Tom Facchine – Answering the Misconceptions #01 – Do Muslims Hate Jesus

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the religious acceptance of Jesus as the holy grail and how Muslims hate him. They also question whether they share the same understanding of Jesus as Christians do and state that they believe that he was a trainer and not necessarily a holy grail. The speaker emphasizes the importance of faith in Jesus and the fundamental faith of Christians.
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Some people think that Muslims hate Jesus. And this is really funny, because Muslims love Jesus. And we talk about Jesus all the time. And Jesus is in the Koran

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several times in several long chapters. And you can't literally you can't be a Muslim without believing in Jesus and without loving Jesus. Right? It's not like an optional, you know, check, check this box if you if you want to, you have to believe in Jesus, if you want to be a Muslim. Now, do we share the same understanding of who Jesus was with most Christians, or at least most Western Christians today? No, we don't. We do not believe that Jesus was divine. We don't believe that he was the literal begotten Son of God. We believe that he was a prophet just in the same way that Moses was a prophet. And Abraham was a prophet and all the rest of the prophets have that you will

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find in the Old Testament. But that doesn't diminish our love for Jesus and our, our reverence for him. And this is something that is a very fundamental part of our faith.

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