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The Prophet (S) said, “Indeed Allah looks upon the people on the 15th of Shaban and forgives everyone except a polytheist or a mushahin” (Narrated by ibn Majah, authenticated by Sh Al-Albani)

This khutbah explains why we must forgive others in Shaban to be forgiven by Allah:

– Who is a mushahin? Like the ship filled with people (al-fulk al-mashoon), it is someone who is filled with animosity towards another person.
– Examples of forgiveness from the life of the Prophet
– Example of forgiveness from Abu Bakr

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In Alhamdulillah

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una una sofiero what are all the villa human Cerulean fusina Musa Dr. Medina Maja de la who Fernando de la Houma you little fella javiera Chateau La ilaha illa Allahu Allahu la sharika shawanna Mohammed Abu Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi adrain follow dynafit and de la Z's garden a hula, hula hula shaytaan regime. A you will live in LA haka Ducati. velata. Mouton, 11. To Muslim on call a Latina amruta como havapoo. Poland deja vu slash la kumala como el philippou from La la hora Sula, hufa faza frozen alima Hola, hola. Esta we'll have to know what to say, a different reality here accent for either la de beynac avena, who are the one who only you have seen

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in the last hire that I read to you from Surah number 41. So the first thing that Allah says and that is that the good and the bad are not equal. That is the will hustler to Allah say

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it Farben the T oxen when you are in a situation where somebody is treating you wrongfully or mistreating you, or there is some thing that is disliked that you feel from the other party

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instead of reciprocating that, instead of going tit for tat in five minutes.

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You should respond with what is the best. Somebody says something that is inappropriate. You should not respond with something that's also inappropriate, you should respond with a good response, if I will. Let's see here. Awesome. Why is that? for either lady by Nick avena, who are down to Ghana, who will even have him. Maybe somebody today there is something between you and him. There is some animosity between you and him. But perhaps down the road, things will change. Hearts change times change. And then that person might become one of your closest friends. And who will you mean? So you don't want to say something in that moment of anger, out of emotion that you will regret down the

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road. Even if you might feel that that thing that you're saying is justified.

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This is a very important thing. Brothers and sisters, in our religion, in controlling ourselves controlling our tongue, not reacting to things out of emotion. A leader of the Lord has a beautiful statement he says I have a heavy worker honan ma si una de la Yo mama. He says that when you love somebody, you know love them moderately don't love them excessively because perhaps down the road, that person might become somebody who you dislike. Okay, well above the believers vaca Yo, Basilica Holden Ma, si akuna Jaime Mata Yama, he says and when you are, have some animosity towards somebody, keep that also moderate. Don't let that go out of control. Because perhaps that person down the road

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will become one of your best friends.

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And this happens, this happens people that you may not like today, down the road, they might become your most important confidant, the most important counsel. This is how life works. What is important brothers and sisters is when we are treated with

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with animosity or treated in a way that's inappropriate. Our religion, the Book of Allah teaches us to respond with kindness. That is the muscle that is the base.

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And you look at the profit loss of them is described as kind of Hulu, kind of Hulu.

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He was a walking manifestation of the Quran. You look at the Sahaba. And they are described as people who would take the lap of the Messenger of Allah wa sallam, and represent that in their own character. When somebody will come and say something inappropriate to the Messenger of Allah wa sallam, he wouldn't respond back by saying something just as inappropriate. When a person

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excuse me when a Jewish person came and said to the Messenger of Allah, some wild aka Muhammad, which is a play on words, sounds like a salam alayka but actually means death upon you. The Messenger of Allah did not get offended and did not say something that was inappropriate. He just said why like, and for you as well brother. So the idea is, we have to respond in some in a way that is good. When a person was was coming to the Messenger of Allah, He came to the messenger of Allaah sauce on them, when the messenger of philosophy is distributing the spoils of war. And he says to the messenger, something that is as inappropriate as you can imagine.

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He says is the Messenger of Allah ardelean Mohammed he says oh Mohammed be just so pan Allah who could be more Justin the Messenger of Allah sauce on them. Okay this is a blasphemous statement. This is a statement that is a blasphemy to imply that the Messenger of Allah wa Salaam is unjust is a blaster misstatement, okay? But the Messenger of Allah often did not take that as a did not take that person and punish them for that kind of statement. He said, firstly, in the modern era that he said, If I'm not just an who can be just okay, if I am receiving revelation from God, and that does not even make me a person of justice, then who else can be just afterwards? Okay, it's a rhetorical

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question, saying that I am being just here. And number two, when the Sahaba wanted to punish that person, the messengers send them Yama or leave him, Lala, who suddenly he's praying, perhaps, you know, believe him, because he's somebody who was part of the community.

