Qur’anic Supplication – Ep 16

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This is the 16th supplication in our series as found in Surat Yunus.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah brothers and sisters, welcome to Quranic supplications. Today we is Neela. We covered the douar that in Surah Yunus Ayah number 85 and 86, surah, Yunus 85 and 86. Today, in our da we are going to be asking Allah subhanaw taala protection not only from actions but from the people around us and what they're how their actions affect us. Let's start today. All bene la dijana feet, Natalie po meal was really mean. The word fitna fit net del Li, O mill warli mean the next ayah or Gina B la matica, Mina, O'Meara kaffee Dean, Gaffey, Dean. Now, let's take this draw and break it down. First you have or are Bana LA, Dodger. I'll

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bounce the gene commit to the lamb lamb Tanja I'll

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pop the fat into fit, fit. natural sound let it touch the top two teeth fit Natalie Oh mill Wally mean fit. Natalie Mele wall tongue came out. Oh, Mia was the mean. Why not Gina beer or

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deca be let the camera there. Come on completely. Ba ba ba ba ma deca it's a he?

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bureaux. Mantega. meenal Oh, media

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fieri 18 can Phoebe

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be eaten Allahu taala you practice this law and you make it part of the supplications that you make when times are a little difficult and you're surrounded possibly by a crowd, or a group that you're not really ready to face. Please practice your laws. Make sure you look at the Arabic text while reading it and slowly the vocabulary will become yours. jacquela Hayden, I'll see you in the next Quranic supplication was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah