Waleed Basyouni – The Importance of Giving Charity

Waleed Basyouni
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of forgiveness during the month ofFinancial, with a focus on control and risk. They stress the need to trust others and avoid fearing poverty. The speakers also emphasize the importance of giving back and being a good collector. There is a recommendation for a program that could benefit people, and support is offered to those who want to support the master.
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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena via the horn of Vienna Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, ala Houma to Sleeman, Kathira and my bad.

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All praise due to Allah and His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad Salla Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger. My dear brothers and sisters, and Ramadan. It is known as the month of the great act of warships. We pray a lot on Ramadan. We fast and Ramadan would eat Quran and Ramadan. We give Orissa cat many of us and Ramadan, we donate and during the month of Ramadan, we read Quran and Ramadan, we help one another we invite one another over food, which is an

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act of worship in itself. And there are so many ways for our sins to be forgiven during the month of Ramadan. From the beginning, you start to prayer the daily prayers to the fasting when you break your fast when you may have heard all these are times where the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam said, Allah Subhana Allah will forgive your sins and had been tamed me I once was asked a question, Rahim Allah and others as well. What's the point of all these narrations and all this he said, Your forgive your sins will be forgiven your center bioy Keep doing it if my sins are forgiven, he said because you your record or your sheet is like like a white cloth. Okay, some of them the stain of

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too much you wash it one time, but still not clean, you need to wash it again, you need to you know, when you're having your washing machine heavy duty cycle circled multiple times, instead of just 30 minutes washing, it has to be like maybe two hours in order for it to be cleaned up. You need to bleach you need this, you need that. So there is so it depends on how much you need to be cleansed. That's why there are so many of these narration so many of these deeds that keep cleaning What if I'm cleansed completely, when you cleanse completely anything, it will come in the form of extra every word, if the person reached to a level that he is or she is completely cleansed, which is

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something I doubt that anyone could reach that level because just think about this, just one aspect, which is are we thankful enough for Allah subhanaw taala for all the blessings that we will never be able to thank him enough for all the blessings that He given us, you would never be able to thank him enough for the heart that He blessed you with for the kidney that he blessed you with for the blood pressures that you have for the you know, the system that yeah, that's I'm not even outside your body yet. I'm not even outside the internal things inside your body. I'm not even talking about your hand and your eyes and your ear and your your brain and I'm not even there yet. And you can

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imagine that you can see that all these blessings of the last month Allah have given you just being grateful and thankful to Allah subhanaw taala enough for it. Nobody can claim that he or she is doing that. So what happened is this still fob that did make our shortcoming in relation to these things are forgiven.

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So when we meet Allah subhana wa Tada, here he word us

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fully inshallah Tada Allahumma Amit. And today I would like to talk about something that it is important to talk about, not because it's a fundraising not because that I want to collect money, not because of anything of that nature, but because of the act itself, which is a sadhaka something that I hate to say this, but Hamdulillah this is something not on our community, something I noticed, okay, sometimes I hear that sometimes in a joke format, sometimes people really feel it. But I noticed in many other communities as well, that will never be here about fundraising and soda and charity, the kind of like of, you know, again, the asking me kind of felt like, you know, I'm

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kind of putting in a in a tight spot. And I think that's that's comes from not knowing what sort of a really means to you, and what it does to you, you know, and how much you need that charity. You need it more than the organization who are asking you more than the poor people who need to have your money

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set up I mean, who middle man, we really desire and deserve and benefit more from our setup, then the receiver than the one on the other end. Who receiving that charity. A sadaqa is one of the greatest act of fortune. One of the greatest thing that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada have ordained

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Allah subhanho wa Taala order his prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam to order us. Pull it daddy yokel Latina Amman who European was salah, while young people Mina Rosa panna whom Sylvan wa near mean cuddly, a yageo Mala by your own fee, he will tell my servant to spin from what we have given them, and Allah reminding us from what we have given them. So many of us and hamdulillah the wealth that we have right now is not something that we started with. We worked so hard at Allah Swatara made it so possible for us. I'm sure every one of us has a story and I'm sure every one of us knows people who work so hard and they don't have money

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you know, I know people like mashallah so smart so this but Allah did not make them rich.

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It says loss of Hannah data when he decided for someone to be rich and need somebody to get the money he will make it happen. Well how you never thought one day in your life, you will have what you have today. And these are various level you know not enough not in my wildest dream when I was in high school, that I will think that I have the same income that I have right now.

