Philosophical Significance Of Hajj

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When I spoke to you lady one our image surely unforeseen our women's safety.

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Yesterday level for them will be low. I mean, you'd live further Haryana Rashad one Illa Illa Allah who is the WHO luxury. What Ash has NSA udana Mohammed Abdullah, who are a

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top ally, who will call and say to you that you're a local man man. We all feel comfortable welcome welcoming you to our Sula who found the fez falls at all v net and value in the US Welcome. How do you teach you to have a law or higher role had you had you more hammered in so long, long learning who was sending them was Sharon more on that that would have felt coulomb that attend but I will cook up the data and by that I will let infinox Alhamdulillah praises due to Allah Who has blessed us with this gathering all praises due to Allah Who has blessed us to witness the season of Hajj just as He blessed us a couple of months ago to witness this season of Ramadan and evil feta has

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blessed us to witness the season this season of harsh bukata with good hedger

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and muharram as people return to their homes in a state of Protection and sanctity. So we're still in this season and as the judge as the Pilgrims returned to us, they are reminders for us of the greatness that the Hajj represents. And we should always look for the deeper meanings of things. There's hedgerow you know there's a physical migration, but the physical migration is in the essence of Hijra moving physically from one place to the other I profit so the law what I did was send them out reminds us in that regard

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and Muslim woman said unanimously Moolman Lisanti he will lead when Yedi when you had human hair draw Mina yeah now whoa

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so he mentioned Salah line was seven the Muslim is the one the other Muslims are saved from their tongues in their heads.

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And then we'll head you is one who migrates away from that which Allah has forbidden one will had you men had you're on that now Hello Well, I'm

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which is more accurate than the first thing I'm going to amendment when Mohamed Hajj around that that Hello, the more hedge you is the one who moves away from that which Allah has forbidden. So that doesn't necessarily involve any physical movement. It involves giving up the Haram

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not eating this not drinking that not saying this not doing that. So that's the What had you. Similarly, the Hajj, the one who makes the pilgrimage

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should also be aware.

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And those who haven't made the pilgrimage, there's a deeper significance to the pilgrimage. But before we get to that, we'll get the actual physical movement of Muslims from every corner of the Earth.

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Even here, from the far western extremes from California, how many people went from California to the Hajj. Even one of the most popular pilgrimage groups is one from San Jose, led by an empire and one

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from the furthest West. Once you go past California, you face west for the Qibla some of you visited Hawaii, you don't face east anymore, you face west and some Northwest, meaning what California represents the furthest extreme from in relationship to the Kaaba, the furthest Western extreme

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of murder of significant Muslim population. And so Muslims mobilized 1000s of Muslims from California, for the hajj and they join their brothers and sisters then they join them in what condition they join him in the condition of peace.

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In the end, that peace is made possible by the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala people shouldn't be too busy worshipping Allah subhanho wa taala.

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To worry about petty conflicts that in other areas are leading them to fight each other. People shouldn't be too busy worshipping Allah Thailand to be worshipping authority to be worship.

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Think political power to be worshiping a position this or that position in relation to their fellow human beings. That's what people are fighting for.

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But our hearts do too busy worshiping Allah subhanho wa taala. Just says Leila Tula color

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is peace. Why people are too busy worshipping Allah subhanho wa taala. They're in the masajid. They're praying to Allah subhanho wa taala. They're reciting the book of Allah subhanho wa taala. They're engaged in the remembrance of Allah. And then what is the culmination of that night a lot of time to describe this said, I'm on here hashtag Macula in federal, that he's prevails until the crack of dawn.

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He's prevails into the crack of dawn and peace prevails at the pilgrimage where all of these Muslims who might be a war they in Syria, a war the Iraq war they in Libya, or more, were they in Somalia? Were they in Yemen? Or were they in Afghanistan, they'd be fighting each other some of them

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some of them will be aligned with this faction.

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And they are fighting this faction of Muslims in this or that country. But all of them go to hunch the supporters of this group or that group, this importance of this movement or that movement, that all go to heart, and they all exist in peace and there is no fighting between them. There is no wrangling between them. Peace prevails. So this is a lesson for us that peace is possible. But we have to commit ourselves to Allah subhana wa Tada first because when we come Summit, commit ourselves to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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then the lessons that are necessary to bring peace amongst ourselves we take seriously we're nonprofits so Allah my name was setting them tells us that to Hanson one that analogy shoe will enter them when I tell them when they appear above the Comala very valuable Kunal a bag Allah He Aquarena and Muslim Muslim men of Muslim lay on lemon Walla Walla, walla

