Descriptions of Jannah #2 – The Controversy over the Jannah that Adam was in

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Mina Shea banyuwangi Bismillah

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femen, z,

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Alhamdulillah we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala who knows what the hearts conceal and with the tongue shall not reveal the one to whom Allah shall appeal and in front of whom the believers kneel today inshallah to Allah will continue our series about gender. And one of the questions that arises is the gender that we are talking about, is this the same gender, that once upon a time our father Adam was in or not. Now, this is something that has been a bit of a discussion amongst the scholars of the FCA amongst the scholars of history amongst the scholars of theology, and it's something that's interesting to discuss. In reality, there's not that much, you know, benefits in terms of

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action, but it is an interesting exercise. So I thought that I would summarize this because many of the people who study the Quran are not aware that in fact, there have been major scholars again, on all sides of this spectrum of this opinions that where is this gender that our father Adam, was living in before he before he is on earth? Is it the actual gender that we shall go back to? Or is it another gender? This is something that has been discussed by many of the early scholars because Allah says in the Koran, while quoting them to school until was ojochal agenda, we said to them, oh, Adam, you and your wife, enter and live in Jenna, what could I mean her arousa then hey, three,

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shoot tomorrow, and eat from it. bountifully you know, whatever you wish, but don't come close to the tree. And Allah subhana wa tada says, as well, that's all built on in her jamea that the two of you meaning here that Adam and Eve release meaning here that the both of you're going to be going down to gender sorry, to this birth battle, local development, or do the two of you will be enemies to one another. Now, this genda that the Oran talks about? Is it the agenda that we are discussing right now in this series? Or is it another agenda? And I'm not going to go into all of the details, because that is maybe the topic of another class. But I think it's interesting to be aware that

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they're actually at least four opinions in this regard. How can they be for it? Let me explain. The first opinion is that, and this is the opinion of the majority of scholars is that the agenda that our father Adam was in it is the agenda of this series, it is what we're talking about, it is the agenda that we all desire, it is the final destination, it is the reward, the paradise that Allah subhanaw taala has promised, and therefore, them was in the very genda that we want to go back to. That is the first opinion it is the majority opinion. The second opinion, and the third opinion, are similar, but there's one difference between them. The second and third opinion both say that the

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agenda that Adam was in was a garden, and not the paradise genda here they would say means that enter a garden. And that garden was not the actual agenda that is going to be promised to the believers. And the second or third opinion both agree that this is not the journal rather it is a garden. The only difference is that the second opinion says that this is a garden on earth somewhere, that Adam and his wife Hawa our Mother, how up, we're in a garden somewhere on earth, and the Lord's will bless them with an amazing garden somewhere on earth, and that they were in that garden. And then they were told to not eat of the tree. And then of course, they were then told to

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exit that garden to get to the outside world. So the garden of that world was a blessing garden, they could eat and drink and live happily in that garden. until of course what happened happened. Now the third opinion is interesting is only held by very few people, but it is a modification of the second one. So I put it as a third one, and that is that it is a garden but not on earth but somewhere in the heavens. So it's not the gender. But it is a garden that a lot created in the heavens somewhere right somewhere in the heavens. Allah created a garden special special for Adam and Hawa. not meant for us. That's not our gender.

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It is a garden that a lump created. Now, the difference between two and three is that two says it is a garden somewhere on earth whether on a mountaintop whether on an island, whether on a land, it's somewhere on earth, and three says it is a garden created specially for Adam and how what but it is in the heavens, it is in the the skies both of these two and three agree that it is not the gender it is not the gender of the hereafter. And the fourth opinion is basically that we do not know and we should not discuss this it is called TOEIC TOEFL TOEIC cough is a position that basically some Roma adopted for some things which they basically said said that theologically islamically, we

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should be quiet and not discuss this issue and not have what when we say when they say not discuss it what they mean is not arrive at a definitive conclusion rather what they mean when they say don't discuss it that don't be certain that it is ambivalent, it is ambiguous and so, it might be vagina, it might be a garden, we do not have enough information. And so, we should not basically be certain or feel that one opinion is stronger than the other. So, these are the four opinions out there. And this has been discussed, this topic has been discussed in a lot of detail had been cathedra. The famous scholar of FCT mentions various opinions as well as royalty as well, he mentions it in one of

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his books as well, even though claimed the famous scholar the that he has written an entire book on gender, the handler wide about Bill of Rights, that he actually has an entire section actually three chapters dedicated to this discussion. So there's a lot of material out there that you know, you can look around, we're just going to summarize some of the evidences that are used, and then inshallah we'll move on to the next topic. Now we said that the majority opinion is that it is the paradise that the garden that Adam and Hawa were in, it is the agenda that we want to enter. And the evidence is that they use are many of them is that Allah subhanho wa Taala uses the term agenda and the Elif

