Yasir Qadhi – What is The Meaning of the Prohibition of Qaza’ (قزع) in The Hadith? – Ask Shaykh YQ #220

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of knowing the definition of kazaa in context of controversial image and the history of the phrase "na" in English. They stress the need for further research and clarification before making statements. The speakers also discuss the confusion surrounding "na" and how it refers to various topics, including probate, alcoholism, and shaving hair. They emphasize the importance of avoiding certain elements of the hairstyle, such as shaving portions of the head or "portions," which are considered "na" and "ma'am."
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Brother honey from Denmark marshmallows about our cola emails. And he asks about the prohibition of Gaza in the Hadith. And I'll explain what it means. And he says, what does this apply to? What is? What does it apply to? And does it apply to what we now call us feeds or trims? wama

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because that is something that is in forbidden in a hadith our Prophet salallahu it he was setting them set up for Bade. Naha I did because he forbade a look closer. And even Omar was asked what is akaza. So even Omar said that some of the hair is shaved of the child, and some of it is left and even has a report that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam saw a child who some of his hair was shaved, and some of it was left and the Profit System for Bade this and said either shave all of it, or leave all of it. Now, before I go into more detail, I have to give a disclaimer because I knew Subhanallah every time, every time I answer a question that some consider a trivial issue. If you

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look at the comments below, if you look at the reactions on Twitter and Facebook and whatnot, I get bombarded like this is why the oma is so backward that this is happening in this land. And this is happening there. And our scholars are talking about hairstyles. Okay. So I do have to respond to this. Because frankly, it is getting irritating. And the mindset itself is problematic. I have 1000s of videos, brothers and sisters on all topics. I have wanted to see it on Sierra, I have one explanations of Hadeeth I have, and lots of lots of lectures on politics and political issues. I have lectures on personal issues, marital issues, financial issues. And so obviously at some point

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in time, yes, we will also do things that some might consider to be trivial. It doesn't mean that everybody has to talk all that they're doing and listen to the latest hairstyle. So please put things into perspective log on to my YouTube channel and see the depth and the quantity of videos that I have before you say Oh, our scholars are only concentrating on on hairstyles. Also we have to point out that I'm not the one concentrating becomes in a head Ethan body What do you want me to do? Our professors have said it Don't you understand that some Muslims they love the Prophet system so much they want to understand what is that mean? That that's their their love? And yes, not all

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Muslims are at the same level. Obviously, if a person is struggling to pray five times a day, we don't bring up issues of hairstyles and tell him about kazaa and whatnot obviously. But there are those who Mashallah it's about a cola have reached a level of practicing Islam and a level of knowledge where they do want to move on okay, I want to make sure that I'm not doing anything that might be mcru or or how wrong so please understand these these pointers because again, we have Mashallah two particular overzealous brothers, they take their fellow Muslims as their enemies anytime they find a mistake or fault and they ignore far bigger effect that I should say to these

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critics, you're the one ignoring far bigger issues by caring to comment on one video on YouTube or whatever that that you personally don't find a value or interest and go do something to benefit the most. So I can flip it around back but in a case, my point is that, yes, we need to know what our Profit System said and I'm not ashamed and embarrassed at that and it is not something trivial to everybody at all times in places for some of us it is important and we should know now, we mentioned that because that has been

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mentioned in the Hadith what is the definition of kazaa the definition of kazaa mm in no way says that Casa is to shave some spots of the hair and leave other spots. And the reason why it is forbidden or it is the now he has come. Our scholars differ at some say it goes against the dignity of a human being out there said it resembles pagan rituals or the practices of the bunny is right because nobody is trying to do this to their children and others have given other reasons but in the end of the day, the reason is not known the Hadees simply the process of probate. Now, very interesting and a very relevant point here. Generally speaking, our fuqaha the scholars of filk when

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they come across the phrase na the process, disliked or discouraged or even forbade na can mean all of these things. Generally speaking, when the nahi when the negation deals with a tickets and manners, dub, the default is that it

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Is makrooh but not how long this is the default it is mcru but not why this is the case, you need to study also look a little bit more longer and detail this is the default amongst pretty much all of the. But if the nahi is about business transactions or or about specific food items or about marriage and divorce, what not, then it becomes how long now again, this is why this is the case it involves more discussion than what we are doing. However, imagine no one mentions him I'm in no way mentioned that there is a jamaa of the oma, there's unanimous consensus of the oma that alpha is mcru it is not how long it is discouraged mcru means you should not do it, it is not held on if

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portions of the hair are shaved and other portions are left. However, if it is done for medicinal purposes, ie hijama or operation, then it is permissible. And he said it is mcru 10 z me it it is discouraged in a slight manner. It's not sinful. In other words, you're not going to go to *, you're not Allah is not going to punish you for a hairstyle anymore. No, we says that this is for men and for women. And he said that EMA modic only disliked it for the children. This is not allowed for for them. And Mr. Malik and others, they said it is permissible to do if you shave an entire section of the front or the back, ie what would not be allowed his middle here middle there, that

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would not be allowed. So of course that is to shave portions and leave portions. Therefore, any hairstyle in which you're shaving portions of the head, that are not like we're not talking about, you know, the the back here or the front of the temples are talking about in the middle places and leaving other portions that this was going to be mcru, however, fades or having different levels of how long the hair is trimming some portions longer than others, maybe we will call the crew cut, this would not constitute closer. And if somebody were to even shave the temples or whatnot. So the Maliki position would be that you know, the peripheries of the hair, they are not considered because

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it's really the central portions of this is one one of the positions the medical school and it does make sense that what is as it is to have this awkward appearance of bald spots that you put there shaving off obviously, we're not talking about natural we're talking about everybody has a boss, but I have a boss but we all have bald spots in the middle of our hair, many of us but we're talking about you shave portions and the portions, this will be considered mcru That's it. So you should avoid it, it's best to avoid it. By the way. Of course, if somebody needs to do surgery, any type of hijama any medicinal purpose or safety feature, sometimes there's some professionals that you need

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to go all the way bald or whatever because of hair being caught in the machinery or whatever it might be. If there's any hedgerow or any need, then obviously, it's not even mcru it is completely permissible to do so this is the interpretation of a zap and the fact that it is best to be avoided. It is mcru and with that, we come to the end of our q&a Chuck Malone on set on YT comm rahmatullah wa barakato.

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