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Should Chris Rock forgive? Will Smith for a pilot for embarrassing like that and smacking him in front of the world? News from the Academy what they're now saying about actor Will Smith. After that stunning moment at the Oscars you will holding a grudge is like drinking poison, hoping the other person dies. So every time you know someone annoyed, you put it in that bag, grudge in that bag, it becomes so heavy but the majority it's not justifiable for people to cut off. You have so many studies also psychologists psychiatrists talk about, you know, this being a detriment to your health when you're alive forgive that person. So yeah, Allah with you forgive me Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa

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salam aleikum greetings of peace. Welcome to another episode of the D show. Now my next guest Sheikh Majid Muth is not only a mechanical engineer, but he also has a Bachelor in Islamic jurisprudence from Medina International University, a master's in business administration. And he is here with us to not talk about business, to not talk about engineering, but to talk about the Dean forgiveness particularly because it's the month of mercy the month of Ramadan Salam aleikum. Riley from Sudan rahmatullah wa barakato. How you doing? Che? Pretty good. How about yourself? Hamdulillah? Good, good. How's everything there in Detroit? Yes, sir. handled everything as well. How's Ramadan so far

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with you? So far? So good. hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. You have a video that really affected a lot of people's lives. You know, for the positive, you know, people who watched this, it was labeled, forgive and forget. So some people weren't forgiven, and they weren't forgiving, but they watched this video and they were able to do both.

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Are you do you remember this video? Yes. Yes, I did. Hamdulillah. Tell us a little bit about it. What are some of the things that you talked about in there? And the important is the importance. You know, how this connects with Islam, the important is importance of this topic, forgiveness, and letting things go. Absolutely. Absolutely. You know, when it comes to forgiveness, Islam is very, very, very big on it. So much so that Allah subhanho wa taala, he tells people a formula, he says, would you not want God to forgive you? So for you to get God's forgiveness, there's multiple ways there's me asking for forgiveness is me giving in charity.

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There is me going for Hajj, right. But one of the easiest and fastest and strongest ways to get Allah's forgiveness is when we forgive others, somehow. So that's the deal. Allah subhana, WA, tada has even revealed a verse regarding it. So for giving us something very healthy to our own selves. I'm not telling people to be selfish. But when you think of forgiveness, think about yourself, don't worry about the other person. Thinking About You. Forgetting sometimes it works sometimes doesn't work. But when you forgive, and you don't show much attention to the topic, it helps you forget. Because if you have that growth journey, continue to talk about it, you continue to text about it,

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you continue to bring this topic up in every gathering, it was very difficult for you to forget, may Allah make it easy for all of us. So forgive this definitely.

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Let's go ahead and give some real examples. I don't know if you have some stories to share something that was in the in the news. So if I asked you should. And this is just to hit home, like a real example now. And if these two were to accept, as long as say they were Muslim or whatnot, should Chris Rock forgive? Will Smith, for a pilot for embarrassing like that and smacking him in front of the world? Yes, that's a very good question. You know, in Islam, Hamdulillah, we have multiple options. So we know An eye for an eye. So if Chris would like to slap wool back, you know, that's an option.

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Right? The the other one, in Islam, option two is that I don't want anything from the other person today, you know, will I forgive you and not forgive me, sorry, I will let you go, I will not file a lawsuit against you. I will not file criminal charges against you. But I want to meet you on a day of judgment where I will take your good deeds. So that's option two. Option three, you don't slap back. You do not wait to meet Will and the day of judgment. But the third one would be I don't want anything from the other side. I want only from Allah subhanaw taala. But how does that make sense? Allah Subhana Allah data for the third and that's it for the elites. May Allah make us all of the

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elite. Number three, the are people from an alpha slot that I do want Allah Allah says, Whoever forgives and reconcile their reward is on Allah. So Allah keeping it open like that indicates what indicates that the reward is unmatched, and it will be equivalent to the greatness of the king. So I'll give an example. If Chris has been told, Chris, I promise, Chris Rock being told Chris, I promise we will give you

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A deal that we will never reject. Now who's saying that that's a very famous act like well, or whatever, or the whole Academy. So Chris will know that whatever check out will get is equivalent to the wealth the other person has. Correct. Yeah. So here, Allah is the best of examples, he tells you, if you forgive, I will take care of you. And when Allah that King of all kings says, I will take care of you, then he will take care of you Subhanallah because in dunya, brother Eddie, sometimes people say I don't care how much they pay me, right? I will never forgive. But with Allah, there is a payment that you will be able to forgive. Let's go a little bit deeper in that because

