Zakir Naik – Family Values in Islam – Dr Reverend William Taylor – #2

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of respecting family values and not using words of contempt in divorce. They stress the importance of witnessing to the church's actions to avoid confusion and mistakes, and the importance of strong faith in the church to avoid issues like divorce and family problems. They also touch on the job of Islam, including the job for men, and the importance of not bringing any new religion. The conversation then touches on the Bible's teaching and its significance to political parties and its general message about profit and profitability, with the hope of providing help for children and marriage.
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Heard is unilaterally by the will of the wife. It is mentioned in the marital contract. It's known as if ma autolycus. That if she writes in the marital contract that even she, if she wishes, she can get a divorce. And if the husband agrees during the marital contract, then even she can give you a divorce. The fourth is that if it's not mentioned the marital contract, that the wife can give you that a divorce. But if the husband ill treats or doesn't give her do rights, she can very well go to the closet, the chief judge and take a look at nullification of the marriage. And the last is that even the husband is good. But if the wife wants to part of it, she can request the husband to give

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divorce it's known as cola. Basically, or broadly, there are five types. First, by mutual consent of both husband and wife. Second, the will have the husband, third bilateral will have the wife if it's mentioned a marital contract. Fourth is if the husband ill treats, she can ask. And fifth, that even if the husband is good, and if a personal reason she wants to part she can take.

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Let's analyze the family values of the parents concerning parents in Islam. That's father and mother. Next to watch for Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Allah says the Glorious Quran in Surah Surah chapter number 17 verse number 2324, that I have ordained for you that you worship men, but Allah subhana wa Taala and that you respect your parents. And if any one or both of them, reach old age, do not say a word of contempt, don't even say off to them.

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But lower to them, your vein of humility, and address them with honor and pay to the Lord bless them as they cherished me in childhood. Even if your parents get old, you cannot say a word of contempt to Carnival off to them.

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The Quran says in Deuteronomy chapter six was 151 that be good to your parents. Look around for them. So look, man, Chapter 31 verse number 14, that we have enjoined on human beings to be kind to the parents interval upon arrival did your mother boy you and your twin was your winning the Quran?

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chapter 46 was them 15 we have enjoyed on the human beings to be good to the parents in pain did the mother boo and pain Did she give you both?

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A Beloved Prophet said it's mentioned hypnagogia as well as the hadith of Ahmed

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that paradise lies beneath the feet of your mother.

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That doesn't mean that if my mother is walking on muck and filth, that thing becomes paradise. What it means that if you love your mother, if you respect your mother, if you're good your mother, you will inshallah God willing, go to Paradise.

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And a prophet said, as mentioned Abraham it was number it in the book of adab book of manners, check number 200. Number two, that a man came to the prophet and asked him that who deserves the maximum

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love and companionship in this world. And the Prophet said, Your mother, the man asked who's next, the prophet said, Your mother, the man after third time, who's next? And the Prophet said your mother. The man asked after that too, then the Prophet said your father.

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That means when it comes to love and companionship to the parents, according to the hadith of a beloved Prophet 75% goes to the mother 25% goes to the Father, to the foot goes to the mother, and one foot goes to the Father. In short,

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the mother gets the gold medal, she gets the silver medal, as well as the bronze medal. The father has to be satisfied with the mere consolation prize.

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In Islam, after a person dies, the inheritance is given in the family, according to the laws laid down by Allah subhana wa Taala, which is mentioned for an ISA, chapter number four was number 11 and 12. That as to the inheritance of children.

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The male's they doubled the share of the female, that means the son gets double the share of the daughter. If only one daughter, she gets off, if two or more. They share in a two third,

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as to the parents each get one sixth.

