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Jumuaa Khutbah – CALL TO ALLAH’S WAY WITH WISDOM 04-27-12

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And then from the Rila

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when all the way down to the miniature orian fusina woman so yeah, there are many now may

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or may you live in the one I said that, you know, Hey Mama the whole nursery. Why should Mohammed and

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yeah, you're Latina de la hopin to party. Well let them move in

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the moon. Yeah Johan suta Pura vida como la de la mina San mahina wahala Carmen has

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a child and Catherine when he's a wonderful lovely lady.

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He will or ham in namaha can be either. Yeah, you Allah De La Hoya polio Colin so the the US left us lifted up on another way of looking good Oh, come on,

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up as 1018

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but in a cycle hydrophillic a terrible law for hydro Henry Henry Mohammed in some more lava and he sent him a shadow morning to have more data in data wakulla.

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Dear brothers and sisters in sha Allah, Allah today will be short and sweet. Because this is an advice first and foremost for myself and for all of us, especially for those of you sitting directly in front of me here today.

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A lot as Magento has given us so many gifts in our lives, a lot of Magento has given his creation, so many gifts a lot as Magento has given the creation, the gift of the creation, just creating things he has given it gets a lot as Magento has given the human being the gift of life is given the human being the gift of sight for those who haven't. And for those who have given them and bless them with other gifts He's given us the gift of life has given us the gift of a heart to be to continue to allow us to exist. Allah has given us the gift the food to consume, to continue to sustain this a lot as Virgil has given us the gift of water to be able to continue our existence.

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And if I were, as Allah says, in his most noble book, if you were to count the favorites of Allah, you would never be able to count them. They're innumerable. They're innumerable. And a lot took an entire Sora to repeat one single verse about these things. phobia phobia Allah Yuriko moto Candyman, which of the famous of your Lord, which will you deny? Which of the things that Allah has given you? Would you deny? Would you deny that Allah hasn't given me this, that Allah hasn't given me that there's so many things that Allah has given us to his creation.

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But for all of you sitting here with me today, Allah has given you something special, above and beyond what he has given to the rest of his creation. And that is he has given you the gift of guidance, which is one of his most favorable views, if not the most favorable gift that Allah gave you after your life, and your ability to sustain it. Allah has given each and every one of you guidance.

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I don't want you to think about something today. It's a very sincere advice. Yeah.

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I was on a plane, one of those nice long overseas flights. And I was thinking about a lecture that I was going to give in gender, actually. And the headings came up in the discourse of the topic I was thinking about, were a lot.

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In the beginning, created the pin, first thing, a lot created the pin.

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And he commanded the pin up to breaks. And the pin responded, what do you want me to write? And a lot of what I was saying for the vendor, right, everything, everything, right, every single thing that will happen from this point forward.

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And that is all contained in a book that is with a lot of logic.

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And one thing came to mind to me, that you shot. You know, in that book, Allah azza wa jal commanded that pen to write your name, and that you would be guided.

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Allah commanded the pen to write your name, and that you wouldn't be guided. And to me that almost overwhelmed me to think that 50,000 years before Allah created anything, he wrote in a book, that I would be guided, that is overwhelming for me to think about sometimes, that Allah took into consideration me out of all of his creation, that he would guide me.

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That to me is a man. That is something that I can't even begin to comprehend. I can't begin to explain

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It, but a lot of people just chose to give it to me. He chose to grant me guidance. As we know Allah guides, whomever he wishes, and he is the one that opened the breasts to Islam. We don't come to this Deen on our own even if you were born into Islam, it wasn't of your own

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doing, it wasn't of your own design. Allah azza wa jal wrote in that book that is with him, that you will be born to Muslim parents, you will be born in a Muslim family, you will be born knowing who Allah was, you will be raised, knowing what the book of Allah was, you will be raised knowing about Salah Allah wrote that in the book for you. And that is not for you. It's not something that you did anything to earn. I didn't do anything to earn guidance, you didn't do anything to be guided or stay guided. But the question that I posed to myself was, you know, how can you begin to thank Allah, or to repay Allah for this type of gift? I can't even begin to repay a loan for the gift of life, for

