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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The importance of forgiveness and surrounding events is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to seek forgiveness. The speakers emphasize the need for everyone to act with faith in Allah and not allow shaytan to turn to evil. Approval of forgiveness is essential for achieving a pleasant and rewarding life, and action needs to be based on faith and avoiding regret.
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Alhamdulillah Hillary had an early hada woman, Lena Teddy Lola and Madonna Allah.

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Wa shadow Allah in Allahu Allahu la sharika lahu shadow Anna Mohammed and Abu Arasu

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Salalah sallallahu alayhi wa ala Ali he was happy woman Salah Caparica Homosassa Alana J moda abbiati him Isla Yomi Dean, a mmabatho Fatah kala honey bad Allah. What Kuya woman toda una de la la from Moto of Cologne of SEMA Casa but wahome Lola Moon

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A hibachi Villa

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yaku. Allah is Salatu was Salam intercom Satara owner of bacame kamatera Kunal camara Laylatul Bader la todo Muna furor at work call Mermin coming ahead in Illa you can Lima Hora boo les Sabina who by you know who told you man

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what call Allah azza wa jal?

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Yeah, are you Latina Mano taco la Whelton Lauren of Sumatra dama delivered. What tequila in Allah hobby room Bhima Tama lune will call Allah is Salatu was Salam.

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LaMotta had data on

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Al Islam Munia al Islam or Allah comes in shahada to Allah Illa illa Allah wa near Rasulullah what you call me salatu wa Ito is a karate was only Ramadan, what had * Lemonis Tata Illa he sebelah

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my beloved brothers and sisters,

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it's very important for us to constantly improve our relationship with Allah in a way that each day is better than the previous day, such that when we meet with Allah, we would be on our best days, having done the best deeds. May Allah Almighty grant us all the best possible death. I mean,

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my brothers and sisters Time is ticking away.

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We know that according to the Gregorian calendar today is supposed to be the last day of the year. And as much as we adopt the Hijiri calendar.

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It's important for us to note that time is still ticking people say what are your New Year's resolutions I tell you as a Muslim, we should be having daily resolutions on a daily basis I should be taking account of myself I'm a rebel Qatar beta the Allahu Anhu used to say how Cebu and Fusa can Kubla and to her Cebu take account of your deeds before they are taken account of for you by Allah subhanho wa taala. So before I arrive on the Day of Judgment wherein I will have to meet with Allah and answer to Allah and communicate directly with Allah subhanho wa Taala I need to take stock of my deeds. Just like in any business, we would need to take account, we would need to add the figures,

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see the profit and loss try and make amends. And we need to fill in the forms for the taxman to say the least, when it comes to our deeds. They operate on a similar level yet far greater, far more important. But unfortunately, we need a reminder from time to time or we tend to forget.

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So bear in mind that Allah Almighty through his infinite mercy has dictated that on the Day of Judgment, your deeds and mine shall be placed on the scales of justice. While now bar on my wife Xena Lucas Polly, a woman lupia Mati fella to have super shiny.

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On This Day of Judgment, Allah says We place the scales of justice on this day of judgment and none is oppressed. No one is oppressed. You are not oppressed and the others are not wronged. Whoever has done something wrong will pay for the wrong unless the Mercy of Allah decides to wipe it off and forgive it may Allah grant us forgiveness.

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And if we have wronged someone, we will pay for it. If someone has wronged us, they will pay for it. When it comes to the rights of Allah Almighty, if you have sinned in a manner that it's between you and Allah, the chances are great that Allah will forgive you for as long as you worshipped Him alone.

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But if you've wronged a fellow human being, it's far more serious.

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Because human beings are not

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the Most Merciful, the Most kind those qualities belong to Allah. If I ask you please forgive me, it depends what I've done to you, you may choose not to, because you are not the Most Merciful, the Most forgiving, although it's highly recommended to forgive, it's highly recommended to overlook the shortcomings of one another so that Allah has mercy on you and I. But remember the Mercy of Allah is far beyond any mercy, then, that even a mother can have for her own child, may Allah have mercy upon us. That having been said,

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All of us have done deeds at times that we are not too proud of, we could have done better. Some of these deeds are sinful minus sin and in some cases, major sin. Taking stock of our deeds would entail that we seek the forgiveness of Allah on a daily basis. Look at the example of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam, when he sought the forgiveness of Allah, without needing that forgiveness, on a daily basis, how is it that we who claim to be his followers can pass day after day and weeks and months, without really seeking the forgiveness of Allah, I call on you, my brothers and sisters, seek the forgiveness of Allah on a daily basis, a Stubblefield, Allah Amin

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Coulee Dam been to LA he, I seek the forgiveness of Allah from all sin, and I read and I returned to him in obedience.