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If no children in the mother gets one third, after paying off the debts, first the material was 20 sources as in what your wife leave for you, you get a half if there are no children, you get a quarter if the children have food you leave for your wife, the wife get one foot in the no children, and one eight if there are children. And there are a political opposition that you know why do the woman always inherit half the share of the men in the family. That's not always true. As I mentioned, when it comes to parents both get equal if

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There are children, and if there are no children, and if suppose there is a lady who dies, and she has no children, and the husband gets half, the father gets one six, and the mother gets one third, that means the mother inherits doubles and that of the Father, the mother inherits doubles and the fat of the Father. So there are cases in which women do get double also, but I do agree in most of the cases, they get half. And the reason is that since the financial burden is laid on the shoulder of the man in Islam, Almighty God does not want to put an extra burden on the male. For example, if after giving the shares of a person who has died, a person dies, and after giving the shares to all

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relatives, suppose 150,000 pounds remaining for the children, and he has one son and one daughter, the son will get 100,000 pounds, and the daughter will get 50,000 pounds. But would you prefer inheriting 100,000 pounds and spending maybe 80 or 90,000 pounds on your family and on your relatives? Or would you prefer inheriting 50,000 pounds and keeping all for yourself? You did not even spend a single pound on your clothing, that the duty of the man in the family

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so but natural even in inheritance, the woman actually overall is on a much better level. I would like to end my talk by giving the traditional Buddhist Quran from Surah Nisa, chapter number four was number 135. That, yeah, you listen or you believe, stand out firmly for justice.

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Stand Out firmly for justice as witness to Allah subhanho wa Taala even if it be against yourself, against your parents, against relatives against a kid and kin are rich and poor, for Allah protects all when it comes to giving witness to Allah subhana wa Taala obedience, Allah subhanaw taala is on the highest level. Even if it has to go against yourself. You should go even against your parents against relatives, because worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala is the highest in Islam marker down 100. Let me

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thank you very much indeed. Dr. Nygaard, as I said, I've not heard it before. But I certainly look out for his tapes and look into his talks a bit further. Thank you very much, indeed. Just a few logistical points, the question and answer session, we've actually scheduled to start at 10 o'clock. But the way things are going, we may actually be able to start a bit earlier than that. Which case we'll finish a bit earlier. There will be no questions from the floor, the questions have to be written. So anybody, if you want to read the paper, and all the seats, if you want to submit some questions, there are some brothers from the young Muslims will be wandering up and down the sides of

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the hall, if you could just pass them to them. And we will select the questions that we'll try and answer later on. Now, like rock, William Taylor, to come and give his comments, thank you.

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Thank you very much Dr. Zakir. For me, it was fascinating to hear this joint analysis of the task which faces us in our society. I'm speaking now about Britain. But as Christians and Muslims together, I simply draw out of Dr. zakas address two things he identified as a major problem within our own society. Firstly, divorce. As you may know, Britain has the highest rate of divorce in Europe, and the disintegration of the family. This is a task which faces both our religions and which we can address together and I hope, there will be a forum for this. I've just come back from Egypt, and I've been in one of the Egyptian Coptic monasteries. And a phrase which was used by

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Antony of Egypt, who founded the Egyptian monastic way of life has come to haunt me. And it's this one, he said, your life and your death are with your neighbor. And this is speaking about the cohesive role of religious faith in defining a religious society's values. And I'd like to draw on several of the points about godlessness because this is the situation which faces us all in liberal Western societies. And it is that absence of the ultimate and transcendent authority of which he spoke, which is the common problem facing us on all the human behavioral problems which stem out of that, and submission, with the with the fruits he, he drew are common to all of us. And I do hope

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that the common analysis of the, as it were societal failure, which faces us will be a cause for cooperation between our two faiths in the future, and especially that analysis of the pre Islamic

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Mixed society in Arabia, with its senseless violence and lack of meaning, and so on startling parallels with our own times. So thank you very much for both those analyses. Thank you.

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And thank you very much. Just a reminder, if you want to ask any questions, please write them down and pass them along to any of the brothers walking along the sides. And then we'll try and answer as many of those as possible. Can I ask Reverend Taylor, actually, to start because he actually needs to get away. So perhaps if we can get him to come, he's got the questions in front of him. So try and answer as many as you can in the next 10 minutes or so. It's just that he needs to get away. Okay.