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You know, and you know, and so, so far so as you grow Allah subhanaw taala open doors of friends Converse because not only money there is many other form of that as well. But here, Allah subhanaw taala ordering us to prefer to to perform the salah and second thing came directly is to what is to give from what Allah has given us in secret and in public. Before a day will come where trade or nothing will benefit you except what You have offered. What you have offered. Well MVP visa vie Allah Allah making this as an order give for his sake. Yeah you handle Adina Amman who enfeeblement Marzec now come over who you believe and he called that believers. He did not call anyone else

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he called a believer yeah and he sometimes the calls in the Quran are different sometimes Allah says yeah, you had an S or mankind but sometimes you only call the believers yeah different. Yeah. You had an Edina Amano cookiebot la como cm, or who you believe a CM was prescribed upon you not own mankind are people why? Because those who fast and by the way, we're not the only one who fast.

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There is a lot of people first different type of fasting. It is from the Asian Egyptians believed they used to fast the pharaohs. It's for an account of your soul. That Buddhist monks passed that Hindus fast, Christian fast and do the Jewish pass old religion you will find people fast in a different way. But why Allah Subhan Allah when he came to us he said, Oh, who you believe fast? Because when you fast while you have Eman, we call this in Islam. Siyam

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the other one is abstaining from food.

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You know, diet.

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You call it whatever you call it. But when it comes to us why we do what we do it is because it's a CRM, that's an act of worship. You know, you call them generosity, you call a generous person that has billionaires giving billions of dollars, way more than what you give, maybe you give a $500 a year. That is somebody like Bill Gates, whatever, you know, he will give millions and millions of dollars. But his it called just generosity, just being nice man. kind to people you being absolutely love being a servant to Allah, for that $10 that you have get. That's a sadaqa you will find it in your skill on the day of judgment he wouldn't.

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That's why when I shut up the Alana, she asked about this generous man had been to the ants so generous among the Arab.

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One of the most generous people she said, would that benefit him in the Day of Judgment, Allah then the human panda Hillman caught on fairly healthy human humanity because that person never pray to Allah it will not benefit him but you Allah calling you calling the Imam and you calling you to believe in what you're doing to believe in the gift in the giving that you are giving all the donation that you are giving. Yeah, you had a lady and amphib woman by EBIT, maca septum give from the goodness that you have earned and Allah cognize here in the previous verses Allah Allah was referred to the money that he had blessed you with the blessed you some some peoples that I know

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that Allah Allah blessed me with and I agree with that that's what Elijah I work so hard to

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Yeah honey I did he just not like I was born and Allah

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Why don't I give it to me? You know or like kid I win Yeah No, no I work so hard Allah recognize that and he said maintaining back to Mecca septum Allah and this verse recognize and and making that point from the money that you have earned from the money that you have work so hard basically to have you still and you recognize that and appreciate that.

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Allah subhana data set for duckula Hana stata to him was no oppa you were enfeeble higher on the emphasis.

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He said have Taqwa of Allah. As much as you can. Listen and obey. Listen and obey to what to the following commands

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will NVivo and give it is better for yourself, woman you will cache of Hanif see if you go home and move your home. Those who Allah prevent them from miserliness, from stinginess from being controlled by money out of the successful one. I still remember one of the books that I read a long time ago.

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It's called

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there's two books similar to each others, I forgot which one of them is it's The Millionaire Next Door or How to Be a Millionaire, you can tell this book didn't work for me, but maybe well, one day, but anyway,

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the point and with all seriousness is in that book, there is a chapter about charity.

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And he was saying that millionaires in general, and you have a study shows millionaires are known to be charitable people.

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And he connected how verse connected to the concept of being a rich person from a pure worldly secular perspective.

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And the whole, the whole point is basically in order for you to be rich, you have to take risk. In order for you to take risk, you have to control the money and have the money controlling you

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is just the logic behind it. And subhanAllah your deen teach you that from the beginning? Yes, there's a risk of giving, but almost kind of data giving you the guarantee not that author of the book know Allah subhanaw taala guaranteeing you that when I go there are successful one, the one who knows how to control the money not to be controlled by them knows who will not be controlled by stinginess and miserliness. It is terrible thing to be a stingy person

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you know those stingy personal need only is about

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receiving not giving you enter the said there is one person was one of the stingy people was drowning.

