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100 Allah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah wa ala alihi wa Safi woman well

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first of all my dear sisters as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh the topic that I've decided to speak about today is talking you know, to speak about the manners of sleeping you know, I often get a lot of sisters contacting me because they have bad dreams or you know, they had these dreams that disturbed them. So I want to speak a little bit about the manners that the prophet SAW along with us and taught us

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you know, before sleeping and these manners can really help you in Sharla to calm yourself down and also most importantly get the protection of a loss of pantalla for you before sleeping that will help to keep away these bad dreams inshallah.

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So, before we go on to speak about those manners of the Prophet sallallahu it was said,

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I want to first of all just take a bit of my take a few moments to reflect upon this blessing of slate because along with regard to Allah in the Quran, he tells us into a warm woman at Madame Lacombe lady one Lady Liberty Hall who come in for the in the feed daddy Taylor is in the army. Yes, man. That from the signs of a law is your sleep by night and by day, weather diva will come in body and that you're seeking of risk seeking of His provision in a V Danny kinda yet in the army. Yes, ma'am. So this is and this is for the signs that Allah wants us as believers to ponder on. And truly, you know, sleep is something very amazing. Like, even into now scientists do not understand

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why we sleep. Like they don't actually understand why we sleep, but they know that it's a huge benefit, like we need to sleep, they can see that when we sleep, you know, you've probably heard that your cells replenish and all these different things happen to us when we sleep. So we need to sleep we cannot go without sleeping. And you can only there are some people who suffer from, you know,

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illnesses where they can't sleep. And it's they want anyone who doesn't sleep cannot survive for very long, you know, humans must sleep. It's a human need to sleep. So no matter how strong a person is, no matter how much you know, no matter how much money they have, how strong they are. But a person needs to sleep and through sleep a lot is also showing us how we are subjected to his command, whether we like it or not,

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you know as Muslims Alhamdulillah

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we surrender. We surrender to his commands, both his religious commands, and his universal commands. But everybody and everything in the heavens in the earth is surrendering to Allah, whether they like it or not, in his universal commands, no one can escape and this is why sleep is assigned to us of that. Because what person can say I'm not going to sleep, they don't have a choice they have to sleep. So allows Brock dolla is joining us in is that you think you're so strong man. You know, you think a human that you're so strong, try to resist sleeping, you can't. So shows you you love showing your weakness through that. And also Allah is showing us his power and perfection because

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Allah does not need to sleep. Allah does not need to sit. In fact, he never even gets weary or tired. As Allah tells us, he could see let Hodo sinner tune Well, I know. Allah never gets, you know, fatigued or tired and nor does he need to sleep. So this is how Allah is different than his creations. So it's the panela This is the some of the things that we need to reflect upon when thinking about sleep, and also to reflect upon

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the blessing of Allah that He created not for us to have this link. Like he created the correct you know, he created the right environment for us to, you know, calm ourselves down and to find proper rest. Like if you know that if you speak in broad daylight, it's not as restful as when you sleep in a very dark room. And that's why it's advised like if you want to get proper sleep, you should make the room very dark and not allow any light in these things. So a lot a lot tells us in the forum, for example, by john and no macoun civetta, with john and Lady bassa, withdrawn and held on my Ayesha to made your sleep.

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You know, you know a lot Allah tells us that he made the night as a covering, he made a night as a covering

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For you, and the day for your you're seeking your livelihood. So a lot of panto create the perfect environments for us, like I said, also imagine if, like, you know, overseas, for example, there are in some countries where they have, they have,

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they have nights, like six months of the year, and then they have days, like six months of the year, you know, it's basically days, six months of the year. And they say that those people like during their day, when it's the dark month, it's a very slow, like, they fight very hard to be very productive. And because, you know, the darkness makes you feel tired. Like, you know, yourselves, like I know myself, every day, it's a dark day, I find it very hard to get going. But it's a you know, cloudy, dark day, it's like, and sometimes you even feel beat down, it has it has, it has an impact, even on your emotional

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state, often. But so, but But suppose I mentioned leading for six months in that darkness, like, you know, you feel like you don't feel very active. Whereas when I lost hands on I made the day bright like this, you feel like you know, it helps you to be productive and go seek your your living in these things. So as the panel we need to reflect on, you know, sleep, everything we everything we should reflect upon, but because we're talking if we're going to be talking inshallah, about, you know, the issue of dreams, and you know, and the manners of sleeping, it's important for us to reflect upon this blessing of slave and not take it for granted. Because as Muslims allowed, Allah

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wants us to be mindful of everything, he wants us to reflect on all of our blessings, each and every one of them and don't take anything for granted. Because it's by that when you the more your effect upon the blessings a lot. The more you get, you feel closer to Allah, like you feel the love of you have a light in your heart, you know, you feel the sweetness of a man in your heart, the more that you teach yourself to reflect upon his blessings, and he signs that are all around you, everything in the universe, everything in yourself everything in the world, it's all a sign. And Allah wants us to reflect upon it, in order for us to know him more. Another of the things we should reflect upon

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as well when it comes to sleep, is that sleep is like that it is as the Messenger of Allah told us, it's his twin brother of death. So because look at yourself, when you sleep, you don't have any control over yourself, you have no control, whether you're going to wake up or not in the morning. So you're completely under the control of a lot of pantalla. When you sleep, you know, and we do things in our sleep, we don't even remember what we've done. You know, but the person when they sleep is like, it's very similar to someone who's passed away because your body becomes limp. You know, all of these different things, physiological changes happen to you when you sleep. So these

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are all things that we need to reflect upon when it comes to sleeping.

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But the other thing that also as believers, we need to reflect upon when it comes to sleeping is that although sleeping is a habit, it's something that is we must do. But at the same time.

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Allah subhanaw taala wants us, you know, he wants us to raise our level from just doing things like animals, where we just do everything by habits, and we just eat and drink and we have there's no purpose in our lives, He wants us to raise a level above that, and do everything with a meaningful purpose. So even sleep should have a meaningful purpose behind it. And that by doing that, and attaching the meaning to alasa, pantalla, like attaching your your, your purpose to Allah subhanaw taala you change that habit into a better you change that habit, into an act of worship for yourself. And this is how, you know this is from this is from mercy of a lot that he you know,

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depending on your intention, you can change your whole life. For the sake of Allah you can make all your life for the sake of all regardless of what it is. You know, as Allah says in the Quran, cool enough Allah to new Suki woman young woman Mati lillahi Rabbil alameen say that my prayers and my sacrifice and my living and my dying is all for Allah, Allah, Allah Allah mean the Lord of the worlds so you you know you're you know, you, you you elevate your life to a whole different level where your whole life is for Allah. So when I sleep, it's for Allah when I wake up, it's for Allah when I look after my children, the dates for Allah when I you know serve my husband, it's for Allah,

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whatever I do is for Allah when I help my parents when I'm good to my parents, it's all for Allah. So you change everything in your life for the sake of Allah who to bracket the ANA.