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lamb when it is used in Arabic, it indicates the definitive it indicates something that is known. So while ordinaria Adam ozcan, anta was ojochal Jen, now, when this verse appears in sootel, bacara, Allah has not even told us yet about Jenna that gender, and yet he still says enter virgin, because we know it in our minds, it is something that is understood Muslims know which gender Allah is referencing. So the fact that allow us is our agenda, and there is no context. Why do I say that there is no context here because if there was another agenda that Allah mentions, then Allah says vagina, it would go back to the previous context, the fact that there's no context, then Allah says,

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enter the jinn. Well, then in Islam, there's only one gender that comes to mind. So the fact that a lot can say, oh, Adam, enter the Jenna. Well, then when you say vagina, right, you sell to it. When you're talking to Muslim you say, Oh, I want to you know, I want to enter agenda. And there's no context, you just say it out of the blue, nobody will understand you're talking about the local garden in your city, nobody will understand you're talking about you know, there's a garden in the zoo, you want to go there nobody, when you say I want gender, in the middle of no context, there's one gender that is on the minds of all Muslims. So the the evidence that is used is that Allah is

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saying vagina, and there's no previous context that might indicate another type of gender. Also, the fact that this is what comes to mind the average Muslim. In fact, I am almost certain that as you're hearing this lecture, pretty much the vast majority of you have never even heard of a controversy, despite the fact it is of course well known. But it is the default, the oma understands it to be that gender. Now, having said that, of course, the mere fact that the majority of the Muslims feel something doesn't make it an evidence in and of itself. That's a valid point. Just because somebody thinks this or a large group thinks this doesn't make it the truth. Nonetheless, it can be used as a

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type of supporting evidence that this is the default position that the vast majority of early scholars and even of the oma they hold to this date. Also the fact that Allah subhana wa tada said to Adam, that you can eat Radha and Radha here, of course, that there is this notion of there's going to be bountiful food, and that Allah describes the garden that Adam was in that in the lecture, let GRP hawala Tawana Kala Tom Murphy what I taught her in Surah Taha Allah mentions four characteristics right that you will not go hungry You will not go thirsty, right that you will not go naked in it okay? And you will not go tired in it. So these four characteristics, they are a

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characteristic of that agenda, not agenda of this world. You can be walking in agenda of this world and you will get tired, you will get thirsty, okay, you will get you might be in a state of mind that's difficult to bear. So Allah describes the agenda of Adam with descriptions

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They are meant for the agenda of the era, that there's going to be longer than there's going to be bountiful foods as much as you want you can eat from it, and that you will not be hungry, you will not be thirsty, you will not go naked, you will not be tired. All of these are mentioned as the agenda of Adam. And that is the agenda that we are all wanting to enter. Also, when Allah subhanho wa Taala expelled our father, them and a police when he expelled them from Jenna, in sort of out offers 25 that Allah says to add them all if he had to know if he had to move to Nova minha to hora June. So when Adam left Jenna, and Allah said, Go down to this earth, Allah said, in this earth, you

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shall live, and on it, you shall die. And from it, you shall be resurrected. This phrase was not said when Adam entered the first gender had that gender been on this earth? The phrase that I'm now quoting from the Quran would not make any sense. Why would that change now, in other words, Allah said to Adam, that go down, descend down and there where you have descend down to this earth, that is where you shall live, that is upon which you shall die. And that is from which you shall be resurrected. In other words, that's something new up there, that would not have happened. So this is another indication that the gender that Adam was in was the actual gender, also, the term is built

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to built off, come down, descend down, right, again, the notion of descent. Now, this is something that indicates that the gen was not on the same field or the same plane as this earth. They didn't just step out of the garden, they didn't just walk out, no, they're going to come down. So that's very clear in the verb that it will mean her that and how about a means to come down. And there are other evidences as well, that of them is the is the Hadith in Sahih. Muslim, that on the Day of Judgment, the people are going to be going person to person prophet to profit, and they will go to our father Adam, and they will say to add them or add them ask a lot to intercede, or we're asking

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you to intercede in front of a lot. And what will add them say, then we'll say, and what else has caused you to be expelled from Jen except for the sin that I have done? So Adam is telling the people, we are in this state because of me and that's what he is saying, how can you come to me I'm not going to intercede now I have enough to worry about I'm not going to intercede. So he says that the the thing that has caused you to be expelled from agenda is what I have done. And the famous Hadith in Sahih Bukhari assigned Muslim that musala his Salaam when he met Adam, in the hereafter our processing described when he met his father, our Father, Adam, that Moses said to Adam, are you