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Well, thank you very much, whoever sent me the three questions on homosexuality. I'd like to approach this subject by speaking about the biblical view and the view in Christian tradition of sexual activity. Because sexual activity in the view of the Bible, and the Christian tradition, is reserved for the married state. That's the first thing to make very clear that sexual activity is to be confined within marriage. Any sexual activity outside marriage is described as sin in the Bible, and in Christian tradition. So I would put homosexuality the Christian tradition puts homosexuality firmly in that context as sexual activity outside marriage and is described in the biblical and

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Christian tradition as a sin.

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Next question is, does the Bible often cite the advent of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him?

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The answer is that's a very difficult question to answer and it's not clear. My own perspective from the biblical evidence itself is that the Prophet Mohammed is to be upon him is not prophesied within the text of Scripture. But I know that Muslims would take a different view. And similarly, similar question is, where do you base the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him?

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I, like other Christians, revere and respect to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, and the Muslim tradition as the Al Khattab, the people of the book, Jews, Christians and Muslims share our common Abrahamic faith. And, and that's where I would place that and certainly, within my own experience of working in the Diocese of Jerusalem, Palestinian diocese, have had the closest cooperation with Muslims and Christians in that city, in particular, resisting Israeli occupation. But that's, that's getting me into another area. I'd like to move on now to other questions.

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From missionary citrifolia, Murray, Cody, what is the status and position of Jesus in Islam and Christianity?

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Islam is the only non Christian faith which makes an article of faith to believe in Jesus peace be upon him. No Muslim is a Muslim. If he does not believe in Jesus peace be upon him. We believe that he was one of the mightiest messengers of Allah subhanho wa Taala. We believe that he was born miraculously without any male intervention. We believe that he gave life to the dead with God's permission. We believe that he is those born blind and lepers with God's permission, the Muslim and Christian, we are going together. But there are parting of ways.

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There are many of our Christian brothers and sisters who say that Jesus peace be upon him, he claimed divinity, he claimed that he was God. In fact, if you read the Bible, there is no unequivocal statement in the complete Bible with Jesus peace upon him, himself says that I am God aware, he says, worship me. There is not a single unequivocal statement. In the complete Bible, where Jesus peace be upon himself says this, God already says worship me. In fact, if you read the Bible, Jesus peace be upon himself says, It's mentioned the gospel of john chapter number 14 was number 28. My father is greater than I, in the Gospel of john chapter number 10, was number 29. My

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father is greater than all in the Gospel of Matthew chapter number 12, was number 28. I cast out devils with the Spirit of God, Gospel of Luke chapter number 11, was number 20. I with the finger of God cast out devils gospel of john chapter number five was number 30. I can have my own self do nothing, as I hear, I judge and my judgment is just for a sake, not my will, but the will of my Father, not my will, but the will of Almighty God. If you translate into Arabic, it's Islam. And anyone who says not my will, but God's Will he's a Muslim

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as the Quran

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Israel Iran chapter three 152 that was a Muslim. He never said he was God. In fact, he said he was sent by God.

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He said in gospel of john, chapter number 14 was number 24. The voices you hear are not mine, but my father's who have sent me.

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gospel of john chapter 17, verse number three, this is life eternal, so that you may believe in one true God and Jesus Christ, whom Tao hasn't mentioned the gospel of facts, chapter number two was number 22, that you're always right, Jesus of Nazareth, a man approve of God amongst you, by wonders and miracles which God it by him, and you will witness to it. He never claimed divinity Bible says, a man approved of God by wonders and miracles which God did by him. And when you ask the question, which the first of the commandment Jesus peace be upon him said in the Gospel of Mark, chapter number 12, verse 29. In Hebrew, Shama is a lot of nail on the head, that you're Oh Israel, to God,

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our Lord is one God.

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But as I can, like, can you compare the dress code hijab between Islam and Christianity? Regarding the job of Islam, people talk about a woman but Allah subhana wa sallam Judas Quran first speaks about the job for man. It's mentioned for a new chapter 24 verse number 30, that says the believing man, that he should know what is good and God is modesty. moment it looks at a woman and any breath and thought coming in his mind, he should lower his case.

