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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi begins this lecture with a discussion on one of the wives of the Prophet ﷺ named Ramlah bint Abi Sufyan, the daughter of Abu Sufyan , leader of the Quraysh, who was also known as Umme Habiba. Shaykh analyses the reasoning behind proposing marriage to the Prophet ﷺ proposed to her, the leader of the Quraysh.

The wives of the Prophet ﷺ:


  1. Khadija RA
  2. Sauda RA
  3. Aisha RA
  4. Hafsah RA
  5. Zainab bint Khuzayma RA
  6. Umme Salama RA
  7. Juwairiyah RA
  8. Zainab bint Jahsh RA
  9. Ramlah bint Abu Sufyan RA


Next is a discussion on the stories relating to Huyayy ibn Aktar, the leader of the jews of Banu Nadheer, the marriage of the Prophet ﷺ with Safiya bint Huyay ibn Akhtar and many more. The Prophet ﷺ had immense love for her which made the other wives considerably jealous and hence, she didn’t enjoy their support.

After the battle of Khaybar, came the magnanimous event in the history of Islam that set the precedent for the maximum number of recorded Hadith by a single person and he was Abu Hurairah RA. His actual name was Abdur Rahman ibn Sakar and he came from the tribe of Ad-Daws.

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So we now resumed where we had left off from before our heat break and that is the battle playbook. And we took a little bit of a break with the story of Xena bit to just show let us know resume from the Battle of sight book. And I already mentioned that the Baja June from Habesha had arrived and met the prophets of Allah while he was sent them. The very day that he conquered Piper correct remember that right? And what did the processor say to Java quickly? What did you say to chocolate when he saw him?

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bluster, which

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makes me happier. I don't know seeing you on the conquest of fiber, right? I don't know which of the two is making me happier today seeing you or the conquest of fiber. Now, with this group that came from Habesha.

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It is most likely that with this group arrived, one of the wives of the prophets of the love I need to send them and that is only heavy the Rahman Da Vinci, Avi Sophia, on the heavy was the daughter of Sophia, for named Rama, who's kryptonians. Have you ever had a daughter, obviously named Habiba and her husband died, or may that have been Joshua was one of the very, very few Sahaba, who was so happy that he became immortal. We can count these people on the fingers of one hand, maybe even he's the only one or they might have been two or three more in the entire setup. And the most famous of them is related to Josh. So he's not actually a Sahabi. He used to be then he became voted once to

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be converted, you're not so happy anymore. So to obey the law, the judge, obviously was the husband of Rhonda. He was the father of Habiba. So he's Habiba was his wife, and he was a Christian, before converting to Islam, and he was one of the four people if you remember the story way back in the beginning of the McCarthy era, way back in the beginning, there were four people that became one of them decided not to fail. This is one of those four who ended up the judge so he's pretty old in age and he had become a Christian then what the process of began preaching to the converted to Islam, then he emigrated to India, then when he saw the land of Christianity, he went back to being a

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Christian and the story of a heavy ban him is inshallah will be discussed when we talk about heavy by the end of this era. So when he became more than on the heavy the left him and he died very shortly he died and rooted in habits he was buried there. So he was all alone in adversity, she has nobody to take care of her. So I will promise a lot. I need to send them send a proposal to her new body and her new one, he was none other than the joshy himself, the Emperor himself because he was a Muslim, and he is the leader and her father is not a Muslim. So who is the one he then so the leader becomes the one of the one who doesn't have a wedding. Right? So the Prophet system sentence, it's

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about a proposal to her through the joshy. Soda jar, she took on becoming roadie, and the joshy was happy that he was very excited. That's the process of instead the proposal to her and in fact, he gifted her the entire amount, and he held the feast. And when he was so he gave the map on his behalf. The process of didn't ask him, he just shifted the process on the map. And he gifted only heavy bow with a lot of lavish gifts as the map on behalf of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the wisdom of this marriage is obvious. It is enough that she's the daughter of Abu sufian and the story like her father is the leader of the polish. Her father is the leader of

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Cooper. There is no better thing to be done right now than that the promises and Mary's Rahman Da Vinci, Avi, Sofia, and quick reminder. So we talked about Xena last last class and now we talked about

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Rhonda diva so quickly the wives of the processor we need to catch up to them because today will be a lot of discussion about yet another marriage of the profit center. So number one is obviously these are number two. No number two, no soda number two, soda, number three.

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Number four.

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Number five.

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Xena vintage ash. Masaryk nauseas Xena vintage was aima. We talked about a very quickly she passed away. She was the one few months she was married to the process of every five years Zenith into hoceima. Number six. We talked about her as well many years ago Ole Miss oedema on the set of numbers

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Seven Julia. Julia was from which tribe?

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No, the bundler was the one that when she married her, all of her tribes were free. This is Julia. That's number seven. Then number eight was a bit dejection. We talked about her in the last hurrah. Then. Number nine is Omaha, Viva Honda bt, B Sophia. And today we'll talk about number 10. In this order, obviously two of them have passed away. So this is number eight of the living wise and then two have passed away. And before we get there, there is one somewhat controversial incident, dealing with post table what happened right after the conquest of hiber. And this is with regards to one of the yahudi his name was Satya. And Satya was the uncle or in one report, the brother of a

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monopolist, who was the leader of the Jews have been uno de paz here been an elite have been exiled, but nobody went to pay But who do you now are instigating, zap, who they are doing a lot of damage. So create is one of those that is the leaders of the vulnerability. And create was killed in the very beginning of the battle of Haifa. So the process of sort of asked his brother or his uncle, whose name was Satya, that where is the gold of

