A Young, Strict Brahman Hindu Lady Accepts Islam after being Convinced by Dr

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Good evening. Again, I'm a very strict follower of brahmanism. But

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I mean, I really like a lot of aspects in Islam. But is it necessary for me to convert into Islam to follow certain rules or, you know, following my own drama and religion and then go ahead with those certain aspects which I really like about Islam. I've seen a lot of lectures of use or like,

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the similarities between Islam and Hinduism, and various other lectures, but I really like your talks a lot.

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This was also a good question. She said that she the strict follower of romanism, but she likes many aspects of Islam. She's asking that can she follow these aspects of Islam, and yet, follow brahmanism she has seen many of my talks, and she appreciates Mattox sister. First, let me tell you that Islam, of becoming a Muslim is not a label.

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Islam, by definition means peace acquired by submitting a will to Almighty God. So any human being who submits his or her will to Almighty God, he or she is called as a Muslim, just by label mama Zakir Abdullah Sultan Shakir. That doesn't mean you become a Muslim of Ultima Asia. That doesn't make you a Muslim. Muslim means a person who submits the will to Almighty God. So first, you have to find out what is

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the commandment of Almighty God?

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The sister said that she's a strict follow of brahmanism.

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And she likes many aspects of Islam. And she has seen many of my tapes, my lectures, including similarly Sam and Hinduism, if you have seen the sister, then my answer would be easier and easier for you to understand. If you have seen Mecca said similarities between Islam and Hinduism. The talk which I gave, I think in the first

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peace conference in June a

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similarity between Islam or Hinduism, sister, if we analyze, even if you read the Hindu scriptures, Hindu scriptures to say

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that you have to submit a will to Almighty God. But as I told you by the passage of time, or in the previous scriptures, they have not been maintained in the pure form.

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They have interpolations that have been fabrications that have been corruption, most of the scholars of all these religions, whether it be Hinduism, whether it be Christianity, whether it be Judaism, they agree that the scripture has not been maintained in the pure form.

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And if you've heard my tapes, I told you initially Marmara was the story told by the grandfather of origin it contained 1000 shlokas. Then, you know it kept on going down they they began 24,000 show cars. Now there are more than 100,000 versus 100,000 shlokas. Who says this, the scholars of Marmara.

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So by the passage of time there has been interpolation, there has been corruption, but all these scriptures in spite of being changed, yet they do contain the remnants of the word of Almighty God, and the basic of all religion. If you have heard my talk says that Almighty God is one.

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You have got no idols, you have no photograph. And all the religions preach that Almighty God is one and if you have heard my talk, I've said it many places chandogya Upanishad, chapter number six, section number two was number one, it comes with a theme, God is only one without a second. And in

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chapter number four was 19. And you read chapter one, it was number three, it says, not tested with the modesty of that God, there is no prathima there is no image but the mean image, photograph, painting, picture, sculpture, statue, idol of that God, there is no prathima there is no photograph, there is no painting. There is no picture. There's no sculpture, there is no statue, there is no idol. So all this Scripture says on the oneness of Almighty God, and the Brahma sutra of Hinduism is a cumbersome, nasty, nasty engine. Bhagwan aka lucerna he now he and his rabina here, there's only one God not a second one not at all, not at all, not in the least bit.

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Not coming to a major question

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that can you be a strict Brahmin and yet follow teachings of Islam sister by being a normal Brahmin and trying to become a Muslim is difficult.

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But if you're a strict Brahmin, strictly following the Vedas, then you have no option but to submit a will to God. If you are average Brahmin who may be following something and not following the other thing, etc, then it is difficult for you to submit a will to God. But if you are a strict bombing, strictly following the Vedas you have to follow what

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I mentioned the earlier the three verses I quoted that you have to believe in God, you have to do no idol worship.

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You have to believe that God is one he has no image you have no photograph, he has got no statue. And if you read your scriptures, your scriptures mentioned about the coming of the last and final messenger prophet moment's peace be upon him. And if you have seen my talk on similar Adam Islam and Hinduism, and Momo Salah some of the Hindu scriptures, I've mentioned in detail that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, as mentioned in Scripture. So if you are a strict Brahmin, you have no option but believe there is one God, he has got no images, he has got no ideas, and you also have to believe that Almighty God's last messenger finally outta Kalki altiris, Prophet Muhammad peace be

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upon him.

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But when your scripture say you have to follow the Avatar and follow the last and final messenger. So when you read the teachings of this messenger, Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, you will find that it is matching with many things what is mentioned in your scriptures, but at the same time, it may contradict with many things mentioned your scriptures.

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Now what we consider the Quran is the last and final revelation of Almighty God which was revealed to the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. This Quran is the furqan it is the criteria to judge right from wrong. So whatever matches with the Quran, if it's mentioned in the Bible, or in the VEDA, or in the Mahabharata or in the Rahman you can be sure it is according to the will and the commandment of Almighty God.

