Yasir Qadhi – Mutual Hostility between Western Academy and The Madrassa

Yasir Qadhi
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the negative views of the academy and how they have caused hostility among groups of Muslims. They also criticize a former professor who claims to be a fundamentalist and apologetic to the academy. The speaker mentions a former student who felt hurt and dismissed the academy from their graduation.
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There is a big elephant in the room between the Academy and the madrasa.

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And that is that the both of them

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view the other in a very unfavorable light, there is a almost hostile view of the other. And as somebody who's been on both sides of the fence, I think that hostility is actually unhealthy for knowledge.

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I say,

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from my personal experience, that I have benefited immensely from both paradigms. And personally, on a personal note, I thank Allah for having blessed me with both of these paradigms. And I wouldn't be who I am without both of these paradigms. But I'll also mention that while I was in each paradigm, each one strongly criticize the other, to the point of anathematized it like, obviously, the mother has a system is extremely hostile to the academy, extremely hostile. And the version or vision they have of the academy is basically I'm sorry to say this, but a bunch of is another, you know, like, people who are out to destroy their religion, there is no head in them at all. And I am still asked

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this, despite the fact has been almost 20 years since I've been, you know, accepted dealer, but it's still a must. You studied with non Muslims. Your professors didn't believe in Islam? How could you go study with them? They're cool foreigners? How could you study with them? Right. And in fact, in my particular case, not only am I question, but one of the easiest ways to dismiss a critic of mine, who wants to dismiss me, in anything that I've done, only needs to mention, oh, he studied at Yale.

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That is the refutation. He is no longer a good person. He has been corrupted by those people. All right. So it becomes very ad hominem and actually it's effective amongst many groups of people, large groups of the Muslims, if they don't like something, you say, Have you reached a view or a point to something that they don't like? Rather than engage with what is said they will simply dismiss you Oh, Hala, Sione Rama to you know, hello, as his leg has been corrupted by

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the system. Now, obviously, I mean,

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and that's a dumb idea. What was the saying goes right, if you don't know what it is, you're going to easily hate it. But again, Flipside. I've been in the academy.

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There is strong suspicion of the academy against the mother of the students. There is a dismissal of the fact that a mother as a student might possibly be a critical thinker. There is definitely definitely an arrogance. Not in every single person, but perception is there, that what is this guy gonna benefit? He's, he's a, he's a fundamentalist believer.

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And actually, to be honest, I have experienced this myself as well. Your research can be dismissed within the academy.

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If it appears to defend, like, for example, I have critiqued some of these notions of you know, Syriac legends of the Quran, who have attended conferences I was I was,

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I have given my views and whatnot. And you find the mumblings. Oh, this guy's a preacher.

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This guy studied in Medina. So ironically, each side dismisses the other dismiss isn't made because of my other background, right? So the ad hominem goes both ways. You would think the academy should be better, no will lie. It's not. It is not better. And it is very, and you know, the first person actually said this to me way before I was in the academy, is a person whom I was very fortunate to have met price. You've heard of him? Dr. Mustapha Azami. Dr. Mustapha dazzle me when the King Faisal award back in the 80s, the Hadith guy, right. And Allah humbly passed away. When I was a chemical drink student I studied with him a little bit. I studied highly with him when I was an engineering

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student in in America. And he said to me that his PhD dissertation, which was a defense of Hadith and refutation of shock, right, that his dissertation, he felt hurt, that it was dismissed by the Academy, because he was a practicing Muslim. And, oh, this is just, you know, polemics. This is just apologetics. This is somebody who's just defending the faith. And he was like, but refute what I'm saying. Not the fact that I'm a believer. And I remember this when I was 19 years old. I heard this from him. And I

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had offered that I had right. And subhanAllah 20 years later, when I was in the academy, that phrase would come back and I saw this myself without your line, and I still see this and I'll be honest here. I mean, I resigned

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From the Academy because

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multiple reasons but of them is that I felt that somebody's as public as I am in the preaching and teaching side and their insight that I don't have a place in the western Academy

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Jenny dasa, down to

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me down

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