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Valera Amanda Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala rasulillah but brothers, sisters salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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hamdulillah. We are going to inshallah carry on with the life of Abu Bakar acidic or the Allah and who

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the topics inshallah we are going to cover today are going to be

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Abacus parents, Abubakar de Allah, on whose specific qualities prior to Islam which made him unique, and then also his embracing Islam.

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But before we dwell into that, let me just mention a couple of things. abubaker, the Alarcon who was the friend of the Messenger of Allah, Allah Allah so prior to Islam, he traveled with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam on a number of occasions. And age wise they were similar age he was approximately two years younger than the Messenger of Allah so Allah Allah Allah Islam. Now you may be thinking, What did aboubaker look like cover Viola?

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You know, this was a man who was at the side of the Prophet some Omar al Islam through thick and thin. on every occasion the Messenger of Allah could rely on a bucket of the Allah and who the Sahaba defined him as the most courageous out of all of them. So what did abubaker look like? I shatter the alarm. He says My father was light in complexion, light and complexion relative to the Arabs, so he wasn't light like European light. But he was light compared to the Arabs who lived in the ages. Wilds today we call people who live in the forest we call them yellow complexion. The Arabs as you refer to the Europeans as bunny as for those who are yellow in complexion,

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physically abubaker was thin, amazingly thin. He was so thin that they say that his forehead protruded, his eyes had sunk in his cheek bare bones protruded, and the bones on his finger because he was so thin, protruded, and when he walked, he didn't walk, upright. They say as he walked with a stoop

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he was so thin, that when the command came, that one should keep the izhar above the ankles that they should keep the trousers above their ankles, because it's a sign of the cub poor and haughtiness to have him below the ankles abubaker the olana came to the message of unlighted a message of Allah, I am so thin that my is are my trousers my langi does not remain around my waist. So the problem is Allah Selim said oh worker you are exempt for a man like you is exempt from the sifter of the computer and arrogance and haughtiness. So this was how thin abou backup of the Allah and who was the Sahaba say they say themselves the Sahaba say Abubakar, thinnest and weakest they

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use the word weakest in body but the strongest Eman

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and suppiler Allah you know this is amazing lesson for us Why? Because you can have a large body but you can be empty. And my Muslim has bought a narration that on the Day of Judgment a man who will come he will be Rajan on semi not are we even Mercy of Allah does defined him as a larger on sameen on our women man huge mass. He will be placed in this scale but he will be lighter than a mosquitoes wink.

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Why? Because the outer was beautiful. The outer was large but the inner was empty. Allah subhana wa Taala was defining the monarchy. It is He says either at home dojo comm at sama What a cool little smiley call him ganim Khushboo Masada so when you see that when you're de la ilaha illa Allah, you will be amazed by their bodies when they speak, exceptionally articulate. They grasp you. Allah says Ghana is another but in reality, they are like propped up pieces of wood propped up, meaning beautiful from the outside, empty the inside. Let me give you an example.

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You walk past a mansion

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and the mansion looks lovely from the outside. But there's nobody who lives in it. So you begin to wonder why would know what he lived in such a beautiful house is beautiful.

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From the outside, but nobody lives inside it. This is like that body, which has a beautiful outer but no soul, no richness of the soul. And abubaker the olana was totally different. abubaker didn't have a huge body, but he had a rich soul. That little body was bursting and brimming with a beautiful soul. And this is why

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as believers we should work on the soul. You see people today, Muslims non Muslims spend hours and hours in the gym, pumping iron, but not a minute. In the week pumping a man into the heart. You got hours for the gym, you don't have a minute for the machine.

