The MeToo Movement & Sexual Crimes from an Islamic Perspective

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Some of the points from this respected Sheikh’s talk here:-


  1. Mothers are the first line of defense for your sons and daughters. What then should parents do when facing children who’ve been molested? Please listen to this talk as our Sheikh answers this extremely important question.
  2. If a mistake lands our friend in dire consequences, what should our first response be? Our Sheikh reminds us how we should behave.
  3. Should injustice be concealed? When to expose, when to cover? Our Sheikh answers this question in this talk. 
  4. You cannot eliminate evil. Even in prophetic madinah rape took place. In a rape incident in Madinah in the time of the prophet s.a.w. So how was this serious transgression addressed by our beloved? 
  5. Abuse of moral values surrounds us and our children. How do we prevent filthy from becoming mainstream? Listen to the whole of this talk to discover the steps needed to address this serious virus attacking us.
  6. If you come across someone doing a personal sin, what should you do? Listen to this talk to learn the necessary steps to  manage such a situation.



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Alhamdulillah Muhammad ohana Stan you know who want to still fiddle when I was a villa him and Sheree and fusina woman say Dr. Medina man you had a Allahu Allah Medina Allah woman you didn't who fella ha de Allah wa shadow Allah Allah in La la la sharika a shadow under Mohammed Abu humara sudo you hola Xena Amano taco la haka to Kati Morton Illa unto Muslim moon, about my dear brothers and sisters in Islam. Currently, in this climate of North America, and across the world, we are witnessing a social revolution that began in our lifetimes, and that is to speak out against sexual harassment, and to hold perpetrators accountable for what they might have done. The hashtag metoo

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movement has taken down many politicians. Every day we hear of another Hollywood actor, perhaps even somebody we grew up watching their shows another famous director, having fallen from their positions, and lost the prestige that they once enjoyed. And the reality is that this problem of harassment is actually an endemic one. In America alone and NPR survey reported that over 77% of all women have reported being verbally harassed at some point in their lives. Men, I want you to understand 77% that's essentially eight out of 10 51% had reported experiencing unwelcome touching and fondling at some point in their lives.

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The most accurate estimate in this country of rape and sexual violence has placed the finger at one out of every four women will be a victim of sexual violence. Sadly, even the most innocent segment of society have not been spared. And children as well well, to be law are targeted by people have no conscience. Statistics are difficult to come by. But one study conducted by a group called crimes against children Research Center found that one in five girls in this country has been the victim of child sexual abuse, and 28% of all children had suffered some type of sexual exploitation. 28% is roughly roughly one out of every four or five one can say.

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The fact of the matter is that even in Muslim lands, the sins are rampant. Frankly, it might even be worse. One of the most embarrassing and damning reports a few years ago, the United Nations, the UN conducted a survey of women in Cairo. And they reported an embarrassing a staggering 99% of women reported that they were sexually harassed on the streets of a Muslim land. That's essentially every single lady. And this is a lived reality that many of our sisters are painfully aware of, and many of our brothers are completely oblivious to. Our sisters are aware that regardless of where they are, how they dress, sometimes in Muslim lens, some man is going to say something, some hand is

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going to come out of somewhere, somebody will brush against them accidentally. And even though we don't like to talk about it. The fact of the matter is that ignoring the problem will not make it disappeared. Now one holds but is simply not enough time to discuss each and every one of these aspects because really, it is multifaceted. There's spousal abuse, there's sexual harassment at the workplace. there's catcalling, there's molestation of children. Each one of these is a separate topic. Each one requires not to one hopes, but but too many hours of talks and counseling, but at least in one hold. But let's try to summarize some generic advice for ourselves for all of us so

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that we can be better aware so that we can do whatever we can at our own local levels in our own personal lives, to be better role models and to protect our loved ones. First and foremost. We need to be very clear, such harassment such intimidation, such as

