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AI: Summary © The title of the Quran is important in various Muslim countries, as it provides guidance for one's life and helps them face challenges. The use of words like "immediate" in Arabic to describe actions and events is also important, as it is used to describe actions and events. The importance of direct ritual and the use of "bringing" in religion is emphasized, as it is used to describe actions and events. Open-mindedness and being guided by the person who created oneself is essential, and misconceptions and reading the Quran are also discussed.
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Do you want to know?

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Everybody watch the show? Show Bismillah Alhamdulillah, Salaam Alaikum, peace be unto you. We are here with Dr. Mohammed Maktoum, the former professor from the john hopkins university. And you can read a little bit more about him at the deen, show calm, he has his own section there. And we're continuing on talking about the verbatim Word of God. Now, in previous episodes, we talked about the compilation of the end, we're going to talk about some of the miracles of this car and the verbatim word of the one who created us, the one who gave us life who give us death who we're going to have to return back to the one who's going to judge us and at the end, if we do everything that he's told

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us to do if we live by this

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and we have the beautiful word of Paradise, if we don't, then you're smart enough to figure out what is opposite to that. So let's talk when we come back more about the Quran you don't want to go nowhere

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there's only one Mohammed is His Messenger

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Jesus was his messenger

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know why did that maybe maybe it's just a break the ice salon legal? I think coma salon What?

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How are you? ShangriLa wonderful. How about you, um, de la, thank you for being with us. Again. Thank you for hosting me. Thank you. Listen, we we talked about and we're continue to talk about something that is a guidance for the whole of mankind, the verbatim word of the Creator of the heavens and earth in Arabic, we say Allah in previous episodes, we talked about the compilation of the Quran. In this episode, we want to talk about some of the miracles. But before we go on to that, can you just summarize a little bit about what we discussed in the previous episode about the okay. The the we said that first of all, Allah subhanaw taala confirmed in the Quran, that he will keep

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the Quran safe, unchanged. And Allah subhanaw taala fulfill his promise, as he always does his plans. And hamdulillah we have the proof now, if you go everywhere in the world, on the mountains of Suzuki of Japan, or in the valleys of Jakarta, or if you go to Arizona, if you go to any place in the world, if there are people on the moon or be the same thing. Of course, there are people there. Of course, there were some people who were there. Yeah. And you will find the same copy of the Quran. Nothing different, nothing different. Had there been let me raise this question for everyone who would really love to have reflection of him? Had there been two copies at the time of the

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profits or loss Allah, or even at the time of the companions, there would have been these two copies nowadays. We don't know any single copy that's different from the other. It's the same copy that and this is an example that you can see in Mecca, when at least half a million people praying behind the Imam and Mecca. And if he makes a mistake, everybody

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in the masjid would respond to correct. So that's just for our non Muslim audience. If the Quran is something that we we recite during the prayer, yes, absolutely. So if he makes a mistake, somebody else is going to correct him yet if it is a woman, and that's why if he can make a sign like that, to correct him, that means he made a mistake. Nobody has authority. Nobody has full control on the Quran in terms of the taken make any change among the Muslim. And you can see that there is nowhere in the world that you would find somebody is reading something different. This is the power, as I said that in the previous time, that there are approximately more than 9 million people who memorize

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the Quran from cover to cover. And this number is increasing day after day. And I assume that they are exceeding more than 10 million nowadays, every window and every Muslim and Muslim it memorizes part of the Quran because this is the portion that we use in our daily prayer. But I'm not talking about those every Muslim memorizes part of it, but I'm talking about those who memorize it from cover to cover 604 pages, we have at least 10 million people on the earth will memorize it. And that's why Muslims are proud to say that if some invention that happens in this world, that somebody invented a material to erase all the writings from the books if we happens that we open all the

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books in our life and we find them blank all the ink all the

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had been erased. Muslim would say that in just a few days, in every village and in every city in the world, the Quran can be rewritten as it was the only book that can be rewritten as it was is the Quran that's enough right there. To have someone reflect and say hold on any someone wants to bring any arguments. This is something that puts everything. There's no other scripture right now know everything that we know there's their book and no other constitution, no other things like that. Nothing.

