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AI: Summary © The negative impact of alcohol on people, including assault, assault by a Muslim, and the loss of a woman by a police officer and another woman were discussed. The art of martial arts is suggested to stay focused and avoid trouble, as it has negative impacts on society, including damaging families and relationships. The art of martial arts is also discussed as a means of fear and reform, emphasizing the importance of protecting oneself and others while creating fear and reform.
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I'm on camera so

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you come home forget that some 11 employee wasn't

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and how long does it take the cops to come?

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You're telling your employee

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is smelling freaking alcohol may smell if I smell I will do it tomorrow

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I don't want to

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I want to choke you out you're gonna get it's gonna get worse. It's been about 100 of us and only concrete is a piece How're you guys doing? Welcome to the digital subscribe if you haven't already hit that notification bell now you know how the story goes. Usually when there's someone connected to Islam, someone has a name that's associated with a Muslim name usually gets a lot of negative press but in this case, Good Samaritan stepping in to help a store clerk during an attack on the city's north side there was a Muslim but what can you say to motivate you and the show still waiting for you? It's not like

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this as soon as

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I come here

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you ready for your first bout now?

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So humbled.

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Who happens to be a black belt under me a student of mine also happens to be my cousin.

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Let me give you guys a little bit of a background of what happened. Take a look at this tape down a good Samaritan stepping in to help a store clerk during an attack on the city's north side. What takeaways we can take from this I got to hear from him firsthand. So he goes into the local 711 He's trying to get in and get out. There's a person in there he's becoming very abusive rowdy, he ends up assaulting the employee there at 711. Take a look surveillance shows a customer punching an employee and within the flash you see Drees jump in here's a different angle of the takedown. adres tells me trouble started well before the guy threw the punch as female walks in complaining about an

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individual outside harassing them. Now he has to make a decision. What's he going to do? He's seeing this crime being committed right in front of it. It reminded me of the Hadith from the last and final mission said to mankind problem, peace and blessings be upon him. Every Muslim knows this hadith. It says that if you see an evil, he's obviously seeing something evil happening. He said change it with your hands. You can't change it with your hands go ahead and speak out against it if you can't speak out against it. If you don't have that much Eman faith, then go ahead. The least you can do is to hate it in your heart. In this situation, the Muslim who knows this Hadith also wants

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good for humanity. He wants to protect his fellow citizen there who's being assaulted. He can do two things do nothing or do some he did something. He could be somebody who like in this situation. I did a program not too long ago with Horry and Gracie where there was another Muslim and unfortunately he also he was not trained at all they found and then immediately hit one right hook. Mo his son Adele watched his father fall to the ground here on 70th Street. And then I've never seen my dad knocked out and put in such a humiliating way like this. Never. You know and I just did the loudest deal that I could possibly do. I just like it was sold out. But I wanted to cry. I couldn't

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see emotional wounds or raw I was embarrassed that I couldn't do anything to protect my father that this man just trampled on our dignity this is another thing we can take from this. You gotta go ahead and be prepared if somebody's there to attack you or your family. That's why we really recommend people to learn the art

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you gonna stay here

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you go man. You were a

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711 employees.

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What do you want to talk about? Learn this beautiful martial art of Gracie Brazilian jujitsu runs over jujitsu?

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You shouldn't just now so what happens here is he can do what this person did knocked out and put in

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Such a humiliating way like this, who's obviously not trained, and he can just scream at the top of his lungs, I just did the loudest deal that I could or you can get trained like he was trained. One of my black belts, my one of my students, my cousin either his words Avik, and he ends up taking this person to the ground

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every day brah we go by like eight, seven every morning. You're talking you're talking employer, oh, one employee,

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one employee.

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And he puts them in what's known as a gift wrap position in the mount position. Smoking drinking alcohol may smell if I smell

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for you sworn yes, no.

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and he's in total control.