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sexual crimes are indeed a crime in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Speaking in a vulgar manner to a lady is enough of a sin in the eyes of Allah subhana wa Taala. In our study, to look at a lady with lust, you will be held accountable. Then how about verbally harassing her? If an hour *ty, we are told to speak with dignity to the opposite gender, then how much more so to make a lady feel cheap to make a Muslim or a non Muslim doesn't matter. It's a crime against you in a law to make a lady feel unsafe. Any man who does this has to account to Allah Subhana Allah and such people need to repent to Allah before it is too late. Remember, brothers and sisters, the OIC of human beings,

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the OIC of people are more sacred in the eyes of Allah than the book of Allah. Why? Because Allah forgives what is between him and the servant. Allah forgives the personal and private sins very easily. But Allah has not allowed himself to forgive the crimes between mankind. Allah in His infinite justice has said that those crimes the perpetrator will have to get forgiveness against the one against whom the crime was perpetrated against In other words, in other words, any person who is guilty of these crimes will have to get forgiveness against the victim on judgment day, Allah will not intervene. Any person who is guilty of harassment, molestation, sexual abuse, violence,

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intimidation, this is a sin that is against another human being. And those sins occupy a higher level of sanctity because we said Allah is afforded Rahim generally speaking what we do between us and Allah, if we ask forgiveness, Allah forgives, generally speaking our private sins are easy to be forgiven between us on a lot when we repent, but the sins against other people, especially against the weak, especially against the vulnerable, those people they are the strongest in the eyes of Allah subhana wa tada and that is why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, fear that you are the one whom you have oppressed, because there is no barrier between that door and Allah subhana

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wa Taala that the door of the oppressed, there is no barrier and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said of Hulu walmartone, Yom Okayama, injustice, volume, and this type of catcalling and harassment and intimidation. This is the essence of gender volume. This is the volume of a man against a woman and rarely it occurs between a man a woman and a man as well rarely is the other way around. It is there but predominantly 90% of it is men against women. This is Luton and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said volume, injustice will be turned to darkness on Judgement Day. And indeed Allah subhana wa tada reminds us in the summer while Bizarro world for kulu, laka, Khanna and

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houmous hula, everything Allah has given you your eyes You're hearing you're seeing your hands, your feet, everything Allah subhanahu wa tada will ask us about it. And there is no denying that in the case of a person occupying a higher status, a more powerful position, a position of authority of spiritual or political authority and then using that authority to perpetrate this crime that is a grave or sin in the eyes of Allah. That is a more damaging sin because a person has abused the trust and abused the manner that Allah subhana wa tada has given them so those that are guilty of this, either now or in the past, repent before repentance is too late. And a part of repentance is to make

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amends to those against whom volum has done a part of repentance is to seek forgiveness upon those learn that has been done so that in this world forgiveness has sought so that in the next world, there will be no issues on Judgment date. Also, advice to all parents, all parents, all parents realize that this is a problem that affects all children. And as parents, we are obliged to protect our children. I advise all of you to study parental tips. There are many websites, many organizations about how parents can teach their own children educate their children about recognizing harassment, about understanding what is molestation children, as young as four and even

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three are able to recognize that something is wrong if somebody touches them, and the parents have to teach their children in a manner that is understandable to them. And there are manuals online, there are special organizations online, you can go and log on and you will see plenty of useful material, how you can communicate that even the child should be taught that if something happens, they can go to a loved one

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Want to trust one and get and seek refuge from them. And children monitor what your children parents have to monitor where your children are going, where they're spending the night where what they are doing, see what is happening to them realize as well that the vast majority of harassment and molestation occurs at the hands of friends and relatives. And this is a very painful fact. But this is statistically true. I'm not inventing these statistics, the vast majority of sexual molestation occurs at the hands of friends and relatives. And that is why it is so difficult for many parents to even recognize something is going on. We don't want that to happen. That is why our Prophet system

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also said when a lady said as a messenger of Allah, what if my in laws come to visit one of my husband is not home, like the brother in law coming the you know, the the cousins of the brother coming? And it goes, that is the essence of destruction. This is amongst adults, adults, because most Zinner and most of these crimes, where do they occur amongst people who interact with one another? So where do you think molestation is going to come from amongst extended family and friends, and that is why it is so important that parents take the lead in this regard, and protect their children as much as possible with reasonable protections without going to accesses and