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So he tried to pick him up from the water because there's not swan. So somebody who was drowning just didn't looking for help. So somebody said, Give me your hat in the Earth Lord give me he pulled back. So the person knows him. Well, he said, Okay, take him by hand. Then he took it. You know, just the word give it scare them. That's that's not someone will achieve success. Why is sadaqa such a great act of worship? If he helped me shout behind Allah to rob of it. I thought to Shambo, Hubei, allottee. Allah subhanaw taala has certain qualities that we've been asked to emulate them to act like them. So Allah subhanaw taala is generous. We should be generous, merciful, so we shouldn't be

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merciful. He's kind to me kind. Allah forgives you, we know how to forgive. Allah loves to learn how to love Allah subhanho wa Taala is kind we need to know how to be kind, you know, loving it, to be a loving person and so on. So one of the thing is that Allah subhanaw taala is so generous and he gives, and that's something that you do, like your Lord, like the one who made you Subhana who were to add,

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also, that it shows how much you trust the last panel and how much you rely on Allah is my data, you can say whatever you want to say.

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You know,

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you know, I don't want to say but everybody knows, you know, when money talks, and all nonsense walks. That's right. He that's true. You can claim whatever you want. You can say how much I love this cause how much I love this mustard, our love and this person, how much I love living loving the poor, you can say whatever you want, but what the person said a sadhaka to Bohan charity is a proof is the proof Are you really truly what you claim to be and what you claim to have to be to be a generous person who really loved that cause or or whatever.

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So that's why

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It just shows how much you trust Allah subhanaw taala and how much you really believe in it. It has an bacillary a code, karate Quran forger to Luffy Salah Athena moderen

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hardwire they've been heard of human Amphoe has been busted they read the Quran and he found it 30 times and Quran, Allah made a promise that He will give you back what you spent more than what you even spent.

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And he said with the mold and wash it the shape on why the NASA folk and in one time a ship I'm promised people poverty. Yet people believe in that one time

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of the shape on promise of poverty. And they forgot about the 30 times when Allah Himself promise that you will give back. It shows that this is basically

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as they say it's not enough to be compassionate. You must act

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in that sadaqa delete Allah Simpkin, Eman Ferretti may have an email list of architecture part, Bilthoven wireman come over, appended I have a significant email and in the Bissell Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam said that in madmen coming Adam Illa was Kadima horrible. Each and every one of you will meet his Lord and will talk to Allah smart Allah without a translator in the middle no matter what language you speak. For him little Amen and in Fela Illa marcada were more Asha, Asha minion Jada sarafan era Ilana Ilana Padam when lubaina de Ferreira, Elena to Kawachi effect upon now one of Bishop Kitamura in the Day of Judgment, you look at your right your left you and find the record of

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your deeds and everything you have done and everything you you have these things that you forgot about right now.

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Then you see in front of you nothing but the hellfire and maybe some sci fi, protect yourself from the Hellfire even with donating as much as half a date. Even if it's a small amount of donations. You're calling the beasts of Allah with a certain a certain whatever Buhari or Muslim, the previous one and then Bukhari Muslim and this one also the barrio Muslim, just to understand the value of charity of sadaqa per se, or manatee or Miskin, those who look after the orphans. And look after the needies can Mujahid if he said he loved the one who dedicate his life and you have you said he did not Well, I will call me later saw him and now or equal to the person who fasts every day and make

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me late every night pray every night.

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Allah Subhana Allah mentioned a jihad which is basically the jihad with wealth and neffs would with your own soul or with yourself so you meet God with your money and with yourself to man my blood Quran Allah who be human Quran Allahu Bina Houma eight times Allah mentioned a jihad with wealth and with the assault on with your own cell fee separated minhang abdominal and enough's seven times out of eight Allah mentioned money first.

