Yasir Qadhi – The Life in The Barzakh – Episode 4 – The Fitnah of the Grave

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various issues related to the royalty system, including passports, profit coverage, and the use of cover for protecting against the virus. They stress the importance of understanding rules and studying for the exam. They also touch on topics such as the use of "fitna" and "fitna" in Arabic and the importance of "moncava" and "moncava" in the culture of Islam. The segment also touches on the concept of achieving good deeds through a combination of hope and fear, and the potential consequences of the double cover.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala Sayidina Muhammad Ali, he was so happy about last lesson, we had mentioned some of the issues of passing away the blessings of passing away on Friday, dying on Friday, dying, doing a good deed, and some of the things that might protect us from the fitna, and they will cover and we're still talking about this, those issues of Moncure and nicaea, and the issues of the fitna of the power. So let's finish off those issues I was hoping to finish last week, but I wasn't able to do that before we move on to the next series of issues. So let's begin today by asking the question that who will the Fitz natural cover happened to will it happen to our own only or will it happen to all omas? Because our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, This Omar shall be tested in the grave in the javion oma, so does this mean that only this oma and all the other omas will not be tested. So some of our scholars like a hekima

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Timothy like a bin Abdullah Bara, they said this phrase means the previous omas will not be tested. And they reasoned as follows. This is their reasoning. They reason as follows they said

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the number one reason for the pfitzner total cover. Remember there's fitna and either don't get confused. fitna is for Muslim and Kaffir. Either is for only the unrighteous fitna is for the generic people, all of the people either is for only the unrighteous. So they said the primary reason for the fitna to tuber is to differentiate the movement from the Mona Phil.

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The fit Tina is meant to separate the movement from the munafo. And the evidence goes back to the hadith of Moncada nicaea. Where the person says, Ah, Allah de, I heard the people saying, so I also said, Now, does the Kaffir say, Muhammad Rasulullah? Does the Kaffir say denio? Islam? No, this is the munaf that he is only following the crowd. And he's not actually believing. So some of our demos said, because there were really no one after poll of previous omas. It seems to be a phenomenon of the Prophet systems time in our oma so it will not be given to them. And ebenen pi m and others they say the pfitzner of the Hubbard will be for all matters, including the previous ones. And instead of being asked who is the Profit System, they will be asked Who is your profit, and they will have to respond. In the end of the day. It is a theoretical question. Allah knows best really, there's no explicit evidence. The same theoretical question is asked, Will children also have to fit in at a

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barber or not? Or the more technical term at McAuliffe rainbow color includes not only children of edible color means they are not obliged by a lot. They don't have legal obligations. Who is the rainbow color? It's a number of categories. Number one is children. Number two, who else?

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The one who is mentally insane. This is Lana. Micallef right? and others have added other categories. The point is these are called head macula. Will there be fits enough for the hair macula. And once again, you have our scholars and he This is what happens when you have encyclopedias that you write and you have to fill them with information. You have to go talk about the theoretical in the end of the day. Allah knows best and it doesn't matter to us whether that animal color will be or not be collected. We are just concerned about ourselves. So in the end of the day, we are concerned about our own fitna. We don't know whether previous omens will be astronauts. We don't know whether we're macula will be asked or not question other than the Shaheed whom we know there will be no fitna, right.

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Is there any way to protect ourselves from the fitna of the cover? Is there any way to make sure we answer the question correctly? Is there for lack of a better term a cheat sheet? Okay. And by the way, these cheat sheets are halaal If Allah has made them halaal there are certain things if you do them you will be protected from this and that right? Allah is giving us incentive do this you'll be protected. Is there anything found in the tradition that will help us pass fits natural cover? Some rule ama have said

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reciting surah till Moloch is

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a mechanism to pass fifth metal copper. Right? Now this sounds really good. And then shallow there's nothing wrong with reciting fitness will cover. But when you look at the Hadith and you go back and you read the Hadith, it does not mention fits natural cover it mentions either will cover

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and therefore

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pfitzner does not come. So what is the added? Well, we're going to come back to this the Hadeeth is in Timothy, that Mr. material has the chapter heading, what is the blessing of Surah Al mulk. Then he has in it that one day. The man came to the profitsystem and said told him a story he said Yasuda law I was outside traveling, and I put a tent in the middle of the desert, whatever. And I didn't realize that the tent was on top of a bubble of somebody I didn't realize there was a cupboard over there. And I saw a human did he see with his eyes or did you see in a dream we don't know most likely in a dream went to sleep and I saw underneath me there was a human there was an incense. Jaco surah Tabata cola de Vere the whole milk until he finished the whole surah. So he saw either a wakeful state or in a dream that the person beneath him is reciting Surah mulk in its entire, you know, 30 ayat, and so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said he alemannia he'll Mangia tinggi

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him in either bill copper. It is the preventer sort of smoke. It is the Savior's sort of milk. It shall save him from the either bull copper. The Hadith says what other copper now can you extrapolate and say, okay, the fitna is included, and the response technically speaking, I that is different than fits now. And so there's nothing wrong with reading Koran, go ahead and read Quran. But we say there is nothing found in the text and Allah knows best where we are told this will help us pass the financial cover along except one thing and that is to be sincere in our towhead and our Kadima and our class and our worship have a lock in a following of the sooner IE, the only way to pass the test is to study for the exam. There's no cheat sheet. The only way to pass the financial cover is to actually live your life in accordance with Islam to love the Sunnah of the Prophet of the law while you send them to say Rob be a law and you mean it in Medina altura buena Allahu su

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musta camo, these are the people they will pass the fitness will cover with flying colors. As for anyone else I have not found anything that is going to make fitness any easier. Everybody will be tested with the fitting okay. So we are now done with the fitness aspect Okay, once again for those who are coming for the first time fit Tina is the examination it is done for the righteous and unrighteous. And it is the three questions that Monica nickeil are going to ask the people and the only people to be saved from the fitna explicitly are the Shahada, and by chaos, we can say the very very very righteous people obviously like the solid home sorry like the ambia like the Russell obviously the Russell if the Shahid is not going to be fit enough than the ones higher than the Shahid will be no fits in. So there is no fits enough for the prophets of Allah there's no fits in for the rooster of a lot. And for the the workers workers was the data is higher than the shade. And

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so there will be certain categories of people that they will be saved from the fitna, but the default everyone, even the righteous and the unrighteous will have the fitna. Okay, we also mentioned Moncure and nickeil. Did we go over where we get the names from? Did I talk about that?

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Yes, where do we get the names from?

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Howdy. Okay, so I went over them. I didn't tell me the Okay, did I go over the meanings of their names? No, we didn't go over that. Okay. So moon car and nickeil they come from the same root word, which is basically and in a car. And Kira means in Arabic It means to reject or to not to know. Right? So nakara is something that is strange and Moon curl in Arabic and is the opposite of mouth, right? Yeah, Mona Bella roofie. Why and how and Anil Mancha and my roof are all of that which we're accustomed to that which we like that which we appreciate Moncur that we should be rejected that which we do not like now. That's the technical definition of Moncure linguistically nakara means to be unknown. Hence when you study Arabic grammar, you have mattify and neck era, neck era means that which is Yanni and unknown is modifies the specific that's the proper neck era is the unknown. So moon car and nickeil both go back to the same way.

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What they mean kinda they mean kind of the same thing and it means that which shall be rejected Moncada that which is rejected Nikita that what you don't recognize Now why are these angels called Mancha and nicaea there's no explicit reason we have to try to derive it. Some of them said that this is because most of mankind reject their existence. So they're called Moncada nickeil. Those whom we rejected, No, they are not rejectable. They are real. Others have said that their appearances will cause people to reject them. So when you see them, you don't like their appearances, because they are the examiners. And even if you know your exam material, do you like taking exams? No, even if you pass the exam, and you are an A student, you still don't like sitting an exam. And you don't like the examiner coming and looking at your paper, you start sweating, even if you're doing good, and you're gonna pass when the examiner comes through you like the examiner

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coming so moonkin and nickeil, for the righteous and for the unrighteous. Right. And this is a good, good interpretation. In my little corner, Toby has another interpretation. And remember I told you, Mr. Kirby has a three volume book, which is one of the most detailed books ever written in medieval Islam, about the journey of the soul and about the bazaar and about Jenna and now Mr. Morocco to be said,

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the reason why they are called moonkin and nicaea is because their shackle their manners and their looks are completely unique in the world of gin and ins and angels. There's nothing like them. So they are unrecognizable as anything. So you reject them simply by seeing them Moncada nickeil. Even if you believe in them, their appearances are not positive, and you end up not accepting their appearances, even if you're going to pass the test, in other words, is very similar to what we just said. And therefore Allah knows best. This seems to be a good interpretation. Why are they called Moncure and nickeil, because nobody likes their presidents even if you're going to pass and looking at them, you want to not have them. That's Moncure and nickeil. Even if you again, we said except a line is messenger, you don't like this test, even if you pass it with flying colors J. So we talked about the issue of Mancha and a kid and the Fitz natural cover. Okay, we now get to the issue of the

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email cover and either we'll cover the issue of either job versus not. And again, for those of you who are coming for the first time pfitzner is at the beginning, after the fitna, if you pass you get an email cover, if you fail, you get a double cover. Now, the issue of a double copper is something that is mutawatir that is mentioned in more than can be counted. And that is why it becomes an issue of theology. When we have so many narrations about a subject that the books of Hadith are filled with it, our scholars of theology say anybody who denies it has denied correct theology. So when you look at the classical treatises, the classical the earliest books written about what do we believe, right? What does sunova Gemma but what is Sunni creed? You will find it and we believe in either we'll cover and then we'll cover. And again, if we want to go over 15 2015 different treatises written in the first four or 500 years of Islam, little booklets, which are the classical first

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booklets ever written, what do we believe in my Mohamad wrote books and other great rhythm I wrote books, what do we believe? And we find in that list as to how we has that creed, and remember to how we has in it, and we believe in nine we'll cover and we'll cover it becomes a part of our creed. Why is it a part of our creed? Because to end up rejecting this, you have to end up rejecting dozens and dozens of ahaadeeth found in behati, and Muslim and all of these books. And that is a serious methodological problem. So belief in

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name, we'll call it an audible carbon is a part of our created some groups rejected yes, some of them were a Tesla, not all of them. Some of them were Tesla, they rejected our double cover, and I will cover and as usual, they use the reason and logic and they said, What is 19 we'll cover that will cover before Heaven and *, Heaven and * is where it all begins. That's where the name and the other will begin. What's this interim that you will have some name and some either doesn't make any sense so because their minds couldn't understand it in my life, they ended up rejecting it. And as I have said many many times if you listen to my talks carefully, when Allah says something explicitly, when the Prophet system says something unequivocally Samaritan law will apply and when they don't, then we can have room and leeway I that will cover nine will cover is explicit, there is no room to rejected. So we begin with one of the ad that is one of the most famous hadith of double

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That is a shout out the logline. Si berhadiah. So it wasn't clearly our issue said one day, a Jewish beggar visited my door knocked on the door. And I opened it she had, you know, children she begged me for food. So I gave her some tumbler some dates, and she made for me, and she said, may Allah protect you from either bull cover?

