah and some of my little comments to explain where he's coming from.

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And I'm going to just add a couple of things here for the sake of bringing the argument you know, making it whole child so we have a good understanding of the topic. As I mentioned, the cat has very specific conditions of who that the cat can be given to. It's it's eight categories. Category number one is in the muzzle of autofocus for the ones who are broke, while Masaki and the ones who are poor number two will Amina Allah number three is those who are working for the for a Muslim government to disperse zakat. Well, one more aliphatic Hello, boom done before those who are inclined to Islam, they're Muslims, and they're, you know, new Muslims, the cat can be given to them to incline their

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hearts further to Islam.

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Well Federico number five to free slaves and to free prisoners. Well, a lot II mean number six, those who are in debt. Even if the debt is interest bearing debt, they can be paid off from the card so that they don't have that anymore. Wolfie sebelah number seven, in the path of God, Wabi Sabi and the wayfaring traveler referring traveler invincible as somebody who has money but has lost access to their money, because they're not home, they are traveling abroad to the cat can be given to them, to make them reach their home so they can access their wealth. The idea is that this person has temporarily become become poor. So those are the eight Catharine categories of Zakat seven one the

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seventh category is a feasibility and feasibility Allah in the Quran is used vast majority of time to refer to fighting in the way of Allah. Okay. And this is something that the scholars of tafsir and the scholars have mentioned, you know, that this extensive usage of the Quran referring to feasibility as finding necessitates that this category of Zakat feasible is only for that purpose and that purpose only Okay, this is the classical understanding of this, the formada him are, you know, in consensus on this that this category is referring to those who are fighting for the cause of Islam. And in fact they qualify these are fighters who are a loser Elmo toto we are in the

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voluntary fighters. They're not like you know, on the army payroll for example, they have joined the army as volunteers, they are paid from from the the carton, man, okay. And for example, the habila also include in this, the humble These include in this category, people who can go who are going for Hajj because there's a little problem where a man had brought a camel and the Prophet salam, a camel for the sake of love so it can be used in in battle. And then a woman wanted to make Hajj using the camel, the prophet said to her, it could be half in the Hajj jeffie Sevilla, she he said to her, you can use it to go make Hajj because Hajj is in the path of Allah. So the humbly school they allow

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this hedge to fund people a person's hij from the cat, many that allow that as well with obviously certain conditions. Now, that is the classical view the view that this is restrictive to that are modernist scholars, like the Muslim World League, the establishment council as the Association of Muslim jurists of America imja and many, many other bodies of scholars and great Messiah for time have made the point that this is a category that is essentially inaccessible to the Muslims, particularly the Muslims who are living as minorities in the West, we cannot be voluntary fighters in you know, in any capacity. Okay, so what then is left of this category? Well, jihad, the scholars

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of the past have restricted only to fighting. But today, our scholars have said, well, Jihad also includes defending Islam, and then institutions that defend Islam, through speech through producing content, and even through things such as producing students that will like the preservation of the religion is happening through those institutions, all of that is a type of jihad and thus, these should be included in the category of fee subsidy law, that is the the Maha Lunas are like to say in Arabic, it also affects the scope of the argument, where the where the

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where the evidence lies, sort of set, okay. And this is a good position in sha Allah, and I think that

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We should try to give the cat our personal my personal take on this is ours the cat should go to as many categories that we can give the cat to. If you find a person who's poor, who was broke, help them, give them use the cat. If you find somebody who's in debt, help them give them the cat so they can be out of debt. If you find somebody or some a great cause, like a good Islamic school that can live on after you that can produce students whose identity is preserved. Their Muslim identity is preserved because they mentor that school. That is an excellent avenue of Zakat as well. Well, Lodi, lm Joseph McLaren for listening or salon I mean, I'm harmala and he was happy. He said I want to go