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The idea of infallibility here is ingrained in the character of the prophet SAW Salem, anywhere you find it anywhere you turn, you'll find this to be the character of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and then he also teaches us to be the same way. No one is going to come and have that level of animosity towards us, but ancestors, the hypocrites, the kind of animosity they had to the profit of a loss of a limb was off the charts. These are people who would lie to the face of the Prophet saying that we are believers, but in their hearts, they were not.

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Okay, and they kept up that appearance. They kept up their Islam as a ruse. You know why, so that they could oppose the messengers also them in any way they could do so. Yet when the Messenger of Allah wa sallam has the opportunity for revenge, he doesn't go after them for revenge. He doesn't hold that against them. The leader of the hypocrites, the person who harmed the Messenger of Allah wa sallam, at every turn of his life in Medina at every opportunity, he could be harmed.

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That person have the love and obey this criminal. When this criminal dies, finally, Good riddance, the Messenger of Allah wa salam stands up to start reading the genesis of this criminal

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who is the person who was responsible for spreading the slander against his wife, Ayesha, who was the person who would undermine every single decision the prophets also made was the person who turned away a third of the army from the Battle of Oxford. And that turning over a third of the army cost many lives, including the uncle, the prophet Hamza,

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who was the person who at every single opportunity, would say something to make the profitsystem look bad. That was how bad this man was, this criminal finally dies, and the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam has this beautiful heart, where he turns and is about to lead the genesis of this criminal

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and maneuver where the Lord who reminds him stands between him and the janessa says, jasola How could you pray? Coco Coco, Paula yamaka. He said this on that day, he said this on that day, how could you, you know, pray for this person for his forgiveness. And the messengers also at that point, smiled and said, Ronnie, or mark, or Mary move away from me, I was given a choice and have choose, I have chosen to pray the desert for this person. And then later on the ayah was revealed to tell the Messenger of Allah never featured as over these people again, the point of the story, though brothers and sisters is despite this person harming the messenger of a loss, loss of love so

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much, hurting him so much, undermining his his authority at every turn, still the messenger of Allaah solemn in Farben, that he would respond to that evilness, with kindness, with that contempt with forgiveness. That's the point brothers and sisters, none of us were arrogant are ever going to face that much contempt and that much hatred in our lives. No one will be hurt like the Messenger of Allah. So someone was hurt by a dilemma. Nobody. Okay. Now if the Messenger of Allah sauce alum can set that, that bar for us of how to respond to that kind of evil with that much love and gentleness, then for us, we're going to have much less of that. The response has to be, you know, the response

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is easier. Right? If the trial is lesser the response or the

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what's incumbent upon us is easier as well. So if somebody says something to us, that is inappropriate, somebody says something to us, that makes us upset somebody

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says something that's derogatory about us. Okay? And now here is an opportunity to respond with anger, here's an opportunity to say something that will really stick it to them. Okay, we should think back to the message of a loss of alum who had far worse, but treated those people far, much better.

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That is the character of the Messenger of Allah Allah. So when the messenger says, right when he says something, and he tells us to do something, believe me brothers and sisters, his practices entire life, when he says my

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main man, soccer does not decrease wealth.

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Okay, he's lived that his entire life, he would give and give and give, until when he passed away, he had nothing left except to shield. Okay, former as a de la who often be often in prison, when whenever Allah

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puts a person in a situation where they forgive,

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that forgiveness, that forgiveness only increases that person in honor and dignity. Nothing it does not debase the person does not lower than it actually raises them. Well, Mata la la, la la la, la, la, la la. And nobody humbles themselves for the sake of Allah except that a lot of reasons that meaning every single time somebody humbles themselves, for the sake of Allah, Allah would raise them in the eyes of the people would raise them in ranks in general, will raise them in honor.

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This is what brothers and sisters This is the soul of our religion. This is the the base the foundation of our religion.