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the gift of food and air and water and all of these things. How can I begin to pay repay Allah for the greatest gift he ever gave me? Which is to be guided to this beautiful Deen of Allah Islam. And, you know, every morning, I wake up now, and I think about that, what are you going to do today, to repay that gift to follow the guidance you because there are people, there are people that you see every day, who have not been given this gift, for whatever reason, I love them. But they haven't been given this gift. Maybe they haven't encountered the same people like you encountered, maybe they haven't come to the same conclusions or went down the same road of life that you've gone down,

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but yet, they're still out there.

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And they're still living and breathing. And yet Allah has not seen fit to bring guidance to them yet. And,

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you know, when I think about that, I started to think about well, Allah as virgin has said, the tools for guidance for everyone, Allah Subhana who would or Allah did not send things for some people to be guided, and other people to be left out of guidance. When Allah azza wa jal sent His messenger Mohammed Salah Lara and he was sending them

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over 1400 years ago. He sent him as I refer to later on, I mean, a mercy unto mankind, opening the door to guidance For whosoever wishes, as Allah says in his most noble book, whomever wishes to be guided, whoever wishes to walk or right, we guide them to our ways, whoever wills to walk upright, Allah says we will guide them to our ways. So Allah has left those paths of guidance open to everyone.

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But there is always some connection between Allah and His creation. There's always been some connection between online his creation, because we know Allah azza wa jal is separate from his creation, he is alcoholic, and the rest is mameluke. That's the simple terminology in Islam, Allah is the Creator, everything else is his creation. And there's no mix between those two. So Allah has always left some connection between himself and his creation, for them, to know him, for them to understand what he wants from them, for them to understand what he needs from them, his prohibitions His commandments, his ordinances, and that has always been his messengers to humanity. That

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connection has been the messengers that Allah has sent to humanity, beginning with Prophet Alayhi, salaam, and all of those prophets whom we know about and those whom we don't know about.

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And the revealed books which Allah has sent to them.

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And Allah azza wa jal decided to complete this system, of connecting himself with his creation, with the most beautiful of all of them, the greatest of all of them, the name of all of them, Mohammed savola, they were sending them who did become enamel, mousseline enamel, those who were sent, as he said, when he did his beautiful night journey, from Makkah, to elephants and then to the heavens. When he was in Jerusalem. He said, all the messengers presented before me, some of them I know some of them, I didn't know all of them. And when the Salah was established, he was placed upfront as the Imam becoming the man for them for all eternity.

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And Allah azza wa jal decided to complete that system, with His most notable book with the Quran, which has been preserved for us in its original language on temporal

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untampered temporal, that cannot be tampered with, no matter how many hands have tried to play with it over the 1000 and something years that has been revealed. There's never been a light to it. There's never been a single verse to challenge it. There's never been a single scientist to come along and say, Look, this is not correct. There's never been a single person of reason that has been able to come along and say, Look, this is wrong in your book. Even though many have tried they've all failed

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They have all failed.

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And this new law that Allah gave to his creation through the prophet Mohammed and his most noble book, The Quran is something that most of you were born with, most of you were born with.

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But I want you to ask yourself today, what have you done in your life? What have you done? And what have we done in our lives to tell along with thankful for them to tell other we're thankful for that guidance yet Allah because every moment that you're able to say law in Ohio law, it's a gift, know that it is a gift. Every morning you wake up and you can still say la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah it's a gift from Allah that you didn't do anything to deserve but yet Allah keeps you upon guidance, answering your door that you make 17 times the previous day, it Nina serata mustafi.

