Ramadan Therapy 2019 – Dua 12

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Santa Monica bought a home to live on a car to him Did he know so that's what set him on auto sue the less I sell the more about it's your brother yeah I brought him with another Ramadan therapy. We're now in Dubai. Number 12 from the drama of the Prophet Mohammed Salah love what he was selling that we hope can give us healing closure, love happiness, and the therapeutic process for our days and our nights in the month of Ramadan and extend beyond it. Now this hadith is collected by Lima mobile hottie it's an authentic Howdy. And it's narrated from innocent nomadic now a little bit about a missive nomadic and its nomadic was a young child at the time of the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam being in El Medina and he was about eight or nine years old and his mother, she came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said Yasuda Allah, I want you to take my son ns and use him as your personal assistant. He can do anything that you ask of him in chat law, run your errands, and so on and so forth. And the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam you know, in her offering this what you meant was I want you to teach him everything, I want him to be around you. I want him to be inside and outside. And because he's young, he was able to enter into places that other people couldn't enter and be with a prophet in places that other people couldn't. So and that's sort of the

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Allahu anhu is one of those Sahaba was an encyclopedic knowledge of the prophets. I said limbs, personal details, and his personal rituals and habits that others will have or may not have seen. And it's a pneumatic Of course live to a very long age when in doubt in hand, 100 years old, he's one of the final Sahaba to return to a law as origin. And he left behind a wealth of information about the tsunami of r&b is olaleye Selim, this particular drop, he says, can act Thoreau can accept or deny he nebbia sallallahu alayhi wasallam can accept or deny nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? A lot of model banner ad TNF in dunya Hasina will feel as guilty as Anna okay now that we know that

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all of us are aware of, but we want to unpack it and kind of contemplate and reflect upon it. And it's or the Aloha Nui says cannot accept or deny Eros was ice and never use Isilon. So this is the most utilized that ns witness now that doesn't negate the fact that there may be others will have that who use the very same statement and narrate other draft of the prophets, I send them. But because ns was very close to the prophets I send them had intimate details of the privacy of the prophets. I said lemon could be with a prophet in places that others couldn't, it kind of tells you that Anasazi Allahu anhu is telling you something that is not just witnessed by him, but would have

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been common knowledge. Second thing that we take from this study is that those will have accounted the dirt out of the prophets I send them they were like careful, which one did he say more and therefore Edison saying this, it's as if he's preferring for you and I to make this one of the regular utilize that we you and I make in our supplications to a lot. Third, we see that the most main draw of the prophets I send them is a drop from the horror and which therefore sets a very important precedent for us to listen to the statements in the Quran where Allah commands the Prophet by saying, what could rob visit near Alma and invoke me or Mohammed say in your prayers, oh my lord,

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increase me in knowledge called rugby at all. They'll be coming hemas atisha team invoke Mia Mohammed say, oh my lord, I asked you to protect me from the impulses set upon me by the trail team called de la whom American can invoke me and say, Oh Allah, you are the possessor of all of the kingdoms. Tim welcome and Tasha, you give from this kingdom who you will wear to resume and Tasha you give honor to whom you Will you take from the kingdom who you will and you humiliate, and bring to humiliation who you will so many dry in the foreigner phrase with a loss instruction to the prophets, I send them but this year, the prophets I send them is targeted, and it's found in salt

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and buckler. In verse 201, where Allah Subhana Allah says, that there are from some people when you say to them, fear your Lord, that they rebelled. And then there are others who when they invoke, they say, oh, Lord, give us greatness in this dunya and forget the effort or not enough until after 30 min. They have very little to say about the next life. And then he says, but there are the righteous, the best of them the best of humanity, who say Yahoo Luna, or a banner ad in effigy near kasana Our Lord give us something great in this dunya Warfield Alfredo Hasina and Oh Allah give us equal in greatness in the author, and therefore you see this parity, there's always whatever you ask

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for the dunya Don't forget your thumbs and I'll see you back coming up dounia Don't forget your notes, even the dounia you're sharing the dounia but make your alpha a focus and therefore for every dollar you make in the dunya there must be one of good for the FM for every good

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Ask him the dounia asked for something good in the afternoon. But then double it and ask for protection from what is found in the afternoon. What Pina I've ever known. That's the third part of the Dharma, or law save us from the torment of the hellfire. It's a powerful statement, three important Rebecca attina for dunya hi has an overlock give us good in this dunya. Notice the prophets I send them doesn't itemize things and he doesn't itemize things except that Allah wants you to itemize them, give me good in this life. Give me extra knowledge. So when you refer to the drop of knowledge, which is in sort of for her wardrobe visit near Alma, oh, my Lord, increase my

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knowledge. You remember the word of the prophets I seldom where he says, may you ready let her be higher on you for COVID in the hadith of Maria mojari, the one whom Allah wishes for him, goodness in this world, then they will be given by a lot of an understanding of the faith not just a practice, but an understanding of it. So therefore, when you're asking a lot here, robina attina for dunya Hasina. Allah give us in this dunya Hassan a good things. Remember that involved in that is all of the other drama that you're asking. This is a comprehensive drama, and the prophets I send them with teachers to make comprehensive your arts when it comes to the dunya and then to specify

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things when it comes to the alcohol. So when he says make draft for the agenda, he says don't just ask for gender, but ask for alpha delta and the ruler asked for the heights of gender. The middle part the highest level of gender, which agenda to fill those Gemma and Allahu wa Yakima Nabina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam May we be all gathered there with our nbia Salalah a was in wolfville after the Hasina. Notice the word here that is used is hacer una, it translated as good, but it has an is distinguished from AlkaViva hasn't is the opposite of ugliness. It's the opposite of

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sinfulness. And therefore when you use the word hazard, it's something that is of a physical beauty. And it's something of a physical relationship, it is something that is tangible, higher is more metaphorical goodness in its entirety, height, it's it can be anything, and it can be higher in my heart higher in my wealth higher in my health, but hasn't that is something that you want something tangible of the life now I'm passing interpreting this grant, in this version, sort of the Al Baqarah verse 201, he says that the hazard that is involved in what the prophet is invoking is to have a good spouse and to have a happy life with your family subhana wa I've been at it now for

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dunya has said it and if you adjust your family life may Allah make this so make this your heart to adjust your family life make this Nia in your heart Oh Allah make my wife my happiness in this life. Oh Allah make my husband my happiness. I will not complete me with the make them the treasure of my life. Oh, well, I'm not yet married. Oh Allah send me to do Nia has Anna and that's what the doctor said. He said when you make this drought and you're unmarried, you're asking a lot to send you a righteous spouse. So this is one of the secret ways of asking Allah Subhana Allah to send you goodness in your family goodness in your home and if you haven't yet built a house and built a

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family with others ask Allah through this door or banner ad Tina dounia Hasina will fill Africa center and make my family relationships means for my success in the asset all wealthy now I've ever now I'm protect us from the torment of hellfire. A lot of them I mean, I pray that a lot except says your app from us. But I've been at it nothing. dounia has anything herati has been working other than now what's Allahumma wa Sallim wa barik ala Sayidina Muhammad This is your brother yeah hi Rahim with another Ramadan therapy. A healing for our homes and our private life was said I'm on equal waterflow to LA he was on account.