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he had left Medina with a lot of golden remember the abundant elite, they were allowed to leave with anything they could carry. And remember, they even took their outdoors of their houses, remember that they took the dogs out of their houses, this is the vulnerability. So he said, Where is all of that gold? Why is he asking for the gold because of the conditions of cyber from what we mentioned last time of the conditions from Hiva was that the tribes of labor would hand over all of the gold and silver and weapons and armor. And they be allowed to keep their houses and lands for the time being? Remember, that was the agreement, right? That instead of exile you as we had the other

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tribes, they were the ones that said, let us remain. And we'll take care of the land and we'll give you 50% half of the produce we'll give you. So the provinces said, we will agree to this with a number of conditions of them that you hand over the gold and silver and you hand over the weapons and the armor and you will not hide any of this or else the treaty will be null and void. So he asks Satya, where is this gold of

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because he had he was the leader of the elite, he had a lot of gold, he had treasure chest of gold. So Satya said it's all been finished. And heavens flew through one of the wars and spending although it has been finished. And the process and unscented and abdulkareem octo metallic, it's only been a recent time when he left Medina. And the money is too much to have been spent in such a short period of time, clearly your life. But he insisted he insisted is enough. This is where the controversial incident happens. And that is the books of hiding at the bookstore, Sarah mentioned that when cya consisted of I have no idea I have no clue. So the process that I'm handing him over to is obeyed.

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And he said extract the information from him. So they did whatever means were necessary to get the information from him. Right, which obviously means beating up or you know, roughing him up and whatnot. Now, obviously, this is used as a something in our times to say that the Prophet is condoning torture, let's say something like this, right. So this is the thing that is being used by non Muslims to say, look, the process of is using torture on a prisoner of war on a POW. And as you know me, I am not an apologetic, and I call a spade a spade. And the fact of the matter is, whatever the process of did whatever you want to call it to this was the norm of the time. And Kobe was

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lying. And they knew he was lying. And if not create Sorry, sorry, side is lying, and they knew he was lying. And guess what? within a while Satya immediately handed up information. He said, Oh, you know, I think I saw him going to such and such value he might have on there. But you know, he didn't want to really say I knew, they said I think I saw him going to such a such and such value, he might have gone in that direction. So they wanted that valley and they found, you know, rough dirt that had been dumped up. They that was where all of the gold had been hidden. So the process of realize that he's lying, and he got this information from him. Now. These are a time when the Geneva Geneva

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Conventions have not been signed to an agreement. And the fact of the matter is, that was the norm of the time. That was what people did all civilizations did it. And I think it is rather idiosyncratic for us to look at the Sierra in light of Geneva Conventions or whatnot. That's something

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In modern countries, Muslim or non Muslim, whoever signs up, they will agree. That's what I shall assess, right? And if any country signs up to these conventions or accords that we must live up to it, but to that track and to say, Well, why didn't this civilization lit up live up to that treaty? I honestly think there's no point even getting down this. This was something completely the moment understood our process a little longer. I think it was sent them did not do anything that other peoples did not do. And in the end, you know, saya was living and he went on living his life, he was just roughed up and whatnot, and whatever happened, whatever you want to call it, no doubt he was

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mine. And he knew the consequences. And he got those consequences, and the information was extracted from him. So again, I don't see the point in in sugarcoating it, it is what it is. The next issue that happened in the post about a little favor,

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is the marriage of the Prophet system with Sophia, Sophia Vinci who needed the same one whose goal was mistaken. Not the same one who is the leader of the balloon Alia.

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Sophia was his daughter, and Sophia, she tells us her own story in many IDs. She tells us that we're in the process of emigrating to Medina. I was a young girl, I was the favorite of my father. And my uncle whose name was Yasser. So her father is create an uncle is yasu. And she said that I was the favorite. And every day I would come outside, when they came back from the fields, rejoicing and happy and they would play with me and talk with me. One day, she was probably around 10 years old or something. When this incident happened, they came back and they were very depressed, and very agitated. And I didn't understand what had happened. But that was the day the Prophet system

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arrived. And they had gone to see him.

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And I went up to them year round, yelling and running and like little girls do and they just completely ignored me.

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And I saw the two of them with their shoulders dragging, like completely depressed. And my uncle Yasser asked my father,

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who is either one who is either one. And he said,

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Yes, by the Lord of Moosa, he is the one.

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He is the one, they saw all of the sides. So his uncle said, What are you going to do? What are we going to do? So he said, we will oppose him as long as he

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either went to will oppose him as long as he lives, right. So this is three, and

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one who they were exiled. So Sofia is exalted with them. And Sophia then grows up in favor, and she gets married to somebody in favor. So she is now married, and she's probably around if she was 10, at that time, so it took place in the seventh year, 1718 years old now. Right? So she's married, and she's now 1718 years old, she doesn't have any children. And in the Battle of cyber, the vulnerable, they were at the forefront of the of the attack, because obviously, they felt more angry than the people of cyber, because they know they have been exiled from Medina. So more of the burden of your time to the people who's at the table originally, and therefore, was killed in the Battle of paper.

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Right? Well, you know, Priya was killed because of the Golden story. Her brother was killed.

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civilians, brother, and her husband was killed as well.

