Yaser Birjas – The Permisibility Of Wearing Clothes That You Have A Preference Towards

Yaser Birjas
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning behind certain words used in clothing, such as "monkey's" and "monkey's," and the preference for shirt and dresses for men in various regions. They also touch on the process of the Prophet's setup, which is often made of long sleeves and passed around the ankles, and the profit is longer. The speaker suggests considering transportation and travel time of women to avoid overwhelming their families, as it is important for the Prophet to cover everything upfront and avoid overwhelming their families.
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Under a lot of blood, I mean, so a lot of anime and I'm Hamlet

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that you guys have

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a special or favorite maybe in that region where

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we don't even go and you look into your closet and you look at all these fancy things that you have in there, don't you have some that you preferable to you always like to prefer to towards something in particular?

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What are you don't you have something that's preferable to your particular shirt than something like that and so on, or specific color that you like or to put the match together? And so, I would always have like, What?

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Is it permissible?

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Is it permissible even to make preferences in terms of what you put on your clothes? The answer is yes, because

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he himself it also we prefer a particular pattern of clothes. He said that he had his own salon or the locker Anopheles or he could have a diverse book of dresses from unsalted butter. That was the Bible of Tommy's Chapter The excellence or the desirability of worrying outcome is an Ole Miss era mentality Allah, tala can have good to be sued in the south, a lot of Tommy's, all over the auto tournament.

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On Santa Monica de la, she reported that out of all governments a last message of civilized 70 line outcome is the best. The question is, how would you define commies? communists, just like in the Spanish word for me, songs are usually translated into shirt. But once I say the word shirt, what comes to your mind?

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Does it come to mind some of the others, like the

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wrong? Is everybody called commies? No, it's not funny. It's right. How about the firewall Tommy's.

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Is that also called companies that you put on? How about a shirt that's loaded with shorts that goes around your waist, perhaps is that also coaching companies that Mr. ones come to the finisher families as part of the Arab culture again, we didn't find these words, from the practice of the Arabs at the time of the process of looking into what was their tradition. This what you see is actually considered also commies, it usually was made of long sleeves, and it goes from the shoulders, one piece from the shoulders all the way goes down and preferably to a sort of like a sort of a salon used to work either on site or something, which means right below his, his knees,

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between his knee, his ankle and between the shots. So that's the preferable size for the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, which makes that that the Pakistani shall outcome is closer to the center in many many cases, because it is indeed sometimes it goes all the way down below, then it doesn't go further down towards the ankles, but the Arab Gulf sometimes goes all the way down and even goes beyond being below that. Now, we know that the process of audio setup which is something coming next to discuss and shutter later

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is bad, which is lower in the garment below the ankles the process of a lot of setup here for various from doing that. Which means they are as they did were these long films because something called dishdasha or they can tell depends, so much it goes all the way down to the ankles. So sometimes it's to the ankles, above the ankles closer to the knees. And the preferable size for the process of our setup was in between that was a preferable such the profits are a lot longer. However, it's still considered traditional thing as long as it doesn't go below the ankles, you should be fine. So this is called commies. The Pakistanis are also called commies. Now that illusion

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of shirt today that we put on such as polo shirts, or t shirts, or even a shirt the regular shirt with buttons that goes down down to the waist. Is this is concerned the same communist as the prophet SAW serves commies. We don't know that they weren't they were committed to that lead that left a law that they had short sleeves back then. A lot of time we don't know the details of that. But we know the dirt commies puzzle block sleeves goes all the way down to Kabbalah right now why did the Prophet sallallahu wasallam preferred prefer that in particular, now there is no specific reason why the Prophet prefer to come is that it is it provides that modesty provided modesty and

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cover it completely was one piece instead of having two or three pieces that you can have to match cards together. And sometimes it was too tough just to see if this match with this one and so on. is only one piece that you put on completely modesty, saving time, saving money, saving so many things. And also nice and clean and tidy. When the profit Some of us have used to his clothes used to maintain them very well. sallallahu alayhi wa says so what about the column

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Doesn't have to be white. We mentioned in previous ad that the more the preferable color, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was white. But we also read some of the higher that he had green garments he had read some of them and also black garments, and perhaps maybe other colors. So it's not not necessarily white doesn't have to be white, but it's the most preferable to the profits of the line. That's why you see in the tradition, even until today, some of the fragrant dresses or basically thought that you put on is the white comics the white until this day, when you go to the Middle East, most of the Arab cotton Arab Peninsula, they were actually the white families just like one

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that one will love without any question.

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Dice I will do not have time to test.

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Now, the prophet SAW some others had it.

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He said ISIS is basically maybe be doomed. Or maybe he is a first billion loss. The one who was Abdullah Abdullah, he said the Prophet sauce and the one was the servant of a dimension specific dunya material items, such as after dinner after Dharma after some usato there are seven tickets for the sheikh ever and he said that this person, the servant of the dinar, are different like saying the dollar, the rupee is another currency, and the gold and the silver. And the one who's whose dad, his life is all about clothes. Abdullah Abdullah Khalifa was a different kind of clothes, and also food and the other thing that is materialistic, the process of Assam was bordering against enslaving

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ourselves to this. So yes, you are allowed to dress nicely. But don't make this like any The only thing that you look for. There are people who live for shopping. That's it. Just go so they can shop that's it. That's the entertainment that's an intellectual life, or the Kabbalah just to look at those are the people that speak or monitors or ma Na

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read we're gonna cover that later. I'm just gonna come right on shalonda and it's one of the disputable pure red or is it the dark orange

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we're going to cover that purpose awesome under hand. He wants something right so

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let's see if we have any questions. Yes, sir.

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only apply to

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come in tomorrow. Not tomorrow next week and

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now Yes.

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I think we'll cover that then we cover that

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chapter on suffer women are they allowed to travel?

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I'm not gonna actually mentioned that in

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details, but I will say it depends on the circumstances, case by case scenario the traditional period and had individual assume that women should not be traveling without mom if they're going to be traveling distance of one day or one night. Now should we consider the transportation like in our time one day or night is actually going around the globe? So we will extrapolate that with the Garmin takes 1618 hours and so on so that's less than 24 hours or should we consider the distance all these takes and then will be taken consideration also, should women travel for admin knowledge without Maha three, four hours etc together should we consider a rough spot in between trustworthy

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company when they go with families of a group of ladies together? Always I would say would go case by case in law 100

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