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Taqwa Hoonah will you share with Saudi Morocco, the husband and the husband Maria Mina shower, and yet Kira, how who Muslim called musty me either Muslim in Haram devil who are men who do when people are committed to law Tyler this hadith means something. And that affects behavior, don't me one another. Don't conspire against each other. Don't hate one another. Don't turn your backs to not one another. Don't enter into a transaction once your brothers entering into it, be you servants of Allah brothers. This is first a commitment to Allah Who a that Allah. Because if we are truly servants of Allah, we will be brothers. When people gather in the plains of Mecca, the valley,

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valleys of Mecca and the plan of artifacts and Mina, they gather as servants of Allah, they cast off their differences. They cast off the quest for power, they can cast off their quest for position, and they gather as servants of Allah. And when they return, they must return as servants of Allah. This is the only way peace is possible when we serve our Lord, and push the surface of our Lord over the surface of our necks, over the surface of our Eagles over the surface of our progress and our winds over the surface of the base aspects of our soul, then pieces possible.

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And then we realize what we're all all finally come to the ultimate realization.

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This is what has done when a person truly internalizes the lesson that

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he or she understand that this power, I was fighting and jockeying for the status. I was jockeying for all of these worldly things that were motivating me to conflict with my brother and my sister must have they mean absolutely nothing with Allah subhanho wa Taala because they're all for the Doom from the dunya and what did I process some Allah ye will send them say about this dunya about this vase.

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material world no Tyler did targeted dunya in Dubai Jana Hubba, Rhoda that stuck out in her character on shore but I bet that this world doesn't mean the mosquitoes we are next week with Allah subhanho wa Taala and then we die and we come to the realization and halcomb will take care for how to move the copier. Their mutual passing off of the world with all of this world distracts them until they visit the graves. And then when they visit the grave worker they realize

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what a man who th e taboo B CheMin failure cool we are late in the turkey Toby weather Edwina he said we later had Canada took all the men

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in the valley, helicopter and missile Tawnya who who thought Lulu from Mezger. hemosol Liu from Mercy Visit silicon daughter has several in the run for smooth cool all my wealth is of no benefit all the month I fought my brothers and sisters for I fought other people for as far other types and races and ethnicities for is of no benefit now.

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And all of this power that meant so much to me that I was willing to kill my fellow brothers and sisters that I was willing to invite the rest of the world upon the innocent Muslims their mother sanity. It's gone Helicon me So Tanya,

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and then what it said sees him and strangle him Hulu so Hulu

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and then make him feel for the Hellfire so much Ahimaaz Salu

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that's where it all ends up. Brothers and sisters just as we go to hatch and we make migration to the house of Allah, we have to make migration to the worship of Allah subhana wa Tada we have to make migration to the meanings of what it truly means to be human. To be truly human means to cast off these base characteristic characteristics that lead us to fight against each other and to argue against each other and then to engage in all sorts of petty behavior with each other and adorn ourselves with the lofty prophetic and godly characteristics that lead us to love one another.

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Allah is the dude that needs us to be compassionate to one another. Allah Tala is a ramen Rahim that needs us to to truly appreciate one another and to be willing to sacrifice for one another Allah Tala to show core,

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your T cell Whaddon Xena and allow him to be magnanimous with each other. That's magnanimity, he gives him great reward for a little action. So we appreciate the small things that our brothers and sisters do. And we're not demanding big things of them. But in response to a little from them, we're really willing to give everything for them.

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This is what it means to be human.

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This is what it means to be human. And these are the deeper meanings of the hugs to make the pilgrimage and yawn in your neighborhood you. Men are suffering and Basha here today,

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in our own software led Hill Alia, in a puddle in Kenya till in 70. To move away from our base human characteristics towards lofty godly characteristics to the extent humanly possible. That's what it means to be human. When Adam was taught the names of things, he was taught meanings, he was taught what lies beneath the surface, were to translate the surface of things. We have to look at the deeper meanings of things because that's what moves us into the realm where we can know ourselves. And if we truly know ourselves, we will know our Lord. So when we know ourselves through mercy, and we know ourselves through compassion, and we know ourselves through magnanimity, and we know

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ourselves through charity and we know ourselves through love, then we can know Allah who has run our ramen Rahim and L L. L L. L. L will do and support

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as the widget.

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Now Allah blesses us to wake up May Allah bless us to move around beyond the superficial

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standings of our religion that lead to these monstrous interpretations that some people are engaging in that opened the door to bloodshed and strife and conflict. And they he's almost seemingly impossible.

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And when we move to deeper meanings that opened the door to understanding that opened the door to compassion that opened the doors, to truly being able to love one another and to reconcile with one another, and to move into a realm where we can fulfill our historical duty to humanity come from

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North Korea, overreact to the last. You are the best community raised up to serve humanity. But how can we serve humanity when we can even serve ourselves?

