Reintroducing Ourselves To Islam

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we really truly have to get reintroduced to our religion? A number of points first and foremost, reason is not an on off switch is not that either you have it or you don't know. There are millions of shades of grey in between. There will be some Allah azza wa jal blesses them that they can drop everything, give up their secular education, and go and study in Azhar in Medina, in Indonesia and Islamabad, go and study all over the world spend decades. But those are the exceptions. If you can be like them and hamdulillah If not, the first point that I'm going to say, don't just throw in the towel. Don't just say, Okay, well, I can't go to Medina. I can't go to Azad. I can't go I'm just

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gonna sit here and do do nothing in Islamic Studies. No, there's a lot you can do sitting right here. Now, a lot you can do to better yourselves intellectually in the Islamic sciences. So don't have an either or mentality. Either I become the shift and move to North America, or else I'm gonna remain as giant as him for the rest of my life. Sorry, brothers and sisters doesn't work that way. We only need one Mufti. When with America, maybe five 600 are good. That's all we need. But we need hundreds and 1000s of basic Imams, hundreds and 1000s of students of knowledge. And you can get to that level without ever traveling abroad, you can. Secondly, once you realize there are Shades of

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Grey, and I need to just improve a higher shade. That's not really to do once you realize this, sit down and say, Okay, what time do I have? And trust me, every one of us has plenty of time. Every one of us has the same 24 hours a day. Nobody has any more any less. Of course you have different lifespans, but in terms of time as it goes by, okay, tangential time is the same with everybody. Everybody has time. Look at your schedule, what do I do? Do I drive to work? Or do I take the bus or whatever, I have time to listen to CDs and mp3. So I have an iPod, I have this and that instead of listening to music, or instead of wasting my time listening to the things that have no relevance and

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value to me, let me buy a series about the Sahaba. Let me buy a series about the prophets. Let me buy a series about fifth series are very important because you build it's not just talks here and there. And every day, I'm going to listen to these CDs and these talks every single day until I finished the entire collection. And then I'm going to listen to them again to solidify what I know. When I wake up in the morning. What do I do, I surf the net for 20 minutes before leaving, I don't really need to I can cut that down to five, that gives me 15 minutes. Let me read some, some interesting book about Islam. Let me build up my knowledge of my religion. Find out how much time

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you have and schedule in knowledge you need to schedule it. And thirdly, you need to find a mentor. This is necessary. Why? Because

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if you don't find a mentor, you have no clue what to study, and how to study and what books to buy, and what CDs to listen to. You're just going to be as they say in Arabic, how to be ln, which means somebody goes out at night and just collects all types of firewood, he might collect a scorpion and a snake he has no clue what it is because it's in the dark, you don't collect firewood in the middle of the night, you just gather whatever you can know, you need to have somebody who's more knowledgeable than you doesn't have to be the biggest shift around. It's difficult to get in touch with some of them. Somebody who's preceded the path and is higher than you and you say what do you

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recommend? What do I start with? Where do I go, once you've done that he'll take you to a different level, and so on and so forth. Fourthly, certain things you need to study without any exception, the most important of them are on instrument. This is something you need to do. This should be a daily routine. Every day read some Quran in Arabic, and then it's translation English, no exceptions. You need food to live. You need Quran and Sunnah for your soul. The food for your soul is the word of Allah and the word of the Prophet sallallahu I sent him if you don't have this food, your heart will die every day, inject in some time to read the Quran in Arabic. That's the Baraka and then

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understand it in English. And then some books of Hadith, one Hadith a day, I recommend you to books and I encourage everybody to have these two books and read them at least one Hadith a day. The first day then the 40 hadith of knowing, read this book cover to cover very the most useful Hadith for the layman. And then once you've done the 40 ideas who know we move on to Rio de Sala hain, also by eminent knowing this book was written for you literally, it is, in my humble opinion the most practical and the most useful book of Hadith for the layman, the other side of him gardens of the righteous many translations in English, Bengali or do every language in the face of desert. It has

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been translated into gardens of the right

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Here's the third thing you need to study after Quran and Sunnah serum, the life of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, make sure you know the life of this man, brothers and sisters, it is really a sad testament to our knowledge, how much filth we know how much fascia and corruption we know how much evil we know about everything, how much useless information we know about music, about movies, about sports, some of which is hot on others of which is more bad. None of which is bless it.

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It might be Haram, it might be neutral. None of it is bless it. It is a shame that we have so much crammed in our heads. And I'm sorry for dancing you in this lecture like this, but that's the reality. Okay, it is a shame that we have so much knowledge, really, if we did a quiz of the latest movies and who started what and what are the latest? I can't even say these things 100 and that I plead ignorance, and I'm proud of this ignorance, who are the latest rappers and musicians and whatnot. You know so much about them. So much even statistics about sports crammed in our heads, if only we had as much knowledge of our own religion and the Sahaba and the taboo and the great

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scholars were wouldn't be now. So prioritize, prioritize. Make sure you have nobody's saying cut off all the sports and anything else that's MOBA permissible, fine. Spend some time doing that as well. But also spend some time with this religion.

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