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So this is Jani and the difference between so this you know, sleep we're talking about sleep. Fate is usually permissible Of course, but sleep can take

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on different levels, so if somebody remembers a loss of power before they sleep, and they have the intention that that sleep is a part part of resting so they can wake up and worship a lot, then sleep will become a rewardable act for that person, not just not just a permissible act, but rather you're even rewarded for your sleep. And in fact, even our best radi Allahu anhu. He said, I seek reward for my sleep, just as I seek reward for my piano name. So just as he would seek reward and and hopefulness to Allah through his waking up at night and praying to Allah, he would seek reward from Allah, even through his sleep because of his intention. So intention is everything. But on the

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other hand, my dear sisters, sleep can also become a sin for us if we have the wrong intention. And I'll give an example of that. If somebody knew that they have to wake up for subtle budget on time. But they purposely say to themselves, I'm not going to set the alarm to wake up because I'm just going to let myself slip through on purpose, even though they knew that paying on time is a fault. Like it's weird you to pray your budget, pray on time. So if they went to bed at night, and said, I'm purposely not going to wake up because I just want to sleep through I'm not going to care about praying my budget prayer. Right, then if that if that's what happened, yeah, they would get a sin

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for that sleep because they went to bed with a bad intention, like they went to sleep upon a bad intention where they let their sleep become a priority over something, that alarm may fall on them something that alarm made compulsory upon them. So this is where sleep even though it's normally permissible could become a sin for someone. So we have to be aware of that we shouldn't purposely sift through fudge is different than if you accidentally slip through fudge, like your alarm didn't go off, you know, or you accidentally didn't wake up on time. But that shouldn't be something we do every single day, if we're doing that every single day, there's something wrong, we need to make

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some changes to prevent that from happening. Because it is fun to pray. fudger pray on time, and it's a major sin not to, as with all the prayers, you're not allowed to pray them, you know, that pray fudger after sunrise, now we're going to move on and talk about some of the manners before sleeping. And as I was saying, the reason I decided to talk about these these because I very frequently do get a lot of sisters contact me disturbed about dreams, they're having, you know, worried what they should do, and things like that. And so it's very important for us to speak about what are these manners before sleeping, because these manners, you know, can help us from inshallah

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being exposed to having these bad dreams.

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So far, the very important things that I should mention,

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in starting off, is if, and this is how I should think about that, if you're having bad dreams, it's important for you to also reflect to make sure you're not falling into any major sins.

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And to also think about what are you doing before you go to bed, because those type of things could affect someone from, you know, could affect someone in their dreams, like if someone is doing a lot of major sins,

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that could cause them to start to have some bad dreams. Like, for example, recently,

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a sister contacted me, I don't even know this sister, okay, she's in another country.

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And she contacted me and she told me that for the last couple of months, she's been having very disturbing dreams. And so then I started talking to her a little bit, and I just because her dreams, she's having nightmares. So I asked this Sister, I said to her sister, do you pray?

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And she said, Actually, I stopped praying a few months ago.

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So the first thing I said to her I said, if you want the protection from a law when you sleep, and you want to keep shaitan away from you and your sleep, but it's very important that you're praying your five prayers. So it is important for us to reflect upon our life, maybe we're having these dreams, maybe shaitan is, is able to come to us in our dreams, because of some major scenes that we're involving ourselves in.

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You know what I mean? As we've made ourselves week to shaitan so we do need to reflect upon our lives if we're having nightmares, and having bad dreams. It could be Yeah, it's not always but it could be due to you know, falling into sins. And also another thing is, have a look at what you're doing before going to bed like it is not advisable. For example, to have a fight with your husband before going to bed. It's true, it's not advisable. If you're really upset about something I never would advise anyone to have it out with your husband at that at night wait to the morning sleep on it, let you know. Try let it wait to the morning because it's very disturbing.

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You get very upset at night and go to bed. very upset, it would cause it could easily cause you to have bad dreams when you sleep, you know, so try to be at night you need to get yourself into a calm state, you know, mentioning a loss of pantalla relaxing yourself down, don't let things upset you don't try not to scream at night, especially, you know, be honest with you even don't try and script at all. But especially at night, don't get yourself screamed, because that's very, it's very bad for your body to be like screaming, especially at night, okay.

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And pay attention to what you're listening to, like, if someone, for example, listens to music at night, or they maybe they're looking at her on things, you know, watching something hot on on television, or you know, on the internet, now, there's so much hot on. So, if that happened to you, if you slept after, you know, viewing that, that could cause you to have bad dreams like, and don't expect if you're watching horror movies, you know, don't expect that if you're watching horror movies, and you're watching murders and stuff like that, that you might not have a bad dream

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as well. And I came to the conclusion many years ago that a lot of these horror movies especially they're very evil ones, they are really just a door of shaitan to get to us. So you need to close that door. Right? You need to close the door, a lot of these movies, I strongly believe that not Kellogg for us to watch because they have really evil, they really evil, they really satanic. And it's it's really just, it's just really adore frustrate Tom to come through and affect people, you know, affect people to make them lose, lose, you know, like week to make them weak and making them afraid to make them afraid of everything. And and you know, just so it's actually something that

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shaitan uses to weaken you. So that's why stay away from these movies close the door to these type of movies altogether.

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So remembering the loss of pantalla is very important, like I said, and watching the type of actions you do before sleeping, because this will have an effect on this can have an effect on what you'll see when you sleep. Alright, so let's talk about some of the manners.

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So talking about some of the manners before sleeping.