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Why am I bringing it up today? That someone said something to me? No. hamdulillah Did someone say something to you? I don't know, perhaps, but I'm bringing it up particularly today because this is Siobhan. This is a month of Siobhan and it is I believe, 11 to talk to Siobhan today.

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And after Siobhan is the month of Ramadan, of course, the month of Shabbat is the month where the Messenger of Allah Azza wa sallam has encouraged us to do good deeds, because that's a month he said, people are neglectful of it. People neglect good deeds in it, because perhaps they're waiting for Ramadan, to really kick into high gear. But there is a very important good deed brothers and sisters that we have to do, there is a very important preparation that we have to prepare ourselves with before we welcome the month of Ramadan. And that is getting rid of shahana in our hearts, getting rid of anything that is a grudge in our hearts, getting rid of things that are detrimental

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to our akhira getting rid of any beef between us and a person getting rid of all of that.

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Now, there's an important disclaimer here. If you are wronged by somebody, that doesn't mean you just you know, turn the other cheek and let it go. It's your rights to seek justice. No one is denying you that right. Okay. I'm not talking about that. If somebody has been abused, it is your right to get justice. I'm not denying that either. I'm talking about things where someone has said something about you, someone has maybe discredited you, or somebody has maybe given you something or not giving you something that you felt that you deserved, okay, things that are not, you know, in the category of volume, oppression and injustice. Okay, that's a different category. And this is

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about stuff that happens between brothers and sisters stuff that happens in a husband and a wife. stuff that happens between siblings. I'm talking about that I'm not talking about if you have been wronged. It is 100% You're right, my brother to get You're right. It is okay. And no one's gonna deny you that. But I'm talking about things that are not that's not injustice outright, but it is. feelings are hurt. Okay? Somebody says something that hurt my feelings.

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It's important at that point, to let that stuff go for Ramadan comes. Why is that the messenger of a law firm says in an authentic hardy that in the La Jolla poly roofie a little later than this three minute shot min Siobhan de la la la roofie llena de Libertad. nurserymen. Siobhan for young foodie, Jamie, t in la de machinic. In our matcha, when

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that Allah forgives, on the nights on the 15th night of a Shabbat, every single person,

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every single person, except for a person who is emotionally a polytheist, somebody who does not believe in Allah and the Last Day, somebody who does not believe in the Prophet of Allah wa sallam, that person is not worthy of the salvation of the academic. They have to solve that problem first. But if that is there, that foundation is there of the heat. Then the thing that stops the person's forgiving

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This is Elmo Shaheen, the person who has in their heart what's called a shahana

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a grudge a beef, things that you hold against another person that cry those kinds of feelings and sentiments. That is what is preventing a person's forgiveness. That's the barrier.

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The word China is very interesting. The last model says in the Quran, you know, describes the Warhammer latteria, to whom full kill mushroom, we carry them in a ship that was full, this is no Hadith, excuse me, who is described as, you know, being carried in a ship that is mushroom filled with people and animals. Okay? So Shahada is something that is filled up. So Rob says, for example, a Shahada to intellect mainhand laughs So panela it says it is the kind of animosity, it's the kind of grudges that have completely taken over a person. When you wake up, you think of that when you see that person's face. That's the first thought that crosses your mind. When you read something on

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Facebook that they said, that is something that comes to your mind, he dissed me that day. He said that thing about me that day, he undermined me that day. That's the kind of sentiment that is shahana It is not that you have been wronged and hurt and oppressed. That's not what I'm talking about. It's talking about how you perceive it. And you perceive it to be so bad that it has completely taken over you intellect men handcuffs, completely. That's all you think about when you see when you think of that person.

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So it is, you know, like, Robbie said that very nicely. He said kulu Toriyama to her enlarge, Florida, what are the common hazard is that, you know, every type of animosity, we could expect somebody to like, get over it. Okay, but the person who just hates you bus because they don't like you mean hazard, they just have this don't like you. You don't expect that person to get over that ever. You expect the person to remain that way forever. So that particular sentiment my brothers and sisters is so detrimental. It stops the forgiveness of Allah, Allah. It stops it. It's the barrier that prevents it.

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smell Al Hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah, who Allah Allah, he was happy.