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When you take account of your own deeds, you become a person who is conscious of improvement. And that's why I started by saying, Let every day be better than the previous day. become better people become conscious of your connection with Allah. How many times a day do you pray? Are you doing it correctly? Have you prayed the correct number? And have you prayed in the correct manner? Don't you think we should be improving on this? Whereas when it comes to worldly matters, we all want improvement. I want to graduate from one grade to another. I want an increment in my salary, I want expansion in my profit. I want to grow in my company. I want all forms of growth. Why don't we think

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of growth when it comes to my connection with Allah, that is far more important. I used to do only the forearm. Now I'm doing this soon as well. I used to do just the forearm and sooner now I'm doing the Nuffield as well. I used to pray five times a day. Now I'm doing that to head Jude as well. That is the favor of Allah. Allah chooses from his worship as those whom he softens their hearts towards goodness, when Allah loves you, certain things happen to you as the sign of the love of Allah.

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One of them is he tests you in a way that draws you closer to him. In Allah either I have done it Allah, when Allah loves a slave, when Allah loves the slave, male or female, Allah tests them in a way that brings them closer to him. And this is why when calamity strikes, when negativity happens to you, and I think to yourself, has this drawn me closer to Allah, if it has, it was a blessing and a sign of the love of Allah. And if it drifted you away from Allah, it may just be a punishment, it may just be something negative because of the sinful behavior that we at times have, may Allah forgive us and strengthen us.

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So not every negativity that will happen in your life is a sign of the displeasure of Allah.

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Remember, there are some who turned to the clubs and the pubs when they are sad.

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And there are others who turn to

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prayer and patients when they're sad. Or when they've lost something. The same loss has led to different people to do different things, depending on their belief and how strong they are in their connection with Allah. Which one are you? Are you the one who becomes depressed? Are you the one who becomes

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a person who questions Allah and who turns away from Allah, just because he has tested you? If that's the case, my beloved brother and sister here we are today reminding you not to do that. Allah is merciful. Allah knows what he's doing. Perhaps in your negativity, there will be so much positivity. Just give it time. Just be steadfast continue

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In your patience, to say the least, when you see the reward of that patience on the Day of Judgment, like I said, the accounts are taken. Allah does not wrong anyone, he will reward you for the patience that you endured. Even if it was a lifetime.

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Some of us have seen struggle from a young age and we continue to struggle. Don't worry, Allah knows about it. Allah is watching, even if your matters were not resolved on Earth. When you see how they will be resolved in the Hereafter, you will appreciate every droplet of patience that you and your that's Allah. This is the accounts that Allah delivers on the day of judgment he has promised us.

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And it's important for us to seek forgiveness from sins we may have forgotten that we've committed because of time. Sometimes we've led a life filled with sin. We forgot Allah for many years, and one day we turn to Allah and yes, when we engage in Toba, we have been taught utter evil meaning them be Kamala damn Bella. The one who repents from sin and changes his or her life is equivalent to the one who's not sinned before. If

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entering the fold of Islam wipes out your bad deeds, then you need to know that as a Muslim, if you were to engage in Toba, it would do the same for you.

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It would also wipe out your bad deeds, you are already in the fold of Islam, don't lose hope. seek the forgiveness of Allah on a daily basis. Oh Allah, forgive me for that which I have done that which I know and I remember and that which I don't even remember, Oh Allah, the day I meet with you. Don't embarrass me by bringing up my sins that I have sought forgiveness regarding, but wipe them out in a way that you convert them into good deeds on the scales.

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So the question arises, how can I convert the bad I've done all these years into good deeds on the right side of the scale that will be in my favor on the Day of Judgment? The answer is quite simple. There is a difference between is still far. And Toba is still far is to seek the forgiveness of Allah. Whereas Toba is to change your life such that all your deeds after that become within the obedience of Allah. So if you've engaged in Toba and you've changed your life after is still far, then Allah says, We love it so much, we will convert all the bad you've ever done in the past into little good deeds such that on the Day of Judgment, they will help you on the right side of the

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scale. The reason is, you quit your bad ways only and solely for the pleasure of Allah. When you quit your bad ways for the pleasure of Allah, the love of Allah is dominant, Allah Almighty will give you beyond measure, because Allah is the most honoring. And Allah Almighty is the Most Merciful, the Most kind, the most compassionate.

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My brothers and sisters, do not belittle even the smallest act of kindness, it will come to you to help you on the Day of Judgment, the smallest act of kindness imagine when your good deeds and your bad deeds are placed on the scales of justice on that day. And you see the equilibrium between them because they're almost similar. And you need just one good deed to tip the scale. That is when just your smile will come to help you. And imagine if it comes on to the right side of the scale, how excited you would be to see that ultimately I won and Masha Allah the right side of the scale was heavier. And Allah granted me forgiveness through His mercy and Jen metal filled dose. We sit on

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edge watching a football match when two of the popular teams that we like are playing, and we can't wait for a for something to happen, that the tie is broken. And one of the teams win, preferably hours. Imagine how you're sitting on edge when there's one minute remaining. And just think of how excited you would be if suddenly a goal was scored out of nowhere, and your team won. My brothers and sisters, that's a very cheap example. But it brings things closer to our minds. Imagine watching your scale of deeds and you know, this is actually mine. And then out of nowhere, there is a good deal that comes along that you did as small as it was and guess what? You won, you won. So this is