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One of the manners that the Prophet said a lot of them told us is to try to be tried to take will do before sleeping, try to sleep on a state of bahara. Even if one has been intimate with one's husband, it still will still have to go and take will do you don't have to take one you don't have to take both before sleeping. If you've been intimate with your husband. You don't actually have tight both before sleeping. And sometimes it's difficult to do that it's late and you're tired, and you won't have a whole shower and everything. But just take will do if you're able, it's nice to have to take to sleep upon will do. Of course if you're menstruating, you can't take Waldorf There's

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no use in taking your boy if you're menstruating. But you can still remember Allah subhanaw taala. So and especially when you're menstruating, try to remember a lot more than than usual because you're more, you know, in a certain way, because you're remembering a lot less through not praying and stuff like that. You need to bolster it up in other ways by remembering Allah in other ways. Okay. And so does people have taharah to zip on in a state of purity if you're able.

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This is recommended and it's it's a protection against it's an extra protection against Stefan. Okay, because we noticed radon can come to us when we're sleeping. And when he comes, he'll cause you to have disturbing dreams he wants to make you set. The shakedowns goal he wants to make you feel weak, he wants to make you feel sad. He wants to put frights into your hearts. That's what the shaitan tries to do. And you have to you have to strengthen yourself by using these etiquettes of before sleeping. Another of the

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recommended actions before sleeping is to sleep on one's right side like the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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He he you know, he directed us to taking order before sleeping and then to lie down on one's right side. And one of the wisdoms that had been mentioned behind this is that you know, the left side you're the heart is closer to the left side of the body and so if you sleep on the left side, it makes one more heavier like you have a more heavy type of sleep.

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So when you lie on your right side it makes sure like sleeper is to make sure sorry, your sleep lighter. And therefore, you know, you can wake up easier if you want to wake up to pray or something like that inshallah.

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And then, like I said, Be conscious of remembering a lobby for sleeping try to mention a lobby for sleeping. So we should try to at least say a few drawers or you know, at least a few a year to the

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On before we sleep to remember a law before sleeping in, you know, the cover law is a big protection from shaitan. And also when you think of it if, if we want our member a law in our final moments, if we kind of remember a law before sleeping, how do we hope to remember a law when we're going sec troops Sakura tumults Lacombe going through the final stages of death. And we want to die on there either in a law and to be able to say that in our final final moments, how are we going to be strong enough to do that if we can even be strong enough to remember a lot before sleeping? See. So it is very important for us to get ourselves in the habit of at least saying some as car or something

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before they begin, one of the most important things that you should say before sleeping, even if you don't say anything else, it's just a de courcey

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you know, a de courcey the short idea that you can find is Bopara. And this is a protection from the shaitan. And it's mentioned in a hadith that Allah sends an angel to God over you when you're sleeping, and it keeps the shaitan away from you. And we should always teach our children to say to courtesy before they be when they're too small to say it, then we should say for them, like when they're a baby. Some people you know, they used to put those little

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you know, they used to put these little things on when the baby sleeps, you know, to put them to sleep, that's not a good thing to put your baby to sleep with some little lullaby machine, you stand there and you recite a Jacuzzi to them. This is what is better than hearing the beautiful mother's voice that the baby loves. You know, and you're saying the Quran, so your child gets used to going to sleep with the Quran, you know, and and that builds up their love for the Quran in their heart, you know, because

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the slave tissue for sleeping is one of the most beautiful times you know, it's the most beautiful, one of the most beautiful times to bond with your children is just before sleeping. So you give him a hug, you give him a kiss, you read edge of courtesy to them, and you're stroking their hair, can you imagine how they grew up always, you know, remembering that bond that you had just before sleeping that you had with them.

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And this will help them in show not to have bad dreams. Like sometimes people complain about, you know, my son, my daughter always has bad dreams. You know, it's upon Allah have you know, do you read a Jacuzzi for your child in the first place, it's important and then not only that, my dear sisters, it's not just about reading this as you have to read them with sincerity, you have to read them having your trust in a law that by you taking this means of reciting the words of Allah that Allah is going to protect you through this. So it's not just you read it like empty words, you have to read it with full yaqeen in these words with full belief in these words, and to work who in a law

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you know, having dependence a lot a lot gonna protect you through his words.

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And then what else can you read before going to sleep Of course, you can read through it as loss through its alfalah uncertainness the last three sewers of the Quran. So you can read these three sewers and what you do as the prophets that along with us and taught us is to recite each of them three times. And each time you finish the three times you blow into your hands. And then and then you wipe over whatever you can reach not everything like some people they think you go do like Wilson, you know, Rob every part of the body, no, just whatever you can reach in bed like that, you know, like that, whenever you can reach you wipe over your body and you do that you do that three

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times. And so by us saying any plus stoodley plus, with this is equal to what it reward of reciting one third of the Quran sudanic class is equal to one third of the Quran and when you recite it, you're declaring and confirming your tauheed in a law you're your your declaring and you're confirming your belief and your you know, your belief in the oneness of Allah how to backup the island that he should be worshipped alone.

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And when you say and follow up and illness, these are the strongest series against the shaitan and protecting yourself from harms from the harms of all kinds of evil. you're protecting yourself with with these words of Allah to Allah.

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So these are some of the things we should we should recite before sleeping You can also say the door that the Prophet said allows me to say Bismillahi R mu to us. Yeah, like In the name of Allah. Motu. Wha Yeah, like that i i In the name of Allah I die and the name of Allah I wake up, because like I said, sleep is very similar to death. It's like the twin, the twin brother or the twin half of death.

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And there's a lot of reminders in sleep because we don't know if we're wake up. So at least if we remember in our lobby for sleeping

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At least we died upon lair either in the war like at least we died upon Vicar of a law, remembering a law. And you know, there's even an aeration that mentions that men netta Allah Shea, boy de la la like whoever died upon something, we resurrected upon something. So if you died remembering upon remembering Allah, inshallah you'll be resurrected on your piano, also remembering a lot. So it's always worth to try to, you know, focus on remembering a lot before you die in the hope that inshallah you'll be from those who were raised remembering the last pantalla on your piano.

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Then besides that,

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besides that, the Messenger of Allaah subtle lava has been taught his daughter, his beloved daughter, Fatima, to say before sleeping Suppan a lot, 33 times and hamdulillah 33 times and Allahu Akbar 34 times and that this is better for her than if she was to be given a servant so that you know, if you want Baraka in your day, if you want to be given strength from Allah in what you have to do during the day, then this is the remedy that the prophets that allows them gave to his beloved daughter Fatima, radi Allahu anhu on her

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and why is it very another another reminder of why it's so important for us to remember loss of pantalla before we sleep, besides the fact of, you know, trying to protect ourselves as well from from having bad experiences when we sleep. And also because of the fact that we want to remember a long piano but even there's an aeration of Sahara which says money budget our budget en la escuela de la de Illa con la he siracha Nakayama. So, this is the process that allows and said who ever went to bed you know, they went to bed and they did not mention a law.