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There's a friend of mine was staring at a girl with Muslim friend William Why are you staring for a long time? So he told me a prophet said the first nases allowed the second is prohibited. I have not completed half my glance.

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What did the Prophet mean? The first glance allowed what he meant that if you unknowingly unintentional look at a woman, don't intentionally Look at her again. That doesn't mean you can look at a woman for 10 minutes without blinking and saying, I'm not complete my glance. And the similar message is given in the Bible, in the Gospel of Matthew chapter number five was number 2728. Jesus peace be upon him says, it has been said of the old times, Thou shalt not commit adultery, But I say unto you, Whosoever look at a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery in his heart.

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Next to Quran speaks about the job for the woman in Surah, Chapter 24, verse number 31, let's say to the woman that she should lower the gaze and guard and modesty and Jehovah or the wisdom and discipline or the beauty except for the period ordinario except in front of a husband or father or sons, and a big list of men from the close relatives is given. And there are basically six criteria for the job. The first is for the man nibbled to the knee is extent for the woman, the company body should be covered only part that can be seen, or the face and hands up the second, and the remaining five are the same for the men and woman. Second is the clothes they wear should not be thought tight

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that reveals the figure. Third, it should not be transparent, so that you can see through fourth, it should not be glamorous by the tracks the opposite *. Fifth, it should not resemble that of the opposite * and last, it should not resemble that of the unbeliever. And the reason for his job has given us chapter 30 verse 59, that oh Prophet, tell your wives and the believing woman that when they go abroad, they should put on the clock so that they shall be recognized, and it will prevent them from being molested, which has been described for the woman so that it will prevent him from being molested. Suppose there are two twin sisters equally beautiful walking on the streets of

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London. One is when they submit a job complete body covered, accept the face and handle the poorest. And the other twin sisters wearing the skirt of the short mini the western clothes. And they're walking down the streets together. And around the corner there is a hooligan there's a rough in waiting for a catch. Which gullibility is when it is the girl wearing the Islamic job or will it is the girl wearing the skirt or the musical abilities.

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Wearing the skirt I mean it is but natural. Quran rightly says each job has been described prevent the woman from being molested. And a similar message is given the Bible. If you read in the book of Deuteronomy, chapter number 22 was number five, the woman shall not wear clothes that fit pertinent to a man and a man shall not be closed heartbeat pertinent to a woman especially in the First Timothy chapter number two was number nine, that the woman should be dressed up with modesty with shame, fitness, and sobriety. They should not wear costly, airy and braided hair of gold. And they should not be expensive airy. So if you compare the dress code in the Bible and the Quran the same

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how of Mother Mary, may Allah be pleased with how she desktop? If you have seen a photograph, just like how Muslim woman should be desktop so if you read the scriptures not going on what the followers do if you read the Scripture the death code of Assam Christianity is the same is not Islam ruthless as it has permitted chopping of hands for theft, whereas Christianity is a religion of love and mercy. That is the reference to the Quran of this what the brother is referring to that is a condition so the my the chapter number five was military receive that as to the TIF beat a man or woman job of his or her hand as a punishment for last minute Allah in Islam that is a philosophy

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that you should not rob same as then Christianity.

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But Islam besides telling not to rob, it shows you away how to achieve that state in which people will not rob. Islam has a system of Zakat that every rich person who has a savings of more than the reserve level, he or she should give 2.5% of that saving every lunar year in charity.

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And it is the duty of the state to look after the people that they are properly fed, etc. And if after that anyone drops, there's some Sharia says around from either chapter five was the motto did that after the teeth beat a man or a woman job of his or her hand as a punishment from Allah subhanaw taala people say it's a ruthless law. It's a merciless law. I'm asking the question, that today America, which happens to be one of the most advanced country in the world, unfortunately, also has one of the highest rates of crime. If you implement the Islamic show in America, that every man he should give Zakat who's Rich 2.5% of Texas saving charity, and the state should look after

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the people. And after that if anyone Rob job of his or her hand as a punishment, I'm asking the question, will the rate of robbery rate increase will remain the same? Or will it decrease in America? What will happen?