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why I say do not belittle any

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Good deeds, they may come to your help on the day of judgment. And

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remember, do not belittle the bad deeds either because they may come and cause your loss on the same day. And therefore, people who swear who are vulgar, who backed by it, who slander who wants to make life difficult for others who turn away from their duties Unto Allah who would who couldn't be bothered about their meeting with Allah, they are at a loss. Because one thing for certain is I'm going to meet with Allah, I'm going to meet with my maker, I'm going to die one of the days, may Allah have mercy upon those who have passed on from our families. May Allah have mercy upon those who passed on from the OMA, may Allah have mercy upon those who are sick and ill, and grant them

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cure. I mean, my brothers and sisters, remember when we meet with Allah, we will be presenting our deeds. And on that day, we would actually be given the results of all the deeds we've done through our lives here on Earth. So, if you are excited to meet with Allah, and you're looking forward to the meeting with Allah, I need to let you know Allah is looking forward to meeting with you, man, I have balaka Allah, a Habibollah Holika Whoa, whoever is looking forward to the meeting with Allah, and whoever loves to meet with Allah. Whoever can't wait for that Allah Almighty would love to meet such a person as well. May I be from among them, and May we all be from among them?

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We might think to ourselves because shaytan comes in contaminate our minds and hearts at times. How is it that I can be happy to meet with Allah when I've done so much of bad? Well, here goes once again we speak about is still far. seek the forgiveness of Allah Toba turn back to Allah Almighty.

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As simple as it sounds, it should be something happening on a daily basis. Don't let a day pass without seeking the forgiveness of Allah. No matter how pious you think you are, no matter how much you think you have not done wrong, seek the forgiveness of Allah, it will come to your help. On its own, it is an act of worship.

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There is specific is still far, which means I seek forgiveness for specific things I've done. And then there is that which is general which means Oh Allah, I seek your forgiveness. Generally for all the evil that I've done, we must engage in both. If you remember your sin, ask Allah's forgiveness. And I want to remind you, when you seek Allah's forgiveness, genuinely Allah will forgive you do not allow shaitaan to come back to you after that to make you doubt the mercy of the Most Merciful, because that's what he does. So you've committed a major sin

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and you have sought forgiveness from that major sin. You need to feel good about the forgiveness that you sought, not about the sin and you need to feel good about the fact that Allah has shown you a way out.

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And then do not allow shaytan to come back to you after that because he is upset that you have turned to Allah He comes back to you and makes you think, no, my sin is not forgiven. My sin was too big. My brothers and sisters there is nothing too big for Allah to forgive. For as long as you're seeking forgiveness, Allah will forgive, even shirk.

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Did you hear that? For as long as you are seeking forgiveness, Allah will forgive even Sheikh you might ask, Well Allah says in the Quran, in Allah Allah will feel any Shaka obey. ALLAH does not forgive shirk. That is only when you have not sought forgiveness from it. And you arrive on the Day of Judgment. Allah says all the other sins that you have not sought forgiveness from I may choose to wipe them out. But shirk, I don't want to wipe it out. But if you have sought forgiveness while you're alive, Allah says there is nothing there is nothing that I wouldn't forgive. La takana tomura matin lie in LA How y'all feeling alone? Oh, by Jamie, in

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the verse of the greatest hope in the Quran surah to Zoomer, where Allah says, oh, worship is tell the worshipers tell my worshipers never lose hope in my mercy I will forgive all your sins. Allah forgives all sins he is most forgiving.

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Most Merciful. So as time ticks, and as the years pass, and as we draw closer to our graves, what should be happening to us? Should we be drifting further away from Allah? Or should we be coming closer to Allah?

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We need to come closer to Allah.

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Indeed, when we hear the age

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of an individual, and we reflect upon our own age, people ask you, how old are you? You never say a smaller number. It always increases. People get excited about it. In reality, yes, you should be excited if, as the years have passed, you became a better person in every way, you became closer to Allah, you became more conscious of your responsibility because you're conscious of the fact that you're going to return to Allah very soon. I'm a believer. The fact that I'm going to die should not depress me, but rather, I should have a sense of reassurance because I have faith in Allah, I sought forgiveness, why should I not have faith in Allah, I know I'm going to a better place because Allah

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has promised that to me.

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So my brothers and sisters as the days pass, we must ensure the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala we must ensure that we become better people. And every time you hear that, the year is ending the month is ending the week is ending, whether it is a Gregorian year or the Hijiri year whatever it may be, ask yourself, have I become a better person? Today? Have I sought the forgiveness of Allah? Am I going to change my life for the sake of Allah? It is not a moment to party to the degree that you forget Allah. Many have lost their lives while they were doing the wrong things.

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We wouldn't like that to happen to us. May Allah have mercy on all of us. BarakAllahu li Walakum wa Quran he was suna whenever anyone here can be MFI Hema Minella Yachty will hikma Apolo Kohli hada was toffee Rola Holly welcome Melissa Ariel Muslimeen Fs tofu in the Hall of Oro Rahim

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