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All are killed in this entire 20 days or do right, so she's left an orphan, and a widow. Okay. And when the Bible favorite finishes, the bundle deal. Now the bundle no deal were their properties and their peoples were confiscated. Unlike the people that favored were allowed to live. Remember the people of favor, they got off by giving half of their wealth, right, the balloon of the year, they were taken as captives and they were taken as vanilla. And therefore Sophia was distributed along with everybody else. And she fell into a lot of she fell in a lot of debt yet, and can be the famous, so happy to be with you and look like they can be. But many people came to the profitsystem

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suggesting that she was too good for the idea that she should not be in the lottery. After all, she's the daughter of create. And also it is said that she was a very beautiful young lady as well. And so a number of Sahaba said that you should take her and not leave her for God. And so the Prophet system ransom for paid her price from the hair which was a large amount because in those days, obviously it will be a lot of money to purchase a slave so he paid for the price that was normal the normal price

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And He then took Sofia. Now, when he took something that people did not know, is he taking her as a Giardia as a slave concubine or as a wife? because both are allowed. And she is a slave. So by purchasing her from daycare, so she becomes now the concubine of the Prophet sallallahu. I need to send them so they didn't know. Is she a concubine? Or is she a wife. So they wanted to see how the process would treat her when it was time to leave haven to exit from favor. And he had not yet consummated the marriage. So he's leaving with her. He brought her to the camel, and he put the camel down. Now the camel itself is a huge animal will be over here. It's on the ground, as most of

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you who see camels know. So even a young lady is not going to get onto the camel like this. So what did he do? This is a very romantic, if you like incident in the seal of the process, and he knelt down on one foot. So one foot is on the ground. And on the other foot, he puts his thigh on and events his knee. Right, so he made his thigh like a stepping ladder for Sophia, right? So he put he bent down, and one knee is on the ground, and the other foot is on the ground. And then he is in the air. You notice that? Right. And so the thigh is now a stepping stone, right for Sophia to get onto the onto the camera. And notice here Sophia is intelligent. And she was a very intelligent lady that

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she did not want to put her shoe

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or her foot on to the process of love. It was second. So what did she do? She used her knee on the side of the process of the love it send them and she put her one knee on that side. And then she then jumped onto the candle so that her foot did not come on top of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And he then put her on the table. And He then took his cloak. And he covered her with the cloak so that she is now completely covered. And when the Sahaba saw this, they realized what

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she's away. Because this type of hijab is only for the wives of the promises and not for the job it not for the concubines, right, this type of job, that's no one will see you even your entire body. And so the entire right she is behind the processor, and the cloak is on top of her and she just covering it. No, she doesn't realize what this signifies because she doesn't know Islamic law. Right? So she does not realize what this signifies. And the first stop that happened. The promises of wanting to spend the night with her but she says no, she refuses. So the promises or leaves will be they keep on going until they are one night away from Edina. They're one night away. And then she

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says tonight Okay, so the next night she agreed. So the promise of above it will send them told me today was the mother and a cinematic to get ready. And so Omitsu lane narrates that I took two pieces of cloth and I put them between trees, so that you can use this as a beauty salon, that she has to now make beautiful and the women had whatever they could get. And she complains, this is from the cost of a car. She complains, we didn't have any of the jewelry and any of the decorations. You know, every culture has things you do on the wedding night. And she's agitated that I don't have any of this stuff. But whatever we had, we may do with it right? We didn't even have perfume, she said,

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because you're not going to take your perfume when you're going those days. They didn't have modern ladies have their own vanity basket. They didn't have any vanity baskets. So they didn't have any of this, you wouldn't have perfume. But whatever we had, we used it to beautify and whatnot. And then when we finished she said, We smelled a perfume more fragrant than any other perfume we have smoked and he allows a woman and he blessed her. Right. And we then prepared her for the profits of the love it who will send them and she herself narrates certain incidents that took place on this very night. She said that when the Profit System entered upon her, and part of the conversation that he

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had, he said to her something very harsh, but there's a wisdom in this. He said to her, your father really was the most open of the hood in their animosity against me. Your father was the most open up the hood in their animosity against me until Allah subhana wa tada caused his death. Now that's a very harsh thing to say. Right? But there's a wisdom behind this and the wisdom is to see her reaction to see her email

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or prefer to see her loyalty or disloyalty. You see the proper system. And this is an assumption he's thinking, should I take her as a wife or not? And he cannot take her as a wife, if she has hatred, if she has vengeance and remind if she has retaliate, retaliation, correct. So he tells her something very provocative, which is the truth. Your father was one of my worst enemies. And her response was Yasuda law doesn't allow save the foreign weather, this dude was delicate.

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If my father was an enemy, that doesn't mean I will get anything. What else is there was no social take the burden of the other. So when the processor saw this, and this was what you wanted to see, right? He said to her, you have a choice now, if they're interested, choose yourself. If you accept Islam, I shall keep you for me.

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Because you still do. And if you remain in your face, then perhaps I shall free you and you can return to your people.

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Now, once again, she's been given a choice. And the choice seems to be very bitter, to be honest. You remain a slave with me if you're a Muslim. Because that's what the wording says. Because what is the other wording? If you if you remain a Buddha, I shall free you and you can return to your people. And again, this is clearly a test right now. So how about understand that she's a wife, because of that machine has no idea. She literally thinks she's asleep. So the Prophet says that upset, if you accept this, now you shall remain with me. And that's absolutely valid. She didn't realize remain with me as a wife, she taught remain with me as a slave. And if you want to remain in

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your religion, then perhaps I shall for you, and you can go back to your people, and perhaps yours, like meaning I will do that. Okay. And this is another test, that if she is not a real Muslim, why would she wants to remain with the Profit System, she wants freedom and go back to the favor, go back to any other group of you that will take her right, because realize that now, she is all alone in a new culture, a new civilization, a new environment. And she replied, yellow School of Law, I was already inclined towards Islam, even before you offered it to me. And I have already believed in you even before you asked me to.

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In other words, she's already accepted Islam in her heart, and I have no desire to remain in my faith.