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I said, What is this a double cover? There is no other book cover. So she rejected the deal. I don't need this. We don't believe in Allah bless your belief. We don't believe in it. By the way, this shows you it is allowed for a non Muslim to make doll for Muslim you don't lose anything. She didn't reject the concept of dua. Anybody says God bless you. God bless you to eat with the man no big deal, right? You can make dua for each other generically. And the non Muslim is allowed. You don't have to make in Cardiff. He says God bless you. God isn't okay. So she may or may Allah protect you from a double cover. Our issue said there is no such thing as a double cover we're talking about. Then she said I waited for the processor to come. And she said Do you know what strange thing I heard today? This lady came of a Jewish background and she said May Allah protect us from Isaiah will cover and I told her there is no double cover Hadith his body Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam said Allah Isha Don't you know, a lot has inspired me or in one version or half a year, I have been inspired meaning this isn't from my my imagination. This is from a law. Allah has given this way to me that we will be we meaning I need the oma or the people mankind that there is going to be either below copper in omega t or my oma. They will have a double copper. And then our issue said

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every Salah that he would say so the longer he said I would hear him say hello Houma in the room will become an audible power. Now, did he start saying this after this incident? Or did I shall begin to notice after this incident, either one is possible. But the point is, he would always seek is the other from other bull power. And another famous Hadith about a double cover, which is one we should know, cinema Timothy Earth might have been I found out the last one, his famous student narrated this. And he said, when we visited a pair Rosemont would always cry every time we visited the graveyard, he would cry so much so that his beard would have his tears in it, his beard would have his tears in it. So one day I said to him, that, why is it that when Jenna and na is recited in the Quran, when you know other things happen, you don't have this level of reaction, as you do when you visit the copper.

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Why is it that when heaven and * I mentioned this isn't always the case, by the way, it wasn't always but it was sometimes the case with Mondo the long run. We know him to be somebody with a gentle heart, we know him that he was very commonly be crying when he read the Koran, but his student is saying that you seem to be more impacted by the copper than by other things. So he said, I heard the Prophet sallallahu. I they he was seldom say,

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the cover is the first station out of all of the stations of the era, in Cobra over lumens in a min monastrell era, there's going to be many manassa you go through, and the first is the cover. So whoever is saved in the cupboard, saved, there is going to be punishment, then whoever is saved in the cupboard will find the rest of the journey easy. And whoever is not saved in the cupboard will find the rest of the journey difficult. So we have an explicit Hadeeth again, to be saved from the punishment, the rest will be easy to not be saved, the rest will be worse. And in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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I have seen nothing in my life, except that the cover is more terrifying than what I have seen. And what has he seen, he has been to the heavens and back he has seen the punishments of jahannam he has seen everything is that I've seen nothing except that the power is more terrifying than it. This is our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saying so there is something called either we'll cover as we said, Now, there are certain things that come under either lab, yet they don't come under either let me explain. Certain things will happen. There are a type of punishment, but maybe even some of the righteous will undergo them. And it's not quite therefore under the category of either job, even if it is a type of punishment. Does that make sense? We talked about the fitna that's a separate category. There's another thing called bilum

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To cover and this is mentioned in the Hadeeth, the bum metal cover the damato cover is a squeezing that will take place that will surround the body. Now, the bottom metal cover, when will it take place before or after the fitna we do not know. We do not know some have said before the financial cover some has said after the fifth of October, but there will be something called Obama and the Obama or the squeezing, it will be without exception for all of mankind including the Shaheed.

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So, the squeezing will be a universal incident that all mankind has to pass over, no one will be safe from it. But as for the believer, the squeezing will be gentle and let go. And as for other than that, then the squeezing will be very tight and it will be a punishment and not let go. How do we know this? We know this from the very terrifying Hadith we should really pay attention to this and benefit from it. The hadith of Syed even more who is sadly been more outside they've been more art is the leader of the ansara side they've been more art is the one whom judged between the profits of some individual rival after the incident of the the Honda. Remember the treachery that took place side a bit more that is that one he was sick in the masjid bleeding in the midst of the process. And he came on the donkey carried on the donkey and then he did the arbitration between the Profit System on one side and the Bono period on the other the both chose side to arbitrate between

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them what honor that he had, and when he gave the verdict.