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But ask yourself, What am I going to repay that debt that I owe? Because we're all in debt to Allah. This is why we are Abdullah we are slaves of Allah. We are slaves trying to reappear debt, they will never be able to pay. This is why we will eternally be slaves to Allah. Because we will never be out of the bondage of this debt. Even when a law grants us everything they give some agenda, we will never be able to think of love, even if he gave us as he will, all eternity. But what are you doing right now? To show that you're thankful for that guidance, because know that that guidance can be taken from you at any moment. Then guidance comes and goes. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said at the end of time, there will be those who wake up in the morning of believers. And they will go to bed or Catherine. There'll be those who wake up in the morning a catheter and they'll go to bed. So guidance can be can change hands. It is a commodity to unlock and shift from one person to another. This is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make the door on many, many times in his studio.

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Jude is to make the door

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on the island unique This is referred to later on me making this do on your Allah all the one who changes the heart, steady my heart upon God. How many times have we made that door begging a lot of keep me on this guidance. And the thing that I am really, really want to impress upon you today

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is the greatest messenger that was ever sent to humanity was a messenger for all of humanity. And we are a nation of that messenger. We are the Nation of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, therefore we are the nation for all humanity.

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And since that connection between Allah and His creation,

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the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not with us anymore. He's buried in the city of Medina. That's it, he's not with us anymore. He's gone. He left with us, he said, I leave with you two things I have to go, there is going to come to me just like everyone else. But I leave with you two things, the book of a law which is like a rope. One hand of it is with the hand of a law, the other hand is in your hands. And the second is my son, my tradition, my way, the way I acted the way I spoke, my directions, my approvals, etc. If you hold these two, you'll never go straight. So the purpose of the law instead of is gone, that connection between the line equation has gone. The only

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thing left with us is the book of the law, and the son of the prophets of the law, and he was sending him. But who were the ones continuing to keep this living? Who are the ones even though you were born into a Muslim family? What about those people outside? They were not born like that? Allah had not written for them to be born in a Muslim family.

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What about them? Are they not just as deserving to know about ally as you want? Is there anything that is better about you? That makes you more worthy to know about our love than them? No, there's not. It's nothing more worthy about me than my neighbor. Allah created both of us fashion this both exactly the same.

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We both have a right to know about our boss accountable with the high end. But who's going to tell them the profits of the law how to sell them can tell them. He's already said everything he needed to say. Allah azza wa jal is not going to speak to them. Allah has already spoken everything that needs to be spoken earlier magma to lagoon Dino calm, done. This, they have perfected your religion for you. So who is going to continue to help those people up to come to a place where you are at as a gift from Allah Subhana Allah.

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You know, one way that I suggest for all of you to start trying, it needs a little humble effort to repay that debt of guidance that Allah has given you. Share that guidance with someone else. Share that guidance with someone else. And then when you do that, you realize how precious that guidance is. When you see someone come from ignorance into the light of Islam, from darkness to light. You realize how precious of a gift that is that you've been given as a default just by being born into it. share that with someone

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You know, because in this book that Allah has revealed to us and has given to us as the miracle of the Prophet cymbala name and setting them as he said, every prophet was sent with miracles, to verify who they were the miracle I was sent with was the Quran.

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In that book Allah gives a command to his creation. Many, many commands come throughout the book of Allah azza wa jal.

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One of those commands comes in sort of the novel. And it is not a recommendation, it is not a passing duty for those who decide to take it up. It is a command, where Allah leaves you the option as a human being treated with a free will to choose or refuse to obey or disobey just like everything else. Allah says and sort of the natural boundary administrator regime, on their own, or their own, in less of either applicable matter what now

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with the ideal, who made it here, Allah says conveyed call, invite to the way of your Lord, with wisdom, with wisdom and with good speech, and argue and discourse with him in a way that is best. And Allah says he knows those who are guided best, and he knows best those who have gone astray. But Allah has given a commandment from the very word or the URL we can see Allah has given us a command invite to the way of your Lord. And this was a command. Of course, first and foremost for our beloved Rasul Allah it was sending, but since it has been left to the general command, it doesn't say all messenger, all prophets, it just says invite. So that means every single one of you who have