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extremes and realize oh, parents, that you have to monitor your children. If something strange is happening, if the child is acting strange about one particular person, or even if the child explicitly comes in says something that he or she did this or that it is very, very rare for a five year old to lie about these things. It's not in their capability. I'm not saying it can never happen. But generally speaking, a child comes and a child is saying uncle so so anti source into this, generally speaking, then the parents should understand that something is going on and take reasonable precautions in this regard. And especially mothers mothers in particular, you are the

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first line of defense, Allah subhana wa tada created that love and protection and the mother that no other human being has. So have these conversations with your daughters. And yes, even with your sons, because molestation occurs upon both genders, and be careful and give reasonable rules and monitor especially where they go for long periods of time. And especially if they come back and they're withdrawn, something happens be make sure that you do not cause long term damage by denying a story that they come to you with. Because I myself have met too many people they have come to me. And they have said one of the biggest problems they've had is that their own parents, their own

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elders did not believe them, when they came to them and told them about something going on. It gave them confidence issues, trust issues, when your own mother doesn't believe you, when your own father rejects your story, then who else is going to trust you so realize, and I'm not saying nobody can ever lie. But generally speaking, a child It is not possible for an innocent child to come forth with an elaborate story about these issues. And you can tell as well, the trauma, and maybe even a suffer a lot more than this. So parents, monitor your children and be the first line of defense with regards to adults. If a friend or relative comes to you, and confides in, you have a past traumatic

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experience, then we have to as well learn to be empathetic. Sadly, many times, friends become the worst enemies when the first response is to blame the victim. And this is a big problem. Somebody comes in confide something happened. So whatever this man did this, this lady did that. And you as a friend, they're coming to you for emotional support. And your first response might be, what were you doing there in the first place? Why did you go to his house? Why did you flirt with that man, and realize this is not the time or the place or the language to start rebuking somebody, they just just they've just come to you with a trauma. And your job at this point is not to blame them about maybe

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maybe they did one mistake. But in the grand scheme of things, what was done to them was 1000 times worse than what they might have innocently done in the beginning. And so at this stage, rather than blame rather than say, oh, why was she alone? Why was she walking there? Why no, right now they've come to you with a traumatic experience. You do not want this scar to become even deeper. So show compassion, make sure that they don't blame themselves. Even if you feel that may be one or two things they did unwisely, now is not the time maybe never is the time to rebuke them to talk to them about why weren't you doing this and that offer your sincere sympathies try to get professional help

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counseling. And as Muslims brothers and sisters realize the default is that you do not cover up any injustice. There is no problem going to the law and getting legal protection. We need to get rid of this notion of protecting

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The honor of a wrongdoer, the honor of a young lady or a child is infinitely more sacred in the eyes of Allah than the honor of a rapist or a molester. We have to get this out of our minds that we have to protect the wrongdoer. What honor is there in the molester? What honor is there in the rapist, if you are going to be quiet, when this has happened to a friend or a relative, then you are in fact helping this rapist go on and do something else. Because you're not going to the law, you are helping this molester out of the law, do it to another child, there is no honor in protecting these types of people. Our Shetty tells us, we go to the law, and we take the maximum advantage of the

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law, you want evidence Hadeeth isn't a veto. And this is a very amazing Hadith. And it's also reported in other books as well. It is reported that a woman was going to sign up, it seems to be selected. Federal law knows best. It's not explicit, but it's the indication she was going to sell out in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and a man assaulted her, pulled her aside and raped her. And after the deed was done, she began shouting and screaming, it seems again, the as usual had either very minimal, it's all the details are not given. It seems as if there was nobody there. And he pulled her aside. There was nobody there when he had covered his her mouth when

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he fled and the deed had been done. She began shouting, she began telling. So that's a person has assaulted me, and groups of the unsought and then more hygiene. They gathered together. And she described the looks of the man, they found somebody they brought him. And she said, Yes, that is the man. So they brought the man to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the man the the Prophet system began to interrogate him. And he began to question him, did you do this? Did you do this, and when it became very harsh, and the man did not agree that he did this, suddenly, another person stood up in the audience, and said, It was me. I am the one who forced myself on that lady. So the

