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In Alhamdulillah, he no matter who wanna stay in who wanna study who wanna stop Pharaoh, when I owe the villa him in Sharia fusina amin sejati Imani Anna Maria de la who Fela mo De La Hoya. You will follow her Diarra? Why should you Allah Allah Allah Allahu la sharika Why should one know Mohammedan Abdul Rasul Allah Hamas Allah Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed kamasan later Allah Ibrahim Ibrahim in naka hamidou Majeed, I'm about to Eva de la. All praise Do you to align His praise and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his family, his companions and his followers until the day of judgment. I bear witness that Allah is the only one worthy of worship and

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Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam his last and final messenger.

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An email emammal moosonee Rahim Allah and it moosonee His name is Marian Eben yahia. abou Ebrahim al Madani called the muslin he because he's from a tribe in como Xena, and he's an Egyptian scholars, who studied under an Imam Shafi Rahim, Allah tada and he became one of the major contributor to Mohammed Imam Shafi Rahim Allah to the level that once an Imam Shafi said about him, but I have inositol Madhavi. This is the one who will spread and support my madhhab or my opinions and my photos.

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And this Eman Rahim Allah, Allah was known for being a very avid worshipper and he used to volunteer something very interesting. Besides teaching knowledge and writing books, he used to volunteer washing the bodies of the dead would never charge people for that even though that time people charge for the service. So so one day he was asked, why would you volunteer that currently chaotic Appleby so I can have my heart all soft. One of the things that always strikes me about this Imam, a description that was given to him by one of his students with man, urban or urban Earth man in Mecca, Rahim Allah, he said, moderator I had a Minamata Abbe de nada Castro tomorrow a

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Buddha has an Imam. I have met and witnessed so many worshipers in my lifetime. But I have not seen anyone more committed to the worship of Allah like this man.

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Connemara, Hayden, Ashley, Lehman, Lehman and also I have not seen anyone who respect knowledge and scholars like him. What can I mean a shed the naset of the year can Allah NFC even wah wah I will say him out of NUS. When he comes to personal choices, he always choose the most conservative position.

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But whenever he gives it to people, he always tried to choose the most lenient position so he make it so easy for people even though he make it so hard for himself. Rahim Allah who to Ana what kinda on ma n Illa Hello comin Allah Shafi. I'm just one of the fruits of it. mm shafia Rahim Allah and no doubt t have contributed to the mother of a shabby Rahim Allah, anybody study or study the Shafi mother, he will know the value of this, just even though this is like going intangible. He wrote a book called matassa. This book his book, it's called remote desktop and you can even share via email law. He wrote it over about 20 years period of time. And he edited eight times in his lifetime.

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Every time he writes Messara, he would pray to rock as after that, and he said I will fast three days before every chapter I wrote in the book, the book become so popular had decayed and the hula to the for our rose females in our Fiji has the harness climbing Kitab masani not a single woman will get married in Egypt, unless part of her G has part of the thing that the buyer for the house that he has referred to the furnitures and the thing that you buy for a new home, he said we'll have to be part of it and accompany from Kitab al Madani Rahim Allah, that's how popular he is.

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Let's see one thing that I want to pick from his life an incident when he walked into his teachers, while his teacher Rahim o lo to Allah

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very sick. Actually these were

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The last moment of an Imam Shafi his life

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and he walked into an Imam Shafi Rahim Allah and he see this great scholars after the strength and ability to speak and he sees him coming down with him I would love to and then he said, Yeah, ma'am. How do you find yourself this morning? Carla Kay has

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forgotten Allah who Yama Zani

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Amina dunya Hina

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Yama, Sunny

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this morning, I feel like I'm departing from this dunya 101 mo Fabrica, and I'm going to leave my friends what is so empty without dia and I will meet the records of my bad deeds. While he kept sending money yeah, Tisha Reba, and soon I will taste the taste of death. What Allah hawara and I will meet Allah subhana wa tada

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Farah Audrey illan genetti. Tofu Shiva over Neha. I'm in a narrow, z. And I didn't know my soul will go to Paradise, so I congratulate it. Or it will go to Hellfire, so I feel sorry for him.