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It will decrease it's a practical law implement the Sharia

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regarding Christianity is a merciful religion. Yes, it speaks about God merciful, even Quran every chapter begins with the statement Bismillah R Rahman Rahim In the name of Allah, most Gracious, Most Merciful. There is even a reference in the Bible regarding chaplain of the hand for people who don't know, if you read

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the book of Deuteronomy, chapter number 25, was number 11 and 12. It says that if two men are striving against each other, fighting against each other, and if the wife

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of one of the husbands who's been defeated by the man, if she helps the husband, in overpowering the man who's fighting him, and holds him by the secrets, that the private part, the Bible says in verse number 12, chop off her hand, and the eyes shall show no mercy. So even the Bible has talked about the hands if the wife helps the husband, if someone is trying to overpower him. The Bible says chopping off the hands Deuteronomy, chapter 25, verse number 11, and 12. And Islam is a merciful religion, as well as just it feels to it that it does justice between both the person committing the crime, if the punishment is straight, he will not commit again, and the person on whom crime is

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committed. Allah says to that Mercy is done on both

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until after the

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Reverend Taylor actually has to go and pick up his mother from the station. So I'm gonna ask him to come in answer. He's got loads of questions, he won't have time to answer them, perhaps more than two or three. And then I'd like to thank him very much for coming and helping us at this meeting. Thank you.

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Well, I think, looking doing my duty as a son, I have to collect my mother from Euston station, which take me straight to paradise. As I'm looking after my mother, family values. I've thank you to all of you who've sent questions. To me. They're all very important questions. I wish I had the time to answer them all. But I'm going to focus on three of them because they deal with different areas. First one is a factual one, which I'd like to address straight away. And it's this. Why is it that the Bible is now recording the Greek text when Jesus has original language was Aramaic, please explain. The reason for this is that the New Testament documents were written in Greek but also in

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Aramaic and Syriac, which is the the Christian dialect of Aramaic as it were, to reach a maximum audience. Aramaic was more restricted to the Near East. And if you wanted to communicate with the wider Roman Empire throughout the Mediterranean, then Greek would be the language you would use to, to do that. But of course, there are phrases in the gospels, preserved in Aramaic talita cumi, la de la la sama Sabatini and phrases like this, which were used by Jesus and preserved in the Gospels.

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The next one is an important one politically, because it speaks about Kosovo. The question is this, what the Christian world and civilized West is doing today to stop another genocide in Kosovo, similar to that of Bosnia? Well, I would want to draw a parallel here with Iraq, and to immediately squash the suggestion as it were, that this is the Christian world, I would talk about the West, but I would not make that synonymous with the Christian world. The West has its own reasons for its own real politic in the world. And it's, I would say that it's nothing to do with the Christian faith. For example, the people of Iraq, both Muslim and Christian.

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Continuing to suffer under the United Nations sanctions which are kept there, I believe, by the will of the West. That's nothing to do with Christian faith, because there you have the example of both Christian and Muslim Iraqis suffering under the same regime. So I'd like to dispel this myth that the West is Christian, first of all, and in Kosovo, that's a basic question which is addressed by the Christian faith in its appeal to basic human rights for believers, whether they're Albanians in Kosovo, or Bosnians and so on. And I agree that the, the West and the United Nations in general needs to take a much stronger line in protecting the ethnic Albanians within Kosovo and giving them

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their human rights and dignity within Serbia, or within whatever Federation they move into. And finally, a nice question from someone which says this after today's conference, do you have any doubts about being a Christian? And have you seen that Islam is the only religion?

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Thank you very much for this. I was, and always am impressed with the level of knowledge of faith of the within the Muslim community. And, as always, my contact with Islam continues to make me admire it that faith Islam, and its adherence, and yet, I see constantly the attractiveness of Islam and hope that you can see the attractiveness of Christianity also. So thank you very much for that. And I'm sorry, I have to leave.