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Our Father, that has caused us to be expelled from the Jenna or why did you cause us you know, what did you What did what what what? What motivated you to cause us to be expelled from the Jenna? So again, Moosa is then, you know, having a debate with Adam alayhis salaam, and basically asking him this very difficult question. Now, the point being all of these evidences seem to indicate what they indicate that the agenda that we're talking about is that agenda, it is the agenda we are all interested in going as the final destination. Therefore, according to the first opinion, on our mother Hawa, they were living in the actual Jenna that we want to go back to, and that they were

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then expelled from that gender, and they were told to go down to this earth, and we are here and then our goal is to get back to the original place of our forefathers in our ancestor, ancestral parents, this is the first opinion, okay, the second and third opinion will do together, because in reality, they they share the commonality that it is a special created gender, not that gender, it is a garden, either in this world or somewhere in the heavens, that's, you know, not in this world and between the actual gender and between this earth, Allah created a garden, and that garden he called it agenda, and Adam and Hawa lived in that gender or a large xojo demarcated a land on this earth,

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or an island on this earth, or a plateau mountain plateau on this earth. And Allah said to Adam, and how we live in that gender, and then what happened happened, and they then were brought out into the rest of this world. So the second and third opinion, what is their evidence? Why do they say that we cannot accept that it is the original agenda or the real agenda that we want to go to? They say that if you look at the story of Adam alley, his setup, it brings up too many issues that clashes with our concept and our notion of the eternal gender. of them the very notion that gender is eternal. Allah describes the Jenna as genital hold. Allah describes the agenda as much

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Calm as the local farmer calm they're gonna be there forever. Allah describes this as Darrell mahkamah. They're going to be there establishing their, it's the mouthwash or the Abode and add them in Hawaii did not live there eternally. Obviously they are now they came down to this earth. That's why we are here. So how could they be in that agenda? When everybody who is in that gender is going to be permanently there for all of eternity, therefore, it could not have been that agenda. Because if they were in that gender, we wouldn't be here in the first place. Okay, because when you enter that Jenna, you will be there forever and ever and ever. So this is an opinion on evidence that they

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use. Another evidence is that gender is described as the AB boat that is given as a result of our DS Jessa undoubtly Jessa. Jen is described as a reward. And our mother and father were not they were not rewarded Jenna, they were gifted for no reason whatsoever. They didn't do anything. It was not a reward back to them. They didn't do any good deed as soon as a luck created Adam and our Mother, how was that? Allah says, well, Cornelia Adam asked Antonio to call Jen. So Jenna was not granted to them in return for as Alice's jezza and Bhima Korea and balloon right well, typical agenda to Lottie ood is to more hobbema Quantum terminal, I was very clear in the Koran that is the Jenna that you

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earned it or you inherited it, because of what you did, and add them and how Why did not do anything to get into that gender. So therefore, it clashes with that description of gender. Also, they point out that that gender is not the abode of testing. This is the abode of testing the doubt on empty lap, the empty hand, the bar, it is this abode. Jenna is not the abode of being tested. So how can add them or a Salaam have been tested by Allah, that Jenna has nothing forbidden in it? Whereas Allah said to Adam Walker, that what am I talking about how the shedra Don't come close to that one tree or else you shall be from the those who are destroyed or those who are regretful so that Jenna

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has nothing forbidden, and that gender has no test yet our father Adam was forbidden one tree and our father Adam was tested and he slipped and he did not manage to pass that test that demonstrates according to the second and third opinion, that it is not the agent, sorry, it is not the gender rather it is agent that Allah created and called it a gender. Also they say that the Quran clearly says that, that agenda, the real agenda is a place in which there is no fear. Now hold on it him Allah whom he has known. They're not going to fear they're not going to grieve that they're not going to regret. And yet when our father ate from the tree, he felt regret, he felt shame, he felt

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fear, he felt remorse, he felt net dama and therefore, they said these emotions cannot occur in that gender. So once again, they say it must have been another gender. Also, they say that the agenda that we aim for, no one has entered it, we are told that there are things in it that no eye has seen, that no ear has heard, and that even the mind has not conceived. So we are literally told fi harmala I knew Rottweiler una semiotic, what a hot radical Viva show this is very explicit in the Hadith. So then how could Adam Allah has said have been there and seen Jenna when we are told there is nothing that the eyes have not seen with that which is in gender. Also we are told in the Koran

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that there is no vain talk there is no false talk in that gender so Allah says low one fee what a theme there's no idle talk there's no bad talk in genda yet a police lied engender a police said things that are false. A police tempted them in Jenna therefore How could it be that Jenna It must have been someplace else Okay, and talking about your beliefs Another point that they bring? How can you please be in that Jenna? How can they beliefs be inside that agenda? And he believes he is who he is. And he is told it release is told in the Quran that he should at least was expelled from the ranks of the angels before Adam energen right because when Allah created them before he entered

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jedna Allah said to the angels bow down Iblees said no and so Allah said to a police that it had built Minh ha for encouraging Jim white gnarly calanques A yo Medina Get away from here you are a cursed and you shall have my learner until the day of judgment. And Allah says that Oh boy.