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Also, she has had I have no family, my father and brother are no more. And notice in her wisdom and precision, she does not mention husband because it's awkward. Because

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her intelligence, right, my father and brother are normal. Let's just ignore the ex husband. Okay, because he's also that he was also killed in the battle. My father and brother are no more. And you have asked me to choose between coffered and Islam. And she said, Allah and His Messenger are more beloved to me than being free and going back to.

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Now, this is clear.

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This is like they didn't have to do what he said, I'd rather remain here and go back three months of my people, right? So when she passes the test, and just think over here, how amazing this image is. Well, let me I think it is true to say that never in the history of humanity, can we find such an example where a conqueror comes and conquers a group and this lady who has conquered her family, her tribe, her wealth, her father, her brother, her husband, have all been killed by the conquering nation, right? And instead of feeling animosity, hatred, vengeance, rather, she has converted to the conquerors faith, and will choose to be a slave under him, rather than a free lady with her own

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people. Now you tell me, what does that show? It shows us so he had a pure heart. And Islam is the true religion. That's really what it shows us. Sophia had a pure heart, and Islam is the true religion. And that is why when Sophia saw the truth, what did she see? We don't know. But she's been with the army for at least a week by now as a prisoner. Right. And then as the wife of the process them, she's been with him to three nights and now is the first night now. So she's writing on the camera for sure. There would have been some conversations taking place for sure. The process that is after he showed her this romantic gesture for sure. There's good talk going on as well. And her

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heart has now been completely taken in and she knows that this man is a messenger. So she converts so much, that she completely ignores him for

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against them forgive her father or brother and her husband's device. And she becomes a loyal muslimah, who wants to remain as a slave rather than be a free girl and returned to her tribe and whatnot. And so because of this, the prophets have a lock I need to send them.

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Free her right then and there and married. because technically she was still asleep. Because when you free somebody up to say you free somebody and one of the process of solver for the first time, he saw a big cut and bruise on her face. So he said, What is this? Where did this come from? So she said, My husband's gonna give this to fresh fruit. My husband cannot give this to me. I saw a dream. Last week, basically, I saw a dream that the moon had risen up from yesterday. And it had gone high up and then dropped right into my lap.

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So I told my husband about this. And he smacked me right across the face, punch me and said, Do you expect that the king of the arms is going to marry you? You want to be with the king of the earth? He called the process that we came, right. So he interpreted the dream, which is the correct interpretation that the moon is the profit will come coming from yesterday, and that she will be married to the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. So she said as soon as he had hit me, I started my menses right then on that day, and he never approached me until he died. So So kind of a lot of xojo took care of that issue as well. Right. That's the last thing that he did was actually hit her and

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smack her across the face, and then left her in this state and she was in the menses until she was pure and she was a widow in that state, her husband had already died. So she clearly had a premonition from Allah subhana wa tada that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would become her husband. And this also made it easier for her no doubt to accept Islam, Allah is preparing the way for her to accept Islam. And it is narrated that the process of asked her why she had refused the first night to spend with him. Why now that we're, you know, farther away and closer to Medina. And she said, I was scared of the good perhaps retaliating when we were close by. So I wanted to get

00:27:20--> 00:27:46

farther away closer to Medina, so that I'm not worried about retaliation. And this increase the love that the prophets have always sort of had for her. So you could clearly see her Amanda and her intelligence, and the Prophet system free her. And he made her method for freedom. And from this, the fuqaha basically said, that of the Islamic principles, which is not really relevant to our times, because we don't have the issue of

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email and slaves. But if a person wants to marry the slave, there is no need for a contract. For two witnesses for a wedding. There is no need even for a mother, because the mother will be over freedom. She becomes a free lady that is her love. And her What is her master, and there's no need for witnesses of this case. So marrying one's own concubine is something that all you need to do is say, I have marriage and that is what the process of did, he married Sophia, and he may or may not have her freedom.

00:28:22--> 00:28:36

He may remember her freedom. And so this was where the Profit System caused you to consummated the marriage. The next morning, he comes out of the tent and defines in the distance of you and I'm sorry, with his sword in his hand standing.

00:28:38--> 00:28:41

He says a lot of work but what's going on? And you're

00:28:42--> 00:28:58

gonna love this young lady has just lost her father, and her brother and her husband. And I was not allowed to feel safe, leaving her alone with you. So I was waiting there with the sword just in case you

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voluntarily, all knights, he's there with the sword and the progresses and a laugh because Subhanallah she is now a convert and she believes in the messenger. She loves the Prophet system. And oh boy, you've been thinking that stuff religious, something you know about to the Prophet sallallahu. I sent him to the process of laughter he made throughout for what you went on Friday. And He then said to the people, whoever has any food, let him bring it this is going to be the one event and so the people brought whatever they had some people had date, some people had a little bit of solidified butter, some people had some barley and so they all mixed it up and they made a very

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simple rudimentary type of food It was called a his and his is basically a mixture of dates and a little bit of butter and a little bit of barley. Just mix it up and you get some type of, you know what we're going to call it, their equivalent of a cake, something like this, right? That's really what it was. And that was the one EMA or the prophet SAW the last one he was sending with Sophia and another very small incident to

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And it's pretty small, but it's actually very interesting, very interesting. And that is that one, he is coming back with Sofia, and she is on the camel of the prophets of the lava I need to send them. So when the Sahaba saw the walls of Medina, it was their customer. And he was the customer of really all of us when we see Memphis Finally, after 10 hours of writing, right, what happens?

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Feel good, but then you send it up just a little bit. Right? So when the Sahaba saw the walls of the city, so they began beating their camels just a little bit extra, and the processor have joined them in this now, somehow.