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now people can go ahead and try to equate that with some kind of drama, or some kind of pain, suffering that they're going through in life. But okay, so this is a real situation that happened, where you have Will Smith, and smacking Chris Rock in front of the world. So now his options, according to Islam is that he can in front of everybody now gets smacked the same way. Well, one

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smack will smack smack him back if he allowed it, right. Yes. And the second one, what was the second one again? The second one is that I want to meet you on Day of Judgment. Yeah. And take equivalent to the smack in good deeds. Okay. So then, but did he forgive him for that? Or he's

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like, it's like postponing it, postponing it. Okay. And then the third one is just like he didn't even apologize or anything, and he just lets it go. And then he expects his reward from God Almighty Allah. Yes. And obviously, it'd be better to verbalize that. If all of the other presidents in will in this situation. No, forget. Well, Chris Rock. Yeah, he can ignore well, for example, if you know what, I don't want anything from this guy, I don't want to talk about this situation. I'm past this moment. And I want the reward from Allah subhana with that, okay, but let's, let's say in these that you in this situation, is Chris Ra is Will Smith saying, Look, I'm sorry, forgive me? Is he trying

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to make it right? Or this is where it just neutral? He's not doing anything? No, it'd be neutral. And you can even even what's his name? Well, it can be like, You know what? I forgive you, Chris. Because will forgiving Chris does not mean, Chris. You mean, forgiving will? Yeah. Two different things.

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Can you say that last part again? So I said, Will forgiving Chris does not mandate Chris to accept that forgiveness and does not mandate that Chris forgives back will or for whatever reason for the job? Well, actually, maybe he should for that joke. Maybe. Yeah. But let's go deeper here. Now because we all of us back to what you were saying that if you that verse in the Quran, or God Almighty is saying, Look, if you want me to forgive you, you forgive others, restraining your anger, forgiving, you know, the power that because we all have sins, and if we want, if you don't forgive, for instance, and you're like, you know, you're saying no, no rotten *, and I'm gonna hold on to

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this until the Day of Judgment, look at Allah. And let's, let's say, let's say that Abdullah, Mohammed, Fatima, Will Smith, whoever the case, now that person is not just saying, you know, look, they're, they're justifying their actions or anything, but let's say that the person is really seeking forgiveness, you know, they're trying to make it right. And now they're going above and beyond. Now, as a believer, will you be opened up to now you're because you're holding on tight, you know, let's say families getting involved and families and you got your, your parents and in laws, whoever the case, you know, and this is affecting them, too. It's not just the one person. So and

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maybe you can give some live examples where you got sister and sister fighting brother and brother. And now you have the one sister doesn't want to forgive her brother, or the brother doesn't want to forgive the brother, this is affecting Mother, this is affecting father, and one of them is holding on so tight to this. And the other one is trying to make amends trying to, you know, keep the family together. You know, what happens if you you, you go for option two or three, but are you setting yourself up tomorrow that you are going to be put, you're going to be pulled out of line, and you also are going to be questioned for some of the things many of the things that you did against the

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law, many of the things that you didn't get some others talking about that. Exactly. You know, if I understood your question correctly, it's a scenario that happens sometimes, is when someone let's say a wrongs B, yeah. Then a wants to apologize. b Please forgive me a B, I promise I won't do it again. But D is so stubborn. I was never accept the apology will never accept the forgiveness. And this is where it gets really problematic. You know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says, when there's two people fighting, it's not befitting for three days to pass by. And no one says Salah

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it's not it's not befitting any your three your three days that deadline. You guys have to start saying Salem, and the best of the two is on who starts Santa Monica. Allah subhanho wa Taala tells the province of Allah Allah us

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prophet of Allah tells us, there's a day of the week in which Allah tells I forgive all people, except to mushrik, the one who worships someone other than Allah. And the one who has an issue, Musa Hana between them and their brother and sister a conflict of some story. Sometimes there are justified is when it's understandable, right? But it'd be let's be very frank, are there any sometimes they're not justified? Sometimes they are people actually are even embarrassed to say why they're not talking to their brother or sister, or why you're not talking about it. I don't want to bring it up. Sometimes because it's not that big of a deal. Sometimes we take it way too personal.

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Sometimes it's the ego. But sometimes, yes, it's understandable to Okay, the question comes, when do I not forgive someone? The scar some of the scholars say you do not forgive someone when you think that your forgiveness to them will grow them in their oppression. Some people every time you forgive them, they just continue to get worse and worse, these people are not worth it. Example, can you give an example?