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Then he said, Well, I'm pasa la comida heavy jazz JAL to Raja Nawaz Wicca Salama Tama Nizam be from Toronto, we if we cannot be cannot have a llama for Mazel Tov when I need them. bilum doesn't to do for minetta Nautica Roma.

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He said Rahim Allah to Allah beautiful lines of poetry. He said, when my heart became so hard and it can't see any exit, and I see it's so dark and so gloomy in front of me, john to Raja Nava, Africa, sulim, the hope that I have in my heart in your forgiveness became the only exit I see. the only path I see in front of me. I thought about my sins and I thought how great they are. But when I compared them to your forgiveness, I saw your forgiveness much greater. You always been forgiving. You always forgive and you always been forgiving learns kind of what to honor. And you're always been generous. And your generosity is basically given to everyone. And that's what an Imam Shafi

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Rahim Allah was hoping for, and he died soon after that. And Mussolini washed his body actually, and buried him Rahim Allah to honor

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my brothers and sisters. this dunya whenever you feel like so much injustice around you, you can change anything about it. When you see so much pain around you, or maybe in your own personal life, and you can do anything about it to stop it, or to change it. He Anima tousle him in us with a little fella Tesla CEO sada Celtic, with a

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fellow at the Euro Gianni, you only feel the echo if you're complaining and whining over the pain and the situation that you're in. At that moment. The only thing left for you to do is to call Jada.

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To call upon your Lord. When you think about your sins, and you see how great or many they are. The thing that you remember the things you don't remember even the thing that we need to think about Iran, which is the layers that the sins make over the heart and seal the heart. When you think about all the shortcoming and how ungrateful we are to our Lord in so many forms and ways and shapes.

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The moment the only thing left for you is to say Yara

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when you look at supporter and you seek help from family members, community members, countries of friends, and nobody extend their hands to help you. Nobody capable of helping you and saving you. You look for the people around you to help and no one able to do that. At that moment. When all the ties are cut. The only tie left for you to call upon is will be a last panel data and you say again, your when you see rich people rely on their wealth. When you see the strength people rely on their muscles and when you see the payment speeds

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Rely on their fame. Politicians rely on their positions in this society. Countries rely on their soldiers and armies.

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scientists and doctors rely on their science. And you don't have much to rely on. Except one great thing that you know, we need the best of it all, which is a loss of Hannah, Donna and you siano.

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So in an even avatar, it can be in a summary, we'll turn that over to Mr. Jabba. How far is the law? It was asked? He said, it's like when you pray to Allah, and the answer comes immediately.

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My brothers and sisters, we are in the month of

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a month, that known as the opportunity for prayer and individual allow us to sell them as an amendment Buhari reported in his book and other bit more for what he learned. emammal

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famous nedi and in Libya, salatu salam in hannity ebihara les sachet on a Corona Allah Allah He means

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that Allah subhanaw taala the prophets of Salaam said there is nothing more honorable to Allah Subhana Allah than a drought. It's the most honorable status you can ever be in.

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Because you are communicating with the last time, anytime Allah wants to talk to you, he revealed a Koran. But anytime you want to talk to him, you raise your hand

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is this so Koran is what comes down on your draft? What goes up?

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My brothers and sisters, that's why a draft is the essence of the worship of Allah, a draft who will look good or bad. Why? Because the simple fact when you pray to your Lord, you stating two things. One, his greatness, his ability, his capability, and you admitting your weakness, your need. You admitting to your Lord that you need and that's the essence of the idea, the essence of servitude, the essence of submission that you submit yourself to Allah Spano Donna, because you know that he's the only one capable of helping you. And