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When they went to bed,

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they will you know, there's no one who no one went to bed, you know, at night not remembering the law, except it will be a distress for them on your piano. Like they'll be regretting it. You'll be regretting it you remember that day? Why didn't I mentioned a law that one day though went to sleep? Imagine how many days we went to sleep, not remembering our loss of pantalla. So we should always, you know, be conscious and be careful to remember loss of pantalla because even sitting down Would you believe is even in the same high dimensions. Whoever just sat down not mentioning a lot will be it will be a great for them on your piano. That's how much we'll be regretting all this off law will

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be regretting all these Hey, this is heedlessness of not remembering the loss of pantalla soprano law. One of the other benefits of remembering the loss of Pantone before we sleep, my dear sisters is that it can help you to wake up for fudge because if you go to sleep remembering a lot a lot is your main focus in this life. The Alpha is the main focus in your life, what person would would have that as a main focus and not be intending and not have the strong wheel to make up for fetch? Okay, so obviously going to sit with that strong purpose is going to help you to wake up for 5g no matter what.

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And you'll find that the majority of people who don't make up for 5g

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it's due to it's due to mainly two reasons either they did some type of sins or something like that before they slept. So they were deprived from waking up with a budget or they didn't remember a lobby for sleeping. They didn't remember a lobby for sleeping and that's why they were deprived from waking up because you might think it's a choice not to wake up but it's actually a lot deprived from waking up upon a loss so that's why we need to remember Allah Subhana Allah so Allah subhanaw taala gives us you know helps us to wake up inshallah on time

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another thing Another thing is well my deceased is is if you happen to wake up at night there are some manners besides these manners we have

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besides is that as we have before sleeping there are some manners that the prophets that alarmism taught us as well if we happen to wake up at night now it is obviously Mr. hub and very loved if you wake up for pmla even one record even one Raka is loved to wake up and pray before fudger All right, even you know now piano lay you can even pray before sleeping. If you think you can't wake up at the last third of the night. Pray to rock out before you sleep is better than not praying any pmla at all.

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But besides that, if you wake up at night, the profits that allowed us and taught us a draw and then teach these drops to you inshallah, if you say this do I if you work when you wake up at night you said it's dry and then after that you make any other drop and allow me to draw out for you. Okay, so if you say this decal First of all, and then make any draw after that Allah subhanaw taala will answer your door and if you were to stand up and pray after that

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Hello except your prayer. So this dua is very easy to say. La ilaha illallah wa Ooh La sharika lahu mo Kula humped. Wahoo Allah Cooley Shane. Rajiv. Okay, that's a lot of draws. You know that one, and then just say and hamdulillah was tapana La ilaha illallah wa Allahu Akbar, Walla. Walla, Walla, quwata, Illa, billah, Alamo, Philly.

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So it's very easy to our society again, that ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lahu Allah who humped wahoo Allah Cooley, Shane Potter, and most of you know that because it's in many other drawers right then. And how did he laugh? Was sapan a law? When they ILA hate La La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, quwata, Illa, billah. Alamo, Philly. So all these words are very easy words, nothing complicated. Most of you know all these words. It's just putting them all together. So if you say these words and then you make Dr tolosa pantalla along with NCR da so sometimes, like you might not be able to pray pm like you might be on your menstruation and you can't pray pm or maybe you went to

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sleep, you're in the state of Geneva. So you're not able to get up and you know, you feel tired and you know, you don't you don't feel like doing this. But if you wake up at night, you can say this Vicar. So even if we even if we can't pray, if we don't have the energy to pray, the least we can do is when we wake up is to say such drawers like this, even if you can't see it's just a normal feeling. You know, when you wake up at night, remember Allah tried to mention a law when you wake up and stuff for the last for the law, anything just remember Allah pantalla if you happen to wake up at night.

00:31:47--> 00:31:50

So one more thing I'll mention as well.

00:31:51--> 00:32:32

A couple more things I mentioned as well that can help prevent bad dreams. One of them is you should not lie on your stomach. It's important that we don't lie in our stomach in fact, the profits that along with a sense of Bade mn from lying on his stomach, and he said to him Do not lie like this, for this is how the people of the Hellfire lie. Because when the people I will be like the people the fire will be in a fire. They'll be lying down on their stomachs in the fire. So we you know, our Shetty, our like our religion teaches us not to resemble the things that shaitan does not resemble the people of the fire in any way, or those who were into the fire. We should never no believers

00:32:32--> 00:33:10

should not resemble the types of habits that the people of fire have. nor should we resemble like the disbelievers. So this is how Ashley teaches us to be different from, you know, the disbelievers and from imitating, like shaitan and things like that. And that's a very good reason why people ask, or what's wrong with let's talk about that topic right now, since we're there. What's wrong with dressing up for Halloween? It's just a harmless practice. You know, it's just a cultural practice What's wrong with it? Well, have a look at what you're imitating you're imitating witches, you're imitating ghosts you're imitating shaitan How can you tell me that Hello, when our house God teaches

00:33:10--> 00:33:33

us not even to grow your nails long because imitating wild animals. So our agent is completely against resembling the shaitan in any way. That's why those people who changed the creation of a law, you know, they do these crazy things to their faces and their bodies. You know, that's all haram because it's imitating the shaitan shaitan wants us to change the creation of Allah subhanaw taala

00:33:34--> 00:34:14

so when you get dressed up for Halloween, and you think it's just dressing up as it goes to a gin altavilla you know, why would you want your children to resemble these evil evil things and it's it's based the whole tradition, even non Muslims will tell you that the whole tradition. It's, you know, it's got like an evil type of base to it anyway, the whole thing, right? So. So this is Yani, if you've got if you understand Islam properly, if you understand this, then properly and what Allah wants you to live a pure life, the life that's on the path of the prophets and messengers who came before us, then you won't be inclined to following these types of things that you can see it's a

00:34:14--> 00:34:25

clear deviation away from the path of the prophets and messengers, right? You can use your common sense to see it's not something loved by Allah subhanaw taala to be involved with such things.