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People spend hours on makeup. That body goes into the earth disintegrate is eaten by the worms and the spiders that soul that you feed those up to Allah panadol and that is a term. I really Abubakar, Allah Allah was like this. They say aboubaker the olara who would use henna

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work another language we use a die upon his bed. They say Abubakar de la no had a lot of hay. Conversely, Omar had no hair Omar was actually bold. So one day a group of people came to Medina you get the naughty kind of individuals, and they say to armor who's better the one who has no hair, the one who has plenty of hair on his head. Omar understood where they were coming from Omar said the one who had plenty of hair on his head was far greater than the one who has no hair upon his head. So this was Abubakar, the America's physical appearance, physical weak, but a man was just amazing. Let's move on. To the parents of Robocop the

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robot got on the olara News, father's name with Abu hanifa this was his good near his real name would have man been Amir. Now he did not embrace Islam in the early days of Islam. Yeah, he embraced Islam, in fact a mecca which was considerably later on when the Muslims conquered Mecca. Actually he was not keen on the Muslims. Abdullah Masuda, the alarm who says when the Messenger of Allah boubakeur migrated, I thought, let me go and see what's going on. So I went to the house or woke up the alarm. And the father found out that I had come, he said, he picked up a stick and he chased me. He said, these are the youngsters who are corrupted my son abubaker. But on first a mecca, this is

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where he embraced Islam. Buckle up, the aleinu sought him out. And he bought into the province of Muslim he was an old man at the time. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said Abu Bakar Why don't you leave and where he was, I would have gone to him he's an old man. And look at this other than the Messenger of Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah had, who was a Boko Haram, he's a mushrik at the time.

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But he is saying that leave him where he was, I would have gone to him. And really, this is a serious lesson for all of us. Why? Because when people get become people of status, denier, status, or even religious status, they actually believe now everybody must respect them. The elders come, you know, there is no need for them to stand up and meet the elders know, the life of the Prophet Salah Salem is showing that this was an old man, he was a mushrik at the time, progress allows him to leave what do you leave him where he was I, the most important man who was ever born on the face of this earth would have gone to meet your father. And I will block out the law Andrew true to form

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he said, oh no message of Allah. It's more befitting that he come to you that you go to him. And then abubaker the alarm who said something really which exemplifies his love for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. obika the alarm said, O Messenger of Allah, it would have pleased me. The pleasure for me would have been greater if Abu Talib had embraced Islam rather than my father,

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because that would have given you greater pleasure. And the message of Allah said, You've spoken the truth. Oh, oh, boubakeur shows looks panela show shows that even the prophets Allah sort of knew that Abu Bakr was speaking with a class

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embrace Islam on Fatima qcca.

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A little while later, he heard screams and cries. He said What's going on?

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They said that messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has passed away. He said, Who is this Khalifa? They said your son.

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So on that occasion, Abu hanifa said something amazing.

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He said to who a lot who

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Allah gives nobody can deprive and to who Allah deprives nobody can grant. What did he mean by this statement? What he meant was that abubaker belong to the clan of time, they were a small clan.

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Compared to that, they were far greater and stronger clans. But Allah subhanaw taala chose Abubakar over them. And this is really what this deed is about, well live. This deed is about choosing the best people. In this deed. We don't look at your bank balance. We don't look at your status. We don't look at your color. We don't look at your nationality. We look at the best man for the job. And you could say the biggest controversy between the Sunnis and the Shiites is this. They said Ali was the man that should be chosen. He was the family and according to them, obviously he was greater

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cording to the Sudanese know the best man was chosen for the job. And that was boubakeur and he was not from the bunny harsh a couple of years later, again, Mecca erupts this cry, they scream and so what's happened he was blind at the time. They said the sons passed away, said who is a successor? Is it more of locata Ravi Allah is that nobody is more deserving than Omar to be his successor. He passed away at the ripe age of 97 years of

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his mother was Selma with Sahar she was the cousin of Abu hanifa She was also known as omo Hail the Mother of God good cuz she was an amazing individual. she embraced Islam in the very early part of Islam at the era of data. Now what is the outcome? The outcome is the first Marisa in the history of Islam. Approximately 40 Sahaba Ravi Allah Ratan hope were Muslim at this time. The outcome was the house of outcome in a day manuf he was the sixth person to embrace Islam, and it was at the foot or very nearby the mountain of Safar right next to it attached to it was the house of Bilal way it is where it was once upon a time, it still there is a sign or all those people who are familiar with

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that area will tell you that this was the place where Darren Arakawa the house archimate this was the first modasa this is where the Sahaba or the Allah and who would gather this is where they would give the tower This is where the Messenger of Allah will teach him about the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala this was the place if somebody new came and wanting to embrace Islam, they will take him to down out of 40 Sahaba. That's it. The Baraka of the sacrifice of those 40 Sahaba you see it today

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is that you have 1.6 billion Muslims, everything great start small

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if they could come to the dunya today, and they could see the fruits of the efforts while law he imagined and this was way his mother had embraced Islam I will discuss in more detail later on her embracing Islam.