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The Profit System said this is the verdict that a lot wanted from above the seven heavens Do you are you are correct in your verdict. So when they went to bury sad, even wild and pretty much the whole city of Medina and all the unsolved came this was their leader, one of the largest Genesis in the lifetime of the prophets as Adam was sad even more odd that when they did the janazah and they buried him and the ground was covered up the profitsystem said Suhana law, a law a Kubota. And he wasn't typically who would say this after the burial when he said this panel that the Sahaba or so much wanting to follow with the Profit System did when he said this? The whole crowd Subhana Allah Allahu Akbar Subhan Allah Allah but yeah, he the whole city of Medina is now simply because the Prophet system did it once. The whole crowd is now following the shows as the love that they had for our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, then when the crowd quieted, one of them said he had a

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school of law. Why did you say Subhana? Allah lojack. But because you didn't don't typically do this after the janazah. Right? This also shows us not only their love, but their

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curiosity, their eagerness for knowledge, they are monitoring each and everything that the processor is doing, and they're wanting to know what why did you do this yellow sort of law. So one of them says, Why did you say so? panela Willow about so the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that he had the luxury, he pointed to the copper, ha the Rajan, this man sadly been more as the one whom it has allowed a loss thrown shook when he was when he was killed, and the loss thrown shook that How dare somebody kills the you know, in the Battle of the hundred he was killed. So when he died, the problem said a loss thrown shook at his death, the one whom Allah is thrown shook for and foot the height of summer and the skies of the heavens opened up and 70,000 angels made Scheffer out for him. This person right now, locker, the dome, Obama, he felt the squeeze. That's why it says Subhan Allah Allahu Akbar locka. Madam baton, he felt the squeeze. And then Thumma najia then it was

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released for him. And he said, If anyone were to have been saved, it would have been signed even more.

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Which means who you saved? No one. That's why the Prophet system was in a type of like, surprise, Subhan Allah Allahu Akbar, even site. That was what he said on a low level. But so he said, This man, the one whom Allah is thrown shook for and the skies opened up for 70,000 angels came to attend his janazah and she makes sure for this man, his copper squeezed him and if anybody would have been squeezed I thought it would have been him, but he wasn't. But then what was it for return? Oh, no jet then he was released from that. So this shows us that

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the bomber of the cover, it is a one off a quick squeezing for the righteous, it happens and you let go of it. He

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Even the righteous will undergo it. But as for the righteous, it's like the issues of this dunya the pain and suffering. Everybody has a fever, everybody. Yeah, and he goes through pain and suffering, it's one of the inevitable rites of passage of the cover, no one will be safe from it, it will happen. But as for the righteous, it will be a light squeezing, and then let's go there's going to be just a clamping as soon as the body is put in. Now, some have said by the way, and I like this but Allah knows where some have said, the fact that the Prophet system said this,

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when they just finished varying indicates the Obama is before the fitna, right. And this actually makes sense if you think about it, because when the rubber when the body is put in, and you put the sand on it, then the first thing is the hover essentially is this is the welcoming of the cover, Welcome to your new world. It is the welcoming then Moncure under kilcock. So Allah knows best you can make this argument from this headache. Why? Because the Profit System is not even moving from his place. As soon as the sand is level over, even though when he made the offer the other diseased when the had the the long had been as if he stood for a long time making dua and he said, Ask a lot for service because your saw havior companion is being asked right now, right now came maybe 510 minutes after the cover is finished. They're being done right. Whereas in the hadith of sad, he hadn't even moved and he says like a dumb automaton. So Allah knows best and even psychologically or

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whatever you want to say and it makes sense that the Luma or the llama both are allowed in Arabic boom and llama, just depends on the context is before the fitna of the cover and a lot knows best. Now, after that, there is another issue. Whether is again after the fitna looks like so the llama the fitna, now we have the next issue, and that is the darkness or the lightness of the grave. The grave will either be dark or light, right? So the grave is either tight or vast. This is one aspect, right? And then the grave is either dark or light. That is another aspect okay? And these are also mentioned in the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu and he was selling them and of them the hadith of behati and Muslim the famous added all of you know that there was a lady who would clean the masjid in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one day the Prophet system notice she's not there anymore. So he asked about her. They said Yasuda law, she died at night. We didn't want to

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disturb you. We just prayed a quick janazah and buried her before. You know and by the way, this shows it is allowed to bury somebody at night Even though the mothership typically say that you should wait until the daytime simply because you want to get a larger group of people. There's nothing wrong with burying somebody at night. But just Yanni you want the news to spread, people come and pray, you know, Federico heard there's a larger crowd rather than Danny the night and 2am who's going to come but technically it is allowed to bury somebody at night no problem. So, she was buried at night. And so, the profitsystem said, Show me where is recovered.

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So, they want to book here and show this is where she is buried. So he then suddenly I lay her does what does it mean Salalah most likely, it means he may die for her kosala also means I may draw for then he said in the hill COBOL volmer tune Melia to nyla aha, these are war, they are dark and dank, dark and tight, dark and squeezed for its people, which means the default of the harbor is that it is dark and dank because the default of mankind is go for. So, the default of the harbor is that it is dark and it is not a hospitable place and Subhan Allah even in our dunya on the top side of the upper in every culture and society, the upper is an abandoned and dark place is something so just society wise, it has nothing to do with religion, the cover is the abandoned place the cemetery is not the place where is just the place you leave it to abandon and dark and whatnot in every culture in society, as if what is happening there is reflected on what is happening on top. So the prophets

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have said these poor boar and the key word wool Mattoon, they are dark and they are tight upon his people and a lot zoa gel will give light through my Salah to her right What a lucky lady she is what a fortunate lady she is that the Prophet system may do. So her power became light. What does the show some covers will be dark and some cupboards will be light and the shows that obviously there are ways to make the cover enlightened.