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thumbed over that page in the Quran, every single one of you have thumbed over certain knowledge, and you have passed that verse, you have been delivered a command from Allah subhanho wa Taala, to invite other people to his way, you were standing on the way of Allah. And Allah is asking you invite other people to come on to this way. What excuse do we have? What excuse do we have? This is not a country where you can say, Okay, everybody knows about Islam, there is a Masjid on every corner, there's a school here, there's Muslims all in the streets, everybody should know about Islam. We don't live in that type of world anymore. We don't live in that type of world anymore. We

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live in a world where this confusion, truth is false and false, it is truth. The liar is known as the truth, the person the truth, the person is known as a liar.

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So amongst all of this confusion that's going on in the world, who is it? There is going to make some criterion for the people? Who is it that's going to stand in front of the people and say, Look, hold on a second, wait, just one moment. This is truth. Clearly, this is false. Clearly, take your pick, who's gonna do that? Who's gonna do that? The Christian is gonna do that. No, because they deceived, balling they're gonna stray, the Jews are not going to do that.

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The non Muslims are not going to do that. The media is definitely not going to do that. They're the biggest propagator of the confusion. So who's gonna do that?

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We have to do that. We have to do that. We have to understand this is a responsibility brothers and sisters. And the reason I say this is 100. Now you live in a great city, Minneapolis, I moved here from for those reasons. You live in a city where there are people who are active in Islam, you live in a city where there are people of knowledge,

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you are coming to a center that is headed by one of the gems of knowledge in the entire Western Hemisphere. And if you don't believe that, go check it for yourself. Go do your research. And these people are advising us and they are guiding us and they're teaching us. But who is going to make that connection for what we are learning in here too.

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We have people in this city, who have dedicated themselves to to calling other people to this beautiful life of Islam. Some of them are here with you in this Masjid today. Some of them are in other places, many places throughout the city. But when we see them, organize events, to teach you and to train you and to show you how to do the things that you need to do all of the excuses that we hear people use why they don't do that our people tried to remove that barrier for you here in this city. You don't have to go overseas, you don't have to go. You right here. We see 20 people there 30 people that if you get really lucky, maybe 100 people there.

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If you get super lucky, maybe 200

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how many Muslims are in the city? How many Muslims are in the city so only 200 Muslims in the city decide that okay, they're going to obey one of these commands of Allah, one of the greatest commands of Allah you will find after the command to worship Allah. And the only mobile consensus about this, the pastor dour is one of the greatest paths that you can take in Islam, after worshiping Allah soprano who with the honor the greatest thing you

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Do we share that knowledge with someone else, bring someone else as the Prophet alayhi salatu salam on the day of labor on the day of battle of favor.

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He called for someone to give the banner to that day and everybody was wanting it. But he called for Ali and someone gave an excuse that oh, you know, Ali can come he's got some I think going on. It can see can even open his eyes, probably saw some said, Bring him. He brought him he spit in his hand and he wrote in his eyes. And he said after the day, I had perfect vision. never had a problem with my sight again, he handed in the flag on the day he said go to them. But before you begin fighting within, called him to the way of the law has called into the way of a lion, remind them that allies are going to get him to worship Him and remind them about the obligations of Allah upon

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them. He said for by Allah

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said by Allah, if one of them come to Islam on your hands is better for you than red cams. And red candles. A lot of people try to equate red camels with Bentley's and it wasn't even even close. Red camels were so precious to them that they used to ask the prophets all along and he was sending him. Well, we have red camels, the right engine, so much they love them. The problem is that if one person comes to snap and your hands is better for you than that, and then another narration, he said for one person to come to Islam on your hands, is better for you than the whole world and everything that is contained within it, more than one single person has ever possessed. So So Panama, we have

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to ask ourselves, what is holding us back? What is stopping us, you can give me all the excuses you want. You can give your Imam all the excuses you want. You can give anybody all the excuses you want. But since I'm not giving you this commands, nobody has given you this command other than the Lord for whom you worship, then you need to take that excuse to him and see how readily you are to give it to him. And if you think you have an excuse, I have a challenge for you. I have one challenge for you. Get up tonight. 3am.