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Just to let you know what's happening for the rest of the evening, I'm gonna ask Dr. Naik to speak for 10 minutes. He can answer one question or 10 questions in that time, but that's what he's got. 10 minutes.

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Nine question in 10 minutes is difficult. I'll try my level best inshallah. Is it okay for a husband to demand respect from his wife and Islam? Yes. But the Quran says as I said in my talk in Surah Baqarah chapter two was 180 700 Allah basilicum, one to live Barcelona, that they are garments and garments, wife, other garments of husband and the husband of the garment for the wife in the same way, even the husband to respect the feeling and emotions of the wife. It's both both respect each other. Can a brother marry more than one wife, even if he cannot afford to maintain one in a reasonable standard?

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The reasonable standard of each individual differs. One individual may say reasonable standard means I want at least five bedroom apartment. I want a Mercedes car. The reasonable standard differs what the Quran says is for any such a performance number three, that married woman have a choice into threes and fours. But if you can't do justice marry one, the criteria is doing justice. If you have one Mercedes car, and if you feel the requirement is met even more, sell the Mercedes car and buy two thirds of cars and give each wife one

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bedroom apartment and a two bedroom apartment and give each wife one or keep both the wife and five bedroom apartment. The criteria is equal justice. Reasonable standard differs. That doesn't mean if you mean reasonable standard with a particular he should have a certain amount. That means poor people cannot marry more than one wife. That's not the criteria.

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I'm sure the Muslims will agree that only the unacceptable to Allah Islam and that is incorrect to say that no religion is bad. I do agree. The Quran says it's a learning brand. chapathi was number 19. In denying the loyalists Islam, the only region acceptable in the sight of Allah subhanho wa Taala is Islam. And I do agree totally. If anyone says no religion is bad and stop there. I don't agree with him. As a Muslim, I don't agree with him. Because Quran says in Surah chapter three verse number 64, tala will

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come to common terms as us and you what I would say that all religions teach good things.

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Because every religion teaches good and bad things, except Islam teaches Unicode. So instead of saying, No, religion is bad, if you want to come to common terms, I would say or religion teach good things. First, talk about the good points between both the religions, and then come to the bad point what we can say no religion teaches everything bad that you can say, but you can only say no religion is bad and stop that trying to better the other person. Because Quran clearly states the following in branch chapter three, verse 85, that no religion would be acceptable on the side of Allah, accept Islam. If anyone demands any other religion besides Islam, it will never be accepted

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on him on the Day of Judgment.

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Is it true that Jesus will come back and do Christian believe this?

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Yes, we do have a different chapter for 158 that Allah subhana wa Taala raised him up alive. So we agree it was his life. And the reason that he was raised up alive is why because

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Jesus peace be upon me the only messenger of Allah subhanaw taala whose followers mistook him that he claimed divinity, they misunderstood him, that he can divinity that he said he was God. So he has been raised up not to teach anything new. The Quran says in Jeremiah chapter five verse number three on this they have a perfect marriage in for you have chosen for you Islam and complete your deen for you. Islam is complete, nothing new can be added, nothing can be subtracted. He Salah Salam will not come to teach anything new, he will come to tell the Christians that I never said that I was God as the Francis from Isaiah chapter five verse number 116. He will tell to Allah subhanaw taala the

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Allah subhanaw taala up witness, I never told them to watch me but I said Abdullah worship Allah rapira Baku, who's my Lord and your Lord, similar messages, even the Bible on that day when people will come and tell to Jesus peace be upon him, oh my lord, oh my lord, did we not do wonders and miracles? Jesus is a man of iniquity. you depart from your I don't even know you who it is. The Muslims. The Hindus hinted to the Christians that these sinful people I don't even know to depart from you. He will come again to correct the Christian not to bring any new teachings. Please explain that when mentioned of mamma Salaam in the Bible, does the Bible prophecy the advent of profit

