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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh we'll give a couple of minutes for other people to join in please do share this with your families and friends and chat boxes that come along.

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So we'll just give a few minutes in chat lot for people to join us online.

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And we'll try to begin on time in chat along the next couple of minutes. Evening lakita

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so I'll just also set up the live broadcast on my Facebook page inshallah

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and sisters and then we will continue with our

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session in sha Allah.

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hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen

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so just give it a second to load in chat line, we'll get underway with our part seven of the Tafseer of the study of sutras and the 67th chapter of the Quran in sha Allah.

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So if you're watching in on my Facebook page or on the YouTube page, please do share it with your friends and family I do want them in sha Allah to join us and to benefit from it if you feel that there is worth in that ask Allah subhanaw taala to me because for those who are blessed a lot of them I mean, I'm also just before we begin, I'm going to share in the comments section on the YouTube page, a link to my book,

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juice a day which is now an ebook and In short, light, something that you can benefit from and I hope it's something that you can enjoy reading. Also, I'm putting up a link to my face to my personal website, which might be something that you'll find some really good resources for the month of Ramadan and so on inshallah so I put those in the comment section for you there in chat live

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all right, Mashallah. We see people have joined in on our Facebook page as well and hamdulillah let's see where everybody is coming in from. Let us know where you're from inshallah it's always a blessing to see

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and we pray that Allah subhana wa tada accepts it from all of us a lot of money

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Mashallah, we got people from Texas Malaysia, Pakistan everywhere my shot lon hum de la London Of course. London's always in the house Mashallah.

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It's always good to see Alhamdulillah

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Alright, let's get started.

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In a handle the law who want to stay in home and stuff it all when are we learning in short, all the fusina women say yeah, Dr. Molina, man yeah Hindi hula hoop mo de la da woman Euclid Feller. How do Why should one ilaha illallah wa who la sharika Why should one no Mohammed bin Abdullah he was sudo sallallahu alayhi wa early he was he was settled into Sleeman kathira Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala you know whenever you know Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the Illa Illa Allah who was there who la sharika Monica Allah Al Hamdulillah, who Allah Khalifa in Cody, we always ask Allah Subhana Allah, the One that Almighty to make us from those who are blessed and obedient to Him. We

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pray that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah remains the central, most important pursuit of my life in your life, especially in these placid days of Ramadan. We pray that Allah subhana wa Taala removes from our heart really for the believers,

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hatred and rancor for those who have a man and that we reserve judgment for ourselves more so than we seek it for others.

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ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to make us from those who gain a clearer insight of the Quran tomorrow than we have it today and better today than what we were yesterday a lot. I mean, and as we continue with our discussions and study of sort of the 67 chapter of the Quran, we arrived last week at verse number 15. And that makes us at the middle of the surah. To Pamela it's a chapter of 30 verses. And we pray that Allah subhana wa Taala gives us the life and the energy and the ability to complete the chapter and its study, and that we can progress on to further and more intricate

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studies of the soul and if you were to ever study it again with others, I pray that a lot opens for you greater insight, greater knowledge than what you may have developed through this humble effort that we put forward with you today. So we begin by saying Allah subhanaw taala says

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our Villa Hina shaytani r rajim.

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Olivia Allah Allah como our Baba,

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semi Sufi man, kB heiwa kulu Mahmud II what Elaine hin Lucia to

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the loss of Hannah was Allah it is he alone who has made this earth submissive to you, so that you may walk upon it through its power.

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In between its mountains, and that you will discover there in it, the abilities and the processes of consuming and eating, finding the root member is key that he has placed in it for you, what you lay him to shore. And we discuss the first part of the verse and we said that we will continue this week what kulu members copy and consume from the risk of Allah subhanaw taala. We said that the earth is valuable and extremely submissive to human beings. And we said that it is submissive in four ways. It's a place that has been made smooth, the surface of it is one that is hospitable. It is not cratered. It's something that can be plowed and plateaued. And it's something that can be useful.

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And use. Number two, that the Earth itself is soft, it's all it's not all hard igneous rock, that there is in an affirmance that can be plowed and planted in it, it's also fertile. And that the earth is something that has been destined by Allah subhanho wa Taala, to be something that you and I grow fruits and vegetables in it will tell you when and where and who. And then you can This is from the mercy of a law that we can choose what we irrigate and crop in it each and every time of the year in different cycles. And number four, that it's manageable, and it's stable.