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If you think you have an excuse to get up tonight 3am when a law in the last portion of the night comes closest to his slaves as a man of that fits his majesty. Get up at 3am and stand before Allah and tell him your excuses. If you're brief. If you think you have an excuse, get up tonight until a lot of the excuse. Because we'll learn we don't have any excuses. We are we are an oma, that will be questioned. Many, many homeowners will be questioned about many things. But this nation is going to get some of the toughest questioning. This nation is going to get some of the most serious questioning on the Day of Judgment. Because we are the only nation that has been left in a void with

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no more messengers coming. We're the only nation that's been left in a void where misguidance and guidance is part of our duty to convey that message to humanity.

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We have to ask ourselves this, the great mother is upon this.

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But are we really living up to that greatness? Are we living up to that greatness? The greatest nation that ever walked the earth quantum higher and unmet and of reject leanness as we love to brag about? And you've heard me say this numerous times? It's not a default brothers and sisters, just because you say la ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasool Allah doesn't mean you get to say come to faith and reject ness. No, because a lot less than stipulations behind that turn around and build models you can handle any mancora

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because you command to good and you forbid evil and you believe in Allah. This is what made the former nation the greatest. And the Prophet alayhi salatu wa sallam said, What rectified the beginning of this ummah is what will rectify the end of this, the end of this nation will not be rectified except by that which rectified the former of this nation.

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We have to understand this brothers sisters we live in. At the end of time, all of the signs are there for us. We don't know when it's gonna happen. But we know we're very close. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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said at the end of time,

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holding on to your dean will be like holding on to a brand new fire of coal. And he said that there will be people at this time who will be upholding the truth. They'll be holding the Banner of Truth for all humanity. As he said, there will always be a nation of my own. There will always throughout all the times of the day of judgment there will be a group of my own man holding the Banner of Truth striving upon it, they will not be harmed for the enemies. He said but those people who will come at the very last. He said they will be a people who will have an innumerous reward. And he said that they will get the reward. He was talking to his companions and we finish.

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He said one of them. One of these people at this part of time when the world is turned against this land, when when Islam has become a strange thing all over again.

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One person will get the reward and 50 people and the companions as the prophets all along it was sending them 50 of them, they'll get the reward or 50 of them. He said, No, they'll get the reward or 50 of you, they'll get the reward or 50 of veal. And the orlimar have commented upon this narration that how can they get the role of the companions established Islam from nothing. They gave, they gave their life and their blood in the way of Islam. The ground of Islam, the seeds of Islam were watered with their own sweat, tears and blood, how can someone get the same reward as them?

00:25:38--> 00:25:41

The olema have said that the reason the award is so

00:25:42--> 00:26:21

great at this time, is that they these people will be living in a time that will be synonymous with the time of the companions. When the whole world has turned against Islam. Everyone has turned against Islam. The banners of war against Islam are flying all over the world. But there will be a group of people standing up for the truth, conveying the message of Islam purely establishing the deen of Allah on earth, but they will have no one to go and run to like the companions and they won't have the Messenger of Allah sallallahu send them down the street, they go knock on his door and question him. They won't have the verses being revealed to guide them on every single point of

00:26:21--> 00:26:50

difference that they have. They will only have the book of Allah as it is. And as soon as the prophet SAW the law and he was sending, but they will be striving upon that. That's why the award for them is so great. We have to ask ourselves brothers and sisters, what kind of life are we living? Are we living a life racking it up for this life? racking things up for this life? One man asked hussen albasini Rahim hola to Ireland. Why do we hate debt so much? Why do we hate?