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a lot of people have this misconception about the draft. Whenever they think about the only thing about the answer. They only think about what I will get out of it. And they don't know that the moment they raise their hands to Allah the original received something. They already got something which is the biggest the honor to be able to speak dollars on $1 the honor to be heard the honor to request the honor to show that it will do the last panel what the honor. That's why it was never about what you asking for a DA is about the conversation. It's about the opportunity of being connected to your Lord subhana wa tada

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kind of Omar

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in Nila Mira harmony, Java, Lakin. madra, Rama said I never was worried about my dad would be answer or not. That's never was my concern, raise my hand, my concern is we'll be able to communicate properly, we'll be able to connect when I make the drop will be able to feel that closeness to Allah Subhana Allah or not

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few months back some of you know, one of my son was diagnosed with a gamma ray on a you know, it looks a very disturbing disease, even though a lot of doctors said it is you know, easy, but you know, as a parent, whenever you see a child, you know, every part of his body fell one after another, cannot move his legs, they cannot move, his hand cannot move his head cannot breathe, cannot see cannot hear you know, every single organ I have seen it with my own eyes failing one after another to the level that, you know, maybe tomorrow we're going to put them in life support.

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Yes, it is hard to see your son like that. But you know what, even though I have experienced things like of this nature before, but that was an opportunity for me that I'm until today. So I'm grateful that during these days, the amount of connection that I had with the loss of metadata, and the drama and the enjoyment that you have in your heart to be just be able to talk freely and to turn yourself to Him. By law it is more rewarding than anything else you can think of and it's so Nima the dish go to law area, and the people will never experience that can

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connection with a loss of power data would never be able to understand the true meaning of what I'm saying. until you feel that moment where you raise your hand and connect yourself to a last panel job. I always say this example, you know, to shame on me, but that's fine. I never forget one day I was traveling.

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And when we arrived to the airport, one of my mother in law's case, suitcases didn't arrive. You know, most of the cases are my mother in law suitcase anyway, so.

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So when we are off to the airport, she missing one of her so I said, Okay, I will fill up the form and they will bring it to the house. She said, No, wait, and she's a righteous woman.

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She said, No, wait. I said what? She said, I will pray to Allah subhanaw taala first. So I said to her Why?

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Because the the cursor stop. The guy said, All bags are here. It's either here or not here. Anyway, what is the point? I missed the point. The point for her was an opportunity to pray to Allah was not about the bank.

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And she taught me that lesson. And I'm the share of the teacher of the PhD and

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it was about the unreliability laid out.

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When she raised her hand and she just finished the job. I was like waiting for her and about to leave a guy said hey, there is one bag in the other carousel by mistake. Maybe it's yours guys. And it was her back.

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Actually, it was her back.

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And I learned that lesson is never was about the bag. It is about the connection. It's about the opportunity. That's why whenever you pray to Allah subhanaw taala make sure that your eyes always on the door itself is not about what you will get Allah Subhana Allah will guarantee you that you will never ever put your hand back empty.

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But Allah Subhana Allah to Allah one to give this opportunity for us to come closer to him. While he the Santa Clara.

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County Fair in the party, Boone moody Buddha

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My servants asked you Yeah, Mohammed about me. Let them know I'm near. I answered the drought when they call upon me.

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On Komodo Rooney as

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your Lord asked you to pray to Him, and He will answer you

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can a normal DNS inky Rahim Allah nowadays he lived in a time of crusade. So he is in a war, and we're in your work who you will care for the most? Your army or generals? That's right, because they are in a war. But still he used kinda European, bad actor by European O'Meara, Walton. He used to give gifts and money to the worshipers and the scholars and the righteous people, even way more than what he gives to his lieutenants and generals and army members. So they said, What's wrong with you? Those people are fighting for you.

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These soldiers fighting make sure that they happy, give them more. He gives them but you should give them more. He said

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kind of Allah in order to nasai Allah.

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My hope and the victory to comes because of these stretches people even more.

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Imagine the fancy home home or to see my soldiers when they shoot the enemy, their arrows or their spears head the target and sometime missed the target. But those people when they raise their hands and pray for me, their weapons never missed the targets.