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Her Maya kulu laka entered a cup battle fi hub, get away from here, you have no authority to show your arrogance over here. If police was told by Allah, you cannot have to come aboard in this arena in this realm that you are in. So a police had to come down as that punishment. So then how then is he going to go back up and tempt them when he has now been barred from going up there. So this is another evidence that is used, the very fact that the police is in the story. And the very fact that the police is tempting them demonstrates that it is not that gender, but rather a gender. Also, they said as for this notion of who bought that. So category number one, they say Allah says it built

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them into that come down. So they say it must be agenda up there. So how does category two and three respond to this, they say. So if you're category two, which means that you're saying that this gentleman is somewhere on this earth, they say either it was a higher place, so on a mountaintop, so they were came down, or they say the word Homewood does not necessarily imply Yes, it's the default, but not necessarily, that you have to go from a higher place to a lower place. And this is demonstrated in the story of many Surat Al and Moosa that when the people of the many side complained about the food that they had, So Moses said his bill to run for Indra Kumar seldom go to

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the cities, and you can get what you want a bill to miss salon. So the word who both is used, and the children of Israel were not on a mountaintop, they were in the valleys, they were in the lens, and the word who bought is used. So categories two, and three, they respond to category one, and they say the term is built, when it is used for them, does not necessarily indicate that he went from a higher place to a low place, pause your category three says yes, it does mean higher to lower. And that is why they said the gender of Adam is somewhere in the sky is not in the heavens, it is in the skies. And so Allah created a garden somewhere in the you know, skies above us. And

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that's where Adam was, then he came down. So this is why category three goes category three, and category two goes category two, it goes back to how you understand the term it built. Category two says it built does not necessarily imply higher to lower, and category three says that no, it does imply higher to lower. And that is why we have to conclude that the gender of the garden of Adam was in fact somewhere in the heavens in the realm of the skies above us also have the evidences that categories two and three use is that they say that we learned from the Hadeeth that dumb was created from this earth. And Allah subhanho wa Taala gathered clay and sand from multiple locations on this

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earth, and the law fashioned them on this earth. And they bring forth a lot of narrations that mentioned Adam being on this earth, for example, that Adam was in out of fat, for example, that Allah subhanho wa Taala extracted all of the the souls from the loins of Adam, when he was in the valley of Norman. And so all of these things are mentioned that Adam is on this earth, and there is no reference in the parameter sooner that from this earth either went back up and then went back down. So if the origin of the soil and the clay of Adam is this earth, and if Allah subhanho wa Taala fashioned Adam from the clay of this earth, as the Hadith says, and if Adams rule, or the

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children of Adams rule was blown up on this earth, then that would indicate the category two and three say that the gentleman that he was asked to enter is also on this earth. So this is now some of their evidences that they say all of this indicates that's that the agenda of Adam was not in the heavens, and by the way, this opinion, it has been mentioned as being that of work to be Manabe even some have said, a scribe which I will live in a bus obey even gab soufiane obliterated the famous scholar of even cotinga the polymath one of the first polymaths of the of the oma the called the EAD. And it is even been said that it is the position of a member of hanifa Rahim Allah Allah to be

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said that this is the position of many of the Morteza and so we have a lot of people of the past some of them great respected Roma, and some of them outside the folder Sunni Islam but still there that is a position that the agenda that and by the way, also, by the way, the famous chef all of the outers know the chef, the famous chef Shall we write every out of knows much other chef Shall we?

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He was one of the greatest officers of our

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previous generation or heap has passed away now, but he was a very beloved scholar in Egypt, who interpreted the Quran and his tafsir was the most popular tafsir amongst the masses, because Allah blessed him with a style and inshallah within a class and with a way to speak that really made the Koran easy to understand. And so shall we also believed that the gen of Adam was not that agenda, it was a garden. Okay, so these are many opinions there. Now, category for their evidences is basically all of the above all of category ones, all the category two and three, and they say, Allah, who are them? We don't know. So we cannot find a definitive answer. Now, by the way, so that is a nice

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position at the same time.