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The person tries to escape

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the war broke

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out, don't do this. I don't want I don't want to

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I want to choke you out, you're gonna get it's gonna get worse. He's going nowhere, he gets some good advice. You gotta get a job you work

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near Fremantle, but you

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don't perish. And we can see how alcohol is affecting so many so many people in such a negative way. It's destroying families, destroying them, destroyed this person's life, this person could have killed somebody could have got killed by the employee. You know, the cops. Imagine the cops came in, they would have tased him belly club to the back of the head to the body. And a lot of people are not trained properly. So I really recommend also the law enforcement to come and learn from us to come and learn this beautiful martial art. Because now what happens a lot of times that pull out the gun and things get out of control. You don't know how to control the situation and someone ends up

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being dead. And how long does it take the cops

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going nowhere

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to get worse.

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But you can see how when somebody is qualified, someone's trained how they can go ahead and control and contain the situation nice and relaxed with confidence, just like Professor eateries did to say

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like why is he Why isn't my wife like?

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How do I got it easy, Louis so

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there we go. I came here in Chicago, in Chicago, when they moved from this neighborhood was this.

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I also grew up in Rogers part of town. I grew up in all those neighborhoods, and told me my dad passed away when I was a little kid. I had a rough

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father, and we don't know No, me neither. And I didn't make no excuses.

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Everyone has let me go I'm not gonna let you go into the cops on

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someone else.

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I got kids to be you can still you

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so we wanted to highlight this because again, you get a lot of press and media when some deranged lunatic someone who's out there associated with has carrying the name Muhammad, or Ahmed or whoever else and now the press Tuesday grabs this runs with it. And the fear machine is manufacturing the hate and fear. But in this case, you have a Muslim who helped save

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me out.

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I come out. We all got problems.

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We're gonna hit somebody you're gonna hurt somebody. Potentially the life a bad situation could have got much, much worse could even lead to death. But a Muslim stepped up risked his life also to go ahead and save another human being. And you see what's happening nowadays people are quiet people don't want to intervene. You see it on the subways. You see it all over. When something's going down. People turn a blind eye right in front of them. SEPTA is asking people to step up saying people need

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to speak up when they see a crime happening in front of them well this woman was being attacked they were passengers on the train they did apparently witness what was going on and apparently did nothing about it attack was brutal. It was wicked and worst party when the people are watching several people watching some within arm's length says Upper Darby Superintendent of Police whose officers are investigating the * of a female passenger. Things can be going down. Someone can be being assaulted, and most human beings I'm sure if they knew this teaching from Prophet Muhammad, and if they also were well trained they can do exactly what he did peacefully he went and defuse the

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situation made a CITIZENS ARREST held him down to the police came

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doll I don't I'm not I'm gonna I'm gonna I'm gonna do that loosen you

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know new

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come on man I'm gonna go from so we wanted to highlight this how a Muslim who's striving his or her best to be a outstanding human being was able to save the situation. Whoa, whoa, man let me go though.

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I'm gonna get you some water. I'm trying to be nice to you man. Go

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swing you're gonna go crazy.

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extend your arms that extend the arms back

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how Muslim was able to intervene and peacefully de escalate the situation. And hopefully this person can also take that advice, give up alcohol and look into what motivates someone like entities to go ahead and get involved. It's his Deen. It's this beautiful way of life Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation and living a morally upright life. So go ahead and if you want to learn more about Islam, I'm more than happy to give you a free gift free copy of the Koran and if you have some questions, call us one 800 662 Islam do not get your information from the hate machine. Come and talk with us. Visit a mosque and inshallah you can be fed the right information. Continue to

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watch the deen show subscribe if you haven't already, and we'll see you next time until then Peace be with you so I'm gonna

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do my girlfriend. They'll help you out man you decided to the night's sleep man.

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Salam Alaikum everyone greetings of peace. As you know there is so much misinformation being spread about Islam and Muslims by the hate machine by the Islamophobia industry that manipulates the masses and creates this manufactured fear and the fear leads to hate and we know where the Hate leads that's where the Deans center comes in Masjid athletic facility recording studio live events open houses public relations educating our brothers and sisters in humanity being a voice for the voiceless and the good news is we are halfway to our goal and we need your help prayers into us so we can get the other half close on the property in September inshallah God willing The rest will be

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paid off inshallah over three years owner financing no interest Time is ticking brothers and sisters be a part of history helped make this a reality. Do your part donate right now. And if you liked this episode of the deen show, like this video, share this video far and wide and support us on our Patreon page so we can continue this work. Thank you for tuning in Peace be with you as salam aleikum

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