When You Have Knowledge…

Yasir Qadhi


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so hidden, who had some knowledge that Musa did not have the role Heather says to Musa in occulta Satya Maja sabara. Because when you don't have him, or you think you have him or for you or him is only just one perspective or one opinion, the minute you hear another opinion, you lose your patience. This is not true, it cannot be correct. But when you have, you become more open minded, you understand you become more tolerant. So Heather says to Musa, you're not going to be able to understand you're going to be impatient. You don't have the types of knowledge I do. And Musa says, no, no, I want to learn, I'm going to learn and so three incidents happen. Each one of them Musa

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loses his patients. The first one as you're aware, they don't have any money. These are the prophets of Allah and they don't have money in their pockets, but they need to go on a ship. So when they're going on the ship, they ask who can take them and the one ship that is willing to take them is the poorest ship