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Prophet system said to the lady law for the law, okay, Allah has forgiven you and told her to go and basically did not penalize her at all. He said to the man that had wrongly been brought, he said good words and sympathetic words and let him go. And then to the man that had confessed, he ordered that to be executed. Now, this Hadeeth is very powerful. It shows us many things. firsthand, and foremost, it shows us that even in prophetic Medina, rapes took place.

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You cannot eliminate evil from society. This is a rape. in Medina, when the Prophet system is a life. You cannot eliminate evil, it's going to be here, no matter what you do. People are going to be people, humans are going to be humans, criminals are going to be criminals. So we have to get rid of this notion that somehow we will form a utopia. That's an agenda, utopias agenda, this world, there will always be evil and suffering. The goal is to minimize the goal is to protect the goal is to make it as less as possible. Secondly, realize the Profit System did not say to the lady, how are you dressed? What were you doing alone? She was alone. Why were you there in the middle of the night

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or coming in the masjid? He did not reprimand the lady. It's not her fault. She left for a legitimate reason. And she was going to do something that she's allowed to do. And then a man takes advantage of that. It's not an in this case, any one could have said, well, it's sooner for you to pay it out. No, it's not the time or the place to reprimand the victim. And our Profit System spoke kind words to her and said, Allah has forgiven you have no fault of yours. You go and you're free, there is no penalty on you nothing, you are sinless, you're blameless, you have been forced, no one is going to penalize you for something that you have been forced to do. Also, and this is a very

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technical point. Sometimes, a case of mistaken identity happens. It was dark, she doesn't know them. And she gave vague descriptions. When they brought some men. She said yes, that's him. And we now know with DNA evidence and whatnot, so many criminals in this land, they have been locked up. And they weren't criminals. We now know this because there are projects, the DNA exoneration project, whatever we're, you know, they go back to the old cases, and they look at the DNA, you know, a case of mistaken identity. And that's why in our study, there is a burden. And this is where, again, this is not the time to get into physical but this is the fact of the matter that one accusation in and

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of itself is not enough to punish demand. The profit sector would not have punished him based on just one testimony, because here we have it. She was, in this case harmed she was violated. And she was certain about that and the clothes demonstrate everything illustrated, but it was dark and she gave vague descriptions. Then when they brought somebody similar to mind click I said that is the man and the process of begins interrogating he would not have punished because

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Because, again, there could be that mistaken identity. But when the man is getting intense pressure, somebody felt guilty. Somebody, one of the Sahaba, he felt he was in the end of the day, he was a Muslim. In the end of the day, this criminal had a guilty conscience. And he felt of himself that you know what, I'm not going to do a double sin, if I've done one sin, I'm going to get punished. And by the way, we believe if if you are punished in this world, you are forgiven, if they shed you out if the law is implemented, and the man volunteered to basically stood up and confessed, in our city, that is a means of cleansing. So in the ohana, we hope the best for this person. So he felt

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double guilty that why is another person going to be punished. So he stood up and said, I am the guilty person, I'm the one who did that. So he confessed to his crime. So the Profit System led the innocent man go, he told him good words, gentle words, apologize for the misunderstanding. And then he ordered that this man be executed. Because the penalty for forcing yourself obviously on the lady, we know this, that he was threatening, he was holding her down. That is not consensual sex that's not Xena, of a regular nature. xinova regular nature is a crime. This is much worse than that this is a rape. And so the Prophet says and commanded that this person be executed and also realize

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all Muslims as well This needs to be said, already mentioned that if a person of influence a person of power, attempts to seduce a person who is not at that same level, then no doubt this is an abuse of that person. At the same time, the one who is tempted, it is not a justification in the eyes of Allah that Oh, a more powerful person is flirting with me, as long as the person is not forced. And sometimes force isn't physical. Sometimes it's emotional. Sometimes it's personal circumstance. So force doesn't have to be a gun to your head force can be other mechanisms. And if a person is forced in other ways, Allah is afforded Rahim. But as long as a person is not forced, if a person willingly

