Zakir Naik – Jesus (pbuh) and Muhammad (pbuh) both are Messengers. What is the difference between them

Zakir Naik
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I'ma show pre failure college for

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Jesus also messenger Muhammad also message

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out so what's the difference between before crucify the UCB Jesus is a natural, natural diet. But but the mother is a normal.

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He says Jesus crucified before his

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father fire is the name of Allah.

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As far as I understand the question, he said that Jesus is the messenger of God. Mama is the messenger. So what's the difference? And when Jesus Christ was crucified, he cried out to Allah, his father, meaning Allah, that's the question.

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Two questions. First part of the question is that Jesus is a messenger, Mama salasar messenger. What's the difference? The difference is, Prophet Jesus Christ peace be upon him came only for the Jews.

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It's mentioned in the Gospel of Matthew,

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chapter number 10, was number five. He says, the puzzles go in not into the view of the Gentiles.

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Who are the Gentiles, the non Jews, and Jews, the Muslims, the Christian, going not in the view of the Gentiles, but rather go to the house of the lost sheep of Israel.

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Enter not into the city of the Samaritans. That means Jesus came to the apostles go in not into the view of the Gentiles don't go to the non Jews.

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And they not in the city of the Samaritans only go to the houses of worship of Israel, Jesus Christ Peace be appointed in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 15, verse 24, I have not been sent, but to the Lordship of the house of Israel. So Jesus case occurred in the Bible was only sent for the Jews. Same thing the Quran says. And so I am Ron, chapter three, verse 49, that Jesus was sent as a messenger for the money trial. It's mentioned for us of chapter 61 was the message that Jesus Christ peace be upon him was sent as a messenger to ban Israel. So Jesus Christ peace be upon him was only sent as a messenger for the Jews. For those people for that time. The difference is, the message he

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preached was meant to be followed till a limited time is the time Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was not sent as a messenger only for the Muslim no the Arab, he was sent for the whole of humanity, as pronunciations for chapter number 21, verse 107, Mama sanaka illa Ramadan Allah mean that we have sent the not but at the mercy to all the worlds as a mercy to all the creatures as the mercy to all humanity. So because Prophet Muhammad was the last and final messenger, he was not sent only for the Muslims, he was sent for the whole of humanity, and his message is meant to be followed till the last day. And that's why Jesus Christ peace be upon

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him prophesied in the Bible, and the gospel of john chapter number 16. was from 2014 I have many things to say unto you, but he cannot bear them now. For him in the spirit of truth shall come, he shall guide don't alter. So Prophet Jesus told His people peace be upon him, that follow the last and find messenger when he comes, he will show you all the truths, and his name is Prophet Muhammad peace be upon coming to your first question, that when Jesus Christ was put on the cross, who was father was the Allah father, is another attribute given in the Bible to Almighty God, it's a good attribute, but Allah subhanaw taala in the last and final revelation, Quran has purposely omitted

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father as an attribute, because people misunderstood it further. So instead of in Arabic with the word, one of the attributes for Allah Islam, meaning sustainer cherish is more difficult than purposely up is not mentioned attribute because people may have wronged me but when Jesus Christ said Father, he meant Almighty God. And when he was put on the cross,

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if you read the Gospel of Mark, as Gospel of Matthew, when he was put on the cross, he said, Li Li Rama Sebastiani Oh God, why hast thou forsaken me? Now li li llama Sebastien in Hebrew. It does not sound like oh god, oh, god forsaken me. It doesn't sound like Jehovah Jehovah forsaken me. If I translate the Hebrew into Arabic, li la Lama Sabatini, it is Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Mata in Arabic, in Hebrews Allah Allah Allah Sabatini, Hebrew and Arabic official languages met oh god, oh god by the forsaken me. And if you refer to the schofields concordance of the Bible, it says, Li means Allah, Al Ah, meaning God.

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So even Jesus cash peace be upon him, he called Almighty God by the name Allah.

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And good part of it that any translation of the Bible you pick up, everything is translated, but this was is kept in its original form, li li la masaba. Tamil with the English whether the Hindi language or do malayala it is maintained in its pure form Li

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Li llama Suboxone and then the translation in English language oh god oh what was the forsaken mean time and i don't know i mean others have told you but Allah Allah Allah subhanaw taala is there to the word Allah is there in each and every Bible in all the translations so the true name when he said Father what you meant was Almighty God It means Allah. So do you believe whether there is one God? Yeah, I believe one god do you agree that Jesus is not God? Yeah, Jesus is not God but a messenger of God. Yeah

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Come on, come on. Sorry.

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Do you believe in messenger of God Jesus Christ peace be upon him? Yeah. Do you believe Prophet Muhammad is the messenger? Yeah, this last message Mashallah so do you want to give the shout out do you want to accept Islam? Yeah, I should accept my Islam by I should start turning but by I'm a college student after after I finished my studies I should see one thing is you accept the following come slowly slowly. It's not necessary Once you accept before everything 100% you have my heart onwards I fully Muslim first you have to be by heart then practice will follow Yeah, it may take one day may take one year may take two years inshallah but do you accept with your heart? Yeah, fine.

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Mashallah. Is anyone forcing you to accept nothing? Is anyone forcing you to accept? No, no. So would you like to say the Shahada in Arabic

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In Arabic repeated so okay. Yeah, I shall do, I shall shadow Allah Allah, Allah ilaha illa Allah illallah wa shadow, Masha Allah, Allah Muhammad and Muhammad Abu Abu Abu Rasul, I bear witness right there witness that there is no God but Allah, that there is no God but Allah and Prophet Muhammad and Prophet Muhammad is the messenger and servant of Allah. He said the Messenger

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of Allah, Masha Allah, you're a Muslim, you are Muslim with heart, inshallah pray to Allah subhanho wa Taala may become Muslim even by deeds. inshallah, may Allah guide you and may give you the best of this world and the

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translation of the Quran. We come on the stage I give a translation of the Quran in Tamil inshallah.

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