00:34:27--> 00:34:47

So like I'm saying Subhanallah the Prophet sterilize them for back forbade us from lying on our stomach because it's resembling the people of the fire. And interestingly, they found a co relationship between placing babies on their stomachs and even pot death. You know, the death when babies

00:34:49--> 00:34:59

you know, suddenly died sleep and they found there's a relationship between placing babies flat on their stomachs. So it's upon a loss. So there's always wisdom in Australia.

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Even if we don't understand, but it's just said that we have to have the non Muslims come and tell us, you know, oh, they discovered this new scientific thing. And then we realized that that was already in Australia, but we didn't follow it, because we didn't see that, you know, we wouldn't appreciate it until they told us something about it, then we start to appreciate it right. But in saying this as well, lying on your stomach could cause you to have bad dreams as well. That's why I'm mentioning it as well as part of this. Another thing, it's not, it's not encouraged to sleep naked. Okay, so obviously, when one is intimate with a husband, that's fine to be naked, and so

00:35:38--> 00:36:16

dimensioned such a like, but we have to talk about it. So talk about a sensitive topic. There's nothing wrong because there's a purpose for being naked, right, there's intimacy happening, and there's a purpose for being naked. But once when that's once that's happened, it's not encouraged to sleep naked, or to you know, just walk around naked. And, you know, because we have to realize that nakedness makes us vulnerable. nakedness makes us vulnerable. So, you know, and there are people you know, there are stories of people who, you know, just used to walk around, for example, naked in their houses. And it is possible that the gene could fall in love with a woman, for example, for

00:36:16--> 00:36:58

walking around naked, for example, you understand? So, in general, the Allah, The Prophet said, our lives and taught us that there's an authentic hadith that speaks about who you should show your outer to, is only to your wife, or to your husband. And even in front of a law that Allah is more deserving, that you're showing him that you don't just walk boldly around. So you know, there's modesty some teachers have higher, even if we're alone, there's higher, there is modesty, when we're alone, we don't start copying off the disbelievers in the way they are with just complete boldness, like they've got no feelings, they've got no, they've got no youni sensitivity, you know, like to be

00:36:58--> 00:37:17

naked, they don't care don't even go in front of people naked, or they've got no sensitivity whatsoever. Like, it's, I mean, we're not, we're not like that we have shyness, but of course, being naked is Hello between a husband and wife, like, it's important for a healthy relationship. You know, and if a man and a woman are not see each other in that situation,

00:37:19--> 00:37:44

in their married life, then they might seek out other means outside. So this is important for us to have a fulfilling marriage relationship with each other. But in saying that, once that's over, like it's not advisable to sleep naked, this could also cause you possibly to have, you know, bad dreams as well because it's not a natural state to you know, to sit naked. But I mean, you should cover yourself, you know, cover yourself or not sleep like that

00:37:46--> 00:37:56

anyway, but that they are some of the manners of sleeping. And I'm gonna move on now and just speak a little bit more specifically about dreams.

00:37:58--> 00:38:38

So, like, we talked, we spoke about, you know, sleep trying to sleep it instead of bahara remembering, alas, pantalla before sleeping. And then besides that, even just look, pay attention to your mental state. You know, when you go to sleep, put your trust in a law, you're, you know, you're submitting to Allah, you're under the complete control of like, you're under his protection. So, you know, put your to work on a lot a lot gonna look after you while you're sleeping. Right put the comfort in your heart that you shall not although they look after you, you've done you've taken your means you've done your best to prevent any bad dreams. And you're going to put your trust in a lot

00:38:38--> 00:39:23

and one of the one of the great scholars said you know, if you want if you correct your actions by date, when you correct your actions by Dre, your dreams will be true at night like in a good way you're gonna have inshallah good dreams that which are true, the more you try to correct your actions during the day. So one thing I want to really deal with here is it's very important that we don't let we don't become so over concerned with our dreams. People became too over concerned with their dreams. And like I said before, if you are that type where you're paranoid of your dreams, that is a door of shaitan to come to you to make you weak, because like I said before, it's shaitan

00:39:23--> 00:39:42

one, he wants to weaken you as a believer. He wants to frighten you. He you know, and so that's what he tries to do. He wants to play with you. He loves it. He loves to make the Benny Adam feel weak and vulnerable. So you should not let him You should not let him when he's not then him succeed.

00:39:43--> 00:39:59

And you should realize that dreams cannot harm you. Whatever dream you have, no matter how bad it is, it cannot harm you. It cannot harm you. It's just from the Shaitan and you should not worry about it. It's just a time trying to cause sadness or fi in your home.

00:40:01--> 00:40:20

So that's why the prophets that allowed us and taught us how to deal with dreams, bad dreams, he taught us how to deal with bad dreams, that if one of you sees a bad dream, something that disturbs us, you know, disturbs you makes you feel anxious or sad to say our older belaire him in Australia shaytani r rajim.

00:40:21--> 00:41:10

So the first thing you should do is seek protection in a law from that dream. And then to speak dryly, over your left shoulder three times. Like that. You speak dryly over your left shoulder three times. And I when you say I would be laying the straight on or a gene. It's important that you have in your in your heart that you're saying your Allah I seek protection in you and that I know that you are the ultimate, you are my only protector and my ultimate protector. But if I seek protection in you, that it's enough, it's enough if I seek protection in you, y'all law, okay. So you need to have you have to need to put your trust in Allah, Allah and Allah will be enough for you by you

00:41:10--> 00:41:48

seeking protection in him. The other thing that we're advised to do when you have a bad dream is to turn to the other side. So if you were sleeping on your right side, you had a bad dream. Turn your left side. Or if you have you are sleeping on the left side when you're having that bad dream turns your right side. So change the position in your bed. This will help you and the most important thing he says is let go of it. Don't let it worry you if you know that he can't harm you. It's then you know, you can let go that easily. You've sought protection or law, it cannot harm you to turn the other side and forget all about it. It's nothing Do not let it worry you it's just shaped on trying

00:41:48--> 00:41:49

to come to you in your dream.

00:41:51--> 00:41:53

Right then

00:41:54--> 00:41:55

just say

00:41:57--> 00:42:11

another dream came to you which is very rare. Once you've done this, it's very rare to have a second bedroom in one night but let's just say it did happen. Then what you should do is don't continue sleeping wake up. Go and take Waldo and pray.

