Munir Ahmed – COVID-19 – Online Congregational Taraweeh Prayers

As we find ourselves entering Ramadan whilst in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, Shaykh Dr. Munir Ahmed answers the question about whether there is any foundation within the Qur’an and hadith traditions on establishing congregational Taraweeh prayers remotely or online. Shaykh Dr. Munir has studied Islam for over 30 years taking him from the … Read more

Munir Ahmed – COVID-19 – Experiencing Ramadan in Unique Circumstances

As we find ourselves entering Ramadan whilst still experiencing the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic, Shaykh Dr. Munir Ahmed provides some practical advice and considerations rooted within the Qur’an and Hadith Traditions on how different categories of people may experience fasting and worship during this blessed month. 1:57 – On Credibility to Teach/ Disseminate Knowledge … Read more

Bilal Ismail – Corona Fiqh 103: Zakah & Estate Distribution

Issues covered Zakah Matters – Meaning of Zakah – Zakah as a pillar of Islam – Only 2.5% of your Zakatable assets – Who pays Zakah? – Zakah on the wealth of Kids/Mentally deficient? – Understanding the annual cycle – Deduction of Debts – Zakah calculation – Paying Zakah early – Zakah recipients – Assisting … Read more

Bilal Ismail – Corona Fiqh 102: Prayer Makes Perfect AT HOME

Issues covered in the video – Praying at home but getting the rewards of the Masjid – The best place for non-obligatory prayers is the home – Do I need a fresh wudhu for every Salah? – Does the hand sanitizer affect my wudhu? – Do I need to wash off the hand sanitizer before … Read more