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So tell us now what does the Creator of the heavens and earth Yeah, in Arabic we say Allah, this is the same God of Jesus, Moses, Abraham of everything. Yeah. Tell us through this Quran. He said, this is a guidance for mankind. salutely. What does this mean? What does he want from us? Yeah, said that, in our life, we face some issues and some problems and some situations that we need guidance, we don't know what to do. In every situation. We don't know what's right, and what's wrong, what to drink, what to eat, what not to drink, what not to eat, how to do, how to deal with your parents, What rights do your parents have upon you? What rights your spouse has upon you? What rights do your

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children have upon you? What rights the ruler or the governor of your country has upon you, everyone? How can you answer this question? And you will find a lot of people are making some suggestions and some options with all the investment and all investigation and all the research and they come up with things and they experiment with that.

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Now we have it ready made divine sent to us from the Quran, it just guides you to the right thing, from the very beginning in the Quran that you would see that now let me talk about this little bit. Have the Quran is different from other books in the world.

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Whether they are men made with books or some books that are claimed by the people who believe in them that they are divine books, you can see the difference when you see the Quran. First of all, the Koran as defined by the Muslim has is the summary

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of the history of humanity

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since the creation of the pen that Allah subhanaw taala commanded it to write until the end of the world, then the day of judgment and the resurrection or what will happen in in the future. Yes, there is no other book in the whole world that covers this span of time.

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No other book, this compared with any other book with all these details that's going to happen that are going to happen on the day of judgment and in Paradise and and Hellfire with all these details there is nothing is in comparison with nothing is comparable to the Quran. So now you find and this Quran that sums up the history of humanity

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is summed up in the beginning chapter which is called the opening which is called in fact had an opening the mother of the book it's called the mother of the book. If you don't mind get it, can you we're going to give the translation but can you just take us and recite this into Arabic? Can you do that? Of course Go ahead please. Okay, how do we let him in a shaytani r rajim

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Alhamdulillah Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah men are walking Maliki

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he cannot

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be hit Dino

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stopping Soraka larina and talim

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on the Alhamdulillah

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Murray came with the

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beautiful Mashallah, Mashallah. Same way it was recited then it's recited today by your mouth absolutely by my mouth with every Muslim would recite this to say no Muslim on the earth who go to China. The Chinese are the freer. You can know this in Arabic. And when people saw how beautiful with the translation we just gave them. This is directing all worship to the creator guidance from him.

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From the very beginning, if I have the time to elaborate on this, and we can do this just after the break, yeah, that's it. We're gonna take a break. And we'll be right back with Dr. Mundo on a D show. You have to pray as if everything depends on a lot.

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But you must work.

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Everything depends on you.

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That's my point. You see what I'm saying? And I don't like that. I don't like us sitting here. What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now? What are you waiting for all these people to come to Islam? What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now? When they're gonna come? They're gonna come along and bring these people last. Put in our hand the ability to to do your job.

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Slava cone back here on the show. Please continue on. Talking about the driverless car. Yeah, let me let me elaborate on this opening chapter. Yeah, it's very limited number of verses. So the beginning of it. It says al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. Which means All praise is due to Almighty Allah is the Creator of the heavens, author and creator of Jesus, Moses, Abraham, created the sun and moon, he has the God now this is the one yeah, you see this verse for four words.

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Al hamdu.

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lillah. For a lot. Praise is for Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

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Now look at this word for words. You can never ever find any four words, in any language in the world, put beside each other to make this comprehensive meaning. Let me elaborate. First of all Alhamdulillah on praise is due to Almighty Allah. person, let's say that you're thanking someone,

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before you know him.

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This may raise a question in the minds of many people. How do you thank someone who didn't know?

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And this is a very legitimate question, very good, logical question.

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And the answer is, if you reflect upon what is around you, and what's in you, and you see the heavens or see the skies, and you see the trees, and you see the rivers, and you see the mountains, and you see the Milky Way, and you see the planets and you see the galaxies, and you see all this,

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you immediately say that there is a creator.

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When you look into yourself, the organs in yourself, the hands that move, the eyes that see the ears, that listens, the heart that moves, the 3 trillion living cells in your body,

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you would immediately say there's a creator, and you need to thank him for all these blessings for the water you drink for the oxygen that you inhale for everything that you are for the eyes that help you see what's around you. And for everything, immediately, you realize that there is a creator. And the first thing that you need to know you need to thank

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for everything that you have, because without How can you enjoy

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even you exist in this life without. So that's quite the first word is Alhamdulillah. And you cannot imagine the comfort that comes to the heart of a human being who believes in that when he says Alhamdulillah that's why even you'll find Muslims when they confront calamities and disasters and crises in this world. And when you ask them, How are you would say

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if he had lost his job, he had lost his house. His farm was burned anything any calamity, any situation, he would say Alhamdulillah and as in some cultures, they say it It could have been worse. Yeah, they know that. So now he deserves and who is he? Allah, they said hamdulillah is All praise is due to Almighty Allah. The word Allah is so unique. It's first. It's the proper noun, the proper name of Almighty Allah, his name. My name is ma'am.