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Sometimes let's say for example, someone has a criminal. All right, every time he's out of prison, for example, very generic, right? I know there's a mental situation and so on. The guy commits, let's say forget prison, let's say at work. Someone doesn't show up to the meeting. Oh, I'm so sorry, boss, I will be early next time. Next time. He's not early. He's even later you forgive him. So the project is not doing well. People are being harmed, this man can no longer be forgiven, because now it's harming you society as a whole. You cannot keep forgiving that person. You have to be very wise. But that's not usually the common case. Obviously, it happens. But the bottom line,

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your default is to seek to forgive. And that's what you aim for. What can happen now if you do you set yourself up? That because obviously if the beautiful example you gave where now a law tells you look, I got your back, I got it taken care of you forgive? And don't you want Allah to forgive you and then Allah can let you go on many things. But are you setting yourself up that now you can end up being held for account on many things because you are stubbornly resistant to showing more mercy and forgiving? I see, I see. It may depend for example, on the case of rights for example. So you know, that's why there's these three options and forgiveness to the most part forgiveness is a

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certain level, it's not an obligation to keep that in mind case by case situation. Allah says in the Quran well yeah for will just follow. Allah says let them forgive and let them reconcile Allah to him gonna do not love for Allah to forgive. But let me just tell you the story behind that really quickly. Because I believe that most people may Allah protect us all Yara, whoever is watching this hearing us I hope and I pray that you will never go through the following. I will walk in to steal the daughter I issued on the Allahu Allah.

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She is being accused of a major sin this hadith is an authentic narration. She has been accused of committing a major sin so she is the daughter of the greatest man after the Prophet and she is the wife of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And what is being said about her is a major of a major sin May Allah protect the CRO. So after all of this, the man was accusing her as demons Mister Mister who was the cousin and the relative of our issue of the Lavanya when it was shown that I Aisha was innocent.

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The Abu Bakr Siddiq says Wallah, he I will never give the monthly allowance to Mr. Why is that because the Prophet Abu Bakr, we used to always give the allowance because Mr. Who was a poor relative, Satya, she used to give him you know what, I'll help you financially. So he said, he talks about my daughter in a way that is false. After all this, I'm never going to support him financially. Because of that, Allah revealed the verse and said, Well, I actually let's not those with money, with power and so on, withhold their money and support from one to three several groups and Mr. Have been one of them the relatives. When Abu Bakr he heard this verse, Then Allah ends that

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verse by saying, Do you not want for Allah to forgive you? That Baba says what Allah He I love for Allah to forgive me. Then he said, I will never stop giving him the Allah was back.

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Now sometimes these moments nd of pain of you know what someone being, you know, oppressed and so on, and they have the chance to hit back. They have a chance to file a lawsuit for example, but they say you know what, I want to forgive and you have that power. I want you to know that this is a deal that Allah does not give anyone

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I know it sounds a bit strange, but it's a moment of pain, that you have almost the world in your in your hands. This is an opportunity that many people do not get I got wronged and I have the option to punish and have the option to forgive. It's like a gold it's a treasure in your hand. What will you do?

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Is that to Allah is a treasure? Well, Allah is a treasure and you're saying forgiveness is a treasure. Absolutely. It's a treasure.

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Don't, don't they have a date you have so many studies. Also psychologists, psychiatrists talk about, you know, this being a detriment to your health, when you hold on to it, you don't let things go 100% Absolute 100% There's a very famous statement not too long ago, I read it, it's a very famous one. It says you holding a grudge is like drinking poison, hoping the other person dies.

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Many times the grudge that we're holding brother Eddie, the other person doesn't even know about it doesn't even care. He moved on that, that loser, that person, and you're the one who was in pain. So you It's for your own sake, that's why I started the talk well, life for your own sake, I'm not telling you, this person, you compare it in your talk, I still remember because you gave an analogy, and I want everybody to watch put your name and YouTube and put forgive and forget. And you talk about you give an example of a bookbag. And there's bricks in the bookbag Absolutely. So I got a battery right here.

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You know, you know, whenever we have all that pain, we will fill up the bag and we have we carry it. It's become so heavy on us. So every time you know someone annoyed you, you put it in that bag, the grudge in that bag becomes so heavy, then you have shoulder problems, back problems and who's suffering you're suffering, not the other person. So what I suggest is that you open up that bag and start getting rid of the weights. Oh, that's my cousin. Right? Who hurt me. Okay, and that's my autunno on to make fun of. Right, and he's going to become so light and you can move on in life and proceed and progress in life. And I encourage if we work with upside down banks, just keep an open,