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This is so interesting. The camel of the Profit System fell over and tricked. Perhaps another time. We don't know the details, right? So both he and Sofia were flung from his camels. soliloquies, he was saying, now this is very dangerous. How many deaths have occurred by people falling from an animal, especially the camel, right? Even in this era, we find a number of Sahaba that their camel just fell back and they died because of that. Right. So both the processes an ounce of the are hurled from the camel, and they fall down on the ground. And when the Sahaba saw this, all of them turned away.

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Because to give her privacy, all of them turned away. None of them is daring to look and say anything. And it is said that a robot has his stepfather. anessa demonic was the only one who cried out. Are you all right? Tell us Oh, the restaurant is too shy. Like what do we do? It's like a moment of great awkwardness. Right? And he was the only one that said, Are you all right to sue the lock? And the process of said not under the law? The only I've not been I'm okay, I'm not exactly literally that translate. I'm not perfect, right. And he stood up immediately. Once again, he took off his cloak and he covered up Sophia. And he then put her back on the camel and they went back to

00:32:11--> 00:32:20

Medina. Now, this incident, I think it's so significant simply because if Allah had willed, the camel of the process of would not have

00:32:22--> 00:32:59

if Allah had willed, the camel or the process of will not have acted like any other capital X. But it is the will of Allah as well to show us that our profit system is just as human as every other person in his humanity. Yes, he is a pseudo law. Yes, he is hard to win me almost any. But he eats, he drinks, his camel trips, like everybody else, right? Nothing, there is nothing divine about him or his camera. And just like other people's candles, trips, his camera will also trip. Now just a few things about Sophia that nobody mentioned her that Sophia was one of those wives that

00:33:01--> 00:33:48

the profitsystem had an immense love for her like he did for all of his wives. But the other wives were somewhat jealous of her and she didn't have much support amongst them. Otherwise, the wives of the process will be divided into two camps, zeda camps and ISIS camp, right. And Sophia really seemed to be in neither of them, because she really didn't have family. And so the process really felt this more and perhaps that was what brought him more sympathy for her. It is said that when Sophia came to Medina, all of the wives of the process and rush to go see her, this is now their competition, right? They rush to go see her, and they have remarked to Judea, into habits that you

00:33:48--> 00:33:48

have the

00:33:49--> 00:34:14

events and how this app, I think this one is going to cause trouble. I think this one will take the process of away from us. Right? So she's feeling now jealous. And this shows us that clearly, I knew she had beauty and Yvonne and software that they were feeling threatened. And Julia tried to minimize this and said, Don't worry, she is from a group meaning

00:34:15--> 00:34:18

that they are very lucky with their husbands.

00:34:19--> 00:34:56

Very few like stereotypical responses. That's a bit of a smearing that they always have divorces Don't worry, okay, her group is a group that doesn't really get along that much with their husbands. Okay, so she's trying to console her by saying they don't know how to treat their husbands. Don't worry, we'll be fine with that. But in fact, that didn't happen. What she was looking for, didn't happen. And in fact, the Prophet says, and of course all of his wives and will like this shows us that the true nature of the process of that, no doubt his wives were jealous of one another, but each wife felt special with him. This is the reality of really this shows us what's a man he was

00:34:56--> 00:34:59

with a gentleman and what a man he was. That no doubt the wire

00:35:00--> 00:35:41

You're jealous of each other. But each wife is thinking that yes, I am so special and I am this and I have that. And each one has these stories that indicate this special relationship. So once the process of visited Sofia, and she was crying, and he said, What is the matter? She said, How about me that I am Vinton? yahudi. You know, the you understand, you know, just to smear that I am this era. And so I'm crying like this is an insult like you're smearing. And so the process is like, why didn't you defend yourself? She said, How? He said, You should have said that your father was the Prophet meaning how long she's a descendant of how long and your uncle was a prophet, meaning more

00:35:41--> 00:35:44

so and you're married to a prophet. What do they have over you?

00:35:46--> 00:36:27

Your father's a prophet, your uncle's a prophet, you're married for profit, you should have defended yourself. And again, to show you the love that the process has had for Sophia, that it is narrated up on hedger to without her Campbell fell, Ill Sofia's campbellsville fell sick so she couldn't write the candle. And Xena, Binti Jackson, Xena was wealthier, and Zeynep is coming from a more prestigious family. And she is the cousin of the process of saying that the judge had some extra house that she's gonna sacrifice as heck. So the process of them said to say no, why don't you lend her one of your accounts for hatch. And she scorned this because again, there was mutual jealousy.

00:36:27--> 00:36:33

And we're like, this shows us of handler that even the best of the best, it's possible to have these types of

00:36:35--> 00:37:18

human politics, you can't get out of it. You can't even the Sahaba you cannot get out of these things, even though sometimes they have a bit of an argument, even though they're the best of friends. But hey, even the best of friends, they have a little bit of back and forth. So she said what me like, Whoa, what do you want me my channel to do who do Wait, once again, she's now she's not here anymore. She's a Muslim, right. But again, this is a smear. And the Prophet system got so irritated with data. Now, data we just saw last week, in the last half of the Data Loader was also very special. And the process of did not roll with a special but when she acted in this way that she

00:37:18--> 00:37:52

refused to share a spirit cannibal. So the process of got so angry at this, that as a punishment for zeta equals a culture for a period of time, that you will have a spare camel, we're going for Hajj, and you're not going to give it to Sophia and you smear her on top of that. So he boycotted her until she calmed down. And she realized she made a very big error, a big mistake. And then the Prophet system after a few weeks, when he returned from hedge basically so for the whole hedge, she was being boycotted, because of this incident, that when they returned for hikes in the process that came to her and give her an expensive gift. We're talking about Xena and made up with her then after

