Yasir Qadhi – Why Do We Love Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The importance of praise for Prophet Muhammad's actions, his body use, and his love for his uncle is discussed. He describes his behavior as a man who hates women and has a desire to have sex with them. The importance of forgiveness and a rewarded love for personal satisfaction is emphasized. The need to educate people on respecting leaders and not sending negative comments is also emphasized. The importance of showing appreciation for people by their actions and role models is emphasized. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a fashion show.
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May Allah bless you? It's a great pleasure to have you here with us on this platform. She had a personal question just before this. Could you start by sending salutations upon the Prophet peace be upon him? A lot more slowly. We're selling we're Berdych. We're in a matter of dekora sudoko Mohammed Radha, he was a big marine. I mean that. I mean, Now, why do you love Mohammed Salah?

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Well, it was

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where does one begin? in describing the love for the one whom Allah subhana wa tada called? When Mao said naka de la la, la la mean, how do we describe the love for the greatest human being who ever walked the face of this earth? I love the prophets a lot while he was setting them because he was the embodiment of human perfection. Every single characteristic that is praiseworthy was shown in him, through him by him in the manner and to the level that is the most praiseworthy. I love the Prophet sallallahu I knew he was setting them because his name is the most praiseworthy, he is admired. So the highest quality of praise goes to him, and he is Mohammed. So the most quantity of

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praise goes to him out of any human being. Not a millisecond goes by, except that millions nay billions of people across the globe are sending salatu salam upon our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because Allah subhana wa tada chose his heart to be the recipient of the Quran, as Allah says naza ruhul amin Allah be Khadija akuna minal munzee Deen. So from Allah subhana wa tada down to the cuttlebug Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Quran was revealed, and from his, through his blessing, mouth and tongue, it was recited to all of mankind. So we have the Koran through the heart and the tongue of our prophets of the law. While he

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was seldom I love our Prophet salallahu it he was seldom because he taught us about our Lord about the meaning of life and death, about the realities of death. Allah says, Mr. quinteto demon kita born as a man you did not use to know what was the book at what was a man until Allah subhana wa tada sent the note down to him. I love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because throughout his life, he exuded utmost dignity and respect. Never once in his entire life, did he complain to any man about any treatment he received, never wants to do ask for favors from the creation. He lowered his head to none except for Allah subhana wa Tada. That is the pinnacle of dignity and

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respect. I love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because he was the most confident and he was the most brave. Never did he flinch. Never did he wins. Never did he exhibit any fear, even when he took precautions. He did so with a calmness and a wisdom, not talk to Frank did cowardice like others do. He was the embodiment and the pinnacle of bravery and Shuja I love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because he was the most generous of all of mankind. He never said no to anyone. When the man came and asked him a new cloak he was wearing, he went back inside, changed his garments, and gave him the cloak that he had just worn. And he never once said no, understood the

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magic said his generosity was like the wind that everybody felt. I love the Prophet sallallahu I knew he was setting them because in a society and even in a world where racism was the norm, where class and ethnic prejudices were embodied in the human psyche, he came and the first human being to ever say love for millennia, our B and D and one or the other. The other is where the elaborate taqwa there is no superiority based upon your ethnicity based upon your skin color. I love the Prophet salallahu it he was selling them, because in a time in a place where women were mistreated, where girls were abandoned, where baby infants were buried alive, where wives were inherited, where

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women were regularly beaten, he came sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he said, the best amongst you all men are those who treat the women the best, and he never once lifted a finger against LED. I love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because he was the most handsome and the most beautiful human being in persona and in person in his physical appearance. And in his lap. He was more handsome than the full moon. I love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam because he inspired love, and he inspired loyalty. What man is there that people around him automatically loved him simply by looking upon him, Abdullah even Sam said, I look his face and I knew

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This person is not a liar simply by his appearance. He was giving Dawa simply his demeanor and his looks were so handsome that people embraced Islam upon gazing upon that noble and bless it face. I love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, because the people around him were willing to sacrifice themselves and their loved ones for him. What type of loyalty is inspired as the quarter she said that I visited the kings of heraclius of Rome and the Emperor's of Persia, and none of them inspired their followers like this man inspired his followers, they would address him by saying, the abbey and tower omya rasulillah I will give my mother and father to sacrifice in ransom for you. We

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are a school of law. I love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam because he loved all of us. Look at the camera zoom in and physical disease when it human need to have you soon it can be many narrow Ooh, for him, he is full of Rajma and full of rock for for the believers. He loves us. How can we not love him back? I love the profits of the law, why they he was setting them because he preferred us over himself and over his own needs, as he says in the Hadith, that every single Prophet was given one drop that Allah guaranteed that he shall answer Subhana Allah, which was that draw that he could have made? Look at how many desires you might have had. He loved his uncle of authority. If he

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had raised his hands to Allah, He could have said, Oh, Allah, please cause my uncle to embrace Islam. He loved his wife Khadija who passed away at a younger age, if you wanted to, you could have raised his hands and said, I will not allow my wife to be with me until I passed away. He could have made that dua for any personal need, how many times throughout his life, he was faced with a challenge, and he could have used that. But what did he say be the untold O'Meara rasulillah He said, I took that to either the last panel which Allah gave, and I kept it to her, I kept it with me, and I'm going to keep it with me until the day of judgment, and I will use it What did he say