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that's a good one. Just keep it open. Online, nothing is worth nothing. There. There's a there's a hadith and Muslim. Can you elaborate on this hadith where the prophet says talks about the people's deeds being presented before Allah on Mondays and Thursdays and then every slave of Allah is granted forgiveness, if he does not associate anything with ALLAH, but the person in whose heart there is rancor against his brother will not be pardoned. And with regard to them, it is twice hold these two until they reconcile. Can you go ahead and elaborate on this? What does that mean towards the end? Hold them until they reconcile? Yes, excellent. So

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every Monday and Thursday, along this obviously this is for women this is for for all Muslim, this is not just for men, men, all people, young, old male, female, all people. So for this for the believers,

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they think oh, I'm forgiven. No, there's one more condition even if you say Lila illAllah. And that condition is for you not to have this much. And this you know, hate hatred between your brothers and sisters. You have this severe unacceptable dislike you have this issue the animosity, No, Allah says, I had let them hold on and had to study hard until they reconcile so your friggin is on hold. Well, I imagine. That's scary. Hold on. We given charity, we pray to them. All that stuff. Yeah, Allah forgive us. It's on hold.

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All that work, it's on hold. Because you are abandoning your brother and sister for something that you don't want to face Allah with? Because, you know, it's not that, at that point, may Allah forgive us and protect us. I mean, these are some really things you know, there's, there's so many there's so many iahs verses in the Quran. You know, there's so many just like where you're at with your deen, I guess, because you've had, you've had people you've seen stories of Muslims, actually. They've gone to court and the person who killed you, I'm sure you've you've seen this pilot on a news and then someone went and killed? I mean, this is just another level obviously. Optional.

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That's optional. Yeah. But you've had but then. So you take that example of someone a Muslim in court, someone killed their son, and then they forgive them. Right. Right level, right. And then But then you have family feud, you just have people

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then you have people, family, you know, families fight and family over, you know, certain things, you know, and the list goes on. There's dramas of the day, right? And they still it's Ramadan has passed a year ago, another two years, and then a third year and it just keeps going and they're still in the same place. How do we how do you motivate people to let go this rancor to move on to? There's two points, I think of motivation. But before I start the motivation, I want to remind people that when you forgive someone, it doesn't mean you have to be best friends again.

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That's something for people think, Oh, I have to be you know, always boys again, we hang out always again, not necessarily how us you know what, you have your way I have my way but my heart and soul I'll work on being empty towards you. I will move on in life you move on and like it doesn't mean you have to be best friends, for people to get confused with that. No, it's a level of dinner together as a family, especially with family relatives is very sensitive. Right? Because it's not a one man show, brother. When you are having this issue with a person let's say two sisters have an issue. The whole family will not have thought here anymore. Yeah. Right. And then and then you have

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to realize that

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And so especially if this type of hate, may Allah protect us, especially if it's the type of hate hate and grace, like, you're not supposed to go to that person's house will lie Allah who just recently, just recently, actually in two locations, one in one was in Massachusetts, and the other one it was in Michigan, to fit different families from different backgrounds and cultures. They say My father had a fight with his sister.

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And I want to say, Ramadan, Mubarak make dua for my aunt.

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So I said, Okay, texture, and then she says, But if my dad knows he will cut us off. So Panama.

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So now the bubble of the issue is no longer limited to you know, you're actually growing it and growing it, which is in an almost pretty much unacceptable way. I mean, that now that's that's a whole different issue. Now the branches of the tree because family is all connected. Now the children's seeing this exactly. Now, this affecting them. But let's say you have a father or mother or father saying to the two sisters who are fighting there, say, Look my wishes. And this is the father's dying wish. He's about the past. And I want to see you two together, I want to see you to make peace. Now you have another element obedience to the parents. How do you reconcile how do you

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deal with this? A lot, but I lay dying wish of the Father and He wants to two children, the two sisters, for example, to come together to have Iftar together with him, right? They don't have to be best friends. They don't have to hang out all the time. father's dying wish. Subhanallah but in cases like this, people holding on right they're holding on, man, you know when if that sister that daughter in this example that you gave, if she accepts, she doesn't just get the reward of Allah's forgiveness, but she gets the reward of the greatest act of worship of respecting parents. double dipped, double dip,

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the stock goes up double, absolutely. So learn

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a little bit,

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much more, you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he says there are certain deeds, that the side effects positive or negative, are never as fast as being good. Your parents, you know how fast for example, someone can make a commit a sin. And they won't see that effective until, let's say, for example, five years later, but there's certain sins No, you don't wait five years. Right away it comes. Allah knows exactly when I know those good deeds and sins are the way we deal with our parents in terms of respect, and disrespect, and SubhanAllah. Sometimes the reward comes right away. So I pray to Allah subhanaw taala. I know there are examples like that. I know the example

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that May Allah forgive us is that the mom tells the two brothers, the two of her sons. There's a there's a story of a mom, very upset that two of her sons are not talking to one another.