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Allah knows best. But it does appear to me that position one, which is the dominant position, and it is the majority position that in this case, the majority position, shoulders clearly correct and valid, and that the gender that our father, or the mother has said I'm was in is the actual Jeanette that we aim for. And it is the agenda we want to go to now how then do we respond to the claims of the second and third category? How do we understand they bring forth some very interesting evidences. So the response to this is that

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Adam alayhis salam was not given Jenna as a reward for his good deeds, rather than was allowed permission to live in Jenna. And this group, our users just category one, that they're the two are totally different. All of the blessings and rewards and characteristics that group two and three ascribe they are given to those who deserve Jenna, for the deeds that they have done. As for those that are locked, allowed to live in Jenna, those descriptions do not apply to them. So they I mean, to give an example, I mean, not don't take this literally, but the difference between a tenant and an owner, okay, when you are leasing a house versus when you own the house, there's a big difference

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between rights between what you can and cannot do when you are leasing conditions are placed on you that are not placed when you're the owner. So it is as if I'm not using the terms that they're using, because you get the point across it is as if category one is saying that Adam was given temporary permission to live leasing. He wasn't gifted Jenna for his good deeds, he was allowed permission to remain there. And then all of these conditions are allowed and if permission is given to live in Jenna, so then it can become an abode of testing and it can become this and it can become that. So therefore, they say all of these verses and descriptions you are saying absolutely valid

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for those whom Jenna is given to because of their deeds. jaza I'm Bhima kanayama rune. But Adam was not given Jenna in return for deeds rather than was told Oh spoon live, who spoon live you and your spouse in gender and eat except for that one tree. So all of the all of the paradigms change. And so therefore, they say that gender is the abode of eternality for those who deserve it. And that gender is the Dark Ages that once again for those who earn it because of their deeds, and that Jenna may become the abode of testing if you don't earn it. And they also say that it could also be an abode of regret and fear if you're not caused to enter it because of your good deeds. So Adam was fearful,

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then was regretful Adam was sad in Jenna, because he was not given the ownership of that garden, he was not said that this is yours permanently, rather, he was allowed to live there, therefore everything changes. And as for the notion of a release, the only thing that can be said is that for a wisdom known to Allah, Allah Subhana, which Allah allowed a police to do what he did, obviously, nothing happens in the domain of a lot without a laws, permission and knowledge and so a lot allowed a police. And as for the notion or as for the Hadith that fi harmala I know rajwada lumen semir at what a hotter Allah called the butcher that in general is that which the eyes have not seen, and the

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ears have not heard and not even the mind has conceived. We can say very simply, we can say that this hadith is absolutely valid. And our damali has said I was only given a portion of gender, he was told to live in an area of gender. And this Hadeeth applies to other areas because in the context actually of the Hadith, actually, the context is filled those Delilah The context is for those that Allah and

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And perhaps Adam was not in that boat perhaps he was given some periphery region, and he was told this area is yours. And so the Hadith is still valid there is in genda that which the eyes have not seen, and that was the ears have not heard, and that was the mind itself has not conceived. And so we can easily respond to all of the points raised by the the evidences are the second and third category. And we can say that, in fact, it is the actual gender because that is exactly what it seems to be that if you look at the evidences The first category, they really seem to be far more solid and cheerful assignment Tamia, he writes, in his measurement of a double volume for page 347

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agenda to let the US Canada Adam was over to her in the center of illuma, to the student to gemera. He agenda to hold the that the agenda that Adam was in him and his wife, that the self of this oma and Alison are by and large, they all claim that it is the permanent genda that we desire. So this is the majority position and a shallow data, it is the correct position. Now, also, there is a psychological element that helps us and that's one of the reasons why I think it is important to bring this up. And I do believe there is some benefit in this discussion.

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The fact that our father, Adam, lived in djenne as his first residence, that should bring a hope in all of us, that that is our final residence. You know, the first person to claim a territory, the first person to live in a territory, it's as if he stakes it out. It's as he says, This is mine, right? This is human nature. You know, anytime a civilization once upon these are now golden these days, but once upon a time when a civilization came across an unknown land, okay, when there's nobody there? Well, sadly, when colonialist came, they could they didn't care who lived there. When the Europeans came to hear the United States of America or the Americas, they didn't care. The

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people were here, they claimed it for their own. Well, he only went to India, they claimed it for their own. But their point is that suppose it's free land, nobody is there. So the law of humanity, that's the way we have understood things is that the first person has the right to claim that land. So the fact that no one lived in gender until Adam came in, and Adam was given gender, him and his wife, and that's my parents and your parents. That's all of our parents. Doesn't that make you feel a sense of insha? Allah, positive entitlement, not arrogant entitlement. But that a hope that you know what, that's my abode. That's the land of my forefathers. Right? It gives you a hope. That's

