Zakir Naik – Is your Work affected Since you Live in a Predominantly Hindu Society?

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulty of living in a predominantlyingle-etic city like Bombay, where political parties and Muslims are faced with a lot of obstacles. The speaker also talks about the importance of following rules and regulations when discussing the topic, and mentions a Muslim who wants to finance everything but wants to give a similar talk to someone from abroad.
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The brother has a question that I live in a predominantly Hindu society, does it affect my work? Yes it does. It has me to strive harder Mashallah. It does affect the place where I come from Bombay, it is supposed to be one of the most difficult places where you can do

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the Bombay city, if anyone knows one of the most difficult places where a person can do Dawa, the organization, the political organization that are there, there are so much against the Muslims. But Allah says in the Quran in surah imraan chapter number three was the 160 If Allah helps you, then none can work on you. If Allah forsake you, who is there, then who can help you so let the believers put their trust in Allah. So Allah help is there. It's very easy. Believe me in Bombay, while doing our even the life is in danger.

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Aware of different billing, you know, from Delhi, you Bombay is the most difficult place to get into dava. It's very difficult yet, in spite of living in such a situation, with Allah help, it is very easy. Imagine I give talks from the past eight years on the cable TV network, we come on more than 1 million homes every day, every day. And in that video, hardcore dava coating the Vedas, quoting Bhagavad Gita, quoting the Upanishads Mahabharata, talking about the scriptures, and Alhamdulillah when we give talks, Hindus also come in large numbers, and we train our people Mashallah. And the students that we have and my colleagues, even they Masha like encode Quran, Hadith Bible, VEDA

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Rahman, even our children in school, Mashallah, if you see the young children in school, the fifth and sixth standard, they can rattle off chapter number was number Mashallah the train?

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Brother, normally, you should realize we should follow the rules and the regulation of question answer session. It is not a discussion you are having between me and you find your elderly person. We wanted to get the mic to you.

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Only there's a patch on a pattern matches the thing is that if someone gives a finger should not cast then the rules and regulations are there, there are at least 15 people standing in the queue there. And one question that you could have asked all the three questions together while giving a talk if you interrupt in between there it goes against the rules and regulations and a Muslim is supposed to follow the rules and regulation if you are a Muslim.

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So you should ask together, yes, you should ask together otherwise, you should ask one question go behind the queue and then ask so you should wait for 15 people to finish and then you can ask otherwise it becomes a dialogue. Not that I cannot answer. No I cannot answer regarding the last part because elderly person a man sorry. were we able to convert anyone? We don't want anyone Allah gives a dire we cannot convert anyone. Allah says in the Quran in surah cashapp number 88. Most number 21 for the Quran, amantha Masaki. Our job is to deliver the message it's Daya and hamdulillah. Allah has given me that to 1000s of non Muslims Mashallah to the IRF we have been made

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this area

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and if you see

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and if you see our videotapes Mashallah, I've given a talk on similarities between Hinduism and Islam. And Mashallah, when we have in Bombay, we only allow non Muslims to ask questions nowadays Muslim only listen, for Muslims, our people there are just around the center. Oh, yes. So Mashallah there are so many non Muslims queuing up that even though we give two to three hours of rationalization, we can complete all the questions. And Mashallah many of them except Islam on stage. And I was just there yesterday in Birmingham, there was a Muslim who told me that there's Hindu in Leicester, who so much impressed with the talk, that he wants me to come to Leicester, he

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wants to call all the Hindus of that area. He will finance everything. He wants to give my talk similarities between Hindus and Islam and inshallah Allah may give him 1000 shortly, but the thing is that we have to convey the message. Allah gives Daya but we should not be afraid. We should be on lines of Quran and Sunnah and deliver a message

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