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Salam Alaikum everyone

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hamdulillah salat wa salam, ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are bad

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What makes a good leader?

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And why do we need them as Muslims?

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It's no shock to you when you read a newspaper and you see what's happening in the world, that the future that's hope that we're hoping for in sha Allah is beginning to unfold, you know, where we're starting to see some really good progress within countries of Muslim populace, where people are aware of Islam, and those who are not aware of the details of Islam want to become more aware of the details of Islam. And you can see this in Malaysia. I think I heard on Malaysian television, one of the top rated shows was the young die young

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Imam. Yeah, what?

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What was it one of the top rated shows?

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Did you watch?

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Right? Yes. Did you guys watch any of its episodes? No, she didn't. She was rock climbing. Right?

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People, even those who are not overly devout,

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feel that there is always something in their life that's missing. And there is a hole in each and every one of our hearts that can only be that can only be fulfilled and filled by the love of Allah subhana wa Tada. And a person who seeks to be an example for others, is really fulfilling the instructions of Allah in the Quran. And on Friday night, I was reciting, I think a lot at the end of Surah Al Furqan, where Allah tells us that a bad rough man, those who are the worshiping servants, have a rough man, the Merciful, Allah subhanaw taala, they make a dua, and they say, what your understanding mustafina imama Oh, Allah make us imaams. For those who have piety, there is

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absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be a person that people look up to. And people say, Wow, look at this guy, look at this girl, I want to be like them, I wish I could do what they've done. I want to be able to help others the way they've helped. And that's why we had assembled with you With you know, these leaders from society that you live in, not people from overseas or from wherever, but people who are a part of your culture and part of your people who set that example for you who are leaders, you want to be when I'm talking about a leader, as a Muslim, I want you to be the best doctor, you can be the best plumber, you can be the best car driver, you can be chauffeur, if that's

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your job, whatever it is that you're in distinguishing yourself as an example for others to measure themselves by was always the way of the student of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So that require three essential elements. And this is really my talk with you today about preparing yourself,

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for others, to learn from your example without you saying a word without you lecturing anyone without you saying anything. First and foremost, is internal piety. Don't fake it. Internal piety. I'm not talking about the external stuff. Not talking about what you look out from the outside or how you represent yourself. The internal piety is the most important aspect of your faith in Allah subhanaw taala.

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Regularly you find University anyway in Australia, you know, you come to the masala the place of prayer. The brothers are on one side sisters are on one side.

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A sister, you know coming. All the brothers So Mr. equal, the local on the ground, right.

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Prayers are finished. They go back into the university campus. All of a sudden, Hey, how you doing Sally? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Did you finish that lab? Why don't we work on it together? All right. Give me your number. And all of a sudden, this taqwa brother,

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who was like this, said I'm like him Sister, I think was Salaam. All of a sudden, in his regular day to day life has no

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ideals that are firm. It shifts if he's dealing with Muslims. He does it one way if he's dealing with others, it's a totally different way. Right? That is not internal piety. Internal piety is a steady compass that leads you towards a loss of kind of tada in yourself. You're not

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faking it you don't want to misrepresent you want to be honest with a lot sincere to Allah. That is because of your truthfulness with the law. Now, I'm not telling you Well, if you do it with them, you should do it with the Muslims as well. No, it's good, that you know what's right and wrong. But you shouldn't embellish it. You shouldn't lose yourself and live a schizophrenic life. What's that schizophrenic life, where your double personality, you're two faced. You're one way in front of your parents in front of your family in front of your Muslim friends. And you're totally another way when you're alone when you're online when you're, you know, a totally different person with different set

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of rules and ethics that you govern yourself by

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that sets you up for downfall and a lot of promises the one who deceives other in that way, or the one who has that hypocritical capacity, will never find happiness in life. What's happening with Tom Cruise?

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Nah, don't care about his religion. What's it what's happening now?

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divorced, can't believe Shut your mouth. Really. Tom Cruise. $300 million men can't keep a woman.

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It's a third wife, holy cow.

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first wife, Mimi Rogers, lumpsum. second wife,

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dumped them.

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Refuse to have children with him. said not you're not fit.

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I don't want anything to do with you. I gotta get out. Third one is now petitioning the courts in America to give her sole custody.

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She doesn't want him to have anything to do with his child, On what grounds. He's not a fit parent, Tom Cruise like either climbs up in Dubai.

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He's like, he makes spider man look bad. What's happening?

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Because what you see is not the real person. What she sees at home

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is not what you see on the screen. It's not the glitz and the glamour and the watch and the money and the Ferraris and the chauffeur.

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That's the same problem. That's what I'm talking about. It's schizophrenia. It's a schizophrenic life, not clinical. But it's a double persona. It's a double personality. And no one doesn't matter what your faith, that's why I'm giving you such a, you know, extreme example, no one can sustain it, it's impossible.