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the whole point. And for me, therefore, this topic is of relevance. Some of our earlier might have said, What's the point of discussing and I understand, you know, what they're saying, me personally, the knowledge that Adam and Hawa were in the actual Jenna makes me feel a sense of optimism and hope. That's, I think, one of the wisdoms and again, Allah knows best, I'm just positing that's one of the wisdoms why Allah subhana wa, tada would, in fact, send our parents there, even though he knew that they're going to come down to earth, right? Because here's the point. And by the way, this is also a point that is used by group two and three, that Allah says to the angels, that in Asia, I

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don't fill out the califa, I'm going to create a halifa on this earth for this earth. And so groups two and three say, What's Adam doing up agenda than he should be on this earth? He should automatically be here, whereas group one says very easily the interpret this that look, Allah knew that Adam and his progeny would live on earth for millennia for long periods of time. So then why sent him up to Jenna, so we can say, so that insha Allah hotel, Allah, the righteous of her children, are incentivized they feel hope and optimism that if law can grant agenda to our forefathers without doing any good, then insha Allah, Allah, if I do as much good as I can, and I

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try to live a pious life, well, then insha Allah, Allah, Allah will grant me Jen, as he granted my mother and father agenda. So that's the reason why I think this topic is actually very positive. Very interesting. And and and that is also why I think it is useful to point out that, in fact, the gender of our forefathers, Adam was the actual gender that we want to desire to go back to. Now, another point that we have very interesting point here. And I've already discussed, by the way, way at the beginning of our series, when I did

00:34:33--> 00:34:59

the beginning of the introduction of Heaven and Hell, when I went back to I think the second half or something we discussed that heaven in hell exists right now. You can go back to that lecture, I discussed all the evidences that Jen is in existence right now, this is not subject to any controversy amongst Allison among Sunni scholars that we all believe that Jenna is in existence right now at hamdulillah. We thank Allah for that. Now, perhaps the one thing that

00:35:00--> 00:35:07

And then of course, the evidences are I mean, I went over them but again just to refresh our memory. So for example, the fact that

00:35:08--> 00:35:55

the fact that Allah Subhana widad has described, has described the realities of gender, and the fact that our Prophet salallahu it he was selling them has seen genda and he has come back to tell us when he went to his own Mirage he said that the health agenda entry agenda, right to Agenda I saw agenda and in fact, in the Hadith inside Bahati, that when Allah created Jenna, he said to gibreel go and look at gender, and come back and tell me what you think. And you breed want to look at gender. And he came back and he said, Oh, my Rob, there is no one that will hear about Jenna, except that he will be so eager to enter the digital enter it. And then a large Georgian surrounded Jenna,

00:35:56--> 00:36:35

with the difficulties that you have to overcome to get into gender. And then gibreel went back and jubilees said, Oh, Allah, those difficulties to overcome are so you know, massive that I'm worried that this creation of yours will not be able to pass over those difficulties. We ask a lot, how we cannot pass what we can do nothing. It is a law who blesses us it is a law who forgives our sins and inshallah to Allah allow us to pass over those difficulties. The point though, that Jubilee saw gender, this means it's already there. And the Prophet system said that I saw the Palace of immutable hubbub agenda. So it's already there. He's seen it, okay. And he saw alkota, he saw it.

00:36:35--> 00:37:19

And he said that its water was whiter than milk and colder than ice, and sweeter than honey. So he told us and the banks of the coat that he described as we're going to come to so he saw it. So it is very clear that gender is up and running right now. It is in existence right now. Now, there were some, you know, non Sunni groups, that heretical groups, they said that gender will be created later on, and they have their philosophical evidences, the Quran and Sunnah is very clear that gender exist right now. However, there's one thing that I think is very, very interesting. And I want all of us to pay attention to it, because once again, it's going to incentivize us. And it's going to

00:37:19--> 00:37:36

allow us to think long and hard. Did you know, dear Muslim, that right now as we speak, we have the opportunity to shape our house in gender, and to increase our plot in gender, gender exists. But

00:37:38--> 00:37:46

right now, perhaps, perhaps, there are people that are destined to go to Geneva and they're walking on this earth, but their plots are empty.