00:37:52--> 00:38:33

this, right. Another incident that is narrated was that when the process was on his deathbed, in the house of atisha, all of the wives had come to visit him now they don't realize he's about to die. Remember, they will, we'll get there when we get there. But they don't know he's about to die. And he is suffering severe pain, severe fever, tossing and turning. And you can tell the agony on his face. And Sophia begins to cry. Sofia begins to cry. And she says yes, rule of law, how I wish I could take your fever and burden on me. So you don't have to be in this fever. How I wish I could take it on me. Now she's the first wife to say this. All the otherwise feel

00:38:35--> 00:39:17

jealous and threatens so they began winking, and you know, things here and there like Yeah, right. Yeah, I mean, whatever. What we don't know is the other of the wise. They don't tell us these sordid details, right? We don't know exactly what was said. But they sarcastic mock and whatnot. And so the Prophet system in his sickness in his fever, he said to the otherwise, go to multiple and you will go into multiple said Why? He said, because you have made fun of Sophia, Sophia. And we're lucky she has spoken the truth, she would want to take on my fever and pain. And you're mocking her for this, that she's just saying this to me. He didn't say all these words, but she's saying well, why she has

00:39:17--> 00:39:54

spoken the truth. And basically you have lied against her. Right? So go do will do and do my mother because I will forgive your sin of this. Now again, look at the love that Sophia has for the one who's conquered her for the one who is army has caused her tribe which it has caused, and the one whose army has basically gotten rid of her father and brother and ex husband, although this has now gone now. So Pamela at the time of the death of the processor, and she's crying, she's willing, she's saying I wish I could take on the pain that you have. What's love? Where does it come from? You tell me in history. Where have we had this type of change? You would expect such a lady to be

00:39:54--> 00:39:59

full of anger, bitterness, anguish revenge, you would expect such a lady

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

To one to kill this very person that she's married to, and any other circumstance. But this is Islam. This is a school of law. This is a non complete 180 degree turn. It's unbelievable. Well, why do you just think about it. And yet here we have Sophia as a very beautiful example of what happens when he enters the heart of a person. And she lived a relatively long lecture is one of the last otherwise of the process of today. And she died in the year 5252 is very long, she saw all of these things and also wanted to help us man when he was under see. So a lot of things I might have mentioned about her, and she died in the time of mortality. So this is the story of Sofia. And so

00:40:41--> 00:41:23

she got married at this point at the incident of cyber. One more thing about cable, we're talking about post cyber, what happens. Another interesting incident that takes place, post cyber is the arrival of the single most important narrator of headings in the history of Islam, and that is elbow, elbow. right elbow for IRA is number one in terms of quantity of ID, nobody even comes close to it. And perhaps one day, we'll have a lecture why that is the case, even though he joined the Prophet system is the seventh year of digital. So we only accompany the processor for three full years, three years in a month, right. He was with the Profit System for three years. And yet his

00:41:23--> 00:42:06

number of ahaadeeth outshines every single other software without any exception. Number one is number one, right. And this is when he arrived. He had come from Yemen. He's a dosi. His name is Abdul Ratna even suffer from the tribal dose is a dose. So he's a Yemeni. And he's, he's decided to make his route to Medina. And he works his way up. And here's the process of his pipe up. And of course, I remember was on the way to Medina for him is coming up. So he was on his way. So he diverts from within and he goes to high bar. And therefore, both the habit sheet Muslims and the dosi, there was a small group, two, three of the dose and abora was the most famous of them, they

00:42:06--> 00:42:31

both arrived in favor, after high bar had been conquered. And as for the Muslims from adversity, the prophet system gave them a share of the booty. As for the people from DOS, he asked permission from the Sahaba that would you mind if they also take a share, and they all agreed. So availa got the honor of getting a fortune from klaver without actually lifting a finger.

00:42:32--> 00:42:54

He got his share of the booty, even though he didn't actually fight in this battle. And from then on obrera is a constant part of the Sierra. So you can put this down as well that the Battle of Sabre was one of the time when forever, basically became a hobby and he joined the Muslims of Medina. Another interesting narration from the, from this incident of flavor,

00:42:56--> 00:43:34

which took place sometime in between but we don't know exactly what it is not related to the battle slide deleted to the end is that a group of women participated in the Battle of cyber as well. And these women from the inside they volunteered an expedition to come along with the process. And they said, Yes, we will, we want to come with you in order to help the wounded, treat the sick and also just do any other work, you know, water, whatever needs to be done, we want to help out in the background. And so the process has allowed them to come. And this shows us that even to the general rule, he never took me in a battle. But because high bar was so clearly a victory, because a robot

00:43:34--> 00:44:15

there was no, you know, problem, we're concerned that any any issue would happen. Because of this, the proper system allowed the women to come to the battlefield. And so a number of them, we don't know exactly how many a number of them came. And a very interesting story, which many people find very strange. But it shows us that Islam is not that strict that the youngest girl amongst them, probably, you know, eight, seven years old or something, she did not have a right. And so the process is underway to paper so he doesn't have anybody else but he is gonna be on the way back on the way to stay. But he tells this young girl Come and ride with me. So she sits on the, the the

00:44:15--> 00:44:41

luggage, the there's luxuries that you have on the Capitol. So the process of sitting here and then there's the luggage behind it. So she's sitting on the luggage, and she's going along with the profits of the locker, I need to send them this young girl we don't even know her name, her name is not even mentioned she just tells her story. And she just says a lady from the tribe Oh, such and such from the unsought. And she says that when the capital stopped and the process and told me to get off, I saw that I had blood.

