Soften your Heart – The Death of Rasul-ulAllah ﷺ

Yahya Ibrahim


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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a scene where a prophet is killed by the Angel of Death, leaving behind a woman buried and a grave. The woman leads a group of people to pray for the victims and receive their final statement. The success of burial and victory of a law province lead to the loss of prophets and the sadness of the people. The victory for the people leads to the success of the burial of the Prophet sallahu and the victory of a law province.
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The hours after the sun had risen,

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the prophet leaved

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in the chest of his wife, Aisha

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radiallahu anha

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and entered upon him debris.

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And asked him the question that all of the prophets before him were asked,

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Do you permit that I allow the Angel of Death to enter upon.

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And this is the right of every prophet of Allah. They are asked,

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Are you ready to return to Allah? And the Prophet salallahu it he was sending him.

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He shed quotes and says, He pointed to the heaven and looked above and said Illa Rafi in Allah, I wish not to remain in this life.

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And I wish to ascend to the highest heights to be nearest to Allah azza wa jal

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ha Chateau de la Juana. She said I felt his weight on my chest, and his hand drop, and his body explode with fragrance. Somebody was saying

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so I screamed out that

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our messenger has passed away.

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And the people from outside my home heard me.

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They entered and saw that the prophets of Allah while he was sending them, who I had in my arms, was no longer responding.

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And the news spread through an Medina

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Abu Bakr ran back.

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He saw Omar in the message,

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brandishing a sword of man unable to walk an alley, his tongue is still a man of the ansara looked into the house of the prophets a lot while he was in

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and saw his body and he dropped to Allah and said, Allah Houma hood bustling Hata la subida he said, Oh Allah take my site. So I see no one after him something a lot he was sending

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a boo buck,

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kiss the profits of the Maharani

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and wept

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and set the high end what may woman

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magnotta lady Kotick Allahu Allah,

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Mohammed you are always fragrant, but even more so after death. As for the death that was written upon you, you have tasted it.

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And there will be no harm that you face from this day forward.

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Have Roebuck walked out of the room,

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and in strength and serenity that none possessed but him that was divinely inspired upon his heart. He stood on the member of the prophets of Allah while he was sick.

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And he raised his voice and said a yohannes aluma la Oh, people gathered around me.

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People came to listen, what is the subject gonna say at this moment? And Abu Bakr said those words that all of us have heard, men can a Yahoo do Mohammed, for him now Mohammed and Matt, the one who was known to worship Mohammed, let him know Mohammed is dead, some nobody was but the one who worships Allah, for law, how you know your mood, let him know our Lord, a law is eternal, and will never cease to exist suparna who were to Allah, and then he recited those verses that we learned as a lesson in

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and calm set in the city.

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And they began to debate.

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What do we do with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And it was said to them I heard that the messenger said that the prophets of Allah, that Allah has commanded that the place that they are to be buried is the same place that they died. And by then he had been put on a bed where he was seated next to each other.

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And they removed that bed, and they began to dig a grave for the profit and hundreds on the law to use. I lacked

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at that moment,

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It became time for then for Salatu.

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And Abu Bakr ordered Bilal to make the other

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and as you already know Bilal could not continue it.

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And we're below reach a shadow under Mohammed Rasulullah. His tongue could not say those words. So Abu Bakr is stood next to him and completed the other

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and let the people in prayer.

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And Abu Bakr ordered that the house of the prophets I seldom

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be made open so that everyone in El Medina can come and give their final salam to the prophets of Allah Juan de he was.

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And it took three days for every single member of the Medina of unobvious, Allah Allahu Allah who were sending them, to enter upon him,

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and to hug him and to kiss him. And then the women entered upon him and said, There saddam upon himself, blah, blah, what he was saying. And then the children were admitted, and they gave their Salaam to the no BS Allahu alayhi wa sallam. And the last one, he says, we only knew that the visitors had come to an end in the middle of the night, when we heard the tools digging into the ground, and putting the dust upon the prophets eyes.

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And he just turned to me. And she said, Yeah, Holly,

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how has your heart

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allowed you to put dust on Mohamed Salah?

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Where did you get the strength to do it, and he could not respond.

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And Medina darkened, and people felt the loss of the prophets eyes.

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And whenever there was a birth or a death, whenever there was an occasion of joy or sadness, all people could say was,

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well, Mohammed,

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I wouldn't be here, Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wasallam. That's the one we remember. I wish he had seen this child that was just gifted to me. My joy is not complete. I've been given a child, but there's no need to put a date in his mouth. So nobody listen. There's no one who will hold this baby of mine. As these other children were blessed with this end.

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And when someone would die, people would cry, and say there's no need to leave the Salah, and to grant him the Rama that we all had from our interview. So I said, I wish I had died before his death. I wish that I had been given a burial by him Salalah while he was in

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every moment of joy, and every moment of sorrow brought him back into their life. Every Sala with the pronouncement of a shadow under Mohammed Rasulullah. Almudena teratology for Bill buka, the city would shake with tears,

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is recorded in the Sierra, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after his burial, that there was a calming sleep that fell upon all of the people of Medina.

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And all of them heard in their dream,

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the promise of a loss of Hannah who was

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that the Medina will be protected by the prophet sallallahu. It was settled in his presence there even people were reluctant to leave and they would say, did you see and hear what I saw and heard

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some of them saw in their dream, how to cleanse and wash and prepare the profits bodies on the law while he was selling them for the janaza. And when they said Will someone lead prayers over the prophets I send them and the answer is known for non news worthy to lead prayers upon him except the solar and the Sadam and the silhouette eponymous allies. And how are we to wash him? All of the Medina heard in their voice in the voice of an angel led to January dude Libya Southern la hottie Do not remove the garments of the prophets I send them but rather pour water from above. Above is close.

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Every step was an honor of Rasulullah sallallahu.

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And when he returned to Allah,

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the connection to Allah remained.

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And the victory of a law province to him is before me and in every city that I speak

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That we think of that I will never be Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you see the victory of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam