What is the Textual Authenticity of the Qur’an?

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My name is Peter. I'm a student of Religion Philosophy. Now my question is on the textual authenticity of the Quran. First when Abu Bakr commanded Zeid to gather the text together, he did that.

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But there is also written in Al Bukhari Volume number five page 96 I believe no Massoud, he was the

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authority mentioned by Mohammed, he gathered a text.

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Then Salim the freed slave, he gathered a text and also obey even the cob, a master reciter mentioned by Mohammed, and there are also other people who compiled their test. But when Guzman became the Khalifa, he ordered Zion to make replica seven replicas of his test and sent it to the different parts

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and ordered those previous texts to be burned.

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if those master reciters compile the Quran, and Guzman ordered those texts to be burned.

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Now there raises a question on the authenticity of the Quran, Masha, Allah knows about food, Mala

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Mala will visit them mashallah many of the Muslims do not know those names.

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You don't know it's easy to go on the internet.

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Jesus guys beat me up and said in the Gospel of John, chapter number eight, was some time to seek the truth and the truth shall free you. Now when internet is there, many people go on the internet, the various websites which are speaking against Islam, they go they get the name and they say, No problem, brother.

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No problem. Brother, a fair question is concerned. The people who compiled the Quran, there was a group of Sahaba the companions of Prophet whenever Prophet got Revelation, He repeated it to these scribes. And suppose a crop is metal because the color color color and salmonella, you got the revelation and profit mashallah very good memory, Allah sorted the return to the memory, he repeated it when he repeated, this guy brought down.

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The Prophet personally verified, he wants to know me, how did you verify? Okay, he did now a grubby smell because he fell off. Correct. So Prophet personally verified, when he was alive, whatever was written down of the Quran, whether it was perfect or not. And there's personal supervision. And these scribes, they were selected by the prophet. And that's how when the revolution came into two and a half years, all was written down. And data compiled in one book, all supervised by Prophet Mo, Salah Salem, even the order. Now, later on, there were many other people, Whenever the Prophet said a verse was revealed this right in his own notes,

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many, many servers, but this private notes of the other people weren't checked by the profit.

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Suppose the teacher gives the notes 100 students a copy? How do I know whether right or wrong? If I'm giving a lecture, if some people note down chapter number was number chapter number was number? And how fast can they go down? And if I don't verify the order tonight, you said this reference where it I said,

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Have I checked it? So what happened later on, there were many variants version of the Quran. Version means people thought the old knows to be the real Quran. And when Islam spread, people did not know which was the real Quran. So at that time, whatever the compile copy was there when others, Allah believed them. During these scribes, it was then in the hands of the wife of prophet.

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Now there's upside May Allah be Peter. And then was man ordered that copy? May Allah be the Tim and had a replication so that it could be sent to different parts of the world. And then he said, Whatever copy you have, whether right or wrong, you burn it, because that hasn't been verified to people add their own notes.

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Suppose someone make notes of my lecture there are people making your notes. Maybe 80% is right. 90% 100% is very difficult. Correct.

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100% is very difficult. So it was even if it's 100% Correct. If I gave you know, this is the book of Malaysia, you know, we'll be getting a book now. Quran and modern science authenticated by me. You're not you throw it away. Why did you require the notes

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I've given you a book. And if you aren't getting the full lecture, you're getting part of the lecture Quran modern science. Now that part I tell you, Brother throw that notes away, this is correct. Authenticate by me, Dr. Zakir Naik, my book the same way, whatever is authenticate by the prophet, the revolution Allah subhanaw taala has this man that Allah be pleased with him, he said all the copies should be burned. That does not mean there was variant Quran there was one Quran that was revealed, but people when they wrote with the old notes, there were differences. So that is the reason now one of those copies is even today present in Coptic Museum in Istanbul. So this and we

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check it with today's most of it is exactly the same. What to what letter to letter that's the way even if you try to change it you cannot because today there are millions of people who know the Quran by heart

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and your audience mashallah we have many prefers Masha Allah, who knows the Quran but even if you burn the hobby, you get all the fuss together, you get together again during the Quran, what to what literally can be reproduced? of them? So the question, but isn't it the same with them, Master reciters at the time of Muhammad, and resides, text was compiled only after the death of Muhammad. That's totally wrong to say that what we have to realize that

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he was appointed as the chief of the scribes.

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There were many Celebuzz together, he was appointed the chief and this was personally verified by Prophet mama Salah Salem. And later on at the time, others Abu Bakr Mala will be with him, it was made into a book form, because at that time, there was no paper, there were no pen, it was on parchment, on bones, on blades on different material, then it was later transferred to one uniform material and made into a book form. Nowhere does it say that there were different versions. So all these stripes even meant was it unknown again, when other this man when he ordered Mala up them, those people who are alive in the group of the scribes, he called them and among them again, there

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is no doubt but he was appointed as the leader. Hope that answers the question.