What Happens When You Ask Allah For Forgiveness?

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Tip number seven

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Zani hi dee

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dee doo donia

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hamdu Lillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was so happy he

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recited surah no today and in it we learned that the Prophet North told his people for all to sell food or back home in Ghana or far north said to his people to repent to Allah and seek His forgiveness for both Estelle foodora Noah said to his people do is still fall to your Lord. He is indeed the one who forgives and then know how to his Sam gave multiple blessings when you do still follow. What happens when you do it still follow your city sama la comida Allah Allah will send the skies with plenty of rain, you will see the same la comida Aurora where you did the combi and one Allah will increase your money, what money and your children will come and how Allah will give you

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reverse wages locum and Hara which Allah

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which Allah which Allah C'mon Hara, Mr up which Allah congenita Allah will give you gardens where djangocon Hara and Allah will give you rivers. Now this ayah is used, as we all know, to indicate that is still far also has worldly blessings. As we're all aware, this is very clear, that is still fall is not just something that we do to forgive our sins. It is also something that is done to procure blessings, and it is also something that is done to prevent harm from coming to us. So it's still far today's short, hotter, some tangential benefits. First and foremost, what exactly is it is still foreign means to ask for molfetta is still foreign means to ask for month zero. And month zero

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means referral means to cover up so that the item that you've covered up will not be harmed, and harm others allow for a means to cover such that the item that you cover, it's not going to be harmed, and it will not cause harm you're protecting. And that's why in Arabic, the helmet is called a middle photo. Because it's protecting your head. It's called a middle photo. That's the concept of mellifera. So when we want to move for, what we are asking for is that our sins are protected so that they do not harm us. Our sins are covered up, our sins are locked if you like, okay, they're just put aside so that we are not harmed by the consequences of our own sins. So that's what is self

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are a means to ask a law for that level of protection is the thought is done by all by it by any in any time of the day, and by any wording that indicates it of the most important and simple wordings. astell federal law This is something that is well known, but also of the ways that molfetta is asked is by asking Allah through one of his names linked with Mo Farah, and there are at least five such names in the Quran that are linked with the concept of Allah Mo Farah, all of these names are afar and a fool and Roth feudalism. And while Cyril Mo Farah, and Zoo Alma Farah, these are five at least five there's more than this. These are five names in the Quran, that if we want to mount Pharaoh,

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Allah has told us use these names. Yahoo infinity, Yahoo fool is a fairly YAHWAH see al masirah Yaga. purism? Yeah, that is Mo Farah. All of these and also there's you can add sixth as well as hydro or feeling the best who also does mouthfeel Allah mentions all of these names, so that we use those names when we ask for mouth Pharaoh. And these names are in each way beautiful in their own ways. So far means the one who continuously covers up the sin no matter how many sins we have done a foul does not count the quantity of times he keeps on doing it of food does not look at how large the sin is he can still cover it up. So how far is for quantity of food is for quality of food is

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for size and Allah is both a farm animal food, raw food with them the one who forgives the sins, the model for the one who owns Mo Farah Okay. Wow, sir.

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mouthfeel, the one whose mouthfeel is vast, Hyrule hafid. In, no one can do mouthfeel better than a lot. So these are all names that we should use. Also there are specific to ours that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam taught us. And I'll just mention two of them, time is always against working against us. The number one thing that we should all memorize, it is called say you do still follow. It is called the queen of all drivers too far. And it is recorded in Bahati and Muslim. And it is a whole paragraph of law. I've actually when we did it, the class here at epic, I went over it, you know, in the entire detail, that in summary, what it does is that it acknowledges, the servant

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acknowledges that Oh Allah, I come to you as a servant and a sinner over law, I confess that you have given me plenty, every blessing I have is from you. And I confess over law that I have still sinned a bola kabinet Matic will abort with me, I'm not going to go over word for it. It's too long, but you can go over it. The concept is, you express your servitude to Allah, you express our law, you are my Lord, You created me, you are the one that is in charge of me. There is no god other than you. I admit to a lot every blessing I have is from you. And I confess that I have fallen short and I have sinned. So Oh Allah, in light of my testimony that you are the ROB our law, acknowledging you

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have given me everything Oh, a lot, admitting I have fallen short, I still turn to you. Because the door says none can forgive other than you. So memorize that Satan is too far. And the second door that is very beautiful and important, report it and then we'll talk about hacking and other books of Hadith as well that a man came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and said yeah, rasulillah I have done a sin. I have been destroyed. I've done something else. I'm gone. He didn't mention what it was. So the Prophet system said repeat after me.

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And this is a beautiful drought that it was that Allah in Amalfi erotica, oh Sara means Ruby. We're in North America origin in the minimally. Okay. That in America in the mouth erotica also means Ruby. Your forgiveness is larger than my sin. In Amalfi erotica, oh Sacramento, Ruby. We're in Metallica, out of jail in demon amedy. And your mercy is more hopeful for me than all the deeds that I have done. You can memorize this in English it doesn't matter the languages are all the same when it comes to drop or law your Mo Farah is larger than my sins simple right? Or law your mouth Farah is larger than my sins and your Rama inspires me more than my own actions. Simple right? That's the

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dua in Arabic or translated English or allow your mouth Farah is larger than my sins and Allah your rahama is giving me more hope than anything that I can do. So forgive me. So the man said it the president said Say it again. He said it the process said Say it again. He said it. Then the process of the law who I said him said you may stand and leave Allah has forgiven you. Simple to the point over law, my deeds cannot compete. Your mouth filler is needed for my sins and your Rama is needed for my mercy my deeds are not going to give me that when you acknowledge that then you have perfected the is still far so we ask Allah subhana wa tada the food and the flour and the little

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mouth Pharaoh and the ones who are among Fira and the huddle are fitting and the author of them to forgive our sins, we confess to Allah subhana wa tada that every blessing we have is from him and we admit we have fallen short in our service to him and we have committed plenty of sins and we beg Allah xojo for forgiveness because none forgives other than a law so we ask Allah to forgive us our sins and inshallah will continue in the next quarter was set on wanting to live