00:37:47--> 00:38:40

And they have the opportunity to fashion and shape and to have a larger plot and to build a bigger palace. And so, this is a very interesting point genda exists, but there is active building of the plots of the people of gender, as they are on Earth, there is a causal linkage, real lifetime, as they say, you know, Live on the Air real life, that as we do something, we can ensure low to Allah influence, same same time simultaneously, what is going on in gender? And I think that is absolutely fascinating. And it is something that should make us so eager because of Hannelore, you know, the, the the house owner, when he's building a house, right? You know, in our neighborhood that where I

00:38:40--> 00:39:19

live, there's houses are being built, you know, and so, every time a new house is being built, you know, we find the owner drives by every second third day, and he's so happy and he's looking, and he's telling the workers, Oh, do this, oh, he's monitoring anything needs to be changed, you know? So there's this eagerness that we see, can you imagine? Can you imagine, Allah has given us the opportunity to shape our houses in Jannah, Allah has given us the opportunity to increase the size of our land in gender, and that's so beautiful, and that should cause us to think long and hard and then to live our lives in accordance with how we want to do and there are a number of things that

00:39:19--> 00:39:59

are mentioned. So for example of them in the famous Hadith, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that mon Sol Allah He is Natasha terra cotta whoever prays to Allah subhana wa tada 12 recart. Apart from the funny book that in addition to the folio book, shall have a palace built for him by Allah subhanho wa Taala in gender. Now this hadith is authentic. We've all heard it, and by the way, we should know these recart and so there are two before selected ledger and then there are two and two before selected door and then there's two after slot two door and then there's two after

00:40:00--> 00:40:35

Surat Al Maghrib. And then there's two after. So achalasia these are the 12. For two I'm doing each finger I'm doing to basically right. So we have to for before, so that will fetch it and this is the most important of all of them in terms of the sun and erotica. And then there because winter is a different category, that's not sooner, it's a different type of category. And then there's two and two before salata door, and some so you can pay for altogether, which is finance associates should pray to intuits as trivial matter. So there's basically four before start the door, and then to afters a lot of door and then we have to after slothful Muslim, and then we have to afterthought

00:40:35--> 00:41:19

leisure. Okay, put all of this together and you get to 12. Now, what did our Prophet system say? Whoever prays 12 Records, in addition to the de la show have a palace built for him, by Allah subhanho wa Taala. In general, now Subhan Allah, you know, there are some world famous architects that the globe knows when, when a large project needs to be done, you know, the multibillion dollar corporations need to build something is going to be iconic. In the entire city. There's only a handful of architects or an even smaller number of people that are well known in the world today, every person who's into architecture would know some of these names that Oh, that's the person you

00:41:19--> 00:42:05

go to. And they are so top notch that even the average you know, rich person cannot hire their services. They're simply above that. These are the people they're hired by corporations to build iconic structures for cities. And imagine now what method of actual love belongs a perfect example. Imagine that we don't have these mortals that will be designing a palace for us. We are told that if we pray 12 o'clock at a law, we'll design a palace, whatever we want, every one of us is different. We all have our wishes and desires, right? Imagine if we pray 12 recart the ROB bull Harlan mean, himself is going to fashion and carve and grant us a palace that is specific for us.

00:42:07--> 00:42:08

Dear Muslim,

00:42:10--> 00:42:57

love Mustang. How simple is the ask? And how great is the reward just for 12 o'clock just for 12 o'clock. It will cost us less than 1015 minutes a day if even that, and a lot of Zoo john himself is going to grant us that type of palace. how lazy can we be? I'm sorry to be so blunt here. But how lazy that you don't want to pray these 222 That's it. And the return is what the reward is what don't you want Allah subhana wa tada to build that palace for you. And specific for you your wants, your desires, your needs, because every one of us has our own, you know, once and what not. And so a lie himself will take charge. It's not there right now. That's the whole point. It's not there. But

00:42:57--> 00:43:41

if we do it, it will be built in lifetime. Don't we want that. That's the point of incentivizing here as well. We have the famous headhunted movie that our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said that when I went up to Israel and Merrill Dodge, I met my father Ibrahim. And he said to me that all Mohammed sallallahu it he was setting them up for it on Metallica mini Salaam is one of my favorite heddy that I've said this so many times. It's a beautiful idea that Ibrahim said to his son, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, all Mohammed, go tell your Ummah, my salaams I want them to know I care about them, I want them to know, I have them in my mind, I want them to know I am

00:43:41--> 00:44:30

sending my setup upon them, and then go inform your oma that the soil of Jenna is fertile, it is beautiful, it is luscious. And the land of Jen is bearing well in the hand. There's no trees over there. We have the plot, the empty plot is there in our names if we're righteous and bias, but it is empty. Why are we Why are we being told this because again, the live time, the notion of us being interactive in the construction of our plot being interactive in the increasing of the size of our plot. So we are told this upon the tongue of Ibraheem alehissalaam through the messenger ship of our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu it was said to them, you cannot get a more noble chain than this you

00:44:30--> 00:44:58

cannot get a more noble methodology of telling us the truth that Ibraheem alehissalaam himself is telling us go tell your own, that even though the soil is fertile, there are no trees in genda. How can you have agenda without trees by definition, gender means a garden. Where are the trees going to come from? one another also has to handle law he will come to the law he will either in the law will love

