Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2019 – Allah Loves – Episode 22 – Cleanliness

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of praying on time during prayer, which is a means of purifying oneself and showing a desire to be pure. The focus is on preparing oneself for meetings with Allah and finding ways to purify oneself. The speaker emphasizes the importance of taking care of one's behavior and making sure that one's behavior is properly dressed and sprayed, as well as the need for attention to detail during meetings with Allah.
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Everyone and welcome back to Allah labs. So last time we talked about this concept of praying on time, obviously what precedes the prayer is well, Luke is our ritual purification. But Luke comes out of a larger concept of cleanliness of purity of the Hata the Prophet peace be upon him said that it is half of faith. And a lot of people that came out of the Sunday school system or went to the massage either had aunties and uncles that constantly told them that you have to be clean. And you've got to do this a certain way and do that a certain way. Never really fully got to grasp the love of Allah that is embedded within this concept of purifying oneself. A lot tells us in the end

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about those people that are established within the massage within the mosques that in it are people Phoebe job in your head buena alpha huddle, that in it are men and women that love to purify themselves, Allahu hebben will be hidden. And Allah loves those who are pure. This type of purity, obviously, is referring to, again, the physical and the spiritual, but it's a greater level of purity than simply doing more than simply washing yourself. The Prophet peace be upon him taught us to take care of removing impurities from ourselves of making sure that our will is done carefully, not quickly, that every part that it's meant to touch that the water is meant to touch touches, that

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we do our will with the proper supplications that we fresh in our breath before we come to them as I mean, just imagine the Prophet peace be upon him. He used to use the sea walk, he used to purify his mouth, with the toothbrush with the sea whack, every single time he would pray, right. And he didn't make it a hardship on the oma by legislating that we all had to do that. But it was in preparation for meeting with Allah subhana wa Tada. So prayer on time shows that you're prioritizing a lot in terms of schedule. And then the way that you pray shows that you're prioritizing a lot over your thoughts and your distractions now will do and the purification and the way that you clean yourself

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and the way that you really prepare yourself for those meetings, really speaks to that longing that you have for Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's what the scholars mentioned, the moment of Azadi Rahim Allah, He said that when one of you goes to meet their most beloved one, then they make sure that they're they're properly you know, they're properly dressed that they've, that they've washed up that they've sprayed their best cologne or perfume that they've combed their hair, comb their beards, whatever it is that they've prepared themselves in the most beautiful of ways. So how is it when you go to meet Allah dude, when you go to meet the most loving Allah subhana wa tada who loves

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those that purify themselves, the way that you prepare yourself shows your anticipation. And so taking care of the will bowl is a means of taking care of that prayer, as well as a means of showing a loss of habitat, that great desire, that you have to meet with him. And these are things that are to be taken into consideration with how we beautify ourselves, which we'll talk about in Sharla in a future episode, but just removing things that would be offensive. So the Prophet peace be upon him said, you know, don't come to the masjid, don't come to the mosque with garlic breath, or after having eating onions, because that's offensive to the angels. It's obviously offensive to the people

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next to you as well. But it's offensive to the angels as well. Taking care of those things, is a means of a crom. It's a means of generosity to those that are around you as well, even the angels whom you can't see, but more than anything else, a means of anticipation with a loss of habitat. So when you're doing your little, you know, the prophet peace be upon them, Todd has very profoundly by the way to use the minimal amount of water because a lot of people they think that you know, I need to purify myself. So that means let me just splash as much water on me as possible. But the prophet peace be upon them use very little water. But it was the attention that he paid sallallahu wasallam

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peace beyond to him to making sure that the will was touching the fingers properly, getting in all of the places that it needs to get that a person even when they wash their feet, they go between the toes, these things seem minimal, but they express something greater, they express a greater attention and a greater appreciation. And as we talked about in our work, we should have it's gone that attention to detail. Likewise in our worship, there should be attention to detail, and the way we prepare ourselves with purification is part of that attention to detail. We ask a lot to make us amongst those that are spiritually purified and physically purified when we go to meet him for the

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sake of spiritual purification alone. I mean, is that a little heightened? See you all next time in sha Allah with Santa Monica? Welcome to life.

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