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This will give their from their wealth over the one who gave the ultimate sacrifice which is the sacrifice that also

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when did that stick out Omar Lucarelli Anil, Anil tatoeba. Fatah Kulu sadaqa Babu remote said I was told when the deeds are debating among themselves what one is the best? A select volunteer I am the best of all of you. What we only have what we give truly Yeppoon Masuda the Allahu and it is the Tata antigen Allah Kensico Hey through Dahlia Kulu who sues wala Tana who source file who has sada May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless us and make us among those who are generous and give her a Kudo Massimo to Mustapha Allah howdy welcome pistacchio

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Milena via the whoever that it is important to remember to remember that we in need of a sadhaka more of the poor person or the one in the receiving end needs it. That kind of setup for him Allah Allah, your own adna sada to slipper dunya are to slow her down to slay dunya fattier or to slay HackerEarth and Masada that you maybe help someone in a worldly matters you know the able to pay salaries, they able to buy a car that they need, they may be able to do buy food, clothes, whatever you are improving their livelihood, but when Allah is except from you, Allah elevate your status in paradise. So you the one who will really benefit the

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Most that's why they never felt that they are doing a favor by giving Allah subhanho data said, well not too many people have been hired and very unphysical whatever good you give it is for your own self. It is for your own self. My brothers and sisters, in the end, I would like to say it is important to never fear poverty, never fear poverty, I never use a solemn told Milan MVP I began when I touched him in the arshia Calella. Given don't worry about Allah Subhana Allah will hold back. Also don't worry about how much there is no threat no such thing as too much or too little. When it comes to the Solokha which is something amazing about a sadaqa it is not something that you

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know, occasionally happen. It shouldn't be something that we do every day, every week as much as we can, you know, every Ramadan. And it's not something that we should be bored or off with it or like no, I'm happy and glad that I'm giving the opportunity. And the final point that I have, it is important to whenever you so blessed you so likely hamdulillah when you were able to find a good, a good way to give you a follow up because of sadaqa that areas of sadaqa so many that's why the person must be wise and Allah when he mentioned the verses about the sadaqa. He mentioned the verse in relation to Al hikma util hikma, those who will be giving wisdom in the middle of the verses talk

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about giving. So it is so important for us to be wise on how we give our donation how to maximize the benefit of our donation and our giving. And in this regard, I want to say that Alhamdulillah this is something I take it personally very, very serious and I know it from the last so on all of you have a great deal of trust on me and the team that we have here in the master that any money that we given in the mustard I take it so serious to maximize the much as much as they can benefit of your donation and if you're giving, if it is giving to organizations, if we're giving to people who have a need, and we spend it and programs and the way we spend it among you know, here in the in

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the in the master because I do believe that one of the greatest things that you invest in a good organization or good master and master that is active in many different areas. You know, so whatever you give to the masjid, I want you to know that part of what you give. It goes to Dawa, it goes to education, it goes to giving the people who became Muslims, to support Muslims to support new Muslims to support people around the world. It's you being proud of yourself that you are among the few misogyny I know in America, that we're able to send doctors over to Azusa to save a life to save an actual lives and every day. And not only that the impact of that continue for you know staff that

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were trained and not only one not two, not three, not four, not five your money have supported. And just recently, we have another person who a doctor and a doctor who just came back from there was send and sponsored by your by your support and by the message support. So we look into areas where just not a top but to really making a real difference and actions and impact in people's life.

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So that's why I want to say

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please, this Ramadan I want you to maximize your support to the masjid. I really bleed to you and ask you you know Hamdulillah we do only fundraising Ramadan but you know I didn't not fundraising we do all the remodeling in the back, you know, hoping inshallah you know and 100 I have been generous with us all every year, but I really want you not to walk away tonight today, without giving and inshallah come tonight, support the master, give and give generously. To this week, next week during this month of Ramadan in sha Allah to Allah, may Allah Subhana Allah accept from all of us, if we can all collectively together we can make this place and another level and another different impact.

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And 100 I always believe in Allah subhanaw taala then believe in my community, mailed us pannacotta except from your church, your charity, members wanted Allah may Allah give whatever you give light for you in this dunya and the Ophira and in your grave, may Allah subhana wa Tada make it easy for our brothers and sisters and hustle. And for a steep Allah who may hate you up to you Mr. Lucca and to serata if one if you Philistine and Taslima one Tafolla home in vain ad him woman Khalifa him untouchable they are at a cell era manga manga, but Ahsoka and takuna via only Maha Geryon and Mr. Levine Yeah. Are you are you in Fukushima can along. Okay, yeah, that agenda annual Iran doesn't

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have what Al Muslimeen wanted. Why not have your feet at bay? No. One, two

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They already know how to you know how to you know how to hit me up I know if y'all follow along with Fernando when he when he Deena wildsnow

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Ramadan what ministry Am I will pm was so that was solid man and Janelle God crab or salehoo mausoleum Anna Anna Vienna Mohammed Jehovah Sergio hum Kumala

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