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Your name is Eddie. His name is Hassan Nasir and his name the Lord the name of the Lord is Allah. And this word Allah

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includes all the attributes of Almighty Allah, the 99 names and Beautiful Names and attributes of Allah are embedded in this way. So you can imagine how comprehensive this the Merciful, the Most Merciful, the most compassionate the all knowing the old hearing the all wise the most one, and with all these are embedded in the word

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Allah could see how comprehensive the The meaning is. And then what is the definition of this is not one name of Allah subhanaw taala. And the other attribute that mentioned his name is Rob Allah, Allah me. He is the Lord of the world. He is the Lord of the Muslims. He is the Lord of the Christians, is the Lord of the Jews, is the Lord of the Hindus is the Lord of all human. He is the Lord of all animals. He is the Lord of all planets. He is the Lord of the oxygen, He is the Lord of the rivers, He is the Lord of the trees. He is the Lord of everything.

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When you say this, that He is the Lord of all the world is the world of humans, the world of energy, the world of atoms, the world of everything, He is the Lord of all that

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there's an impact on your heart,

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you would say,

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this is the one that I have been looking for,

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is not the Lord of the hinders is not the Lord of the Christians, is not just the Lord of the Muslims, he's the Lord of all,

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there is nothing greater than, and this is become so beautiful, when you hear the word Allahu Akbar, God is greater. And you see from this linguistic comparative, called competitivity, we is greater. And the first sentence seems that it's not complete, but it is complete, is greater than anything else that you can do. Anything that you can imagine is greater than all of that is greater than that what Allah is greater. And some people would even translate it is the greatest, but we love to read because it's in Arabic, it's competitive, says that Allah is greater, greater than anything that you may think. So is it out of his love and mercy that he sent this

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guidance? Absolutely. And even after the the the, the opening of the book, the first chapter, defines the book, that this is a book of guidance. But before it says in the book of guidance, it has another statement before this, it says that this book, there is no doubt in it. There is no error in it, there is no flaw in it. There is no mistake in it, there is no skepticism and it from the very beginning, it tells you before you read. Yeah. And by the way, these words in the beginning, says they're legal key taboo, ie they are five words in Arabic. Yeah, that this book, there's no doubt in it.

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If you compare it, with the books in the world, with the 35 million books and items that are on the shelves of the Library of Congress, you would find nothing similar to this. Nobody dares to say that his book has no error, or no doubt, and no one usually the author's doing the opposite up, forgive me if I made a mistake here. Absolutely. And they say that this is to the best of my ability. And as authors, and as writers know that, the first thing that you fear that once you finish writing the book, and it is printed, you start being showered by phone calls, and by emails and, and people finding some common symptom flows and some mistakes. In your writing. You say that I wish I couldn't

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have written it's too late now. It's too late. It's there. So even I know of a person himself in the Virginia area, that who became a Muslim because of these words,

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that this book has no doubt in it.

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He said, immediately, this book should be the book of the Creator. And his friends asked him, it's too quick and too hasty to make this quest to make this conclusion. And he said, No.

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I have read approximately 200 books. Some of them are called divine books, and some of them are man made books. Let me say that I've never found somebody saying in his book that his book has no doubt or no skepticism. And that's profound. That can only be from the Creator. If somebody who said this is exactly his words. He said, if somebody dares to say that his book has no flaw, and it has no skepticism, and it has no doubt and it has no mistake, and it should be only the Creator. And this way he'll humbler he became a Muslim. And this is another sign that this book is guidance for people who see the effect of these words, just five words.

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And what's most more more striking, Allah subhanaw taala. himself called, these verses in the Quran, called them a add. I add in Arabic means proof and evidence. That means

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Every area, every verse, every one or two, three words together in the Quran that compose a verse is assigned is a proof that it is from God, and it's not from someone else. That's what it actually means in the Arabic, exactly evidence, proof and evidence. This is the meaning of the word I. The last part, I'll call these verses proofs. That means proofs from Almighty Allah.

