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It is true it is a fact that Jews lived and flourished in the Muslim and Arab lands and anybody who would like to kind of see for themselves go to Tunisia, Morocco, Iran, Egypt and

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Yemen and all the lands there. And prior to any human rights groups to protect privacy, you can go you can find the synagogues that were there till recent recent times and some of them still exist in Iran. They still are, they are there people are practicing the religion they are the Jewish religion. But, till recently to Zionism came about, Jews flourished as distinctly religious Jewish communities, and they weren't massacred On the contrary, they went to these Arab Muslim lands to escape persecution. From the Crusades, from the Inquisition and from many other trials and tribulations and the end even World War Two, the Arab and Muslim lands, opened their hearts open the

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lands and provided a safe haven and a gracious hospitality for the Jewish people. Again, clearly they we have different religion.

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And yet, we were we were accepted. In these Muslim Annapolis we believe in one God and we were accepted, we have different ways of serving God and but yet, as they were respected, and even the Muslim religion requires of that of the the Muslim people to to provide protection and hospitality and they do carry that out. That's clear, nobody could refute this fact. Although unfortunately, Zionism and the Zionist, Zionist, try constantly to vilify the Muslim people and try to recreate

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a scenario of as if we have some deep embedded religious conflict and hate between Jews and Muslims. And that is so deplorable despicable. And really, it's the words it's a Nakba. And let me try to explain, really, people have to understand, through and word Zionism and this, what are we talking about here? What is it what most people are ignorant? Now, when you hear Zionism? You know, what's the difference between Judaism and Zionism? Yeah. With God's help, the Judaism is a religion. It is the covenant that Jewish people made some 3000 years ago on Mount Sinai, to be subservient to God, and to follow the laws of the Torah 613 commandments in the Torah, we in the Torah is full of laws

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that are replete, some large segment of them have to do with keeping Sabbath kosher things that pertain from us as human beings to the Almighty. And then there is a large segment of the Torah that pertains to that one should not steal will not kill and to be compassionate and so forth.

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It's all there's many, many commandments, it's all part and parcel of the Torah. In fact, we can accompany it is one of the couple commands one of the statements is that that Mao in Hebrew says Mahieu, Rafat to terraform just as God is compassionate, you should be compassionate. So basically, that is what Judaism is. Zionism is a mere 100 odd years it was a movement of Jews who were estranged in the Torah, who detest the Torah and try to transform this Judaism into ersatz Judaism, or new Judaism, which is pure nationalism, material concept, having an army of Olympic team and to be a nation proud amongst other nations totally removing in its essence, the concept of godliness

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removing God from from the equation, and they will allow religion they say, or how far they do, but they have hijacked the name Israel, they've hijacked the whole

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Judaism, to legitimize and to put a facade of that it's kosher, that it's a godly what they're doing when in truth, it contradicts Judaism and it's totally forbidden. And I'll explain why we can you before we go to break, so can you be a can you be Jewish and an atheist? No, of course not. It's ridiculous that Judaism is belief in God. That's what it's all about a covenant with God. It's not a nationalism. It's not some type of a country that you can be a Democrat, you can be a Marxist or something. Well, Zion isn't exactly exactly that they were Marxists. And they claim to be Democrats. And they proudly claim that they're, that they you don't have to be a practicing practicing Jew and

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to be a good Jew as long as he's supporting the state. So that in of itself shows the heresy in the blasphemy and what this is, but there's much more to what we're talking about the issue of Zionism and you really have to elaborate a little bit on what this is, on, on what Zionism how in every facet, it rebels against God and it is a it is rooted in heresy and non belief in God and in doing evil basically.

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Before we go to break just one more thing, it really touched a lot of the hearts when people have heard you say that Jews and Muslims at one point when they were living before this, this whole nationalistic, atheistic movement Zionism is it safe to say that's what it is an atheistic nationalist movement? Yeah. So now before that they were actually babysitting each other's kids. These days you're leaving a kid with someone your own, you know, flesh and blood, your joy, your heart. You know, this is not your most precious

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possession that a person has. It's what God gave a person and Jews and Muslims will leave their kids at the same courthouse. We have many Jews who are alive today to thank God they lived in the Old courtyards and in Old Jerusalem, they testified and they could testify this to this.

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Both from the Arab and Muslim people and the Jewish communities. I have many colleagues that we're gonna take a break. We're gonna talk about a lot more here in the

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