Zahir Mahmood – The Only Thing Which Matters When You Enter Your Grave Shaykh

Zahir Mahmood
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a segment of a YouTube video where a person describes their wealth and how it will affect their grave. They also mention that their actions will cause their wealth to disappear and that they will be placed in their grave with their actions.
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The messenger Allah say man says Molly, Molly,

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Molly ma my wealth my well

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earned Molly Molly and the Messenger of Allah said Hellman Malika Illuma occulta for Afleet it's a what wealth

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is the only wealth you have is that food that you eaten, while the best for ablate and those clothes

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that you wore,

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and then you wore out? What the doctor for athlete? And yes the southerner that you gave in the path of Allah subhanaw taala because you will see that by Allah subhanaw taala more in the commune for the warmer in the Lubbock is Allah says, What you give him the path of Allah, my in the community for the word you have will perish, but what you send by Allah,

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what you send by Allah will remain that will remain with you in your grave in your IRA.

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So man says, you know, look at look at my wealth. Look at the millions of Earth. But what,

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but what you had to rotis three roadies, you had a couple of meals, that's it, finish class.

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The clothes that you wore gone

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and when you're put in your grave,

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your wealth is gone. Your children is gone. And the only thing which you remained behind you is what your actions

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have ultimate Kaabil until you see you are placed in your grave, you will realize the reality of the dunya

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