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Let me move on to certain characteristics which were unique to Abubakar speaker of the olana These were the Abubakar had prior to Islam. One of them was his knowledge of the pneus of genealogy abubaker the alarm?

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The alarm ha that nobody amongst the Quraysh knew genealogy better than Abubakar Sadek or the Allah And now what a genealogy look the Arabs love to know about their forefathers Actually, this was everything to them, you know the cloud like it is discussed earlier on the clan the tribe therefore father this is what they would speak about all the time. Our forefathers would like this our clan like this, our tribe is like this. And our worker the Allah and who was an expert in this last panel Darla says in the Quran, by either convey to monastic accom first guru Maha caidic recoome accom.

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So Allah say is,

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when you have finished your hedge rituals, then remember Allah like you remember your forefathers you can understand how they remember their forefathers Allah saying, could what they would do is after hij all the tribe and all the clans would be there. And then they would say, our forefathers were like this. Our clan is like this. Our tribe is like this Allah saying, remember Allah at least remember Allah like you remember your Vova Oh, I said that decra or more than you remember your forefathers. Now, this is very unique, because Abu Bakar took this skill of a

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Which really never had anything to do with Islam, but he used it for Islam.

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Say earlier the Allah Allah said Kelly Manasa Allah Catarina call him speak to people according to their understanding. So when he would go to give Dawa and the professor Lawson will take him, the first person to speak to these people wasn't the best thing of Allah. Allah Allah Allah used to be ibaka Abubakar on the line who would approach these individuals. And he said, which tribe are you from? They will say we're from the he said, which branch is this? Is it all your four four forefathers with so and so and so, and for them, this was vanilla, this man knows our genealogy better than we do. And all of a sudden they would incline towards him, he would break the ice. And

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you understand how important is that when Muslims are giving downward that they understand the mentality that they're given down to? Because if you don't understand the mentality, you give it our to, you often cause greater harm than good without knowing it.

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And therefore, you know, sometimes people are good, they are good at football, grass sports, so they can draw people towards the deen of Allah subhanaw taala through them. People are good at other things, but it is utilized for the sake of a mass panel. And this will Abubakar on the alarm would also Abubakar Modi Allah Allah never drank before Islam. Why? He says one day I saw a man he was drunk. And he put his finger in some excreta and he took the excreta and he brought it back up to his nose, and he repelled him and he moved his face.

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He said, I came to the conclusion that a person who drinks loses all self dignity.

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It clouds his mind he said, I will never drink. And so Pamela This is amazing. Booker was on the fifth era. He was on this nature good nature. He naturally had a good nature don't drink. You know it makes a person lose self dignity. Today a jeep. You have people who are born in the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala but who have lost their faith or who have lost their nature

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them born Muslims but they drink there's no *. You know they will no Sharia in the title of a book of the Allah Allah to say don't drink. But even before Islam he never drank abubaker La ilaha illa Allah, never worshiped idols. Even before Islam, Abubakar Omar Abu never worshiped idols.

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This was a jeep. He says whilst I was a kid, my father buco hava took me to the idols, and he made me sit in front of the idle.

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And I sat there for a while he told me to worship the idol. I sat there for a little while. And then I said to the idol, I am hungry, give me something to drink, no response.

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I am thirsty, give me something to drink. No response. He said, after a little while I picked up a stone.

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And I threw it at the idle and the idle dropped, said I came to the logical conclusion if this idle cannot look after itself, how is it going to look after me?

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And this was Abubakar, Speaker of the monitor no idle. abubaker, as I mentioned earlier, belong to the tribe of the clan of pain.