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They never missed the target. Well, it really kind of Cynthia coluna here murjani Kalman genelia and he mythically have a

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very powerful weapon. That's why shafia Rahim Allah, Allah sinokrot movement, the weapon of the believer.

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And w Salalah. They send them said he didn't hack him. Color of Bologna evaporated to one of the best actor for ship.

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We are looking and seeking and we ask Allah to bless us to be among those who witnessed a little cuddle when he said Yasser Allah, what should I do if I witness their little paddle?

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was it was it pmla was it What was it? The process told her to do?

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Most of you know, is it sadhaka? What was that? What's the first one recommendation he said say

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sallallahu Santo Olam in nikka foon.

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Because that's the most honorable act of worship that you can ever be the last one

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is to pray to Him who Allah you love to forgive, so forgive us.

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That's how he taught early on. When a nebula Sallam told us that the best day that they have alpha, what he taught us to do that day. What the best thing to do that day c'est la ilaha illallah wa la sharika lahu

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you meet ohana, colletion Cody,

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Carnaby salatu salam, ma Mammon AB de la, in la de la, de la, no person ever prayed to Allah, Allah so Allah give give him or her one of three. Emanuel Agila hoo ha Jetta he give you immediately what you asked for. Well imagine you're hiring me or he give you something else good better than what you ask or equal to what you ask for him and he also he found Lumina Chablis. mithila. And that good that you can be given in a form of reward in the day of judgment or something else in the dunya. Maybe you needed much,

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much better or something that you needed, even or you needed more work on your sleeve and Lumina showed me that he would protect you from something evil was supposed to happen to you because of that, that that was never answered. What does that do to him? Allah? Allah Subhana momento? appa. Yeah, and even when he say no to your specific requests, he gives you something else.

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You never go empty handed. A lot of people say to me, show me every day I will be answered. Yeah. But sometimes the answer is no. And so

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he called out to LA Saracen fell upon his name, woman, and I asked him for three things. He gave me two and he said one to one of them, no. Ibrahim asked for his father. The answer was no. No asks for his son. And the answer was no. Sometimes the answer can be no. But no, not because he doesn't want. No no because he doesn't have not no because he would like you to suffer. No, he will only say no to it, because it doesn't go.

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According to the wisdom, if Allah then Allah Tam shadow, if bill Hekmatyar urbania

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you might think that this is the best thing for you today. But Allah, Allah says, No, it's not the right time for it to have it. He knows the future. Maybe you think that this prayer, this job, this money, this woman or man that you're looking forward to get married to is the most important thing and you know, if I don't have it, my life will be miserable. Bla bla bla, bla.

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Bla knows maybe the future hold completely something different for you. Maybe you thought the best thing for your sick person that you have at home is to be healed, while Allah knows that the best thing for him not to be healed.

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You might think that the best thing for that person to get in touch and Allah knows that that's the best thing for him in them in a bad the Menlo agony to uphold the Nicola Sturgeon. Allah said, some of my servants, if I make them rich, they will be so corrupt

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woman about the Menlo of carto

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apocrypha and some of them of the became poor poverty will turn them away from me. So what give each and every one according to what he knows it's the best for them.

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Sometimes brothers and sisters, we think that the best of what we asked for but the reality is now

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sometimes Allah Subhana Allah doesn't give you what you asked for, because he knows you're going to need it the more when your deeds are weighted.

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And there is some narration that people on the dev genuine said yeah, we wish none of our of the hours ever accepted and saved for us as a form of reward in the Day of Judgment.

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Maybe something evil that Allah Subhana Allah don't want you to experience and because of these requests or that you made was never answered. Maybe a little spinal to Allah missing, seeing you in the night praying, missing seeing you coming fully to him. He missing the sea, having these tears and coming closer to them, coming to your knees, leaving the arrogance aside. He just wants you to teach a lesson to come closer to him.

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Maybe it's a lost in your heart need to be kicked out. Maybe it is a source of harm in your income need to purify it

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Maybe it's a Rahim relatives that you disconnected them and you need to connect with them again. So Allah subhanaw taala connect you with the source of all good.