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complies, then that person has committed a sin, even if there is a power differential, even though no doubt that the sin of the powerful person will be more in the eyes of Allah. And the best example for this is the story of use of how can we forget the story of use of there is a power differential. This is the owner of use of and that is use of there is a gender differential. In this case, the woman is seducing there is an age differential use of a single, unmarried in every sense use of is a victim. And yet he didn't play the victim card. And again, I want to be clear here. This is not a matter of guilt and shaming. Sometimes people are coerced, and Allah will forgive them. My point

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though, is very clear and unambiguous. Mere power differential does not mean coercion. This is my point here, just because somebody has more power. If a boss flirts with his employee, the employee cannot say on pm Ola, my boss flirted with me, the employee has to try what is reasonable what is possible. Now sometimes it's not possible, a man pulls the guns out. It's not possible. A man might threaten in other ways. But the point being, all other things given aside the power dynamics, and the gender dynamics in and of itself is not an excuse in the eyes of Allah. And both parties are blameworthy if they willingly committed the sin, even though obviously, one is more sinful than the

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other. coercion obviously allows for forgiveness somebody forces you are forgiven. And sometimes as we said, coercion is not physical, in the case of this headed demand, jumped on the lady and forced but that's not always the case in the hospital. So I Bahati the process of told us of the case a long time ago, of a previous generation, and he told a story of a man who would had a cousin that he loved, and he would finance her her father he was she was an orphan. So he would find the answer. And he wanted her like a man once a woman but she refused and he didn't want to marry her. He wanted her for a one night stand. He wanted her for Xena. She refused. She refused, until she was in a dire

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circumstance, she needed money. And this was the only family that she had. So the man said, I'm only going to give you if you give your body to me. So the Hadith says the lady had to agree. And before the man did the deed, she said, Fear Allah and do not do this deed except with the proper contract meaning with nica, don't do it like this, do it with nikka. So the man stood up and walked away. And he said that I fear Allah subhana wa Tada. So Allah forgave him for that. The point being that in this hadith the lady was not criticized, Allah knows her situation. We also have in the books of literature, that in the reign of the life of Roma robiola, one a lady was was starving, or she was

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thirsty, and she was in the desert traveling, she ran out of water, and she approached a shepherd for water. And the shepherd said, Only if you offer yourself to me, I'll give you the water. So he did the deed and then fled. Her case became famous. She was brought to the court of law top. Romer said I don't know what to do. He looked at it.

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Said Ali, what should I do? And Ali said she is forced in this case she needed the water she is forgiven. So no penalty again, what I'm trying to say here, being forced, doesn't have to be putting a gun to your head. We have in this situation emotional forcing or forcing because of need and circumstance. Allah is the one who forgives. It's not our job to judge however willingly walking in, in this case, merely having a power differential simply because somebody has more knowledge than you more power than you doesn't give the other party an excuse and they're not forgiven in the eyes of Allah subhana wa Tada. Look at use of it his system, that lady the wife of the minister jumped on

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him, that lady lock the doors on him, that lady seduced him use of didn't just stand there and say, Oh, I am the weaker party, I am the man she is I am the slave She is my master. She he turned around and ran towards the door, there must be an attempt. And Allah knows what that attempt is we don't judge. This is just a generic hold. But again, please don't misunderstand me people get very sensitive here we are not judging any case. But we are saying if anybody is tested in this manner, you have to repel the test as much as humanly possible. If you cannot, and you are forced Allah is afford and Rahim but Yusuf Ali Salam turned around, fled, the lady comes and literally catches on to

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him. And as you know, his shirt tore, this demonstrates Yusuf is not a willing, compliant, he's trying to get out. And Allah knows what would have happened if the man didn't come in and lock the door. Allah knows what have happened, but you have to try to avoid as much as possible. The same goes for Maria Maria has set out when jabril entered the chamber, Madame got scared, and she thought this is an evil man, what is this man doing in my chambers? And so she spoke to him and said, Fear Allah, and do not do this if you are generally fearful of a lot like it a lot. So there is this point of don't do this shoot trying. And of course, God said, I am an angel. I'm not a man. And