00:42:12--> 00:42:50

That's what you should do. Don't don't don't succumb yourself if shaitan decided he's gonna play with you that night you're gonna you're not going to let him win. So that will burn the strength on by you getting up and taking will do and praying to Allah this Hamza shaitan, we can seem so much because instead of him winning, by you crying in your bed, and having an anxiety attack, because you're so worried about what that dream meant. You did the opposite. You went and you went to Google and you prayed and you remembered Allah that kills straight on with it that kills strengthen. So you do the opposite what shade done once? Okay, and then you weaken the shade down like this. Now, one

00:42:50--> 00:43:09

thing the Prophet said along with us and told us in an authentic hadith is that our vote Yeah, Allah rich report a melon to Abba for Ada obey dot wofox. So the prophets that allowed us and taught us that a dream is like

00:43:10--> 00:43:54

is like the, the fate of a bird. Now what does it mean? It means a dream is not how can I say it's not something stable. A dream is not something stable. It's not something fun to depend upon at all. And it's not something stable. Just like a bird. You know, when birds come to perch, birds don't perch on branches like they, they go to one branch and the night, they jump from from perch, they jump from branch to branch, they don't stay stable on the branches. This is like dreams, dreams flux, like they fluctuating. They could mean good, they could mean bad. It's not there's nothing. There's nothing stable with the dream until you go and try to make something of it and decide what

00:43:54--> 00:44:15

that dream means. So if you interpret it in a bad way, then it becomes real to you that it means that you understand this, why you shouldn't do that you shouldn't look you shouldn't look too much into your dreams and worry about them. Because otherwise it becomes like real to you and you start looking like you start looking for evidence in your life to try to make that dream come true.

00:44:16--> 00:44:20

You understand. So you shouldn't do that you should not pay attention to it, not worry about it.

00:44:22--> 00:44:29

And just let it go. The other thing is with that is it's very important when you've had a dream,

00:44:30--> 00:44:59

not to tell people about it. Especially a bad dream. Don't tell people your bad dreams. That's something that prophets that allowed us and taught us that you don't tell anybody about it. He said if one of you see something he dislikes in a dream, then let him get up and pray and don't tell anybody about it. Don't tell anybody about it. Because when you tell somebody about it, you give satisfaction to shaitan because he knows that he's been able to affect you

00:45:00--> 00:45:24

And also when you say it, it becomes more real to you as well, if you just let it go, if you just had it in your mind, and you let it go, you would have probably forgotten about it. But as soon as you go tell someone, it becomes more realistic and you know, becomes more you bring it to life by by talking about it. Okay, so that's why you shouldn't tell people about it. But just say you had a recurring bad dream. In this case,

00:45:26--> 00:45:36

you should only consult either a scholar or someone who's a Cincy advisor who's got knowledge of the religion. If you don't do that, what will happen is what can happen is

00:45:37--> 00:45:47

unfortunate, unfortunately, there are a lot of people who are not very sincere. And when you tell them something about a dream you've had, they interpret it in the worst way that makes you lose all hope.

00:45:48--> 00:46:25

Like, already, you're disturbed from your dream. And then you go to someone who's not very, you know, may not have much knowledge, or they're not very sincere. They don't say like, for example, there was one man, he had a dream that all his teeth fell out. So he went to he went to a scholar, and he said, What does this mean? He said, it means all your family is gonna die, and you're gonna die. So what do you think happened to that man, he becomes like, so worried and concerned. And you know what I mean? Like, just imagine your anxiety levels, right? Then he went to someone else, a scholar, and he asked him, What does this dream mean? He said, it means you're going to live for a

00:46:25--> 00:47:02

long time, you're going to outlive all your family members, you can you know, you're gonna live such a long life, that all your family members will go before you and steal until eventually you you will be will be taken. So like, imagine that that interpretation is far more beautiful, and you're next to hearing you live a long life, obviously, and live a long life means that most people you know, are gonna pass away before you is different than saying to you that all your friend is gonna die and you're gonna die. You know, everybody's gonna die. But if the way you say it, that makes a big difference, right? So you do have to be careful and realize that there are some people who are not

00:47:02--> 00:47:13

sincere, who they try to get you to be attached to them. Now, a lot does not want us to have false attachments, he wants us to always have to walk cool in him alone.

00:47:14--> 00:47:54

But through dreams, a lot of people become falsely attached to people. So they think that this person can interpret all my dreams for them for me. And unfortunately, it's the majority of women who tend to get involved with this, like, so you can see how you can see whole TV channels are set up, especially in Arab world, let me tell you, there are TV, you know, shows where the whole show is all about interpretation of dreams. And like, you know, everyone means up. And I had this dream kitchen what this means and, and so and it's honestly, it's pretty much like the horoscope it's pretty much the same the way they do it is pretty much the same as the horoscope theme, or you know,

00:47:54--> 00:48:35

fortune tellers. It's the same type of thing. So that's why all that is head on. Because you put your trust in these people, even people who do Rokia who are not sincere, they make you feel like you need them. So you do have a false dependence on them that only if I go to her, I can get healed from the jinn. And if I go to him and he reads on me, I can get that they know that he'll be at least the evil eye for me, that's the wrong that's a false, that's a false attachment. And the same thing with the same thing with this interpretation of dreams only by going to this person that you know, I can feel calm in my in my dreams. So you build up a false dependence on people. And a lot

00:48:35--> 00:48:57

does not love that Oh, that's not from the trimmer to actually allow us to achieve be from the truth without giving the true people of tawakkol when we depend on a lot alone, we don't have hope. And we don't have faith from anyone except Allah to Allah subhanho wa Taala not have false fee and false hopes in in the creations.

00:48:58--> 00:49:44

Okay, so it's a deficiency in tauheed. It comes down to having a deficiency and tawheed when you build up false sense of dependence on anyone besides Allahu Allah. Another thing is to that interpretation of dreams is a very serious thing. In fact, the scholar said, it's actually comes under giving a fatwa. So people should not just be giving interpretations of dreams, willy nilly, because it's actually a very serious matter. And that's why is to use the for example, Allah says a story for you. Yeah, yeah. He uses the word fatwa. You know, I see the word fatwa, you know, is incorporated in his word, f2 knee. So it's not a simple matter. Thinking that you can just go

00:49:44--> 00:49:59

interpret someone's dream for them. You know, but by all means, if you have a good dream, if you tell someone who you that you love, if you had a good dream, don't tell anyone except you love or someone who's sincere and they have knowledge so that they will give you a good interpretation.

