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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi now moves on to to discuss the Battle of Dhat Al Salasil. But before that he also indulges in a quick recap of the entire Seerah completed uptil now.

He touches base on different topics ranging from the early life in Mecca, the atrocities the new Muslims faced in Mecca at the hands of the pagans, the self imposed exile meted out by the Prophet ﷺ and the Muslims on themselves in order to relieve their torture and troubles in Mecca, the various battles fought in the light of Islam such as Badr, Uhud, Ahzab, Mu’tah and many more.

The climax of the Seerah is the Conquest of Mecca and here, the Shaykh divulges details on the smaller expeditions that preluded this conquest. Among them was the Ghazwa of Dhat Al Salasil that took place in Jumada Al Thani, 8H against the tribe of Kuda'a who had helped the Ghassanids during the battle of Mu’tah. This battle was asked by the Prophet ﷺ to be led by Amr ibn Al As alongside 300 men. This ghazwa is called so because of its name which is also the name of a pond that was Dhat Al Salasil.

An incident transpired between Amr and Abu Ubaidah. What was it and why did it happen? How did it get resolved. Get your doubts answered by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi. We also get acquainted with the man named Muhalim ibn Juthaama who was a man of hateful character. How did he die? What do we learn from his death? Listen intently to find out.


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