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Okay, and I tried to talk to them, and they're trying to kind of loosen up like I can't stand in whatever the case is. But what we what do we know brother Eddie from the past, we have to hear stories of the past when father dies or dies. What happens they regret

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after it's too late.

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That has passed away. I wish we reconciled. I wish we did that. I wish we did this. It's too late.

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Right? But 100 at the Door of Allah of repentance is always open inshallah. But why wait, that's why it's an answer fan. Somebody says something very interesting. He says avoiding a sin is better than repentance.

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Right? Because there's a sin coming in Why don't say I'll commit it. And I'll see what happens. If things go wrong. I'll make Toba. That's so much work. To avoid it, just avoid it so much easier. This is a great example. So you have the parents wishing for the two brothers to reconcile but then the parent in this case was or the father died and then you're in a state of regret for the rest of your life rest of your life. Right. Now we have to also realize because we have to also be fair, sometimes the level of abuse or oppression is at a level that Allah accepts that there's some a boycott, but that's an act extreme exception. Some people who use this whole boycott let go cut off

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cancel very loosely. I'll be honest with you very loosely, sometimes.

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And when you hear the Sahaba Yes, there was there was some boycotting there was Kabaneri. Malik was boycotted for 50 Nights

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50 nights, and he returned back to Alaska turns out but that's not a common thing. It's a very extreme situation. But it's you, it's you now to go ahead. And just like you go to a doctor, you know, you go to a nutritionists for health, functional medicine dot whatever the case for your body, but now you're going to be figuring these things out making your own fatwas, right? You go to a qualify spiritual doctor, you go to a scholar in Islam, and you talk about situation does this justify that what I'm doing separating my family instead of you because of his love to us, Shakedown is going to keep you away from the scholars keep you away, you know, from knowledgeable people, and

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you're just going to go ahead and be in your little bubble and make up your own

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answers to those, the things that Shakedown is putting in your mind and attaining you, right? Stay away from this person keeping you away from people of knowledge. So how important is there? If you're in that situation that you go around, people you talk to people have knowledge, you know what I mean? And you don't just make you go, you know, you make up the football on your own. Actually, Michelle Eddie, that's phenomenal point that you brought up honestly, this is a highlight what you just said was a highlight. Because many times we do not know when to the most part, the majority of the stories that I know of, I'm sure there's other stories that I know personally other specific

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stories, but the majority, it's not justifiable for people to cut off each other. I can repeat that again. So most of the stories are not the stories that I'm aware of, of two brothers, two sisters, two people not talking to another is not justifiable. Doesn't Shakedown usually blow that I mean, blow it up to you it's like, wow, this is like you know, someone just kidnapped murdered my child. And he's pumped it up so much, but then when you go and sit with someone, you'd be like, Man, you're actually you're going to extreme This is like your Yes.

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Your point exactly. Why is your point such a important highlight? Because I encourage every person who's maybe watching us has an ounce of faith verify verify Be honest with yourself verify is my scenario one of those that it's okay to cut off the other person just ask a qualified Imam scholar local area just be honest with yourself. He tells you all your cases extreme I agree with you actually filed a lawsuit Sure. But just go as brother Eddie mentioned years people special in this and special in that and special in this ask a person of the dean who understand some guidelines of the whole world the Brotherhood sisterhood what's right and what's wrong halal and haram? And have

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them assist you in your situation within their allotted knowledge and capacity. 100% What do you do when somebody's kind of resisting that they don't want a third party involved? Or they're resisting going and the other person you know, it's not that black and white, you have situations where you have family disputes, and one has their side of the story the other one has the other side, you know, but now they're the one is like Let's go Let's go sit you find the person Let's go sit and let them arbitrate let them tell us let them show from the Quran and Sunnah. But the other one is like just not not wanting to do that. See Islam really pushes to work for reconcile so show Allah that

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you're trying show Allah that you're trying to study situation see what options that you have and in strongly encouraged you know we have a case but there any were a father of some children is having an issue with his ex wife. Yeah, but his whole children are in the middle.

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So they try and say let's bring an imam is that I don't want to talk to no iman. Let's bring okay someone okay from another from so on. So individual. No, okay. How about a common person between us? No, okay, bring your own family. I don't want this stubbornness will not just go in vain like that. Allah may hold that person accountable. Someone is trying to reconcile someone is trying to fix things. You should attempt to see what's the matter how okay, what offered things will work out inshallah. And don't think that's the issue. Some people think if I forgive, it will happen to me again. That's not that's Satan's tactic. If I forgive, I will look weak.