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It's not one that is shifting in its presence with us. And therefore we can build on it structures and buildings like we enjoy. And we said that the word might not that means it's like the humps, it's like the shoulder that mean cut. It's also like the humps of the camel. It's something that is sturdy, but in it are crevices that you and I can dwelling. And if you kind of think about where human beings have built their civilizations, it's always been in places where after the uplift of the the air produces rain on one side of the mountains, that that's always something that was preferable and lush and it was always something that we as human beings, valued. We love the peaks

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of mountains, we don't want to live on them. But we love their view, we want to be in the shade of these tall, magnificent structures that shelter the earth. I would Tad that that are like pegs they're in for us.

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And then Allah subhana wa tada says, What kulu minerals could consume, there is a law that he is destined here for you. Now this is not in contradiction to the verse in the Quran and sort of that yet where Allah subhanaw taala says what is

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your risk is decided in the heavens. So I want you to know the concept of risk, what do you and I as Muslims have value about this? How do we understand it. So risk is something that is valued by human beings, all human beings put value on this particular thing. So it is in my mind, my breath, the life that I have arose in the financial position that I'm in originally my intellectual capacity in my ability to study and retain information arose in my health risk in my wealth risk in my family risk in my children, lives in my mental state to be in a contented state. And you know, the poet's they would say, and next to touch, and cool enough to attend one factor Ohio magazine and youth

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rehab, that a human being is always upset if they were to be put in a state of poverty where they need to turn to others for help.

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Well, well, *er, Ohio, Michigan, and you'd read about poverty at times could be a better position for an individual than that they have enough that then they have self sufficiency that overwhelms them to a state of transgression and arrogance towards others was in a no fusi who will cover to have true enrichment is to recognize when you've been sufficed, and the drought of the prophets I seldom Allahu Meza Nina Allah Allah Maxi nahi hai La Liga and harar mc O Allah suffice us with what is halal. So we don't need to look to haram means to procure them and to earn them that's a very important thought for us as believers was even know fusi will cover in actifit

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in EBIT for Jamie Amanda Daniela, if your soul is unwilling to accept your risk position, then the wealth of the world will never suffice it if you in your heart are not able to understand that a loser is confined by the knowledge of Allah and what is best for you and determine for you then you will always always seek more and more and more and the prophets of Allah it was seldom says in the authentic hadith

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no and of me, Adam Aladdin, if a human being had two valleys, that were erupting with gold, they found valleys full of gold lepta lahoma salad, they will go out and search for the third when they're young little job for me either what fills me and you will never be

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We consume what we enjoy what we wear, what we have what we hoard, it's only going to be the dust of the earth, when we have been buried in it, that's the only thing that will eventually suffice, the one who's wayward in the relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So the risk is in a seminar, and I want you to think about risk as the totality of things that human beings put value in. And everything that is valuable to you, and AI is something that you must consider is not your own doing.

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The risk.

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Think of think of the things that we build economies on. So if you study economics, or if you study, you know, the, the the trade distributions that we have, as human beings, you will come to recognize that everything valuable is something that is made from other than

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elements that we have brought in, we haven't been able to add value to certain things. So the things that are valuable are things that we extract, gold, oil, metals, and you might say, No, no, no, but what about the services? You know, what about being an IT technician? Yes, but what are you? What are you a technician of, without the lithium without the copper, without the gold without the platinum, without the metals, none of the industries, even the service industries that we're in, would be of any value to us. And therefore, always understand that the root cause that is in the earth is placed for us by Allah Subhana who went to Allah, and Allah Subhana, WA, tada gives us

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these two different verses, the one in sort of the various who's who come to sama, don't contend with each other, seeking to take lives from one another, because you will only take what is given to you anyway, why is theft, so offensive to us as Muslims stealing from others, it's not just because you put somebody else in a disadvantaged position, no one goes further than that. Because sometimes you might take it, you know, if somebody was to take something from me, they'll say my own by part of my phone contract, it's ensured that if it gets stolen, and they fill out a police report within the year, they'll replace it with a newer model. And therefore, if somebody was to steal it, break

