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AI: Summary © The " Endowment" program at Yale has been a long term planning concept and has led to the "teen year old booster" that has led to the "teen year old booster". The " Endowment" program is seen as a booster to revitalize the " Endowment" concept and raise the bar for women in the United States. The importance of reserveing and setting aside petty differences among individuals to prevent further division and harm is emphasized. The " Endowment" program is seen as a booster to strengthen the community and is seen as a movement. Everyone is urged to be mindful of their actions and not to give up on their religious duties.
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When I first got accepted to my Ph D program at Yale 16 years ago,

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they give us a tour of the campus and they asked us they asked us, do you know why this campus is named? The name that it is? Obviously none of us knew. They said back in 1723. When we first opened our doors, we announced we're going to have an endowment. And Mr. Ely who Yale gave the largest amount, a staggering $500.

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As a gratitude to him, they named the university what it is named that $500. Can anybody guess what is the value of Yale's endowment right now?

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$30 billion.

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This is what you call visionary planning. This is why these Institute's are the way that they are long term planning. And as I was listening to this, you know, tour and whatnot, from 500. You know, back then it was 1718. Now it is 30 billion today, I just checked $30 billion. It is one of the largest endowments in the world $30 billion.

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And what her to me at that time, even thought that I was at the Institute on her to me was that the concept of work was not their concept. It's our concept. We were the ones our Shetty out, look at it historically, the first concept of luck was instituted by our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, it's not something that comes to mind that you keep a building or you keep a structure that does is not owned by a person. It's not owned by an by by a group of people. Its feasibility law. Nobody is going to get the profit. The profits are going to go to something that is separate from the Institute. Think about the dynamics involved. It wasn't known in Jai Hillier it wasn't known in the

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ancient world, our Shetty, our Navy. So he said our religion came and brought the institution of wealth and that is one of the reasons why our Institute's flourished in the dark ages of Europe we never had a dark ages why because we understood that in order for things to run in order for scientists for them ah in order for institutions to flourish, they have to be independent the concept of tenured professor the concept of professorial chair all of this goes back to our lands and our institutions. Unfortunately, colonization came the British came the Dutch came the first thing that they did, they got rid of the Ministry of old cough, they got rid of the old cough

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structure and they made the minds the scientist Ulema dependent upon people and institutions that are going to then you know, you know, change the course of history. My point being brothers and sisters, we need to revive the concept of work, if we want to revive that glory, if we want to convert our 500 to 30 billion. If we want to be at the cutting edge, then we have to revive this concept, which is our concept and inshallah Tada, that's exactly what we're doing today. I am so humbled and proud that I am one of the later people that have joined from this site and hamdulillah as my second two and a half years that has come and in this time the organization has grown

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exponentially before I've come it was growing exponentially. To be brutally honest. We have to be careful of hesa than I am to be honest, the exponential growth that this institute is seeing. I don't know of anything similar in North America, barely a decade ago and there's trailer homes you guys are praying and I wasn't here back then. You know as I didn't visit until recently, barely 10 years ago you didn't have this structure. When I came for the first time the the gym was not yet open for the public. They showed me the gym and I saw the facility and I realized this institute has potential this into I came for so not to the federal 500 people I said call us I'm joining this this

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organization, there is no place like this in this entire country. And now within two and a half years were opening up the one of the largest of that and the masjid has an even this is the beginning. I want my challenges to go much higher. I want to raise the bar much more than just a million and a half or 2 million or three and a half million I want to walk that isn't just going to take care of our Masjid is going to take care of the fukada of Plano it's going to take care of the homeless and the people that are sleeping on the streets. We are going to lead the wave to show what Islam means. It's

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Especially in a land that they don't know the meaning of La ilaha illAllah Muhammadan rasul Allah. And in order to do that, in order to do that we need to reserve and for Iza we need power and for power, we need finances and money. That's the way of the world. That's the way things work. So I am so proud and yet so humbled at the same time to be a part of this magnificent Institute. I'm excited to see what the future holds. And I asked every one of you most importantly to make up for us and for our community that Allah protects us from iron and has said that Allah protects us from any evil and also I sincere request that all of us we need to look at the broader picture. shavon loves to

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cause division and the fact that we're rising so high, we have to be especially careful of internal division, we have to set aside our petty differences amongst ourselves whatever they might be, and we have to look at the bigger picture the broader picture as we started said 50 years from now perhaps none of us are going to be here but the youngsters that are sitting here, those that are 1015 years old, they will appreciate what we have done and their grandchildren after them. We are laying the foundation insha Allah to Allah that within 100 200 300 years our work which is not starting at 500 is already starting to 3.6 million inshallah Tada, right we're gonna beat heels

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endowment of 30 billion this shallow 300 years so now we will show the world not even 300 each other 30 years we're gonna begin showing that world so I ask Allah subhana wa tada to reward all of you for all that you've done. I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to keep our intentions pure for his sake. That's the most important thing brothers and sisters, our hearts have to be pure. Our hearts have to aim for him and not for our egos and not for our Ria and for showing off. I ask Allah to especially bless our religious clergy, I'm the least amongst them and also our board members as a chef said and it is so true Let's be brutally honest here you know all of us get some financial benefit This is

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our job we do this but these guys do the same amount or more of ours and they won't get a single penny they don't get a single penny and the next board will come and they will also do the same so we make to offer them and their families that Allah subhana wa tada blesses them allows them to understand that Amana and live up to that amount and that Allah azza wa jal allows our community East Plano Islamic Center to be an epic community, as the out of say is one Allah mucem. We want the name to be epic, and we want the community to be epic. And we want to be a role model for Muslims and for Islamic civilization. Not just in Plano, not just in Dallas, not just in Texas, not even

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just in North America, we want our center we want this as good competition. We want our center to be a role model center in the entire globe. And I tell you in sha Allah, Allah insha Allah and I say this as somebody who's traveled to 50 countries spoken at over 5500 Messiah that leaves in sha Allah we have that potential I speak as somebody who's traveled and seen this community has the potential and the capacity to be that global epic community but only if we come together for the sake of Allah make do our work hard and then put it to work within Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless our efforts May Allah subhana wa tada put Baraka and all that we do May Allah subhana wa tada forgive

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our shortcomings and mistakes May Allah subhana wa Taala keep our hearts united Aloma olivine Rubino euro Bella live Bina Kubina Europe May Allah remove from our hearts bowled on and shahana and Ida and hazard may Allah have us to have pure hearts coming together for his sake. May Allah subhana wa tada allow our community to be a community of Eman and taqwa that is protecting for our children that Kadima and the values of our faith. May Allah subhanho wa Taala cause us to live as Muslims to die as movements and to be resurrected amongst the righteous and the Gambia and the Saudi hain our two noble companionship they are which is located with cinemark what Allahu barakato