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We are going to approach Ramadan. inshallah, in a few days, maybe 20 days, 18 days, Rolando begins upon Allah. And every time Ramadan comes, it's an opportunity for us to earn our agenda every single time. It is our opportunity to achieve salvation. Okay, that's the what Allah what that's the description of that month, right? That is the month where Allah frees the people from the fire of hell.

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It's the time to earn the forgiveness of Allah. But brothers and sisters, before we can earn a loss, forgiveness, we have to find in our heart, the ability to forgive others. That has to happen. Again, I'm not talking about something that was, you know, injustice, something that was oppression, abuse. I'm not talking about that. That's your right to get justice for that. Okay, these domains misunderstand me, because this is set to people who have been oppressed, who have been dealt wrongfully that hey, just forgive the person and move on with your life. I'm not even advocating for that. Your Rights is to get the justice, okay. But I'm talking about is when there is no oppression,

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it's just people friction between people. And because of that, a person cannot overlook those. overlook those.

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Those incidents, that is what I'm talking about before before we can expect a lot to forgive us. We have to find it in our hearts to forget and forgive others. We have the example of the great Sahabi the greatest Sahaba are workers of the color below one who who was very severely hurt when his daughter eyeshadow and how our mother when it was alleged that she was having an affair fall asleep, of course, and that thing was clarified but Allah in the Quran in surah number 24 surah Noor, okay. But then the people who engage in that conversation, people who talked about that stuff, people who gossiped about it, people who spread that news people who retweeted retweeted that information,

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okay. It was not happy that these people were doing this. And of course, why wouldn't he be happy? Why he has all right to be upset and those people okay who spreads the slander is about his daughter.

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ticularly the wife of the Prophet of Allah wa sallam, he has all right to be upset at these people. One of these people was a cousin of electricity Mr. de la one who was the cousin of workers deep, a poor man. Left Makkah came to Medina sacrificed a lot, but committed this mistake of engaging in the gossip about I shall have Ilana and obaku Sandeep used to support this man financially used to give him money financial every single month to sustain him, help him make ends meet when a worker is being found out that one of the people who spread this gossip was Miss la obaku said proximo Allah, that I swear by Allah, I will not spend upon this person again. I'm not giving him any more money.

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Okay. Now you could say that's 100% of workers have the right that's 100% his prerogative, it's his money. And this man who is getting this money is the one who spread the lies about his daughter. Of course he has a right to be upset, okay. No one can fault him for that. But then Allah spotlight says, first speaking to a workers and then the rest of us, he says when I said he

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was 30 years old, while my Sakina while Mahajan, ina feasibility, those of you who have excess wealth, and also honor, excess honor, you are honorable and noble. You are not you know, somebody who's low, you are the highest of character. You should continue giving to those who are your relatives, those who are poor, those who have left and made must sacrifice for the sake of a long while. Yahuwah Yes, they must forgive and they must overlook.

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Allah have to have an idea for Allahu Allah. Allah forgives you. Below ahora Rahim and Allah is very forgiving and very merciful. When this ayah was revealed obachan acidic this ayah was excited to him by the prophet of Allah Azza wa sallam, and our Casa de Ignacio says this is an initially it's addresses or workloads. And then after that, there are more Jimmy and Omar after that it is talking about the rest of the oma when a worker is declared this is being recited, he said better. Luckily, this is of course, I want a lot of forgiveness. And then he continued, he went back to supporting his cousin financially. The point is brothers and sisters, he had all right to be upset, and Mr.

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Maybe he could have been like, you know what I forgiven him, but I'm not giving any more money. I'm not giving you any money. That's his prerogative. But true forgiveness is even letting go of that. Even letting go of that grudge that's holding him back. And last part that addresses a worker says you are a person of fun. You are a person of wealth, and you are a person of great character. So off the nobility of your character is to let go of the small things that bygones be bygones.

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And when that can happen, brothers and sisters, that's what I'm looking for, give us I'd love to have one if we ask Allah to give us the tofik to forgive others, and to overlook other's flaws and to look overlook the things that we have said to others that have harmed them. We ask a lot forgiveness for that because we say much that would hurt others feelings. We asked our father to unite our hearts in this dunya so we can be united in general in the law.

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alayhi wa salam ala Muhammad Allah Allah, Allah, Allah Almighty, Allah and Allah, Muhammad Allah miletti version of Islam rotti he was gonna win. How do you identify adonia Hassan Hassan