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in and steal it, I might not be so heartbroken, I'm going to get a new phone. And it's a little bit of an inconvenience, but I hadn't really got up on top anyway. So it's not always about loss. So why is such an abnormal thing, it's such an abomination within our faith. Because what you're doing is showing a dissatisfaction as a person who's taking from others, their belongings and justly, it's because you're dissatisfied with your financial position. And you're saying to Allah, I'm going to take what isn't mine in our capacity that I shouldn't eat your respective of what effect it has on other people. And our philosophy as Muslims is you're actually taking from your own self. So that

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thing that you took that $1,000 that you use serve was your ruse that would have arrived to you, but you took it before its time, and therefore it is a rebellion against the belief in Al Qaeda. And therefore it's an issue that is not just about the filter and machete and machinery, but it also relates to your al Qaeda what it is that you believe and esteem within a law subhana wa Tada. So keep that in mind is a very critical aspect for you and I to understand my pray that one day inshallah we can have an opportunity to speak more at length of it. Well, could you remember that whatever is in the earth is always destined for us by Allah subhanho wa Taala that Allah wants us to

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eat from it and to consume it, in what capacity and if he's the one who placed it, then he should be the one who is solely in charge of its position, and of what is it lawful and unlawful of it, what its limitations are, what is excessive, and what is negligence in it. And therefore, I will show you how it comes in as kulu halaal and consume that which is halon, but also that which is you, which brings prosperity and goodness into your life.

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So this is shows that there are consequences to risk, and the profits on the line you attend them said that nothing increases a person's lifespan, which is a part of your risk. Nothing increases your lifespan more than an hour and a taqwa do righteousness. Nothing extends your life gives you a longer life than if you are a person who was taqwa of Allah subhana wa Tada. And nothing avert the color of Allah, the decree of Allah except except your vocation which is a part of the father of Allah, and nothing deprives a man of their risk.

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Nothing deprives you of yours, except the sin that they have committed. Love

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Illa Allah Allahu la sharika La ilaha illa Allah Subhana iniquity navabi mein Allahumma elfa lenova novena. Allah we ask you to forgive us our sins, our inequity between us in you and our inequity in our dealings with others, or law we send so far for the sins that we have committed the Stanford Law, the human Liberty law, either in law who and how you're a human at Google, it started all at the molecular level and how you apply your mind to a self at all. I love him and Lila either you know and hate you or your one or two people at the profit that would allow yourself to now never ate, never put anything in his mouth, except that he had earned it with his own hand and he was a

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king. He was a king medic.

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But his kingdom was not one of consumption. It was one of service. So Pamela, the kingdom of our NaVi as I said, he didn't rule as a king. He ruled as a servant of Allah and a servant of his people. His wife describes him Kenya yesterday more he was there in the service of his people. You ask him well buckaroo, who is the most helpful to you? He would say Mohammed's a lot he was Selim helped me my dounia and ask him right up the line here. I'm not with your loved one you both had. The first Hadeeth we mentioned is from Newmarket

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hasn't Hadid second Hadeeth is from a body this third had enough to live near Emma.

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The prophets lie Selim marry, but Ronnie, he says that Allah loves a believer who works with his hand who earns their keep, who's a person who fulfills their trust with Allah subhanho wa Taala works for themselves works for their family, make sure that what they put in their mouth, they knew where it's from, and that it is something that is deserved, and put for them on the table from an effort that they have exerted along Medina, Minami Allah that either mean Oh Allah make us of them, Oh Allah. And that is an essential element of alacrity. I want you to think of this Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam where he says it's narrated by the madman, NASA intermediate,

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the manager and others from the sunon and it's an authentically the products I sell him said low and nickel, that will come to Allah ha but our Kelly, if you put your trust in Allah, the way he should be trusted, he would provide for you and he would give us the risk that is doing for us. The way he provides for the birds they set out in the morning with an empty stomach but they always return food. And I want you to think about this Have you had many people they misunderstand, they think oh, if I just have to look good if I just have a man in Allah, then that's enough. No, what is the bird do it flies out, it goes out in search of its food. It goes out in the morning and doesn't come back

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to the evening. And this hadith is about hard work earning your keep making sure that you are in the example of WW salon the example of our w 100. So I send them to