00:44:42--> 00:45:00

And this was my first cycle. And I became terrified as all girls do when the first time the cycle and i said i she said I stayed on the camel and I didn't move even though the person saying Come on down. Like we're here now. She didn't know what

00:45:00--> 00:45:40

She's terrified. She's embarrassed, she's ashamed. And what a place and what's a location to get to your first and the oldest sister's will have your horror stories your first time. Imagine this girls are stored for as long as you live, right? Think about that. Okay, where at what time behind boom? I don't know, think about that. So she's terrified, petrified. She doesn't know what to do. So the costume said come down and she did it. And when she did it, the processor looked and he could see the traces of love on the side of the luggage and whatnot. So she said, he said, I'm making a fist, which is perhaps you're having your cycle. And she just nodded. Yes. So he said, okay, don't worry,

00:45:40--> 00:46:22

go and cleanse yourself and make your matter for meaning anywhere, whatever you need to wear, like make it appropriate. And then come with some water and salt and wash this blood from the saddle and then get back where you were sitting. So to handle the processes and calmed her down in such a gentlemanly manner that Oh, don't worry about no big deal. cleanse yourself, get yourself ready to where you need to and then come back and watch this data properly. Because this is not just that you need to wash it off, wash it off with water and salt and then sit back where you were sitting, no irritation, no anger, no nothing. And so she did as she was told. And she would tell later on she

00:46:22--> 00:46:53

would say that my my participation in the Battle of favor the process and gifted me us women he gifted us some gifts we didn't get a share because they didn't it wasn't about we got a gift. And the gift that I got was this necklace she was she would wear a necklace for as long as she lived she said the process of gave this to me and he was the one who put it on around my neck as the gift for helping the sick people and whatnot. So I will never part with this as long as I live and when I die is going to be very with me That's what she said that she wants to be very with this necklace and

00:46:55--> 00:47:32

she basically that was your will see that when she died she wanted the necklace to be very and this shows us that Hallo Jani. This girl is what's in those days, they probably began around seven, eight or something right? So this young girl, the prothesis and put her on the saddle. And it shows us that in these types of situations and scenarios if there is no danger or fear, and that's the big if these days I would not want to put this upon any man. But I'm saying if there is no danger of chapeau of lust or any type of fitna like this is not a problem for a man to have a young girl on the camel and enter in public. Everybody's saying there's nothing there. There is no power at all in

00:47:32--> 00:48:09

this regard. And what we really see here is how the process can handle a very awkward situation where she was the one that was feeling now comforted at the Prophet sallallahu it was sent him the barrel saver also saw a number of fifth points revealed. So we'll just go over them quickly of them. As per the heart is headed. And there's a bit of a controversy when this took place. It was it says it took place in the Battle of the Treaty of Pavia. But there's a hadith in Bukhari that says this very same thing was already mentioned, took place in Hiva. So we don't know what is this thing, the prohibition of eating, don't keep it now we mentioned it per day via there's a hadith and there is

00:48:09--> 00:48:54

an authentic. That's the prohibition was with a BA there's another Hadith that says hi but no doubt this is human nature is somewhat confused in this regard, either paper or Canadian. Also, we have other other permissions as well, that came down in the treaty in the incident of a via of them is the prohibition that when you have a computer Giovanni Giardia that you are not allowed to be with her until she goes through her cycle that takes place. And this was the first time that this ruling had come down. And so they cannot be touched until there is it takes place and then they become lawful. Also, at this time, for the first time. There was once I was made, how long now so what do

00:48:54--> 00:48:56

we all know? What do I need to explain?

00:48:58--> 00:49:44

We don't know. So, what is the watch where a time clause is put the watch where a time clauses put right? So it was a which was he was born Shahab Daniel in one month, one week, something like this, right? This was a watch that was allowed in the old days, and in previous slump, and in early Islam, then it became prohibited in the Battle of klaver. Now there's a bit of a controversy, and it seems in London's best that it was prohibited and then allowed and then prohibited and then allowed. So it actually went back and forth and back and forth. And then it was prohibited. So there was a bit of a confusion in early Islam is still prohibited or not and some said it is prohibited, sorry, the

00:49:44--> 00:49:59

majority said it is prohibited and a very small minority said that it is allowed. And then as you know this is the difference between Sunni and non Sunni groups as well. The former head of the Sudanese have all agreed that it is completely prohibited and the other schools have

00:50:00--> 00:50:21

It is allowed. Also in the Battle of hyper, a number of provisions were revealed of them is something called the interest of commodity labor. And further labor is of two types. Interest is of two types. And both are forbidden in Islam. The first interest is the interest where you purchase time for money, basically, right? So

00:50:22--> 00:50:46

somebody says, I'll give you $1,000 for a month, if you give me that 1100, right, so you're purchasing time for money. That's the common type of interest is interest that we're all familiar with. There's another type of interest also from it, and that is labor and other. The first type is called ribbon. The Secret By the way, you should know these are two basic types of labor. This is labor and father labor father's a little bit more complicated, and

00:50:47--> 00:51:06

not the time to get into all of the details here. But in a nutshell, specific commodities, there's only list of commodities out of them is wheat, and grain and dates. So specific commodities, are not allowed to be bartered, except in the same amount.

00:51:07--> 00:51:25

Now, where does this come from? So the provinces remember haber is a prevent producing dates. So a person brought him a big bag of dates. And these dates have a quality that is mentioned the name is mentioned, I've forgotten the name, but it's like a very luscious fine quality date.