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for my own money? He said, I will use it for my own money. He sacrificed the dollar for every single personal need of his that you could have possibly had. And he said, I'm going to use it for my own. Anybody who says La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, that they will come on the Day of Judgment, and I will make dua to Allah that they enter agenda. So every single Almighty of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sama, that person who had an ounce of email, that person should eventually enter agenda. Why? Because our nebby our suit, the heavy ban Mustafa sallallahu, either he was selling them, he kept that $1 that one wish every Navy used his dog in

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this dunya every Rasulullah took that drop and utilized it for some need for some hajer one nebby one rhassoul stood up and he said I will save this and I will use it on the Day of Judgment not for a personal need, not from my uncle or from my wife or for my descendant No, I will save it for those who believe in me. So when he sacrifice that wouldn't do out for all of us the least that we can do the other underwear or Amir rasulillah is we love him more than we love ourselves and we love him more than we love any possession and any belongings How can any person not love but I sold a lot he sulla love why they he was sending them. I love the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for more

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reasons than I can ever explain. And my only wish is that because of this meager love that we have, even though we have not lived up to that love, even though we have not embodied that love, I have failed in expressing that love properly. And I have failed in living up to the very teachings that he himself left upon us. We ask those forgiveness and alfia we have failed in living up to what we claim is that love and I'm the first to admit this, but Allah knows there is a love and we make dua to Allah subhana wa tada because of that love, no matter how meager no matter how weak, no matter how imperfect from my side, we ask Allah subhana wa tada that on the Day of Judgment, that love is

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rewarded by being in the company of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and attaining his shift on the day of J a day of judgment that I mitigate or hammer on me, that Kamala

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accardi Subhana Allah for these insightful words these great words for why everyone should love Mohammed Salah lomani or send them a question to you ship a final question How should Muslims treat those who treat them Mohammed Salah long why they will send them in a negative way.

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The holder was Ella Bella will lie the heart, the heart is in pain, to see the misunderstandings that people have if they really knew who our profits of the law why selling was. You see we have to divide those who say these types of things into two categories. One category and they are the minority. They are like the Aboriginals. They are like they may have been harmless. They are the worst of the worst. They are those who know the truth. And like shavon who knows the truth he decides to oppose it though.

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People, there's not much we can do except ask Allah for the protection against their evil, that category, we cannot do much other than ask Allah azza wa jal to deal with them in their shanika, who an avatar. But we have to realize that the majority of people, really they are ignorant, and they listen to their leaders, and they listen to these brain washers, and they listen to the Buddha has, and you may even have, they don't know any better. And so they are being brainwashed by a small group of evil people, the average human being my dear brother and sister, listen to me, the average human being cannot despise our Prophet sallallahu wasallam if they knew who he was, but the problem

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is, they don't know who he is. The problem is the image that they're being presented by this group of evil leaders is a very negative image. It's the opposite of the truth. So our job therefore becomes to educate the majority of these people, we need to look at them, despite what they say, with the eye of compassion, with the eye of mercy, we need to look at them realizing that the majority of them they do not know the reality of our interviews, the law that he was selling, if they did, they would not hate him. And so our job therefore becomes that we need to be embodiments, we need to be role models, we need to translate that he was truly irrational telling them in a very

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blunt and honest question, he was called a solid, how many amongst us are known to be trustworthy, he was called an amine, how many amongst us can live up to our promises? He was known as the most compassionate anybody could go up and ask their favors of him their needs of him, how many amongst us are that generous and that kind and that humble when they entered it upon Him, they couldn't recognize who he was from the other side, but he built he blended into with the crowd. That's how much humble he was. So you really we really want to demonstrate who he was. The number one mechanism in order to do this is that all of us study His Life and Times understand his spirit and his

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biography. And then we live up to those values as much as we can. We will never be perfect, we will never be fully like him. But at least the NEA should be there. The goal should be there that we're trying our best to embody to imbibe to exude the mannerisms, the characteristics, the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu it he was setting them so that people around this can see maybe a faint glimmer, an infinitesimally small amount as much as we can do, but something that demonstrates the love of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that is the number one thing that needs to be done. And you know if all of us did it, if 1.5 billion Muslims around the world if they actually tried to embody

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the message of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam I guarantee you that the average non Muslim would not believe their own leaders when they present the image of the Prophet system in a different manner. Exactly Hello. Hey Alan, why Salt Lake would like to thank you very much. Yes, it has been a great pleasure and an honor to have you on this show and thank you very much.

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From you inshallah actually, could you send salutations upon didn't abuse I sent him one more time. A lot more suddenly was settled in the

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optical hobby because the pseudo Mohammed in solo law while he was sending them Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik la la Masoli was certainly more Burdick it alohomora suddenly was sending them what the guy they we will continue sending slot out and sell them for the rest of our lives until we die, because our hope and our goal is to be resurrected with him and through him and by him with his effort on the day of judgment and to be with him in general to fill those. Along with Sunday. We're sending roboticle optic Mohammedan wider early he was a big marine was selling more

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