00:45:00--> 00:45:47

The saplings that you're going to plant so that the trees grow. And there is no withering agenda. There's no weeds in genda there's no predators in gender. Every sapling that grows in the seed in the soil, it will become a magnificent tree. So, every time we do one Vicar in live time, a sapling is planted in our plot in China. Once again, dear Muslims, every single Subhan Allah will hamdulillah whether Illa Illa Allah Allah, how can we be so lazy? Well law in this world if we were told that a millisecond freeze is going to increase our plot size because again, every sapling needs more space and this is the tree of gender or not time with three of this world is going to be a

00:45:47--> 00:46:31

small plot it's a tree of gender. Every time we say a vicar in the Hadith and sign Muslim or Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that whoever says to Hannah law he will be handy he whoever says of her in the logo handy, what is that logo Nana 25th agenda, there shall be a date palm planted for him in gender. So in particular, Suppan Hello be handy, he will give us a date palm and Subhana lo and hamdulillah Illa. Allah, Allah will give us other types of fruits and trees. And so every time we say Subhana Allah will be handy he we are being given a date palm of Jenna, how large will it be? How beautiful will the shade be? And so here's the point, dear Muslims, the more good deeds that we

00:46:31--> 00:47:15

do, the more our plot in general is being shaped actively by our good deeds. Well, like can there be a more beautiful incentive for us to do good deeds? Can there be a more beautiful incentive? And that is why that is why the wife of Freetown arsia, whom we know of course, is one of the most righteous ladies in all of human history that the wife of found us here she made out to a law in light of all of her persecution, she is suffering and she is in pain and turmoil. And what is her hope? What is her salvation? She is basically saying a law that if pilot or BB near in deca beighton, Phil Jenna, oh, my Lord, construct for me a palace next to you in Jenna. The palace has

00:47:15--> 00:48:03

not yet been constructed, right, in light of the Azov and the torture and all of the punishments in light of the fact that she is in the palace have the most evil human being ever known to mankind he is fit our own, he is worse than Hitler and all of the mass dictators, brutal dictators. This is the the worst dictator that's Pharaoh himself. And Asya is in that company, she cannot go anywhere she is being tortured, mentally and physically and what not. And so what can she say? Oh Allah, in light of all that is going on? My hope, my salvation is that I want you to build a palace notice build a palace, it is not yet built, you are asking or she is asking ALLAH, in light of all this going on,

00:48:03--> 00:48:46

to build that palace and therefore, when we are undergoing problems, when we have calamities when we are just doing our good deeds, we can and we should ask a lot for something beautiful in gender. And we have this also in Hadith as well. That are prophet Sall Allahu alayhi wa sallam said that when I take the soul that Allah says so the person said that a law says that and the Hadees had you could see so long Hadith or summarize it that when a child is taken away by death, and the parents are patient, and the parents are patient, and a lot ask the angels that you did you take away you know, the the appaling of my servant's eyes, did you take away you know, a piece of their heart? Did you

00:48:46--> 00:49:30

take away you know, something that's gonna cause so much grief and whatnot? They will say, Yes, we did. So alone will say what was their response? And they will say that they were patient, they said in that 11 A Roger and they accepted your decree of a law. And so what will a law say? A law will say build for them a palace and call it the Palace of praise because they praise me when that calamity happened. Notice once again the active the dynamic building of your plot of your palace of your structure because of what you are doing in this dunya therefore dear Muslim, every day as you go about your day and you do something good or you don't do an evil or you whatever you are able now

00:49:30--> 00:50:00

inshallah tada to influence that plot. And This to me is a huge incentive. And really, it is something that Unfortunately, most of us don't even think about go about our lives daily. And we don't think about we have the opportunity to influence the the the structure, the plot, we have the opportunity to have the best palace, far larger than anything we can imagine a lot himself will become the architect for us in this regard, and he will, he will make the house for us the way that we wanted because of everything.

00:50:00--> 00:50:37

Every single good deed because every calamity if we are patient and if we persevere in this initial load to either along with our as God along with all that we are doing, we can actively take apart of course, we will not be able to see it, but we have that hope as Asya had as as you heard that Oh Allah builds for me that Palace in Jenna so we too should continue our good deeds so that inshallah huhtala we can have that palace and that land and that garden based upon our good deeds and inshallah with this we come to the conclusion of today's lecture and till next time, we'll continue about the people who enter agenda and the levels that they're going to be in the doors have Jen

00:50:37--> 00:50:41

until next time, just like will love it was Sarah modicon rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

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