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Allah has sent me so the story goes on. So the point is that we as Muslims are required to resist temptation as much as possible. The last point in the first clip, but this needs to be said, regardless of how politically incorrect that this is to say that, frankly, it is high time that broader society around us takes a critical look at some of its own trends in the last few decades. Because those trends have exacerbated the problem. The solution to this problem isn't just to name and shame the harassers? No, we need to take a long and hard look about morality, and how it has deteriorated about promiscuity, and that it is acceptable about a morality being mainstream about

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pornography that is now considered family entertainment. We have to be very clear here, the very industry that started the hashtag metoo movement. And by that I mean Hollywood and the movie industry, because they're the ones that started this movement, that industry cannot ignore its own role in perpetrating this entire crime of objectifying the male and female bodies of continuing to push the boundaries for erotic images for sexuality. For softcore, pornography and mainstream media, you cannot have your cake and eat it as well as Muslims, we need to understand that even though no society can eliminate evil and crime, we firmly believe that the laws of a law the Sharia, which

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include appropriate mechanisms of gender interaction, which prohibits sex, except within marriage, which doesn't allow men and women to be alone together in Hollywood, which dictates upon men and women, both of them to dress in a certain manner, to speak in a certain manner to act in a certain manner, which promotes healthy sexuality. Only within marriage, we firmly believe that if these values were taken as mainstream, if these values were dignified, then society would become better, wholesome, healthier for the individual. And for the family. It is time that we as Muslims do not shy away from our own religion. They made fun of a famous politician, even if we don't agree with

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that politician who had a rule that he's never going to be alone with the lady for dinner other than his wife. They made fun of that politician A few years ago, our Vice President, they made fun of this, even if we don't agree with his politics, but he had in this issue, he said No, only my wife gets to be with me alone at dinner. He had this rule and the whole industry, the whole media made fun of him. But this is our religion. This is common sense. Why would you be at a late night dinner? This is a public dinner even he said No, only my wife is going to be with me for dinner. I don't go alone with the lady at night. This is something that you call common sense. Why will you open the

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door for evil then when you fall in, you will blame everybody else other than all of society that allowed that to take place. We need to be very clear brothers and sisters, that if we turn it over

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way from wholesome values. If we allow filthy to become mainstream, then society overall shall suffer from consequences only some of which are coming to light now and Allah azza wa jal alone knows what else is there and only Allah is our source of protection about ecological focus on all the winner for any wire can be male or female. He was declared Hakeem aku mata smartone was tough for a lot of the muddy welcome. What is it Mr. Miracle diamond festhalle fudo in Houma, la foto Rahim.

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Alhamdulillah hiwassee, then I had a summit la de la miel. It was a muted while I'm usually going ahead with our brothers and sisters, at some level, all of us are sinners, and it is human to Earth. We all have personal sins between us and Allah. We all have skeletons in our closet. We all have done deeds that we are ashamed of. If we haven't done that is impossible. Every one of us is human. And we have to conclude this quote by reminding ourselves of that fine line between justice and forgiveness. And this is a case by case scenario. There is no general rule here. Sometimes justice has to be given the priority. And sometimes forgiveness does. It's a case by case basis. And no

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doubt, the one who expresses remorse and regret the one who apologizes to Allah seeks forgiveness and to the perpetrator, to the one against whom it is perpetrated. ask forgiveness is not like the one who is arrogant and denies. And so we have to be between the two Islamic principles of justice and mercy and which one will be superseding. The other is this something that varies case by case, brothers and sisters, if we were to judge others, as harshly as others judge us, then nobody would have any relationship with anybody else. Unfortunately, sometimes emotionalism comes in, and we find people who are not going to forgive a person, a chef, a politician for any sin that they have done.