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seek out the risk of a loss of hands on with Allah not even saw that after its completion should keep us in the masjid fantastic you fill out of the with good luck I think what devilman fugly go back out into the earth after sold out to Juma And may Allah return us to the massage it for the joumana Jamaat and then go back out and earn the rest of Allah subhana wa tada

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what could have been rosca he he lay him ashore to Allah there will be an issue the word natural in Arabic means to be displayed to be set out to be folded out that it's something that is made public and we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us from those who are given sets of attitudes from Hannah Montana is the one who guards our scenes from public display in this light on we asked a lot to forgive them for us as he has promised in the authentic hadith of our Navy so I send them or quotes that Allah will say, Yeah, I don't go to yellow Mecca well, Canada not either Muslim. Do you remember this day? And what you did here and you and I will say Yes, hello. I acknowledged by

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mistake. He will say hello to Holly Kevin Jr. I eat it for you in the dunya when your outfit Oh Allah. And today I forgive it for you. I love my job and I'm in homeopathy. And I am number 16 Allah subhanaw taala says admin

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fists, ma e ie

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the EVA here

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do you feel secure that the one above the heavens, that the one above his creation will not cause you to be swallowed into the earth when it is violently shaking. So Pamela, you and I assume that this earth is

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immovable. As I sit before you right now. The earth that I'm upon that the plate of the earth that I'm upon is in motion. And it was only in the 50s that human beings came to this recognition that the earth is

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plates, the Earth's continents are moving. The Himalayas are built because there's a subduction zone and the mountains are built. And there's a part of Africa literally broken off and by and pushing what is today India pushing up into Asia and that's where the Himalaya has come from that Australia is moving apart and it was a part of Africa and moved apart from it a part of South America and moved the part of it and there was a greater Pangea and the earth is actually moving and the law says in sort of the nem will totally zhiban attacked several hijama you look upon the mountains you believe them to be standing firm and solid immovable, unmovable. We're here tabula rasa had, but

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they move the movements of the clouds and have a lot to statement of Allah subhanho wa Taala that is multi layered and dimensional in its meaning. I mean, to Memphis summer, are you assured? Oh, you who have disbelieved in God? Do you have such a sense of security that you feel so completely secure, that the one in the heavens, Allah Subhana, Allah will not cause this earth is sink and fracture and bring you down into its depths? That either here to move? When it is in a state of violent convulsion and shaking? are you so sure that there will be no husband and this word is actually Yes, if that is a very harsh element of Hulu, or has, has been the word when you add to it

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the word out of it's as if you're saying that a lot is not just going to open the earth, but he's going to open the earth and cause it to just sink down and suck everyone

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into it. And this is in a punishment that are lots of anodized speaking in the abstract, but he's threatening of that which he has done to previous generations. So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in total total costs us which is chapter number 28. And I believe this is verse number 7879, maybe 8081 Allah subhanho wa Taala says, sF nabee. He will be daddy Hill out. He's speaking about qarun Cora who's in the Bible that is mentioned on the Torah that Allah punished me Academy called me Mustafa Halim us from the people of Moses. He was an Israelite, but he recanted and he went against that which he knows was the truth that has f Nabeel out of the eye cause the earth to swallow to

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envelop him. Am I Candela who mean, the Athenian sorona hoomin de la, Americana, minimum, serene, he had no one on that day, he and his dwellings and his wealth were consumed by the earth, and no one was there to save them. No one was there to help them or avail him against my order. Do you feel safe? And I want you to think of what we're doing at the moment on the line 2020, the COVID-19 crisis? How safe were you two months ago? In your job security? How safe are you and your children going to school every day? How safe were you in your healthcare? I'll save were you in the NHS in Medicare in Australia, in Oh, hip for Canada, that you had an ability to find the best of doctors,

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the best of treatments for us in western countries. How safe for you to be able to get on a plane and get where you wanted to go. And it was just a matter of booking it and you had to the only concern you had was getting the best fare and you know how, how concerned Were you with this earth not being as safe as it has always been for you? And within the blink of an eye? Try to even remember what it was like two months ago. It's difficult.

