Wahaj Tarin – Seeing the Prophet ﷺ

Wahaj Tarin
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing the upcoming conflict between their countries and their adversaries. They discuss the concept of a "moot point" and the difficulty of giving offers to people. They also mention the importance of learning tofu and not getting into trouble for suicides.
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So the rasulillah here follow salata, watamu tasleem cam to a nation

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and his immediate students of the US have

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like they had the good fortune.

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They had the good fortune to call the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam they companion,

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a huge shot of in bada.

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The chef is here, the 100 favela here.

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You know, I mean, it's the circle of shoe.

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The boast is Senate.

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You know, who's your chef?

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And then who's his chef?

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And from that you trace where you are from the Prophet soboba halitosis.

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And this was, that's the sun at the zoo.

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Do you see no.

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Straight from the prophet SAW the larvae and don't think that this is a light concept. I I speak with evidence.

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having the fortune of having laid eyes on the Prophet with the man sets you want to leave that no one else will be able to reach the dust on your feet.

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While Oppo loja de la vaca Gianni be Delhi

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so there are soul sighs Allah Allah Allah to water Muslim Yazoo Mina ness,

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there will come a time a group of people will be in a campaign. There'll be a conflict a confrontation, an expedition a battle.

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And this side will be against this side as in the Muslim will be against his adversary whoever that is at the time.

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And then this will continue and stall might no one's winning. deadlock.

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So someone will say

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a feed commander Rasulullah

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the chef knows the language you see. Some of the others will know. It doesn't say anything else. It says a fee commander Rasulullah Is there someone here that has laid eyes on the Prophet?

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So a person will say I am a Sahabi I saw the Prophet so there are souls sighs Allah will give victory to the expedition because that makes them exists one that has laid eyes upon me.

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Do you see my calm

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and then some Maya Sufi mo mananas generation will go a generation will come and then they will be another conflict and then deadlock and then it's not going anywhere so someone will say a fee C'mon Rahman Rasulullah will feel often a few common saw had them on Sahaba Rasulullah Is there someone here that has seen someone that saw the profit not the profit director Have you seen someone that saw as it had you seen as a hobby so someone will say I am a Tabby I I had the honor of laying eyes on a Sahabi the Hadith says Allah will grant the victory to the expedition because the myths do exist that one that lied eyes upon one who lied eyes upon me.

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So when I say

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they reached a level where no one else would reach that dust on their feet be delille the Prophet says another Hadith Allah, Allah Allah to attend Muslim. Let also boo us hubby Listen, don't grow the courage to insult my companions. Learn tofu boo asabi forward levy in FCB Edie don't grow the courage to insult my companions for the one and whose hand is my life. If you were to give the mountain of offered in Golden sada and my companion what to give a handful of date and sadhak are your mountain would not compare to the dates in his hand.

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my brothers you hear these a hadith and it's nice. Think about it. You have been to Medina, you have seen offered offer there's not a rock or her does not the hill offer there's a mountain.

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Like I say this to you with due respect.

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You will struggle to give a gold rock in sadhaka

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back if you have a goal this day you struggle given a thumbs up

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So forget about that there are suicides have offered what to turn to gold, and you had the heart to say go to the path of Allah sadaqa. Allah says that our soul says that mountain of yours will not equal to a handful of dates that the Sahaba give. Understand.

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So we let Dean from their lives because they are the direct students of the Russell

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