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Even if it is a small one. It's a case by case basis. And in the end of the day, just like you would want your sins to be forgiven. So if the person is repentant, then forgive that person as well. We learned from this era as well that Abu Bakar of the law one, his own second nephew did something that was in the story of Arusha, the slander that he did something that was inappropriate, and Boubacar swore to Allah He would never forgive him, and allow revealed in the Koran, don't use my name that you'll never forgive, forgive, and Allah will forgive you, or that you have born and yelled for the law hula, not everybody is the same. And sometimes a person has done something in

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their past or even yesterday that they express remorse and regret for and we also have to keep in mind the Hadith of the Prophet send them whoever covers the fault of his brother, Allah will cover his faults. Now this covering is only done when the other person when when there is no danger of this person doing this over and over again. And we have to differentiate between consensual and between forced between adults and between a child there's a big difference between the two. And if it so happens, that you come across a consensual case of two adults doing something that is how to do in this case, it's not your business to go exposing them to other people. And in this case,

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whoever covers us in a law will cover his sins, go to them directly, don't go to the public, go to them directly and remind them to fear a lot don't put their case on social media. The point is that we have a fine line between justice and forgiveness between protecting the honor of the individual versus protecting future perpetrators. And each one of you, you need to use your better judgment and realize brothers and sisters, all of us are human. No shame is an angel either. No politician is an angel either. No human being is an angel. If you come across a person doing a personal sin, you need to use your better judgment. When is this sin worthy of being covered up between you and Allah? And

00:34:11--> 00:34:49

when is it something that needs to be publicized? Generally speaking, if there is a potential of the person harming somebody else, then yes, in this case, you should expose the sin. But if it is a personal sin between the person and a lot, and you come across that sin, then it doesn't matter who that person is, whether he's a politician, whether he is a chef, a personal sin, what business is it of yours to expose a personal sin, you go to that person directly, and you tell that person to fear a law. If that is a personal sin, then it's not your business to expose and this is a part of our shady as well. Brothers and sisters. The point is that the door of repentance is always open. No

00:34:49--> 00:35:00

matter what I have done or you have done, we are all sinful. The goal is to keep on striving to be better and better and any passes that we have done. We ask Allah for genuine and

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

Sincere forgiveness and let every person worry about himself or herself more than you worry about other people judge yourself more harshly than you judge other people and try your best to protect yourselves and your families and your loved ones as much as possible in this world that we live in. Teach them the values of Islam, teach them the values of morality and higher teach them decency, dignity, teach them what it means to be a Muslim. What is morality? What is the permissible Mecca mechanism of satisfying your desires, you need to have frank conversations with your teenagers and even younger than that, and you yourself try to be role models for your own children. And last but

00:35:39--> 00:36:18

definitely not the least lots of drop and lots of love. We're living in a time and place where Evil has become the norm. We want to protect our children as much as possible. That's not going to happen without a luz de and unless permission excuse me, so we have to make dua to Allah we have to always make genuine do to Allah to protect ourselves and our children and learn from the profits in this regard. Aloma in NIDA and Aminu Illuminati then if you had to meet him, but he loves what a Hammond Illa for Raja whether Dana Illa called later when I met even inertia feta when I see it on ilda SATA allama fildena. What is one and readiness of a whole Navy man, one teacher I feel Illumina Linda

00:36:18--> 00:37:01

Linda Deena Amano robina in Nakuru for Rahim Aloma is in Islam all Muslim in Allahumma is an Islamic and Muslim in a llama out Adana. Our other Islamic Muslim baby suit and fresh colors will be enough to see which added mirabito Vt yopu yars is about the law in the law. That model can be embedded NFC within Nevada could produce a Western letter become a u haul moving on M ingenie. He will insert so called as a pardon idema in no law one of the equitorial soluna nebby Yeah, you already know amanu sallu la he was selling them with sliema Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik was allowed to grow silica Mohammed in the Marine robots a law in the law to Allah Yeah. So anyway, Obi Wan had in fact,

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he will moon curry with Buffy you're able to look into the Quran or the coup de la la mer Kuru Kuru comm what are the

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