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How difficult was it for you to go shopping in the last three weeks if you live in New York and New Jersey are some of the hardest places in London and in the United Kingdom and compare that to what it was like two months ago? Right? compare how Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us these assigns, so do you feel safe? Do you feel safe walking the earth and why are you not humbled? before Allah subhanho wa Taala either?

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Because the more that the Earth can convulse and can shake itself, from its normality, into something different look at the drought. The profits are I sell them in society Hadith, narrated by the men and Maasai. The prophet Isaiah he would say.

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Allah made me laugh for a while I asked you for your pardon. When laugh here and to grant me well being p Dini, we're doing the I want to do Nii in my faithfulness in you and in the matters of my worldly life with e le 190. And in my family and in my wealth Allahumma O Allah, cover my weakness, and then roll it and make easy my dismay and my distress the things I'm worried about. a homophobe, man invading ad now 100 female on a man in our angioma me now Oh, a lot.

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Guard has before us behind us to the right of us to the left of us. Right? Oh Allah protect us and don't let the earth shutter beneath a swallow, swallow, swallow what's up. And the imagery of swallowing up doesn't have to be that that the literal one, that the earth is going to fracture and you fall in it, but that the earth that holds you up is removed. You know, when we have this saying, it's almost as if it's a proverbial saying you can see it, that the carpet was pulled from under their feet, that what you thought was present is no longer there, what security you're hired as a security blanket was removed. And Allah subhanaw taala says, I mean, to Memphis and Matt, are you

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sure that the one above the heavens, the one who you should worship that He has given you this security? Or have you diluted yourself in this false sense of being in the next area, verse number 17. And I mean, to

00:30:56--> 00:30:58

be semi

00:30:59--> 00:31:00

sila, La

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that said that a lot more not paying for nothing? Or do you feel secure that the one above the heavens, Allah subhanho wa Taala, will not strike you down with a violent rock storm from above, where that you will be wing torn, and something will descend upon you, then pass that alimony, it's only then it is at that time, in that immediate moment, you will understand the severity of this warning I give you today. So Subhanallah Look at that, look at the balance of a law set, punishment from above Memphis, a man or you're sitting at a courthouse even, and in the previous ayah, that our law causes the earth beneath you, and where can you go in between heaven and earth? Where is there

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to hide from Allah, where it is that you can turn from Allah, what ocean will, will will will will save you what earth will carry you what heaven will show to you. And Subhanallah you hear of the words of Arabic look at the statement of a bobak when the Sahaba were asking him to gather the Quran in a must have. And he said but the Prophet didn't order me to do it. He didn't do it in this time. And they kept on responding until Allah opened his heart. And that's why we have the Muslims with us. But Abu Bakr he said on that day, when they first asked him, he said, You know

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why you said that in COVID-19? What on earth would ever keep me upon it, and what heaven whatever shade me are shown to me that I will bring something that puppet didn't use a vise and that's how carefully we're in establishing his tradition, and sooner peace and blessings be upon him. Let's look at this ayah and your Salah that Allah send upon you. And therefore I want you to understand that there are things that happened to us that are not just mere coincidence, but it is sent upon us as human beings that they are a test and a trial. I don't want you to think that there is chaos and random, random acts, everything is confined, while not nuwakot in in a lot more hand, not a leap,

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pulls off a tree, except Allah knows where it's fallen and where it will land and what will happen to it to partner with Allah, your seal.

00:33:11--> 00:33:49

It is he who sends Allah come upon you. alikum is a generality of all in particular those who are sinful, it's a punishment. And for those who are believers, it is a cleansing. And therefore two people can experience the violence of this visitation. And for one of them it is a test from Allah that brings her closer to Allah that may take their life and return them to Allah sanctified, clean and pure. For another it is a punishment of a law that has kept the further away from the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala account of their esteem and belief in Allah as Origen house even the word house even.

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It comes from a piece of land hisbah that has a lot of stones in it. So it's almost as if Allah subhanaw taala saying I will drop upon you a piece of land the firmament that's full of rocks that will destroy everything beneath it, and will rain down upon you disrupted and this is exactly what has happened to the people of Luna and Allah says in Surah

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verse number 33rd 3334, Allah subhanaw taala says he not all sudden now I lay him house even in that Allah Luton, Ajay Nahum Bissau, I sent upon them a violent storm of stones, destroy them all.