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If I forgive, I'm a loser. No Allah, if you forgive Allah will honoree in sha Allah, if you forgive, your status will be respected by the whole family in sha Allah. If you forgive your value goes up in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala she will make you think it's low beneath you beneath your nose Not, not this not that's the beauty of our deen it has answers to all these issues problems. And that's our deficiency as human beings we make mistakes we're sinners, right? We sinned by day and night but we have a merciful Lord and Inshallah, that we can learn from these things. And the other things before we conclude, I just want to touch upon the, the power of of words. You know, that

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reminds me of a hadith where the prophet says some had said that a slave of Allah will utter one word and not think of the ramifications of it, and that person will end up falling so the I'm paraphrasing Hadith, I fall so deep in hellfire, but on the contrary, you know, other one good word and Allah can elevate their status. Right? Can you talk about that? Because sometimes in these fights, people are calling someone without fic you know, X silent and from the Dean, you know what I mean? That means just get Have you seen these situations, and then they're not really reflecting on the power, the words and you are forgetting that the angel on the right is writing and you're going

00:29:43 --> 00:29:51

to be held accountable in front of Allah and these words are heavy. Excellent. I'll give you one example. Also a lighter sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he says,

00:29:53 --> 00:29:59

If someone tells their brother Ahuja Catherine, if someone tells their brother yeah caffeic to cut back

00:30:00 --> 00:30:02

be human and one of them has to be adjusted.

00:30:04 --> 00:30:19

With this is that one word? One word? Oh, you know what, bro? You're a Kaffir bro. So, this means one of you has to be a capper either you are right, they are a Catholic or that they are not a Catholic. So it goes against that personal settings bounces back to you and bounces back.

00:30:20 --> 00:30:21

One word,

00:30:22 --> 00:30:57

right? Another one Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, long Hadith. I'll summarize it very quickly. Someone tells another person who was sinning. He's committing a major sin like straight up clearly in a haram you know, it's visible to the people. So the person tells him, you know what, Allah will never forgive you. You're never gonna go to heaven. The Prophet says, an authentic hadith, the Angel of Death comes takes the soul of both people, the one who was committing the sin. And the one who told the other person you're gonna go to *. When they went to meet Allah, Allah told the sinner go to heaven due to my mercy.

00:30:59 --> 00:31:02

And the one who was judging Oh, he's going to help.

00:31:03 --> 00:31:13

Allah asks him did I share with you unseen knowledge? Allah is rebuking him that I did I tell you a list of names, who's going to happen and who's going to help

00:31:14 --> 00:31:36

Allah does not wait for the response and Allah tells the angels take that person and throw them into *. One word. Oh, he's going to * bro for sure bro is going to go to Johanna mela protected and that's your brother and sister in the masjid in believing brother and sister in the family may Allah protect us. That's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam What did he say? Is a holy but I had to come if one of you is angry remain silence

00:31:38 --> 00:31:50

remains cool cool down a little bit remains how many times? brother Eddie if you send an email on Gmail, okay, I just sent you a tear admin an email they give me about 10 seconds you want to undo the email?

00:31:51 --> 00:32:25

Right it's always there undo about 10 seconds and sometimes like undo because they want to tell you sure you want to send us and we learned in the corporate world given about 24 hours I remember one one person I was so angry at his personal life I was so angry and because he messed up so bad I wrote the email that said you know what Magid just keep the email in draft I kept it in draft I did not delete the email. come the next day and read it and this was personal. I woke up next day I went to my draft to read it. I'm like Hamdulillah I did not send it well 24 hours later you're like I

00:32:26 --> 00:33:15

didn't send it it would have been a mess I don't I'm not the wrong wasn't on him but he messed up I'm making a lot let me address a different Subhanallah for what is angry remains silence that's one of the keys yeah all right. I want everyone again to watch forgive and forget to type in magic and move on YouTube it's something that I think everyone should watch and in closing, tell us what else is Ramadan is the month of mercy so many blessings is a better now to let it go even especially during Ramadan and show that mercy during Ramadan have absolutely any absolutely any you said is it especially in a Madonna of course. Because in Ramadan, Amara Amara how long is that gonna take two

00:33:15 --> 00:33:20

three hours. Amara and Ramadan the Prophet says authentic hadith is equal to Hajj