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You cannot live a hypocritical life. It's called cognitive cognitive dissonance. You can't do it.

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By your nature, you want your internal belief to be what and how you live your external life. That's how you are as a human being. And the moment you do that, there's dissonance. It's unbalanced. So you begin to crack and a lot of the psychological problems that young people endure a lot of the depression that a lot of young people endure, a lot of the things stem from that. They're asked to be one way their parents expect one way, but when they're alone, and when they're with friends. And when they're with other people who don't have those expectations. They live a different way, and they know what's wrong. So they're unbalanced, and it results in self harm. It results in divorce,

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it results in

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losing work, it results in dropping out of school, it results in drug abuse, it results in making, you know sexual mistakes, it results in all of that all of that comes because there is that imbalance. Internal piety does not match the external projected image. And a person who is a leader for our oma has to leave that fine line of karma, where what's inside and what's outside, come to balance. They come to that middle ground. Second.

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So the first is that internal sincerity to a law, that internal piety, second

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is relying on friends, friendship, relationships.

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You can't be an effective leader without a team of people around you. Can you imagine this camp if it was just me? If I just said okay, let's come together. Would it have worked?

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Don't you need people to cook people to transport people to clean people to organize people to film you have to have a team. You can't do everything on your own. You can't just put it

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yourself, impress yourself. If I want it, I'll do it if I, you know, I'll just I just got to work harder doesn't work. You have to be able to rely upon others. But those others have to be the right people. You've got to choose them. You can't just choose any person for any job. The prophets I send them was a master of that. He chose the right person for the right job for the right reason at the right time. And people would sometimes say to the prophets, I send them Are you sure you want to send him? And the Prophet say, Yes, I know what you don't know. You sure you want to send Oussama to be the head of the army? We're highly dependent. Waleed is a soldier in it Really? Isn't. Nearly the

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greatest military commander that we have profits is yes, but I want to send him some.

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Because I'm raising him to become a leader. He's going to become one of the lions of Islam. Right? Who do you rely on? Who do you befriend? Who do you share your secrets with? is a very critical decision that you must make in life. Who knows the most about you? See, you guys have seen my young kids, right? shareen. Adam, the greatest influence in their life is myself and their mom.

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Whenever Omar wants to show off, he's like Baba, Baba, Baba, Baba, yes, Yama Show me.

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In a couple of years, that's going to change. I'm going to stop hearing that. It won't be baba baba baba, it'll be Who?

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His friends.

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Once they reach a certain age, once the formative periods are over, they don't really care what my opinion is. For many of you, you may not care what your parents opinion are of how you dress, what music you listen to what things you do, who your friends are. I don't care. Right? you now want to impress you would, you would rather impress your friends than your mom.

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You respect your mom. But you still care more about what your friends think of what you're wearing than what your mom thinks of what you're wearing. That's the reality of life, it comes to that point where you shift. Now if you've surrounded yourself by shallow, vain, untruthful, insincere, unethical, and Islamic individuals, and they become your reference group, they become your mirror that you see yourself through, you're in trouble. You're in serious trouble.

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So your aim is that internal piety becomes external, how's it external, because the people that you have surround yourself with are the mirrors of your life and the prophets, I send them says, and me no matter at any moment, a believer is the mirror reflection of another believer, you see yourselves in them, you need to be able to see yourself in each other, the common traits of honesty and decency and love and affection, and a job and piety, and honoring a law and honoring your parents. That's what you need to see in your friends. The moment you look at your friend, and you can't see what you want to see, you can't see what you expect to see. You need to make some quick changes in your life.

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Because sooner or later that friend, their behavior is going to imprint upon you. That's going to be you.

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third aspect of leadership that's extremely important for us

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is give it your best. And leave it up to a law. It's called peloquin. Relying on the law in everything you do, in your studies, in your exam,

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in your work, in your family life, never shortchange yourself, never just do something halfway. The prophets I send them says anything worth doing should be done with ehsaan perfection. You must make the greatest attempt to do your best at it or don't do it at all. Wait for another day, wait for another year, do it another time. But if you're going to do something, you got to do it right or don't do it.

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What if I do something? How do I know it's going to be fruitful? Should I really give an attempt? And the answer is yes. How many times did the prophets I send them and in the history that's recorded to us in the Quran, how many people who thought there was no hope, came out victorious, came out aided and given support by Allah from where they did not expect it. 1000s of instances in the Quran of people who did not think that a laws help would come arise.

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And it could be as simple as that example I gave you about my forensics exam cccccc. Give it a go. All right. I could have just answered the first five questions and then what? No, fill up the paper, fill it. Never ever shortchange yourself, do everything to the complete an absolute best. And then leave it to a lot. You may be surprised that what you get is much better than what you had anticipated. If you had the full time or if you had the full energy of your of you or if you were capable of doing the complete project in the time that you wanted.