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Except the family of loot not his wife and his children and himself. Those who believed in him named Jay Nahum, bizarre. I save them in the last hour of the night, working as hard on yourself your own and therefore it's still valid that last hour is always recommended for us as people of faith, but couldn't be done by Allah Subhana Allah says in total

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On Kabuki Chronicles different forms of punishment, but couldn't have nabby them bit. Verse number 14, coming home and all of a sudden that led him house even women home and Ahava to slay her woman no home men hazard Nabeel out women home men alpha Raka. Womack and Allahu De Lima one that can cannot enforce on your level and some of them I put all of them they were punished for their safety. Some of them we sent upon them the violent Sandstorm rock storm, the people of loot and others I sent upon them a blast of how willing we ended a hurricane and others I sent upon them the earth that was swallowed up and took them home. And yet others were drowned like the people of your

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entered Island and it was not a law who wronged them but they had wronged themselves and willingness to return to Him in truth, and therefore, you can house even sadder moon, the fat in the word it's not set to alimony you will know it's facet alimony in that moment you will know at that moment when your death comes upon you at that moment when you find yourself in difficulty. And so Pamela I want you to let your heart be awake, that if any time in your life Allah tests you as a believer, I want your heart to know that this is a moment of reflection press Allah moon What do you know about a lot? What is it that you seek from a lot cave interview? How my warning has come? May Allah Subhana

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Allah allow our hearts to wake up to that involve to the warning of Allah and there are warnings that are given to us always before punishment is sent. The one that can Allah Julio Aviva whom had a law would never send a punishment upon an individual upon a people or community. Well, homea stuff erode while they're in a state of his default. What Matt can Allahu do Zeebo Mad Men do a few more McKenna lawyer Nemanja stuff rune Allah will not punish with them along as you are with them. Yeah, Mohammed so I send them May Allah keep our interviews I send them a live with us in his suit net in our life in the reflection of our life in his behavior, not just in his physical presence, which we

00:37:06--> 00:37:22

now do not have satellites, send them we don't pay behind them or be able to ask him for his drive, but his presence in our life in the material sense of his signal. Well, homea stuff he wrote in a second while they make their stuff out, seeking forgiveness and penance with me.

00:37:23--> 00:38:08

The prophets I send them whenever there was a fierce wind or the state of the you know, the weather change dramatically. Can I Evans out you know, for that he would waken himself, and he would rush to prayer in the masjid or in his home or even on a journey to LA It was a final idea that we studied today. Welcome Kevin Levine and in comedy him FACA Nikki and certainly those before them rejected the truth as those who are in front of you now Mohammed's I send them reject. Okay to get in the queue? What was the outcome of my wrath upon them? What what? Why was my punishment so unexpected? And it's a proverbial question. Okay, if I can in a queue, how was it then that I treated them? How

00:38:08--> 00:38:15

was it then when this was this punishment was visited upon them. But that is an important word in the Arabic language.

00:38:17--> 00:38:56

It is to deny something or accuse someone of lying. So if I was at Ebony Poulin, it's either he says, I'm lying, or what I said to him, he believes it to be a lie. So whether it's an accusation or a state of behavior, both of them are equal in that sense, I can better I can double Russell, they belied the messengers, either they said to them, you're liars, or they treated them as if they were liars. And sometimes it can allow you and I will experience this. Someone you know, he's blowing hot tonight. He's just talking. And in your heart, you know, they're not speaking the truth. So you don't say you might not confront him and say, Why are you lying? Yes. Why are you speaking these

00:38:56--> 00:39:01

words? You just let them go on but in your mind, you've made up that they are untruthful?

00:39:02--> 00:39:38

Well, if God can never live in and accommodate those before had already made up their mind, even before words were spoken, and that's a very important thing. The people of Quraysh Abu j, denying the privatized sell and even before hearing the call, even before Mohammed's eyes lm spoke to him just The very thought that he heard that one that's on the law I do sell them reveal received them inspiration. He said one law he led me to be by a lovely word rejected and not believing him. Why? Because he's from a different tribes from a different lineage. He's going to usurp power he wants this for political domination. Well law he learned when when we won't even listen to

00:39:41--> 00:39:42

take effect had an IQ.

00:39:44--> 00:39:59

How was it that a loss of had and was added as punishment then was visited upon those of the past a law saying make evidence to them the nations who have come before that way you can the Buddha, when you can revoke suffered

00:40:00--> 00:40:01


00:40:02--> 00:40:07

Kevin Dabba COVID cabela home Coleman or him wired in with him on

00:40:09--> 00:40:52

solo by Hollywood excuse me, if they disbelieve in you, and if they belie you Salalah and he was in them. It is not something that's unique to you because those who were before you were belied as well Noah and the people have add in some more than moves and Ibrahim Ibrahim are calm and all the people of Abraham and Lord was horrible Medina what could give a moose and Moses was denied a family to live Catherine I gave time for the unbelievers to wake up to their senses because some do come to faith. And in the middle, he came to faith, I'm gonna blast him to faith, I will Sophia I'm eventually going to face so Haley eventually came to faith. And those were the icons of disbelief. I

00:40:52--> 00:40:53

gave them time.

00:40:54--> 00:41:12

Doesn't matter to him. Okay, if I can interrupt you, but eventually those who remain, I took them into punishment. So how was My wrath in that punishment? What was the eventual and none could escape it We ask Allah Subhana Allah to protect us from his punishment subhana wa tada

00:41:14--> 00:41:55

the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he warns us that the one who has half of an atom's weight and ends with a mustard seeds weight of arrogance in his in his heart, that they will not end your agenda with the first unbelievers. He's speaking to believers. So someone said O Messenger of Allah, we like to wear nice clothing and nice shoes and have a nice ride nice. prophesize lm said late psychadelic Allah is beautiful Allahu Jamil and your humble man, he loves beauty wherever you're at saranya now on a bad day he loves to see the near man has given you displayed on you. Don't try to pretend that you're poor. If Allah has enriched you, Allah loves to see a display of his generosity

00:41:55--> 00:42:40

upon you. arrogance that precludes from gender is to ridicule and reject the truth to ridicule it on account of who brought it to you. So who are you What do you know? you're younger than me? You're insignificant. I'm your teacher, I'm this I'm your dad. I'm your father, your your mindset? How do you know to ridicule the truth on account of who brought it and to reject despising the people who have brought the truth to it along with me, no matter why not make us of the alarm? I mean, arrogance, of course, is to refuse to acknowledge what is right, and to consider others inferior. How about total help, while I'm done as it is to reject the truth, these are the words of the

00:42:40--> 00:42:55

prophets, I send them all to NASA, and to consider others inferior that they don't even have a place to bring truth to you. This is where we're going to conclude our discussion for today. When we return in Charlotte next week, comes out a lot within the department of law.

00:42:57--> 00:43:25

Allow us the life and the energy and the time to rejoin the discussion of sort of AI and ml. We'll begin with verse number 19 I when I'm yellow enough player, don't they take example and look to the to the birds folk on sloths that that they have aligned in lines and they are able to spread their wings out. And that is from the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala verse number 19 is where we begin next week. subhanak alone whether having decrescendo

00:43:27--> 00:44:10

as the fruit of gradually, Solomonic monumental ly before I leave, I did want to invite you in sha Allah, that if you're looking for a good summary of the Quran to read in the month of Ramadan, I'll put it in the messages again in the YouTube link, a link to it. And also on my Facebook page where people are watching. please do take benefit of it in sha Allah. A juice a day is a word that I believe is worthy of your attention and worthy of your highest May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it a blessing to you. And I'd also like to share with you my charitable project this year and having done a lot with

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human appeal. It's a project that relates to simply feeding the poorest of people around the world, and providing for them ease and comfort as we have been provided by the risk of a loss of Hannah to Allah. And I pray that this is something that you can put something on my behalf if you have already given some stuff on your own behalf and ask Allah Subhana Allah to allow me to share in your reward and to bless me and to bless your wealth and to allow us to earn halaal and even that is halaal and bless for you and I too consumed with ourselves and our family along that I mean, while somebody left MOA Selim was into America lesson you want to be in Mohammed in 50 minutes in sha Allah. I have

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the Tafseer of surah tell Muslim men with ma be youth group.

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It'll be once again broadcast on my Facebook page. So if you come back in 15 minutes there'll be a new link there for you in chat a lot to panic a lot more behind the La Land as www equals Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh