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Is uttering Instant Triple Talaq valid in Islam? How do the Muslim view the new Triple Talaq Bill passed in the Indian Lok Sabha.

The recent Triple Talaq Bill has created uproar in the country with many questioning its validity and logic. If the Supreme Court already made the instant Triple Talaq null and void, what sense would it make for the lawmakers to make this a cognizable offence?

In this video, Mansoor Danish discusses with Umar Shariff, President (Mission Possible for Justice and Rights) on the Triple Talaq Bill and its loopholes. We also touch on other issues like New Year Celebrations and the Islamic perspective on the same and an upcoming event in Kolkata.

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Mansoor Danish

Mansoor Danish is a banking professional, with a MBA in Finance and over 8 years experience in broking, investment analysis, and wealth management as well as driving business growth through strategic sales and customer relationship programs with exceptional proficiency in handling Islamic banking operations.

As a lecturer and supervisor within the Islamic Banking & Economics Department at Islamic Online University, Mansoor Danish lectures in the areas of Islamic Finance, Islamic Financial Products, Islamic Economics, Islamic Commercial Law, Product and Brand Management, Global Branding and Marketing Communication, Services Marketing, Business Studies, and Sales and Distribution Management.

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