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Aarij Anwer

Channel: Aarij Anwer

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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There have been also mentions that when it was time for Ramadan, and people are fasting

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there will be two events that will be given at night before Fajr. The first event would be like a warning, it's almost Fajr. And the second Adan would be its fudge of the first oven would be given by Bilal will be given by biller or the lajuan, who to let people know that fetcher is approaching quickly finish up here. So for the second, Adan was given by Abdullah bin OMAC tomb that would signify it is now Fajr stop eating. The interesting thing here to note is Abdullah was unable to see he was blind. And the only way you could tell if it's Fudger is by looking at this at the sky, looking at if the sun has risen or not. Yet the Prophet of Allah saw Salam appointed a beloved

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McCune for this task for the task of being the more than and accommodated for him by making sure there was someone with him, and that someone would look at the sky and would tell him as a spotter now it's morning given and then a biller would get up and give her that. From this we learned brothers and sisters, that the Prophet of Allah Salam, not only respect to the biller, not only did he elevate him, but avila's disability that he had, was accommodated for. He was made to feel welcome. He was given an important task because he deserved it. And his, the disability did not hold him back. This for us is the Sunnah. This is what went on this day of international day of for the

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persons with disabilities. This is what we should remember from our tradition, from the Sunnah of rnrb, Salah Salem that he would go out of his way to accommodate for someone like Abdullah and to make sure that Allah could fulfill his potential as the Muslim as the one who would be in charge of Medina after the prophet had led ahead had left. This is the the legacy that he saw Salem instilled, and it's something for us to think about something for us to be proud of, and something for us to replicate