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If it contradicts then you have to agree this is against the wish and the commandment of Almighty God. So, if you are a truly strict Brahmin

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falling brahmanism you have to believe in God

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you have to go against idol worship.

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And if you heard my talk on similary, Islam Hinduism, if you follow at least those things which are mentioned in my talk live or said the other things at least those things and stop everything else, yet I feel that inshallah inshallah it will be sufficient to transform you to janai inshallah, if you have heard my talk on similar to Islam and Hinduism, talking about oneness of Almighty God, talking about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, how Salah should be offered by prostrating should not have alcohol should not have pork would you mentioned your scripture as the Quran

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it's mentioned about modesty in your way does that the lady should be covered it mentioned in the Quran

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to all these things that are mentioned my lecture, there are many other things, but even if you follow these things strictly sister, then inshallah inshallah, it will be sufficient for you to at least pass this test in this examination. If you want you can follow many more things, but at least the thing the major thing which I mentioned, but whatever content is, in your scripture, you should not follow because your scholar say it has changed by the passage of time, you have to realize that these things are interpolations or concoctions or fabrications. So, what is matching if you follow sister inshallah, inshallah you can be a very good practicing brumm following what you mentioned

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your scripture which is matching with a fork on the Koran and inshallah can be a practicing Muslim also. So hope inshallah, that all my Allah gives me Daya Sister, sister, do you agree with whatever I mentioned in my lecture on similarities between Islam and Hinduism, sister? Yes. So very well. Since then, do you agree with what I mentioned in my talk? Yes. So do you agree to follow those things? Yes, yes, I do. So if you agree to follow those things, which I've mentioned. So practically, yes, submitted to God. You know, in Arabic, we may say Muslim. In English, we may say a person who submitted a will to God. So if you agree with what I mentioned, the scripture that

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there's no god but one God alone should be worship. idol worship is wrong. If you agree, the last time final messenger, the telco Doris, Prophet, Muhammad, peace be upon him and agree with his teaching. And according to me, if I have to say in Arabic, I will say following the religion of Islam, and I say that our Muslim

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sister, do you agree with that? Yes, I do. So do you want to? Do you want to proclaim in public that, you know, in Arabic way that you are a Muslim?

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Sister Would you like to proclaim in Arabic fashion? You know, since you say you agree that there's one God and you agree that Prophet mama is the last and final messenger? So I would like to proclaim that

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you are a Muslim? I mean, I wouldn't say I'm a Muslim, but I do accept whatever you say, if you agree that there is one God and he doesn't have any ideas or image, and he alone does a worship. And if you agree that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him this messenger boy

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These two are sufficient to let you enter the fold of Islam you know pass other thing practicing will come later on. So, if you agree there is one God who has got no image and you disagree with that live worship and you agree Prophet Muhammad is the last and final messenger, then you can enter this college inshallah this institute as a way of life is the right word, and then inshallah as the practice keeps on improving, who like to enter this way of life sister? God willing? Inshallah mashallah

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sister again, I like to ask you officially that Do you agree there's one god sister? Yes, I do. Do you agree that no one else deserves to be worshipped by the Almighty Gods. Okay. Do you agree that idol worship is wrong?

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And not fully Vidya? Partly? No.

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Is it fully or partly, you can say that you know, how to eat the cake and have the cake either right or wrong means you can pray to God but don't have to go through an idol. You have to worship God to do you believe that God has got no image?

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Yeah, you believe that? Let's say so you believe God has God? No statue? Yeah. Good. Do you believe that Prophet mama is the last and final messenger. I've not actually gone to that extent, but the rest of the things which you said I would accept with that, but I really don't know by the military, the Messenger of Almighty God. Yes. Do you believe in the messenger of Almighty God? Everything practices? Being a perfect Muslim no one is perfect. We strive so simply if I say an Arabic Would you like to say the Shahada?

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Would you like to say the Shahada? That is a proclamation in Arabic? The same thing when I mentioned that there's no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad is a messenger would like to see in Arabic. Yes, sir. Show you find in Arabic and repeated and again I'll give you the translation. Okay.

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I shall do a shadow Allah, Allah La ilaha illa Allah illallah wa Shalu no shadow Anna and now Muhammad and Muhammad, Abu Abu Zulu virus. I bear witness.

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I bear witness. I bear witness that, that there is no God there is no God but Allah but Allah and I bear witness and I bear witness that Prophet Muhammad that Prophet Muhammad is is the messenger the messenger and servant of Allah and messenger and servant of Allah, Masha sister, thank you Mara Muslim, and I pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala to guide you. And I request that inshallah all the brothers and sisters, that whenever a person accepts Islam, you can support her in terms of knowledge in terms of social things, to say I request you that please inshallah. read the Quran with translation even if earlier and implement on the guidelines and inshallah you will be a good

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practicing human being for somebody will Almighty God and do pray for others.