Yaser Birjas – The Worst Places On Earth

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The shay "hammer" meaning in the market is discussed, including the meaning of "has been misled" and "has been there permanently". The shay "hammer" meaning to be "has been misled" and "has been thrown out" is also discussed. The shay "hammer" is referred to a woman named Karlovac, who had a wedding. The speakers explore the shrooming of children and the potential exposure to distraction and product exposure, including the shrooming of children as a panic thing and the shrooming of children as a reference to a woman named Karlovac.
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hamdulillah Malala means that Allah Subhan Baraka, Muhammad Barajas, cyber Salam, ala Sleeman Kathira mama but

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I'm going to be with like shopping at your mouth.

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And we're like shopping. Talking about going to the mall and shopping we're not talking about an Amazonian

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guys don't like shopping right?

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But if you go shopping, should you go when it's really at 9am Once the doors are open, so you will go do your thing and get out. Or you go there at 9am and you leave by 9pm before they close. What's the ruling on this? Let's say what the Prophet sallallahu sallam said in regards to these worst places on earth. Hadith number 18 1840 to one Salmaan and Pharisee Radi Allahu Anhu orda kala sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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actually sell manifests at the law and some of the sales for housing abyssal Allah selama for ln abuse of Allah Salam, some they say these are from the words of Salman himself as a hadith Karla Salah Salem, Lata Coonan in STATA, oh, well, Emma yet who to sue? Well, Rama, Rajan minha, called for in America to shaytaan will be her young civil rioter. In this hadith, the messenger of allah sallallahu wasallam said, do not if you can, if you can help, do not if you can be the first to enter the marketplace. And the last to leave it

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don't be the first letter and the last to leave. Because it is in arena of the shaytaan understanding of the shaytaan is set right there, like the banner of the shirt on to sit right there. And we spoke about the meaning of that, how because the market was what happens when people start, you know, kind of like cheating, Gerson probably whatever, lot of faith and happens over their transactions, fraud and so on. And if none of these have Muhammad happen, the least of it is what is a constant reminder of the dunya constant reminder of the dunya. Even if you buy nothing, even if you buy nothing when you leave the market, or leave the mall, how do you feel? You feel

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heavy, because you've seen so many things you couldn't afford buying. And so anything you wish that you have, but you aren't able to buy, you still have that kind of feeling in your heart that keeps you down and attach it to the dunya that's why there's not a healthy place to stay there for a very long time. But there's another narration which is very interesting that we need to talk about a little bit. God Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam latoken Oh well, Ahmed who used to call the ashram minha fie her BA the shaytaan wolffer rock. And this other narration, the professor Assam says don't be the first person to enter the market. And the last one to leave it. It was Wi Fi hubba shaytaan

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Wolfer rock because they're in these marketplaces, a shaytaan bardahl for Jose metric have been misled his eggs.

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Well, Farah is nested over there. That's what it means. Wait a minute, the shaytaan layers. What does that exactly mean? Is that metaphoric expression one? Now first of all, it's an Arabic expression whenever they want to say something is becoming permanent. What do they say, you know, Bardo for further makan in this person recently like did eggs and his nesting in that area? I'm gonna say an essay what does it mean? Stay in for a long time.

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Like if you have

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your house for example, the backyard one day you wake up that tree is occupied by a bird with a nest for example, or above your backyard door for instance, or even sometimes place it is like really? I mean, what am I gonna do now? Because once they have their their nest house, they stay for a long time. So the Prophet says and he means by that shaytan is basically he is there permanently. Or he is there wherever you go, he is going to be there

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meaning chances to encounter the worst was of the shutdown the worst possible shutdown the fifth never the shutdown, the battle with the shutdown is higher and greater when you're in the marketplace thrown out.

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Do you see the same fit now? Explain do you get except for the same fitna if you come to the masjid at the same time now, if you go to the public library, for example, or even if you go just to a grocery store, the fitna is less likely to be there, as severe as it is when you go to the actual you know, marketplaces where people sell things and so on. So that's something to keep in mind shallow talent. But then the other thing, the LMR they took the highest literally some of them they took the highest literally and they started talking and arguing first of all, does the shaytaan procreate

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does the shutdown procreate the demand or not?

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Does it procreate meaning that you have children that they have offspring? A shirt on?

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Remember, he's living a perpetual life until the day of judgment. So this creation has seen a lot. You think you can defeat the shaytan come on man it would. He was with Rwanda Bucha Hana Bulava and all these in between. He has all the tools to defeat you. Right? So the shaitan does he procreate so he doesn't need to have offspring for himself right? But does he procreate? That's the question. We know that the jinn do and sheltering also part of the jinn. So therefore they do procreate. But what about the shelter himself? So that's a question about the argument and so some of them they say yes, he does. Some they say no, that he doesn't. And then Subhanallah Imam shabu Rahim Allah Tada. He's a

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fun guy is that sense of humor. He was once asked if I do Cairo, hellish eponymous xojo is a shirt on I have a wife Karlovac Arsalan

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because I wasn't invited to his wedding.

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Like how do I know basically is it but then he said on a serious more serious note is ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala says, so it is all about a luna who was a reata? Who Alia I mean, are you gonna take him and his offspring as Oh yeah, besides me? He goes, if he has offspring, he must have had what? Zosia? Okay, well, let's say that Zelda a spouse, what kind of spouse we're talking about, are we talking about a wife, or

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no sense of matrimony for them? That's what we don't know. Hola. Hola, Anna, or we know that he procreate, and the genomes of procreate as well, too. Now the question is, how are their children born? Or their offspring? Is it born? Or is it does it hatch like eggs based on this generation? So somebody could literally say, well, the Prophet says Barshop Mo Farah. The shutdown read a nice day they eggs, but that's a minority opinion. Based on the statement that we have in this Hey, I just wanted to mention this as an anecdote over here to know but we know for sure that the shaytaan procreate as Allah subhana wa Taala says May Allah subhanaw taala protect us from him and his

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offspring are Bananaman wala Hana any question Gemma

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Kenna Shelton have offspring with humans not that we know of malaba now

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to other to arrive

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so he's saying he says that means this According this hadith is better to go to the market get your stuff and come out again right. So as well if you decided to go with the wife shopping for two hours is two hours okay? Don't say the Hadith Yeah, we have to do five minutes right. Those are the family time inshallah Tana but yeah, definitely the less you spend the rest time you spend in the marketplace the better to for your heart to align now.

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Does it apply to the online shopping and markets? Obviously, it's not the same in terms of the exposure to fit and visual Phaeton. But it could be this exposure to distraction. You start kind of seeing another link and then it's another product so just something for you. And you keep clicking all these links and suddenly, you spent two hours doing nothing useful. Allah Now

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it's panic alone, but I'm a Shadowland as a ceramic Rahmatullah workout.

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