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those ways is the draw of the Profit System. And of those ways Why did the processor make do out for her

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maintaining the message it. This is the direct cause direct cause of the Profit System walking from the message to back here to show that honor to somebody who maintain the masjid. So taking care of the massage or donating to the massages, and this lady, she didn't have any money. But what did she do? She cleaned the masjid. That's all she did. She didn't write a check for it did you didn't have it, she simply maintained the ambience of the masjid. And because of that, the only Sahabi that we know of that the process num walk to make a special offer in the hopper, and then walk back is this lady over here. And in fact, we don't even know her name, because people did not record it. But a lot of xojo recorded it, and the Prophet system gave her the help. So this shows us that that from this we can extrapolate from this we can extrapolate that certain good deeds bring about the new in the hopper, because in her case, she took care of the masjid, and directly the process of made for

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her in this case. Now we have another very interesting Hadith that also indicates that there are levels of node in the cupboard and of them is a Hadeeth in a given module

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in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said either will be I'll make you to fill cover when the deceased is put in the cover.

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Musil Allah who he is made to sense or thinks that the sun is about to set.

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So when the mayor is put in the cover, he gets a sense that it is about to become dark, but it's not quite dark. And so he tries to get up and he says, Let me pray, let me pray. This is a very interesting Hadeeth. And soon an urban module it is authentic. And from this

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we can derive that the righteous person is not in utter darkness.

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Rather, there is an ambience of light, because when the sun is about to set, it is not dark. There is an ambience of light, it's not shining bright, neither is it dark, it's enough for you to see and feel comfortable. So the the may yet mithila, who means it is made to appear to him. Because obviously there is no sunrise and sunset right now. But it is as if the sun is about to set, he kind of gets the sense that also time is finishing. So he is not fully maybe the first day or something. He's not fully aware that he's dead, maybe. So he's getting up, because the problem is that he gets up and he says, Let me pray, let me pray. Which shows this is for the righteous. This is the one who used to pray also regularly. This is the movement that would Taki he is praying his five prayers regularly. So when he's putting the cover, the Profit System is saying the ambience is light, it's not dark there. So this also shows us therefore that the copper will have levels of light and that

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again from the general text of the Quran and Sunnah we can extrapolate the level of lightness will depend upon the right the state of righteousness that is there. Now, this also leads us to another interesting question. The man is trying to get up and say that I want to pray, I want to pray. Is there Salah in the bursa? Is there Salah in the buzzer? Well, what we do know is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that the prophets of Allah are praying in their copper. This is something that is found in a number of traditions, actually, even in behati and other books. The Prophet system said I passed by Moosa the night of Israel mirage. And he described how most I looked, and he said, for either who have caught him when you suddenly feel Kaveri, he, he was standing, praying in his cup, I passed by Risa I passed by so and so and they were praying, standing and pray. So this indicates that the prophets are in Salah. Now, what does this mean? And again, all

00:34:25 --> 00:34:59

of these are theoretical alumnos I'll call the Riyadh who was one of the greatest scholars of underoos and he wrote many books about the Sierra and one of the most famous books ever written about the blessings of the Prophet system is all the real, a chifa Fie. hopen Mustafa is one of the most famous and the most blessed books ever written about the blessings of our prophets of the law of call. The real shifa is called and it has actually been translated to English, you should have a copy of it and read it. So all the other writes about this in this narration, and he says, well, it can't really be sila, sila. It's not solid.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:44

Because there is no Sunnah in the person Salah is something the makalah fyndoo. So, he said, Salah here means they can do because they will be decoded and do it in the political class every state on pm they can do is done you make dua to Allah throughout No, you know no time because we know this from the other heads, even the believer will make dua to Allah and the hoverwatch will be Allah hasten judgment date and the Kaffir will make the opposite Oh Allah delay So, this isn't a bada it is taking place, it is due our so called al said, this is Salah that not is not silent it is to advocate Aleppo to be says no.

00:35:45 --> 00:35:48

This is an actual site, they are praying Salah,

00:35:49 --> 00:36:02

and they've been hedger and others they say, perhaps he brings up or he doesn't endorse it himself. He says some have said, some have said that when the Prophet system is passing by, and he sees more standing and praying,

00:36:04 --> 00:36:56

he is actually seeing more so when he used to pray in this world, because in the bizarre time is all the same. So it's another dimension. So the Profit System is not seeing Moosa in the barossa he is seeing the semblance of moose our moose I used to pray, how did he pray, then he is seeing him here, but the responses that the Hadith is explicit model to be carbery Moosa, I passed by the cover of mosa. Further, who knew suddenly lo and behold, he was standing in Sala alko to be says, and I like this, this is a good interpretation of Porto visit if somebody were to say, how come the prophets are praying. And Bertha is not the land of the Clif Bars off is not where you're supposed to pray and fast and do the hygiene and whatnot are called to be says the response is as follows.