00:33:22 --> 00:34:03

Ramadan Ramadan so that means that good deeds and Ramadan are multiplied in ways that no one can imagine. So imagine you choose this month and what a great month that is to choose to say you know what? Ramadan 2022 inshallah a new page that person is forgiven because the next step next time that person says hola hola in the car for one to have with alpha five well I need Oh Allah, you love to forgive you are the most forgiving so please forgive me the greatest DUA and Ramadan you know inshallah Allah will forgive and ALLAH will accept because of what you did and forgiveness so you can bank on that let's say you don't know you did some major sin some major crimes with Allah just

00:34:03 --> 00:34:34

just imagine like you're wanted by the FBI by the CIA or the sheriff you know to come to get you Dog the Bounty Hunter whatever the case but now because you showed this mercy and forgiveness you did such now it's like a jail Get Out of Jail Free card for some of the major crimes you can you can bank on this a yacht Allah this was heavy on me now you go ahead and for the sake of family for the sake of you know, unit teams, you You forgave, you can go ahead and use this for a lot to forgive you for many of the crimes you've done.

00:34:36 --> 00:35:00

That person got an opportunity that maybe most people on earth will never get. It's a jackpot. It's in your hand. How will you use why would you not take that? Why would you not take that? That's where the two ways the two two steps about, you know, being able to forgive number one, realize the loneliness of this dunya This dunya is not worth a penny. No, literally not worth a penny. It's not informed the preparation. It's not an exaggeration because

00:35:00 --> 00:35:26

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he passed by a dead goat. So then he told us a habit who would like to have this dead goat for a gentleman gentleman $1. And that goat was dead and flies in the air was cut off. So that was a habit said, The Companions, we don't want a prophet of Allah. So the Prophet said, Who would take it for one day at home? So the Sahaba said, Dr. Rasool Allah, we will not take it even if it was for free.

00:35:27 --> 00:36:09

Now the Prophet said, will line it does not say well, Allah, but He's emphasizing, he says, I swear to God, the value of this world is lesser than the value of this dead filthy goat is to you. Subhanallah and we're killing over each other and we cutting each other, it's not worth it. So think of the dunya being lowly and think of the reward being high. These two is what will help you Sharla dunya as cheap as soon as expensive Subhan Allah and the more in the more you put Jana, the more you put that in front of you, the more the dunya becomes smaller and you see absolutely problems with the dunya. Yeah, well, I think one dip in gender, the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam, the one

00:36:09 --> 00:36:47

who's watching you right now may have the most miserable life may have the most difficult life I share with you one Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, A man or a woman who has been suffering the worst suffering the worst individuals lifestyle, ever. Pain struggles, sickness, death in the family, no money, you name it, the whole package will be dipped to one dip in general one dip, like a Dairy Queen, no dairy queen, brother, Eddie lightstream, one dip, then that person will be asked, Have you ever seen any hardship in your life? That person will not say yes, but I don't care. That person will say, I don't know what you're talking about?

00:36:48 --> 00:37:29

Will they even recognize like, What do you mean? And that's the most miserable person, one tip in general SubhanAllah. So the one was being hurt, and you have the chance to retaliate? Why not forgive it just as a side note, I had me thinking the real situation where you had people who are breaking ties of kinship, and they were keeping this person that they weren't reconciling. And next to us, you saw Allah, Allah, Allah knows best, but in their own home, you saw discord can also you have it affecting you in ways that it can come to you in other ways. We're now fix your own children. And you see, like, Wow, can this be a ramification of sometimes these things that we're

00:37:29 --> 00:37:50

not letting go? That's specially as possible when the ones cutting off for such reasons and such issues and growing out of proportion, and start banning from this person to visit that person? Because that person is angry at me and you make the circle bigger? And so even just as think about, as you mentioned, whether Eddie, let the kids learn from the parents.

00:37:52 --> 00:38:00

Right? Because you tell your two kids a forgive your brother, who took your crayon that you forgive your brother, who took your car?

00:38:01 --> 00:38:30

Wow. So this is like, you know, we often give the example like, you know, it's smoking, you're smoking until your kid not to smoke, but you're smoking. But now take it to a higher level. You're not forgiving, but you're telling your kid to forgive. It's, I mean, how are they supposed to learn from you? Yeah, so all these things that we're saying dunya has been cheap, ashram has been rewarding. Let your kids learn from you. Your parents will be happy. It's a bundle of reward and benefits. The only Allah is aware of and there's a there's a story of one of the scholars.

00:38:31 --> 00:38:39

He went to someone who gave and he gave him a gift. So what's the gift for instead, I heard that you were backbiting me?

00:38:40 --> 00:38:55

Right? So even though it's painful, but he said, Now I know it's an opportunity for me to do good deeds. Yes. As an example, right. So the point being here, the moral of the story is how you're able to see moments of pain as moments of gain.