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mamasan these two questions seem there are several prophecies of Beloved Prophet merciless in the Bible. Old Testament as the New Testament. It's much the book of Deuteronomy chapter 18, verse number 18, that God says, I shall receive a profit from among their brethren like unto thee, and I shall put my words into his mouth, and he shall say all that I commanded Christian faith that this prophecy refers to Jesus peace be upon him. But if analyze that Jesus was unlike Moses, peace be upon what they say that see, because this is what the Jew and you are the Prophet, he was like Moses, peace be upon him. If these two are the only criteria to fulfill the prophecy. Then all the

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prophets mentioned the Bible after Moses, peace be upon him, Solomon, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel, Hosea, john, all of them fulfill the prophecy because the Jews and the prophets of God, if you analyze this prophecy fits no one but a beloved masala salam, because both Moses and Muhammad peace be upon him. They had an actual birth, unlike Jesus, peace be upon him, Muhammad and Moses peace be upon them both. They were married, that children Jesus peace be upon did not have both of them. They died a natural death, Jesus peace be upon him. He didn't die a natural death according to his double life in the Bible, but the false ceiling of Christian they say that he was put on the cross. And

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there are more similarities between Hamas Allah Salam and moosari salam. Then if Allah Salaam Alaikum wa salam ala for the fifth from among the brethren, and we know that the Arabs are present of the Jews. Again, if you read the book of Isaiah, chapter 12, verse number 29, it says, that a prophet shall come, who not learn it. And we said to him, pray, read this and he will say, I am not learned when the first revelation came to a beloved Prophet ekra surah chapter 20 verse number one, when Archangel Gabriel said aka a prophet said, Man, I am not learned exactly befitting the prophecy. Even the name of the Prophet is mentioned in the Old Testament in the Song of Solomon

00:32:56 --> 00:33:31

chapter number five verse number 16. In Hebrew It is said it Kamata came we call the mama dem. They do the vas era by Anna Jerusalem, Mama dem, is added for respect in the Semitic languages in the Hebrew language, Mama m, Muhammad m. m, with respect it's actually mama with respect him, it's come home within, but the translator has his mouth is more sweet, he's altogether lovely. He is my beloved. He's my friend out of Jerusalem. But the original manuscript contain the word of mama in the Old Testament, in the New Testament for the for the gospel of john chapter 14, verse number 16, gospel of john chapter 15, verse number 26. It says about the coming of the Beloved Prophet of the

00:33:31 --> 00:34:06

Comforter, it says in the Gospel of john chapter number 16, verse number seven, that Nevertheless, I tell you the truth, it is experience for you that I go away for a fact go not away, the Comforter shall not come for if I depart, shall I sent him. The Christian said that this comforter is the Holy Spirit. But the criteria here is that the Comforter shall come only Jesus Christ, upon departs and knew that the Holy Spirit was already there. It is a bit it was Devin gspb, upon was born, many has been baptized. This prophecy cannot refer to the Holy Spirit. It refers to our beloved prophet masala Salaam furtherfield in the Gospel of john chapter number 16, verse number 12. To 14 it says,

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I have many things to say to you, but he cannot bear them now. For even the spirit of truth shall come, he shall guide you to altroz all the prophets prophesied the coming of another prophet and the last and final messenger Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him except the last and final messenger and have given a talk on Hamas Allah from the various religious scriptures in Hindu scriptures, Buddhist scriptures and Parsi scriptures Jewish scripture, Christian scriptures you can refer to the cassette for the deals.

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is temporary marriage allowed in Islam? Please I know Muslims who believe in it explain.

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Okay, the time is up.

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If I find a Mata is not allowed at all agreed previously a prophet didn't say it was wrong didn't said for years because some prohibitions came in stages like that a call came in stages. Similarly the Prophet didn't say anything but in the feminine History During the expedition, the prophet clearly state that Mata is haram

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Other questions, time permitting shall.

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Thank you very much to all the speakers and to everyone attending. Can I just ask for a little bit of help as you go out? Can you just stack some chairs as you go out just two or three at a time and it will make the whole job a lot easier for us. Just

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thanks very much indeed. Is there a father in this world

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trying to provide for his children and his wife? Is there a father in this world who would want to be

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in a cell away from his family? His father in this world

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still the baby Yay.

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