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In the Ibrahim McCann, battalion conditon we learn Hadith Oh, Allah milkmen, and again, Shakira, and Rumi h dubare, who were held out when it is your optimal stopping the hunches about Ibrahim Ibrahim was an ummah. And one meaning of that he was a composite of the lofty virtues and characteristics that can be found in individuals in an ummah. We have to be like an ummah, so we can be hired until we are like Ibrahim, the one whose footsteps and actions we commemorate during the Hajj and his children and his wife until we can be like Ibrahim in the Ibrahima Canada Houma tiny College and the lab. Where do we start we started that the hajj it places us in a position of worshiping ALLAH

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SubhanA wa Tada and priority prioritizing ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And what is the first description of Ibrahim as an ummah in the Ibrahima can only attend party 10 the lair devout the obedient to Allah so when we are obsessed

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and immersed in our obedience to Allah subhanaw taala we won't have time for petty dunya distractions May Allah bless us to move into that realm May Allah bless us to move to that station Apollo call we had that was stuck for a while as he went up when he when he said everything will be the company stuff

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111 been was so that was alarm I'll say you didn't was sitting. Say 100 Why that early? He was off me he was the McCarthy era in the light A WOMAN

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Yeah, you had lady in southern Ronnie he was sending to sleep in vlogmas Saudi was sending my bad guy let's say you know, Hamid, Mohammed rather early he asked me he was sending even if your brothers and sisters are mad. Allah has blessed us allies and blessed us. And the greatest blessing He's given us is a sound mind. This action

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which is the locus of religious responsibility, one who loses their mind to insanity or asleep fullness

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or fainting or whatever causes a lot loss of the intellect. They're not religiously responsible. So the intellect is the locus of religious responsibility that Allah subhanaw taala has blessed us with. Some of our brothers and sisters are challenged with various mental

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disabilities we should not forget them. Some of the brothers and sisters are rallying to establish a center for the treatment of our brothers and sisters who are challenged in that regard. Allah subhanho wa Taala makes us fit challenges for each other with John Nevada. Fitna had tougher has come to believe, and possibly when will you not be patient with each other. And part of patience involved service and event and dealing with the difficulties that come through serving? So we serve our parents when they get elderly we don't pack them up unless they're suffering from very debilitating diseases that require special care. But generally speaking, we serve them we keep them

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home with us we benefit from their wisdom, we benefit from the Barraca

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here's an elderly person who might have been making tahajjud for 4050 years straight and never missed the night and they're doing that oh rod and they're doing a hunk of of Quran every month.

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How much better car

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Isn't that person

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and what do we lose when we've moved them away from us? Several of the

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some of the people were challenged

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mentally or psychologically with real maladies, their their sources of great blessings, and the blessing of serving them and the patience involved in serving them. And anticipating a great reward from Allah subhanho wa Taala is something that's going to be rewarded in the highest sense. So after the Juma and the announcement, you'll be told how you can support this effort. And this initiative Melo give us hope. fika May Allah bless us to remember those who are less fortunate than ourselves that bless those in any way bit bit with mental or psychological or psychiatric challenges, being with physical disabilities, that challenge them and challenge us in certain ways, be it by with

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poverty, people are poor, generally because they don't want to work. People say these poor countries they should pull themselves up by their bootstraps like we did. So are you saying they should commit genocide against their original inhabitants of their land, that they should have 200 years of slavery during their colonial era into the nation building period, free labor, free finance capital, to enrich themselves are issues that are deeper than that there are structural, the structural violence, the structural poverty, the structural racism, and wherever people find themselves suffering as a result of that we should be in the forefront of trying to alleviate their struggles

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and assist them not to give them a handout to give people a hand up.

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That's how many people live on the knee. And then there are those who exploit every situation. May Allah give us tofi May Allah bless us to remember those less fortunate and when the information is given as to how we can support the center that the brothers and sisters have established for the mental and psychiatrically psychologically challenged may we heed the call and do whatever we can to support them on almost feeling misdemeanor we will move on with looking at even what I'm what we're gonna to the coop buddies had he and I will have learned every

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indicator will have broken up regarding a stop run with them and that won't work now open cat if you need rock band out providing a software on WhatsApp for them and now what's what's going on is the mean wife one now you're gonna waterhemp and the whole sort of over the over the curve at aloneness over boosting mean if we could if we can, if you could, is almost almost Amina Jemaine and bombs will remind them of home in Canada if you need some kind of rock decarbonize it you'll see food was phenomenal diversity while handling any acute masala

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will be more along like bone long walk about