00:26:52--> 00:26:56

It said because the reason you hate death is because you have

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you hate to leave that what you have built for that what you have destroyed? Meaning that you hate to leave this world what you have built everything upon. For the accurate would you have been spending your whole life destroying, no one wants to leave that which they have built to go into that which they have destroyed. He says For this reason, you need to have to ask ourselves what kind of situation Am I in? Allah has given me everything I need. Allah has not left you without anything that you need. Allah has given you everything possible you can need. And on top of that He has given you the guidance to know how to use it.

00:27:32--> 00:27:34

How grateful are you for that gift?

00:27:43--> 00:27:45

lag behind me was that

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he was suffering he

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mentally ill of yo Modi, when he said to en la la la la la la la la sharika. Why shadow Mohammedan.

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My last humble advice to you, dear brothers and sisters is to wake up to our situation, wake up to our situation. We cannot complain

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about a condition that we're not willing to do anything to rectify. We cannot continue to complain about a condition that we're not willing to do anything to rectify. We complain about how tough it is to be a Muslim in 2012. So one thing we love to complain about, oh, it's not easy. It's not easy. There's a reason it's not easy. Because we have done nothing in a very long time. That is let it come to this. And if we don't wake up, do you think it's going to get any better?

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Do you think is going to get any better? Do you think that doing nothing?

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In the face of outright blatant aggressions against Islam is going to solve it all of a sudden, poof one day it's going to be better. One day, I don't know Allah is going to write in the clouds for people to figure things out, or this book is going to fly out of the sky or angels are going to start talking. What do you think is going to happen? It's only going to get worse until we as Muslims decide to draw the line and say, Look, this is true. This is what Islam is. This is what Islam is simply

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and it has everything that we need, don't need anything else. And it has everything that you need. And you wouldn't need anything else. And I have no apologies for that. I have no apologies for anything in Islam. I have no apologies for one single verse from the book of Allah. I have no apologies for one single statement of the profits of the law. No apologies. Not necessary. I don't even need to apologize for how you feel about it. Allah didn't reveal it for that reason, allow rebuilt it so that you can see it clearly, and you can make a choice. This was the life of the prophet SAW the law I think it was in his life was a compendium of making things clear for people.

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He made things clear for people. This is how

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This is halal, clear, haram by you know halal, Haram is clear halaal is clear. Here's the book of Allah for you. It's clear, its guidance is known here is the son of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam clear, anyone who takes a look at it can see it very distinctly. It is up for humanity to take the pick, whether to be on board or not to be on board. But the honor of the dean is constant, the honor of the dean is constant. And, you know, someone told me something not very long ago, actually, a couple weeks ago, when I was on the way back here,

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the whole issue came up about you know, like, the whole disrespect of Muslims in the West and things like that this coming from a non Muslim, in Saudi Arabia. And he,

00:30:45--> 00:31:04

he was so truthful. May Allah guide him, he said, you know, it's hard for non Muslims to respect something they don't even see the Muslims respect. It's hard for non Muslims to respect something they don't even see you respect. They don't even see the Muslims give that respect to the deen

00:31:05--> 00:31:08

that they deserve that it deserves to be given respect. So how are they going to respect it?

00:31:10--> 00:31:19

How true is that? How can we expect them to respect something that we don't give respect to? How do we expect them to honor our way of life that we're not even honoring?

00:31:21--> 00:31:58

How do they respect when you expect them to respect us when we don't even respect ourselves as Muslims, that we have the most beautiful way of life, most beautiful way of life better than anything else, you can take it or you can reject it, take it as your own benefit, rejecting it is the own detriment. Take it however you wish. Clearly. That's it. Simply purely, although it is a bit of a wake up, call into the way of the Lord with wisdom, we need to come back to a place to where we love ourselves, we need to love ourselves again. Because the core of our identity is that we are Muslim, this is the core of our identity, this, this causes the function of everything else that we