00:51:26--> 00:52:10

And he brought him this. So the process of is impressed he said, are all of the dates of the paper like this, like this is the best quality date or all of the dates of labor like this? So he said, No Yasuda law, this date is such and such, we purchase one. Now he said for like one kilogram, one kilo, or one pound, one pound, it's more than or less than a pound for three pounds of normal things the other day, this date, which is the luxury date, we purchase it for three times its equivalent in the normal things. Okay, so the process of said, Do not do this, rather sell the larger quantity of dates, the three pounds, get the money, and then use the money to purchase the good quality gates

00:52:10--> 00:52:52

right now, why and how this is a bit of an advanced, it's not the tip of river class here, but you should know that there are a number of specific commodities. And these commodities are staple food items, and they're also monetary, by the way. So currencies for example, commodities, right? You cannot exchange dollars except in the same amount, right? You cannot exchange $10 for $20 as a transaction. You cannot do this because this comes at a river and further. Okay, you have to do the same amount. I give you 10 coins, give me $10 bills, for example, right? That's you cannot exchange more for less, you're gonna charge somebody for greeting, for example, right? That's technically not

00:52:52--> 00:53:03

allowed. Okay. Now, we're not saying that you buy something for $10, you give 20 gives you 10. Back, this is not that you're buying, you're buying, we're talking about exchanging money for money.

00:53:04--> 00:53:26

This is rebuttal. Or exchanging dates for dates resolved, resolved for a week per week. If you exchange it has to be the same quantity $10 for $10 10 pounds, no, if it's dollars versus euros or something else dollars versus Canadian, something else remember the same currency, it has to be the same. And obviously, if you were to do this, then take your take your

00:53:27--> 00:53:28


00:53:31--> 00:54:17

simulator, I have 100 lira here with the $100. It doesn't work that way. No, it's only have the same currency. And the final thing that will mention that we have some guests that we want to hand over to some very honored and welcome guests, thank you for coming by. The final point that we want to mention is the the Treaty of favor, allowed one more business transaction, which is very, very important business transaction. And the fancy term for it is an without a visa and it's also known as shanika. Or, or a partnership. Now what is without, without I mean, as the process of dealing with paper that you take charge of the land of watering of irrigation of all of the you know, labor

00:54:17--> 00:54:19

and you'll give 50%

00:54:20--> 00:54:59

right, so this is a business partnership, where the partners don't have to do the same things The both of them. And this was not known in Medina, the people of Medina didn't do this. The people of Medina if they own the land, they would plow the land irrigate the land, the concept of okay I have 10 acres, I don't have the energy to do it. Let's see if I can rent it for a percentage of the produce of the land. That's what it is. Right? You're going to say so for example, you have 10 acres of land that you don't have the time or energy or whatever to actually form yourself without I this is the story

00:55:00--> 00:55:33

transaction that says, You are a farmer, I'm the businessman, or I'm the landlord, the farmer comes to me or I come to the farmer either way doesn't matter. And I say, look, these are 10 acres. If you farm them, and you plant the seeds, and you take charge of the manual labor, now who owns the land, if you don't have the farm, you don't have the land, then we will split it, you know, 3070, or however the presenters we agree 5050 6040, right. This is called without, and this is allowed.

00:55:34--> 00:56:14

And this is a business partnership. Now, again, Islam forbids interest, but it encourages partnership, you want to do a business, you don't go to get a loan from the bank, because the bank is gonna benefit whether you win or lose, you want a business, you go to somebody who actually believes in your business, and somebody who's willing to share your risk of profit and loss. That's the point you write, the business investor doesn't have to declare a silent business partner, here's the capital, here's the check, you do the business side, right, and we'll split the cost, the profits, whatever you agree, 5050 3070, whatever you do agree that's between the two of you. Now

00:56:14--> 00:56:17

what happens, the one who gave you the check,

00:56:18--> 00:56:59

he's not going to profit unless you profit, right, there is no guaranteed profit. And therefore, there is a bit of a risk involved. And it is wrong, you cannot have this type of guaranteed profit that interest rates, because interest the rich benefits from the poor, regardless of how poor the poor are, regardless of any act of God of any misfortune, the rich benefit merely because they have idle money lying around to the bank, and the shipyards is not allowed Islamic law does not allow this, you wouldn't benefit your money, you find somebody that you trust that you're interested in this business project, and you share the risk of profit and the risk of loss. And when you do this,

00:56:59--> 00:57:04

then you won't have the the type of false dichotomy or this type of

00:57:05--> 00:57:40

extreme capitalism that exists in some lines were one of them were what is the top 1% own and forgot this decision, the top 1% own, like 60% of the rest of us. In fact, I remember was there was one article said, the richest 400 people in America 490 will represent the richest 400 people earn and control as much as 65% of the rest of the population. That's just mind boggling. Really, it isn't 400 people 400, you could fit them in on less.

00:57:42--> 00:57:43


00:57:44--> 00:58:14

immense. Now, frankly, we're being a little bit romantic and idealistic. But our system would not allow for this, it wouldn't, you wouldn't be able to get that type of crude wealth. Because you'd have to risk your money every time you've invested in somebody, right? You have to also want to, you know, be sure of that. And if it's a loss, it's a loss for you as well. You can't take them to court and say give me your business partner. So if you profit you will also shut her up. This is called

00:58:15--> 00:58:43

a shady cons. And one version of syndicate is land sharika, which is was our app, which is you share the profit and the loss of the of the produce of the land. And with this, we conclude the incidents of cyber and a shower Next week, we'll talk about the letters of the Profit System that he sent to Rome to the sassanid Empire two directly is the Caesar and the letters to the rulers of Bahrain. We'll talk about some of that next week.