00:38:56 --> 00:39:17

Seem moments of pain as moments of gain. Yes. So it's a painful moment, but you can gain so much out of it. And you don't want to be the one like you said earlier who's drinking poison waiting for the other person to die? Like that's like holding on to that grudge? Yes. Not forgiving. It's not what Subhanallah All right, any anything else you want to leave us with before we conclude?

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00:39:22 --> 00:39:42

What's today's date? Last last piece of advice for those people now you got they're tuning in, they're like, Man, I just hate and he's our, let's say, blood brothers blood sisters, and there, they got them. They're sitting down. Now their opportunity, you know what I mean? They shook off shaytaan they might have just finished prayer. And now they're listening. What advice do you have for him?

00:39:45 --> 00:39:59

And then goes to Allah subhana wa to add on a day of judgment and he sees another person, the other person wronged them. So Allah tells the person that he can be seen at the good deeds because of the wrongdoing.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

So the man who did the wrong says I don't have the deeds to get the Iran out.

00:40:05 --> 00:40:10

So then Allah shows a mansion a palace a place in paradise for the one who was wronged.

00:40:11 --> 00:40:18

He says, Look at this. So the one who was wrong says, to which Prophet does this paradise belong to?

00:40:19 --> 00:40:52

Then Allah says the man Yeah, Maliki seminar who can afford it is on gets it. So the man says, and who in the world can afford it? He said, you can afford it. He said, Me. I can afford this palace. This beautiful Jana. He said, he said how we are Allah, by your forgiving your brother, Allahu Akbar. SubhanAllah. That's it afford it. It's something that you would think only for profits, but you can afford it by forgiving that man, or that woman. So don't lose the offer. And getting this Eddie for the idea this was the offer. And then what's the offer? If it was done in dunya?

00:40:54 --> 00:41:40

Right, Early Bird early bird prices now. Let us know. We need these hearts softeners you know the dunya a lot of times the hearts become hard and they need to be soft. This is the month of Sharla I pray to Allah whoever is watching. Whoever is watching. May Allah ease our hearts may Allah soften it. May Allah make us focus, keep our eyes on the prize. And forgive in hopes that Allah will forgive us. I mean, it'll bite on me and I remember at the end of the statement or any one of the scholars some days I will have some say it's our family to have fun regardless. He was wrong so bad. And he made a deal with Allah Cydia Allah that person who wronged me I forgive them. So your Allah

00:41:40 --> 00:42:03

please forgive me. He's a smart he's a genius. Oh Allah I forgive that ACL we started yet Allah I forgive that person. So yeah, Allah with you forgive me. Just go to Allah and remember the sins that you have. And know that one of the strongest ways to get it erased is by forgiving someone else for what they've done. May Allah forgive us all, Amin, Amin, amin, thank you very much for being with us here on the show again, may Allah bless you,

00:42:04 --> 00:42:40

shalom, the conflict card, and that was some great advice. So what should Will Smith and Chris Rock do? Well, the first thing is because on a day of judgment, they're going to have bigger problems to worry about. I think they should be first and foremost, seeking to know what is the true purpose of life and who best to tell us then the Creator of life, the creator of humanity, the one who sent the prophets and messengers, who warned of the Day of Judgment paradise in the hellfire, and called people they all call people the last and final messenger sent to mankind problem Mohammed whose brother did Jesus, Moses, Abraham and all the messenger, they came with the same message of calling

00:42:40 --> 00:43:20

humanity to worship one and only one God, the Creator alone, not his creation to be morally upright, and we have all that encompassed in Islam submission to the will of God Almighty. And then everything else will fall in place. So we'll have bigger problems to worry about. But for us now, those who are living Islam, forgiveness is a key, you don't want to be that person who's drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. You don't want to be raising your hands. And you do us not getting accepted. Because now you're cutting off ties of kinship, you're disobeying your parents, and you're going above and beyond for revenge, hatred is eaten away at your heart. And it's

00:43:20 --> 00:44:01

going to be something that affects not only you but your family, and all those down the line, but you have a chance now, to see the value as you're a beautiful example. What's the value of this dunya at the end of the day, what is it worth? So work together, work out the problems, do it for the sake of Allah, beautiful dua Oh Allah, I forgive them. So forgive me, because that's the ultimate purpose is to get the mercy and forgiveness from Allah, the Creator of the heavens and earth and how are we going to get that forgiveness if we're not being those who have mercy on others, and we're also looking at the bigger picture, and we're being forgiving. All right, so

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