00:36:57 --> 00:37:50

In this world, the prophets felt the most peace insider during that era to ayeni for salah and they felt the closest to a lot insula and so in the bottles of a low will give to them to feel that closeness as a gift to crema for them to pray it's not an act of rebellion that they must pray for Jericho harasser motivation I know. It's not mocha left Salah, it is a Salah of enjoyment. It is a Salah they will feel peaceful praying to Allah subhana wa tada and this is a good response that it's not a sunnah of everybody because there is no a bada in the buzzer. The buzzer is gone. Sorry, about that is gone. But the prophets of Allah will be allowed to pray. Now, does this mean that

00:37:51 --> 00:38:14

others will pray and their responses there is not a shred of evidence that any other category will pray other than the prophets. Even the Shaheed we don't have any evidence he's going to be praying. So Allah knows best. This is an exception for the prophets of Allah, that Allah will bless them to pray, as for the rest of the people, there will be no there will be no

00:38:16 --> 00:39:13

Salah or any act of worship. Now, the issue of the name will cover the issue of the the the blessings of the cover, looking at all of the headings, and we'll finish with this and inshallah next class, we'll talk about the Isobel cover. So we'll start with that and the next next Wednesday, inshallah, the issue of name will cover if you look at the name will cover and what is mentioned about name will cover. The fact of the matter is that we don't really have too much mentioned about name, we do not have too much mention about name. In fact, all that I mentioned in the last two or three lectures, this is all that we have to summarize, of them of the name will cover is that allow will allow him to pass the exam, that the copper will be made wide, that the copper will be made light, that the smell of gender, the fragrance of gender will be given to him, that the good deeds will come and will calm him down, that he will be shown his place in gender and he will say, Oh

00:39:13 --> 00:39:59

Allah, hasten Judgment Day, and he will be shown his place in jahannam. And he will thank God that he would have gone to if he wasn't righteous Anyway, thank Allah, that he is not going there. And that's about it. There's nothing extra mentioned about this. And in fact, there is one narration that really is very, very deep and profound. And there's as far as I have come across only one narration and is authentic, it is authentic, so we base our opinion on it. It is in soon an activity and this narration seems to indicate that the righteous person once they enter the grave, and the grave is made vast and light and fragrant and they see gender and whatnot. They will essentially enter a trance and then

00:40:00 --> 00:40:32

Just live in that trance until Koyama. So it's not as if, and this actually makes sense to be honest. It's not as if they're living a separate life of the buzzer. It's rather that they enter it and they are at peace. They Calm down, they see their place in gender. They see Allah has saved them, the cover becomes a decent and a dignified place. And then they enter that trance and this trance has been called the sleep of the cover.

00:40:33 --> 00:41:36

And where do we learn this from from a hadith into the middie that the Prophet system said after Mancha nicaea for the righteous person, through my youth Salah houfy. Aubrey he said Runa there on fee submarine, then the hopper will be made vast for him 70 cubits by 70 cubits. The fact that a measurement comes clearly indicates that there will be different levels for different people. So of the highest level because we're talking about now the highest level, his upper will be 70 feet by 70 feet, a massive room, our rooms and our houses are 12 feet by 12 feet. And that's what we live in. Right, the cobbler is saying 70 feet by 70 feet, this is a clear indication that it will be different sizes, the greatest righteous man will be 70 by 70. And then there'll be smaller and so then the prophets have said firmer you know what Allah who feels so light will come to him. So as we said, the first hetal cover and the neural cover will come for the righteous thumb Mayor cola who

00:41:36 --> 00:41:41

name he will then be told go to sleep.

00:41:42 --> 00:41:47

Now, sleep and awake are something we associate in this dunya

00:41:48 --> 00:42:33

and in the bars, the row and the body are not directly connected. So what is the gnome of the copper? Allahu Alem but it is we'll call it an English a trance, you are put in a different state of mind. The man will say let me go back to my family so I can tell them everything is good and fine. This indicates that the man has now realized he's dead that the man is now fully aware that okay this is it now. Now everything is good him dilemma peace. I know my family is still terrified. I know my family is worried he will say let me go back for a good reason nothing for a bad and the angels will say

00:42:34 --> 00:43:44

go to sleep the sleep of a bride the sleep of actually a groom here is the groom hear the sleep of a groom that basically the symbolism is being given that on the wedding night Yanni after the wedding night Mashallah Tabata cola dot dot, dot then you go to sleep my article right? That is a deep sleep. So then the angel say, go to sleep, the sleep of that to groom who knows that the next morning, his beloved will wake him up. Right that peaceful sleep of the night of the wedding. After the wedding Allah Halmstad nanny, what happens happens right? But that night of the wedding, we have that peaceful sleep. This is the added by the way that knew no matter who's Alevi now you people who in Bali, go to sleep that sleep that you know now that the next morning who's going to wake me up, the most beloved person in the world is going to wake me up that gentle waking up, that will happen the next morning. You can look forward to that. Now the angel say to him, go to sleep, that type of

00:43:44 --> 00:44:13

sleep. Now what is the sleep allow it we don't know what it is is the audible buzzer but we can understand what it is. It is a type of trance. You just go and you freeze up basically a peaceful sleep and you look forward to being woken up. It's not to terror is not an either you are now in a limbo state and you will remain that way until the resurrection. And the final point and then we open up for q&a. And this is in fact proven in the Quran.

00:44:15 --> 00:44:19

All the way Ilana members Hannah mimar Kadena.