00:50:00--> 00:50:33

What it means because if that person doesn't really love you, and they're not, you know, a sincere advisor, then they can feel jealous of you believe me, people can feel jealous because of a dream. Like, if you told them you had a dream about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, they can feel jealous of that. Or if you had a dream, you went for Hajj, they can feel jealous of that. You had a dream you had that you got best with a good husband, and he probably be surprised, we'll just have a dream, it's not even even come true. They feel jealous, you know, that's why you shouldn't just tell anybody. So like, for example, you know, you know, your mom loves you. If you said, on my show, I

00:50:33--> 00:50:51

had this beautiful dream that I got married, she's very righteous, man, that's fine, you can tell your mom, she's got the best intention for you. That's all right to tell someone like that your dream, or you know, your husband, Jenna Stan, someone who's got the best intentions towards you, or someone who's got knowledge that you know, to get a fear Allah in giving you a good interpretation for your dream.

00:50:52--> 00:51:28

Okay, so this is some of the things you have to realize. But another thing I should also mention about dreams is that a lot of people what they think they think just go get a book, and interpret a dream, interpret their dreams through what the book says, you know, that, like, they go get a book about the book of dreams. And they say, Okay, I was gonna interpret my dreams. So for a start, I love these books are not authentically, they're not authentically attributed to the author's like, there's a book that is supposed to be written by even sitting, who was a famous scholar. But in fact, the scholars have done a lot of books, or researches on this book, they said

00:51:29--> 00:52:03

that it's been falsely attributed to even studying, so they don't even know who wrote that book. So he shouldn't get that book and say, you know, this is the book of, you know, interpretation of dreams, I'm going to try to apply it. But even if you could find an authentic book about dreams, even if it says that, for example, you saw milk, that means you're going to have a dream or something like that. The way that you interpret a dream, also depends on the person themselves. So you can't just take something that means something to someone, doesn't mean it's going to apply to you. That's why you can't just go and think that you're going to interpret your own dreams and self

00:52:03--> 00:52:44

medicate, basically. So if Okay, so if somebody so insane, all this, my dear sisters, if someone comes to you and tells you about a dream they've had, and they worried about it, you as a believer should always advise them in a way that's best. You know, Allah says, We're only nasty, who's not always advise in the best way to your, especially your sisters, you advise them in the best way, don't ever make them feel more despairing. If they've had a bad dream, if they've had a bad dream, you give them words of comfort, you tell them that, don't worry about that dream. It's just from shaitan, it can't harm you. Just put your trust in a law. And if you know that they're not very

00:52:44--> 00:53:00

preppy, you know, advise them just say make sure you do do the crew before you you know, before you sleep, make sure you are guarding your prayers, make sure you're not doing any major sins, maybe, you know, shutdowns coming to you through that. Reflect on your life. You know, so this is how, you know this is the kind of advice you should be giving.

00:53:01--> 00:53:43

Sisters if they come to you, you know, if they come to you like with a dream, but just before I forget, it's important that we realized that dreams as the prophets that allowed us and taught us come into three types of categories. So the first type of dream is the good drain that's from Allah. So this good dream is like a good news that a lot of sense to a believer. Now you find this is Alhambra even happened to me personally, just before I'm about to go through a big trial, I found that sometimes Allah has sent me a beautiful, true dream. And I and the reason why I lost in these dreams is to strengthen you. Or maybe you're going through a hardship Allah will send you a

00:53:43--> 00:54:04

beautiful dream to comfort you. And what is the reason? It's like I said, to support you and strengthen you to strengthen your Eman because we live so far away from the times of the prophets and messengers, you know, the prophets that allowed us and it was to see the hearts and intervene he was the seed of the prophets, and is knowing what prophets and messengers. So that's why

00:54:06--> 00:54:41

you know, the prophets that a lot of them said that this is one thing that's been left over for us the true dream is one part of 46 parts of the, you know, the prophecy that had been left that, you know, alarmists show a believer, a true dream, to strengthen them in a time, you know, because we're so far away and we live in times of Fitton, you know where it's hard for us to practice our religion and things like that. So along might show us dreams to strengthen out, strengthen us in our email and keep us on the straight path. So that's the first type of dream. The second type of dream,

00:54:42--> 00:54:43

our dreams.

00:54:44--> 00:54:59

The dreams that cause distress like we've already spoken a lot about which are the drains from shaitan by our dreams of distress, which are caused by shaitana shaitan comes to you to try to cause you distress and grief and unharmed and now we've seen to the remedies to protect

00:55:00--> 00:55:35

prevent that. And also, we've looked at the mindset we need to have in dealing with that, right. But then there's a third type of dream as well, which is dreams, where a person will, you know, just dream about normal matters of the dunya. Like, so why is that thing come to the dream, what were you doing during the day, you don't get something, you know, you heard something, someone spoke about something. And then because of that, it came, you were thinking about it in your subconscious. And it came to you in your, your sleep. Now, there are some people who may have had something very tragic happened to them as a child.

00:55:36--> 00:56:16

and due to that, it's in a subconscious, and those kind of people, you know, if they're having a lot of nightmares, it might not be because they've done any scenes or anything like that, it might be because they've gone through something very tragic in their life. And in that case, they really need to go and deal with that they need to go and see a psychologist, a counselor, and you know, go through that, because it's like a trauma. It's like a trauma that they haven't dealt with. And they haven't been able to heal themselves from this trauma. And so it comes out in the form of bad dreams and like, and so even if your child is having bad dreams constantly, and you know, you know, you're

00:56:16--> 00:56:52

reading a de courcey, and things like that, it will be worth your while to go to see, for example, a child pediatrician, just to make sure there's nothing wrong, you know, that, you know, nothing's wrong with the child that's causing him to have those dreams. Don't just think straight away, or they've got gene or something like that. It could be that something's happened to them that made them, you know, have that bad dream. So look into those things, of course, read if you're worried, no, no, no doubt, read over your child, read the last three, if they keep on having these bedrooms, read the last three, through the cron and blow over there. Like we mentioned, putting your trust in

00:56:52--> 00:57:21

a lot of Allah will protect them and try to teach them to save for themselves once they're old enough. But also go and look into it, make sure there's nothing, you know, that's going on that caused them to have that bed drain. Like sometimes you might not realize that the show like you might let them watch a particular show on TV, that's actually making them have a bad dream. Like, you might want to laugh. But when I was little, I started like I started. You know, at one stage, I was having some bad dreams. And I was seeing

00:57:23--> 00:57:56

I thought I saw some things in my bedroom. And you know, when it was from it was from watching Sesame Street and seeing the Cookie Monster. Like I know it sounds funny. But when you're a little kid and you're only like two or three years old, like you might think, oh, that's what how would you be scared that but we don't care, like their imagination can make them scared of things. Yeah, I remember once when I was overseas one time, my son, but we never used to watch TV. But then he went into this room and saw something disturbing on TV. And he came back to me he was really scared and, and he couldn't tell me what it was. But then years later, he told me it was something like you

00:57:56--> 00:58:07

know, and because a little kid cut their car was worked out what's going on. So just make sure they're not watching something or being exposed to something that maybe is causing them to, to have those bad dreams as well. inshallah.