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Don't ever like to sin a lot to see a little bit of what I see new in ally you have been my SIM card Sofia Marina, see no one Billa for in the live

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and you always think positive and good of your Lord and Allah will meet your thoughts and your expectation. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah to give us all what we ask Allah May Allah subhanaw taala to reward us for all what we do a poll of SME to mostofa la de vista hero

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and Henry la vida hustler salat wa salam and amen Nana via video about my brothers and sisters. I hope that these few words will inspire us in what's left under Oman, to come to a Lost Planet Allah with full force with the hearts filled with the beam that we certain we assure that we calling upon the Most Merciful, the one who hears and sees us make sure that you come to Las panatela with your

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with your own maybe words if you can know and code with the prophets of Allah know the Quran Tara's would be excellent. But when it comes sincerely from your heart, that we're it's except a lot of people think that they have to make the die in Arabic. If this is not your language, you can do out with any language you want. During Salah during a Federal officer volunteer, or obligatory prayer in any language as long as you don't know how to say it in in Arabic. Make sure that when you come to and to pray to Allah subhana wa Tada. You always have your good deeds prior to the drought, to like our prayers, maybe

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a repentance maybe a lot of Vicar read the Koran. charity that you give Hulu will be like Amen, cat and cow sybilla whatever

00:27:17--> 00:27:22

when you pray and you have no deeds you don't do any good deeds it's like you have

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basically like the archer who go who want to throw the arrow but you don't have the string How would you use it you cannot use it that's where the backbone of your job is your good deeds and abuse will allow you to sell them also said that you studied a hydro command and your your deed will your hour be accepted as long as you know taste and you drop shala we expecting it to be either Friday or Saturday we hear and clearly economics center will always follow that moon sighting and following Amjad whenever they declared that he and I hope Mashallah that all our Muslim community will be united at one day, inshallah to Allah. So we will be praying here and this mustard, salata lead and

00:28:20--> 00:29:09

it will be 845 and I want to end with this point, that make sure when you come to the aid prayer, because of the parking 100 law we have now the parking help a lot. But make sure that you bring don't bring too many cars bring the family together and come early come light for my sisters don't bring all the strollers that you haven't you know with you try to bring as light as you can. So shallow will be easy and smooth for each and every one of us. And it has to be also prior to the person gives a capital fiddle and you have a ready to cut them photostat Yeah, and he accepted by the mustard and the information are available. And also want to say and one more thing. My brothers

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and sisters, this mustard truly need your help. I usually don't mention this on my hotspot. But I know some of you don't come here for taraweeh and come here regularly for Juma and hamdulillah. I'm glad to see our community growing. But this must have been debt. And that's the house of Allah subhanaw taala if your friend or your relative and debt, you will actively go to pay that person's debt, the responsibility of each and every one of us to make sure that this must be free of its debt. That's the house of Allah Tada. And it would be a shame on us to keep it on debt. If we have the ability to take it out of that debt. And the debt is because to accomplish or to develop the

00:29:55--> 00:30:00

parking lot that you have and handle has not even finished yet. There's a lot of work that will be done but we just

00:30:00--> 00:30:05

rushed the work. So you we will enjoy during the month of Ramadan.

00:30:06--> 00:30:41

So I'm encouraged each and every one after Salah come forward, we talk about a $250,000 we're not talking about 10,000 or 15,000 It's a big amount of money and it required everybody to stretch themselves actually a little bit even more than that because the debt is a 500,000. And we said we're going to pay out 550 and we said we're going to pay this year only 250 of it and divided over two years. So let's let's make sure that we put our effort together in sha Allah to Allah to help our community a lot more Filipina Lima to Hebrew

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and Aramaic and Syriac dunya Hashanah Avila harati Hashanah walk in other banagher Allahumma salli ala Muhammad Ali Muhammad can oscillate la Brahim Akuma Satya Ramkumar coma.