00:31:58--> 00:32:35

do. And until we come to a time to where that's the most honorable thing about us. We can't expect anybody else to honor it. Until we're willing to honor the dean out there, rather than just in here. We can expect them to honor it for us. We need to take a good look at our situation and ask ourselves, what are we going to do about it? That's the only question I'm going to leave with you today. What are you going to do about it? If you agree with me? What are you going to do about it? If you disagree with me? What are you going to do about it, the best thing you need to decide is what you're going to do. Because things are happening very rapidly in our world today. Things can be

00:32:35--> 00:33:25

one way one day, and they can be completely different another day, it can be okay for you today. And it could be horrible for you tomorrow, could be horrible for you today, it could be great for you tomorrow, it really all is in the hands of a lot of US Virgin. And we know that a loss of Panama what the island finally has told us in His most beautiful book, I will not wilmont there is no there is no conditional clause behind this, I will not change a condition of a people, I will not change the condition of a people. Allah is reminding us, the condition you are in will never change. Never, ever, ever change unless and until you change what's inside of you. So if we are in a bad condition

00:33:25--> 00:34:01

now know that it is a replication and a reflection of what's inside of us. If we're living in a bad circumstance, it is reflective of what's in here, because the law says your condition reflects what's in here. So if we want to change that condition, if we want to make things better for Islam, if one of them make things better for Muslims, if we want our children to grow up in a world that is better for them, that they can grow up to be Muslims with pure faith, with no worries about what is going to happen to them in their future because of the fact that they're Muslim because they dress different way they act in a different way, then we have to start changing what's right here. We have

00:34:01--> 00:34:15

to if we don't, then we're only fooling ourselves. Allah is not fooled. Trust me, he's not fault. He's not going to change the condition because you fool them into thinking you're different. He knows what's right here. This has to change. And insha Allah to Ireland.

00:34:16--> 00:34:49

There is now a training going on this weekend. And it's not just a promo for that. If you don't come help us do it. However you need to do it. I don't care if you get it through whatever Avenue you need to get it through. We had our training here last weekend that we're training again tomorrow starting at 10:11am 1030. Come at 1030. You've already missed half of it. But if you want to come for the last weekend, come, come You will learn something, you will learn something that you can go and give to humanity. Come 10:30am for a few hours and learn something about sharing this beautiful message of Islam. Learn the requirements, because just because you don't know how to give data

00:34:49--> 00:34:50

doesn't make you

00:34:51--> 00:34:59

excusable, I know we like to use that. But it doesn't make you excusable because the command that is issued by Allah cannot be excused because of ignorance.

00:35:00--> 00:35:28

Because if anyone is ignorant of how to fulfill that command and it becomes obligated upon them, to learn how to fulfill it, so there's no excuse. So come in sha Allah to Allah learn, even if you only come for a couple hours come and get something maybe I'll know a benefit you in sha Allah, if not find out who is in this thing trying to make this happen and get involved with them, support them, this Masjid, this center, this center. And I know I was here when it was established. It was founded upon the principle of

00:35:30--> 00:36:05

this center was founded to be a hub of our to convey Islam to the world. So if you're here in this center, you need to know why the center is here. And if you're here, get involved in sha Allah to Allah, there are so many ways you can get involved in some of them we're going to talk about right off the hook but today in sha Allah Allah, may Allah azza wa jal open our hearts to accept this beautiful message. And may Allah has given us the beacon the ability to go forward in this beautiful call of the hour. May Allah subhanho wa Taala rectify our fears. May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us of our shortcomings, may Allah subhanho wa Taala open our hearts to this beautiful Nima that He

00:36:05--> 00:36:09

has given us And may Allah openness to give it to other people or have been identified

00:36:10--> 00:36:42

with it after a while cleaner than non rubber filled in the room and why so often I see America with third of the diamond when Santa Ana COVID captured in a loving man his name was mean Allahumma and pseudo Islam I mean equally mechanical hameroff mean why they love the shirt the one who should retain your opinion I mean, Allahu Allah Virginia for the Dawson island on Robben Island in was the kind of Arabic Arabic was that the phone was an island was really well handled in the European I mean are famous for