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Now every clan about monks there but amongst the Quraysh had a responsibility. What was the responsibility of the bunny theme? the responsibility of the bunny theme was that when two clans or two tribes were at loggerheads, or they had a fight or a feud, it was their responsibility to reconcile the main person from amongst them was Abu Bakar Sadiq are the alarm. They say if Abu Bakar gave a guarantee for somebody, nobody would ever violate that guarantee. He was a guarantor if a person killed another person, and Abu Bakar gave a guarantee for that individual. Nobody would violate this is the respect Abubakar acidic or the Allah Ando had before, even before embracing

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Islam. Now,

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when did Abu Bakar of the alarm hear about this team? What was the first time abubaker the aleinu says that the first time I ever heard about this Dean was I was sitting by the copper and there was a man called omega A B salt

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and he was doing a walk around the Kaaba. And he said Tuesday the hammer no fail. So Zaid in the armory been a failed was the cousin of Omar Abdullah and who and he was a one hit. He believed in one Allah He didn't worship the idols and he believed that if final prophet would come

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But he passed away five years prior to the coming of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu. So he met the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. But five years before the prophets, Allah some called the message he passed away. And I will cover in more detail when I deal with the life of a model the hubbub about the aligner. So amania says to him, he said, has that profit come yet? Or mania also was from time if you belong to the bunny 30.

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And he said, he buries the teeth. And he said to us as the final prophet come, he said, No, not yet.

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Have a book I was sitting there.

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And he found it strange. So he went to work out of no nofal and asked him about this incident. And what I've come to know for was the cousin of the leader of the olana, the man who the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam went to when the revelation descended, and he said, Yes, a final prophet will come and he will come from amongst the Arabs. The worker now already had this in his mind. Now I will walk up the lines on a journey. And the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi salam now in Mecca proclaim that he's a messenger of Allah, have a message of Allah.

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Welcome comes back.

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The leaders of courage come to him and obviously they know that Boubacar is the friend of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and they greet him they speak to me how journey was and then they say to him, You know what, Mohammed your friend, he regards himself as a prophet, walk out of the a lot of suitors they left went to the house of the Messenger of Allah Salah, some knocked on the door, the Messenger of Allah came out. And he said, he said, Mohamed, is it true? I've heard he said, Why have you heard? He said, they say that you are calling to the oneness of Allah you regard yourself as a messenger of Allah said Yes, it is true. What you have heard.

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I am on the deen of Ibrahim I've been sent as a Bashir and in the zeal, a warner and a person who gives, who wants people and give them glad tidings

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of ibaka the Alon is standing there.

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And he says, I have never heard you ever lie.

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And if there was anybody who deserves to be a prophet, it is you.

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I should Allah ilaha illallah wa shadow under karasuma he embraced Islam that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam said regarding the virtue of Abu Bakr Siddiq, or the Allah is a nobody else Nobody. Nobody else did. I present Islam, but they thought they hesitated. Besides Abubakar syndicate, no sooner had I given him Dawa, he embraced Islam. It was amazing virtue for Abu Bakar Sadiq about the Allah and why I tell you one, because see, he had the nature to accept the truth. vast majority of people don't accept the truth. Why? Because they're too arrogant to accept the truth. A Booker was an Eric second, Abubakar didn't believe in blind affiliation. People do not

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accept the truth, because they have this affiliation and they so hard and so blind, that no matter what comes to them, they will not accept abubaker was free from these qualities. He will he had no arrogance of the truth came to him. It was an error. I'm not going to accept it. He accepted it. This was the religion of his forefathers, every single nubby who came with a DA that people said no, we're not going to accept a Why? Because this is what we've all found our forefathers upon. Now aboubaker said you, you come with the truth, I will accept the truth, no blind affiliation and Subhanallah this this is something you know we should take from the life of a broker dealer. We take

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HAC wherever it comes from. Unless you have Allah said Oh Allah show me how to as Huck a give me the ability to follow it. Zack mala Hayden for watching and please do not forget to watch the next episode, and inshallah when you're GWAS they will be plenty more history series coming very soon barnacle AFRICOM salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.