00:44:21 --> 00:44:59

They will say way they're not here doesn't necessarily mean eyes episode. Oh my god, what's happening? There's also a way what's going on here. There's a state of discomfort. All the way we are waiting to Mumbai Santa mimar Kadena who has brought us back from our place of sleep. moral code in Arabic is a small McKernan is this noun proper noun for the place where you sleep or more technically where you go take a nap. This is market. This literally with market means where you take a nap, the pallulah the siesta because you know you go to sleep in

00:45:00 --> 00:45:54

In some cultures, you would have an inner private bedroom, then you would have just a place outside where you just leave for a while. That's the market over there. And this indicates, what are the people of the buzzer asleep, asleep the sleep of the buzzer. That's what this Hadeeth proves. Now, who is this given too, it is given to the righteous person. As for the unrighteous we seek Allah's refuge, they will not go to sleep, they will not be in because sleep is bliss, sleep. You just are in you forget the worries of this world and even in the buzzer. As for the unrighteous We ask Allah refuge, there is no sleep for them. What is it either, and we will talk about the types of either and the categories of either and the main causes of either we'll talk about that inshallah. Next Wednesday, when we open the floor for a few minutes of q&a inshallah, then we call it a davisburg layers.

00:46:03 --> 00:46:08

So the brother is saying, isn't there a drop that Oh Allah make my cover

00:46:10 --> 00:46:38

one of the gardens of Paradise, and do not make my pub, one of the one of the places of jahannam and as far as I'm aware, I will confirm with the with with you next week as farmers aware, and if I'm mistaken, then I will correct this on camera. This is not a Hadith of the Prophet system. It is a common lie that is done. So there's nothing wrong with the meaning of this. But it's not as far as I'm aware. And I will check in Sheldon confirmed by next week actually as good

00:46:43 --> 00:46:43

in the cover.

00:46:49 --> 00:47:05

So the brother says that the good deeds come to the person in the form of a calming and soothing presence. And this is true. We mentioned this two three weeks ago that the Prophet system said when he passes Moncada Nikki's test this is after that

00:47:06 --> 00:48:10

a man will come that whose face is the face of Bashar Oh, good news. In other words, you know, when some people come and you see serenity and peace, you see, this is a person that he is coming, he's happy and whatnot. So the man will say, welcome, what happened? Who are you, your presence is bringing me calmness and whatnot. So that entity will say, and this is a Allah's blessings that he has made this happen, I am your good deeds, I am your good deeds, so the good deeds will take on the symbolic form of an actual human. Now the brother said, Will this entity stay with us or not? From the heading It seems that it's just a one off thing, that the entity will come and basically cheer us up or the opposite to those who have evil deeds, that it is simply of the beginning of the long journey that the first welcomer would that will come will be your good deeds or your evil deeds and then after that the rest will happen and Allah knows best sister has any questions he has good.

00:48:22 --> 00:48:57

We will talk about this insha Allah The question is the good deeds that come when we see them in the public or from judgment they will talk about this the relationship between the dead and the living no questions right now we didn't even start that topic I will give inshallah inshallah one of the most detailed lectures in sha Allah to Allah you have ever heard because this is a very interesting topic. I'm interested in it I've done research on this and everybody wants to know we will go into a lot of detail good deeds, transferring of good deeds, can the dead here all of these inshallah you're in the right class, but not right now? We're still in the 91 either, but other things Yes, go ahead is good.

00:48:58 --> 00:48:59

Both of you together, you'll love it.

00:49:28 --> 00:49:43

So the brother asks about two verses of the Quran. In fact, we did go over them in the very first lecture, and I'll go over them again. You have bit Allahu La Nina Amanullah, totally beautiful hired to do Neo Avila Farah. Allah will make firm

00:49:44 --> 00:49:59

with the firm speech. You submit a lot of amateur holy Sabbath, those that are believers, Allah will make firm for them with the firm speech in this world and in the next world in abovesaid. Allah will bless them

00:50:00 --> 00:50:44

into c'est la ilaha illa Allah at the time of death, and Allah will then allow the movement to respond to moonkin in a good in the cover, this is one interpretation which is shielded The most obvious one, you habitually the AMA Norful only 30. Allah will affirm the believer, Bill polis habit is La la la la, right in this world meaning at the time of death, and in the next world, meaning in the buzzer. As for the next verse, in the living of collarbone, Allah Tomas Docomo, tetanus Zulu Alhamdulillah, eager to Allah to have wala dies. No, this is mentioned in the editor but I've been asked him explicitly, our profits are made the receipt of this ayah our Profit System told us what this ayah means. And it means that those who are righteous

00:50:45 --> 00:50:48

Allah will send angels down

00:50:49 --> 00:51:49

Xs l means in batches and batches, not Nasrallah, not no tetanus and they are coming down coming down. And our Profit System explained, as far as the eye can see, there are angels that Tennyson as far as the eye can see. And their faces are calming faces bright faces, by all blue, as far as the eye can see. They have the perfumes of gender, the shrouds of gender, and when they take the rule out, they will say Allah Taha foo, don't be worried about yourself. What ties are no, don't be grieved about your family that you're leaving behind. Hope is for yourself, who isn't for somebody else, you know, everyone will be worried who's going to take care of my kids? What's gonna happen with my wife everything? The angels will say, Don't worry, we will take care of them. No, no. Oh, Leah, welcome, Phil hired to do neova we took care of you when you were alive. We will take care of you now that you're with us. We'll take care of them in the next world. So the profitsystem

00:51:49 --> 00:51:50

explained this idea he has good.