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So that we take from the life of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam as well. The Prophet would be sitting in Mecca.

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And the people of Mecca were killing his companions. They were torturing some of the poorest companions to death. The family of Mr. Nasser, you know, Yasser and his wife sumiya were killed, executed in front of the Prophet the Prophet can't do anything. All the Prophet could say is in MLA de como Jana sobre. La has to be patient or family If yes, if I've made sure that I will join you in gender, that's all I can do. The Prophet would see them.

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The prophet SAW I sell them doesn't give up. Although Allah tells us in the Quran had either state as a Rasul Allah lets the prophets be tested to such severity that almost despair enters their heart.

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Moosa standing in front of that water and fire round coming from above the ridge about to collapse upon him and Benny Israel in where am I gonna go with an ocean

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despair is about to set

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well then no unknown kakuzu and the prophets it's almost as if they believe it was a lie. Maybe I'm not. I'm not given a message from the divine. There at breaking point, Jah homeless, Rona, Jonah, our victory comes to them. Allahu Akbar. That's the life of the prophets isolate. orphan does a child, Father than mother than grandfather then uncle

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raised up in poverty in the desert, wasn't given the ability to learn to read and write, wasn't given that advantage in life, but yet was an honest person. He was so valued that even the richest of the women of the city wanted to marry him Salalah what he was sending. He then became a widow where she died. His wife passes away, leaves him as a single father with children. He had a second wife, he was only married to her for 15 years. No otherwise just him and her out of love. And now he's got all these children. He's a widower, an orphan, his children die. he buries his own children. If you and I had just one one of those calamities, just one, you lose your spouse, or you

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lose your parents, or you lose your son, may Allah protect our children. You crumble the Prophet, look at all the hits, he gets in life. despair, you know, it's, it's a desperate life. He's chased out of his own city,

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kicked out, he goes to another city. The people living in it plot against him, put poison in this food, wants to drop stones on him as he's sitting under their buildings, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they don't leave him alone in his new city. They come after him in bed after him in or after him in Alaska. The only way to defend the city is to dig a trench. He doesn't have people to fight. He has to build a trench some aloha to send them dig up the earth so they can't cross over. He has nothing except

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Allah. You think the prophets I sell them the best of creation was put through all that because Allah didn't like him.

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Allah loves him, some Allah, Hollywood

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and the love of Allah, sometimes it disguised in hardship. Never ever, ever receive hardship, never ever received difficulty. Never ever received that difficulty of life and think, oh, it can only be punishment from Allah. What did I do wrong now?

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No, sometimes that difficulty in life is love from Allah subhanaw taala. That's how Allah showed his love for the Prophet Mohammed sigh send them. The Prophet didn't just bury his grant his children. He even buried grandchildren sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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and yet, he is Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So in that is for you and I alesund in life

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Don't ever give up hope in the law. Don't ever feel that you can't give it your best. Don't ever settle for second best. Don't ever just limit yourself and say, What more can I do? There's more that can be done, this greater effort that can happen. And the first chapters that were revealed to the prophets I send them are full of wondrous parables in imagery, the first 10 chapters of the Quran, all talk about darkness, turning to light.

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All talk about what the daybreak will tell you

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is a sham suku. We're not all of it talk about the imagery of a transition from the darkness of lack of faith, into the brightness of Eman and the consolidation of the power of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah in the message that is given to us in the Quran. And as dark as life maybe the sun will rise tomorrow. That's it, it's a promise, even on the Day of Judgment, it may rise from the wrong side, but it's still gonna rise. Does that make sense? Right, the sun will rise, and the sun of Islam is rising, and the ones who put it up there, and the ones who we seek to be a part of that movement that elevates Islam in the hearts of people are you and I,

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your job, my job, as I'm doing it with you now is to transmit what we know just the little that we know from the words of the Prophet, from the words of the Koran, to those who have not heard it, or to those who have heard it, but forgot it, or to those who have heard it, but not understood it. Even to your own parents don't think your parents they know more than what you know. In fact, the reality is what you may have learned in these days, some of it your parents have never heard before. Right? Share with those the stories of faith and passion that lead us back towards Allah subhana wa Tada. So that's really my word of advice that I want to leave you with today. And inshallah, if you

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have any questions that you want to send through to me, whether by email, or Facebook, or Twitter, you can find access to them in sha Allah. And I really wish that our lives cross again, in other ways, because I may come back in to Malaysia in 20 years time. I'll be a little bit older.

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still cool, though.

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You know me, I left pack all the way right. So will you may be the guy sitting next to me. You may be the sister sitting next to us. Maybe it won't be me baby me my son Omar. Right sitting in my place. That's life. That's what we want. That you are the ones who represent this faith that was given to us by Allah subhana wa Tada. So I'll hand you over to Brother hydrophone Charla to give us her instructions. So conical lahoma vmdk shadow