00:58:08--> 00:58:10

Anyway, anyone got any questions about this topic?

00:58:12--> 00:58:49

Okay, so Allahu Allah, and this is what I would advise for this. I haven't been in that situation, but I have been in something similar. So I kind of have no idea what it's like. So first of all, you might have to remember, be our member, a lot of members, your parents are parallel, parallel, parallel, right? So what you want to do is, first of all, I would say your mindset, the first thing is start with your mindset, like, allow my trial, someone with something like there are different types of trials we can go through one of them could be this parallel paralysis thing that a lot could, like, I know one sister, she contacted me, she said, every time just before her period, she

00:58:49--> 00:59:32

gets this. It's something physiological, okay, so Allah could trial someone with this type of thing. So what you would do is not be afraid of it. That would be the first step not to be afraid of it, because when you become afraid of it, it sets off negative chemicals in the brain, which will actually exasperate the problem make it worse. So I would say, not be afraid of it, surrender to a law, would you trust in a law, a law is going to take care of you, you know, remember on your heart, if you're able, you know, just say, you know, shows during the tour law, you know, your law helped me to get through this. So something like that, I would say, just just calm yourself down, you know,

00:59:32--> 00:59:59

alone will take care of me, you know, would you walk home no loss of pantalla. So and just the mindset is important because otherwise, like I said, it sets off negative chemicals and those chemicals, they can wreak absolute havoc on your body. Once those negative thoughts come into the brain. They read they wreak absolute havoc on the body in physiological change, you know, physiological effects on the body. So it's important to understand how the brain works.

01:00:00--> 01:00:20

So that you don't get so afraid your body can do crazy things all due to just bots, you know? So, um, I'd say that and then inshallah, as it passes, then you wake up, you know, whatever. And you you know, you say suppiler, Lord hamdulillah anything just alanda Allah got me out of that, you know, whatever. I remember why, whichever way you're able to at that moment.

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So I think the important thing is because the more you try to fight, it's going to make you get more panic, you're going to panic more, because you can't like you want to pick up your phone and you can't, you're going to panic. So that's what I'm saying to you. I believe what you should do is surrender to it. And you're putting your trust in a law y'all law helped me get through this, you know, right, that moment, rather than to try to reach for your phone. Just make like dwis in your heart, your law helped me to get through the shot a law, try to breathe, try to breathe, if you can deeply. And just say you're a law, your law. Yeah, you know, Jenna says something like that until it

01:01:10--> 01:01:20

passes and then when you you know, when you're able to handle the law, know that I would do something like that. It's about surrendering and putting your trust in a lot. inshallah.

01:01:30--> 01:02:07

Like I said, to, like, that could be a multiple, that could be a multitude of reasons why you're having that. It could be just shapes, maybe, you know, you're concerned about losing your teeth in the first place and shakedowns making you but you know, you know, it's something that you, you, you, you you are worried about. Yeah, like I said, sometimes, because if you've got certain fears, if you have certain fears, shaitan will try and play on those fears. So I've really put it down to that more than anything else. You know, I wouldn't pay attention to it at all, I would just what I think I'm gonna do with it, the more you put it into perspective, the less you're going to have those

01:02:07--> 01:02:08

dreams inshallah.

01:02:09--> 01:02:44

Yeah, as I say, hopefully this lesson will be helpful to you. As I said, the more that you put it into perspective, what these dreams are really all about, the more the less they shed light because once the shaitan can't come to you through that door anymore, he's not gonna bother anymore because you know that you're too strong him like cuz you really you know, you're you've already worked out he's tricks on that, that that, like that trick. So he was like, it'll just it'll go away you'll find it'll go away and very, very rarely Will you have a bad dream and if you do, just follow what I do what I said and inshallah it won't worry you like you'll even have forgotten if you do what I say

01:02:44--> 01:03:27

most likely by the morning, you'll have forgotten and if not by the morning, by week or month, it'll be completely forgotten you won't even remember what that dream was all about. inshallah, beaten in the heater Allah. Okay, anybody else got any more questions before we finish and just mention to upon waking up, you know, it's important to remember a lot upon waking up, you know, as well to say Alhamdulillah hilarie. ohana, Bada, madman, Xena way late in the shore, you know, like thanking Allah that He, you know, brought our soul back to life. It is a blessing that Allah returns our soul back to our body after we were sleeping. As I say, because we are truly under the mercy of Allah

01:03:27--> 01:04:06

when we sleep, no one guarantees waking up. We can't wake ourselves up if you want to, if Allah decides to take our soul, how long we sleep. So it's important to say a lot for the blessing of giving us the sleep and bring us back. May Allah holds back $1 give us all the best dreams, we asked a lot of brackets Allah to let us see the Prophet sallallahu wasallam in our dreams, because he ever sees the prophets that allows them in their dreams, and they have seen him. And we asked a lot, how to record data to give us the best dreams, the happy dreams that help us to have stronger Amen. And to have stronger faith in Allah to Allah. And we asked a lot of data, not to let us have false

01:04:06--> 01:04:47

attachments and false dependence upon anyone besides Him, and not to feed anyone besides Him and not to have hope and anyone besides Him, and to have Trudeau hated him, and true to what call upon him, inshallah, and we asked a lot of data to make us from those who always remember a lot when we go to sleep when we wake up throughout our day, at all times, we try to remember less of pantalla and not make us from the wall feeding those who are heedless and forgetful of a law. And the next slide Well, the only hair that was stopped for me when was the panicle law movie, handig Nationale La Ilaha, Illa and esto Fuca wanted to be like Solomonic from Morocco to work out