00:52:09 --> 00:53:04

So the brother says that the righteous people will not have reliable copper. Yet all of us we have some sins and so we're struggling between piety and sin. Does this mean that we will be saved from a double color because we are believers the responses, the believer is always between two emotions, hope of forgiveness and fear of punishment. It is a sign of Eamon it is a sign of Eamon to be optimistic, inshallah I want our double cover at the same time to be scared What if I have a double cover? This is a man a man your whole life is lived between these two emotions, you will always hope for insha Allah Allah will give me gender but then you're scared What if I don't get gender? I will protect me from gender. This is the emotion that all of us should have between the optimism and fear is called hope Andra jab sisters Any questions before? Yes, sir? Good.

00:53:06 --> 00:54:09

Are we allowed to plant the tree on the graves of people? So a salty the famous scholar of mamluk Egypt died 911 you will always remember that date 911 as the year he died, so usually dial 911 hedger or not see a through T. One of the greatest scholars of each note is time. And the student of the student of half of them in hedger. Actually, he met him and had a suti wrote a treatise on this idea of poverty issue. And he mentions in it that because the prophets that a lot while he was settling planted a stock, we too should plant stocks. So he did that. However, other shaeffer is called was he was a shafr scholar and others call those are the methods they generally disagreed with this reasoning. And they said that we're going to come to this headache next week, actually, that the profits has been passed by Hubbard, and he put a leaf for a stock in it. And he said, These people are being punished for whatever thing we'll talk about next week, and allow will lift their

00:54:09 --> 00:54:14

punishment or make it less as long as these two stocks are still wet.

00:54:15 --> 00:54:33

Okay, so based on this, assume he said, Well, in that case, we should put stocks and all of the opposite whatnot. But the response I think anybody knows, is this something that the process of did for the rest of us to do? Or is this something hot and unique, that Allah blessed him? Obviously,

00:54:35 --> 00:55:00

one of us to do it, what? What could will that do, compared to the prophet SAW? Excellent, right. So the issue comes here with respect to this great scholar of Islam. If this had been something that would have eliminated a double cover, the Sahaba would have gone around every cover doing it themselves and the taborn would have done it to the service cover and this would have been something that the oma is doing to all the horses.

00:55:00 --> 00:55:29

But that context says, How did the process of even know I mean, how sorry, how would any one of us know we would not know the process of them knew up to whatever told him, even if we know somehow Will my sticking arose or something actually how Obviously not. So the profits of sums macom is so high, he is making shefa I think, as long as these are still moist, in shallow to Allah, they will remain without being punished, you know, so this is the point of Sharla

00:55:30 --> 00:55:31

is good.

00:55:34 --> 00:55:52

Does the double cover compensate for the adapt of Judgment Day. So there are two categories of people will mention this in more detail next week, there's two categories of people, the first of them, those that are destined to go to jahannam, they will enter Johanna,

00:55:54 --> 00:56:10

those people, the eye that will cover is a prelude, it is a teaser to itab agenda. In other words, they will be punished in the bars off and then they will be punished even worse in the

00:56:11 --> 00:57:13

in the fire of health. So for them, the double OPT is actually just a teaser. And this is actually explicit in the Koran. We'll talk about this next week that we're in the lilina volume or either urban Duna, deca, we're like in a pharaoh Himalayan among the people who do do schilke Allah mentions the fire of *, then he says, and the people who do the shark, they will have a punishment that is lesser than that punishment as well. But most people don't know. Now this is a really interesting verse. The people of Johanna sorry the people of shootable Go to jahannam. Then Allah says, but they will have a punishment doona Dallek lesser than that as well, what is this punishment? It is mentioned in the Koran we'll talk about this next week as well. That what how can we add if it honors to add up that the family of Iran will be punished severely unknown? You are all doing it they have to do one one I see ya, ya yo ma takamasa elephanta Shatila, that the fear around

00:57:13 --> 00:57:52

people, the people around the family of around will be punished severely how the fire will be shown to them morning and evening shown shown to them you're alone, they will be shown the fire of *, then on Judgement day it will be said enter that fire. So what is this verse? This is either bottle cover, then it is the actual jahannam now this is the worst category single as refuge there will be a category that our scholars have derived from the generality of the text. And these are the first half of the meaning.

00:57:53 --> 00:58:15

These are the first half of the meaning the evil people have meaning. So they are not with ducane they are not saw their hand because they have no adorable cover. They are those who are committing sins amongst the believers major sins amongst the believers and they have not repented. These people they might be punished in the cover.

00:58:16 --> 00:58:28

And they think they will be punished in Jannah and they're thinking they're punished and Johanna is itself a punishment. But on Judgement Day, Allah subhanho wa Taala will

00:58:29 --> 00:58:42

forgive them and I've just given you 10 minutes of next Wednesday's lecture this was all for next Wednesday we'll go into more detail inshallah. Next one day I'll repeat all of this all over again for the lecture would that inshallah we conclude what is optimal okay if somebody

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doing Yeah.

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