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And as I told you earlier, that Allah subhanaw taala asked people to challenge the Quran, just illustrata does not challenge them. But unless propel is guiding people, is guiding people to think and reflect upon how can we make something similar to it? If you can, so it's no longer that

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we will believe in the book that you are going to write, if you challenge the Quran, and the Arabs willingly accepted the challenge. And they started writing, thinking, and you know that the arts were the best speakers, that perfectionist of their language. They could instead of talking price, they can talk poetry. They were masters of the language. We've never ever known any other nation that perfected the language like the Arabs, there are hundreds and 10s of examples. And this is not the time to talk about it. They accepted the challenge. And they started making research and making thinking and writing something similar. And they started bringing it to consult each other. How do

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you see this?

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And we started laughing at each other? How would you dare say, saying that the Quran is seeing it in that project.

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And even to the fact that some Arabs were

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were afraid to be affected by the Quran. So some of them when they visited, the prophet SAW Selim and they wanted to observe them,

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to monitor them, they used to put something in their ears to plug their ears to prevent themselves from listening to the Quran. And one of the leaders said that, okay, let me test this, I will take this, I'm a leader of my tribe, why I'm behaving like a child. So he gave himself the opportunity to listen to

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immediately the effect appeared on him. When he went back to his tribe, the people saw him from distance. And they said, Look at him, he came with a different face. This was the effect of the Quran on him, because he understood the language. And he had seen and tasted how beautiful the language of the Quran was. We're gonna cut out and take a break. And we'll be right back with more of this miraculous book. I just want to cite a very simple message is the link to one of the beautiful things about our religion of Islam is the emphasis on direct ritual and prayer to God directly. There is no intermediary, the lights will go on after the party, and the party will end.

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It's very simple and very clear. There are no superstitious rituals, no strange incantations the Time's running out, and we might not make it till tomorrow. And this is something that we need to think about.

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Dr. Medina, can you continue elaborating on the opening chapter of the verbatim Word of God the Quran, okay. And I'm going to do that. But before that, I just want to go back to the first verse in the chapter, and sort of the buckler that I was talking about, that Allah subhanaw taala, after converting the hearts of the people, that this book has no doubt in it, and no skepticism in it. And no, no error in it, no flaw in it was properly defined the book, what type of book is the

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most palisade that Odin, deal with? Its guidance for those who believe in it. And in another verse, He said that it's guidance for mankind. And in Sharla, in one of the coming episodes, I will elaborate and give examples that how the Quran is addressing all human beings. It's not just for the Muslims, this important point, you just said that it is a guidance for the people. There's a criteria here, of course, the Christian First of all, and another verse that says that it's guidance for all human beings. Yeah. So if you are, if you belong to any other religion, if you belong to any other ideology, and you are seeking guidance, what is the answer for this problem? You go to the

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Quran, and you will find the answer there. And this is how most of the people by the way became Muslims. Most of them they have something in common they would say that we found the answer in that book, but you have to want it is that a criteria like if I'm you're talking about a beautiful car, and I'm not in the market, so you have to be in the market for wanting to be guided by the one who created you, you have to want it. Of course, you should have

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First of all, you should be sincere, sincere, humble, sincere and looking for the truth. Yeah, sincere and unbiased and Allah subhanaw taala said this,

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if you are sincere and looking for the truth, we will, I will definitely guide you through but if you got too many of us to be occupied, if you are thinking about money, the dollar that's your if you are just reading the Quran to find some mistakes and from this perspective, you will not be guided. Yeah, yeah. You You You need to be sincere that you are looking for the truth. And if you have this condition, if you have the state of the heart in you, you will be guided open mind and open hearted, neutral, unbiased greed think, reflect, reflect wonder, and you will find that guidance is coming to you. And that's what most of the people who are guided to Islam there were say

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that when we read the Quran, we found the answers to many things that even by the way, the people who when they listen to the Quran, and they don't know that this is the word of Allah subhanaw taala, you would find that they are affected by this. Tell us Let me interject because some people have this notion they think, okay, that we're guided Now, some people, they feel like some spirits gonna come in you and you'd be start talking to some foreign tongues. And that what are we talking about when we say guided? collaborators? Is that I think a very good question. I think one would say that the guide that you're looking for the answer for a question, you don't have the answer. What

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should I do in this situation? What should I do? How would I use the money? How would I use the organs that I have in my body? logical? Just, it's very logical. Yeah. What is the best way to use my ears? What should they listen to? should I listen to this? Or this? Or this? What should they listen to? How to use my eyes in the correct way? How to use my tongue of the correct how even to use the money that I have? Because a lot of people think that really, this is their money. It's something we Muslims believe that Allah entrusted us with this money, unless Allah to Allah was the cause. That for this, you to be rich. Yes, you did some part of the work, you exert the effort. But

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the last part of Allah is the one who really caused you, for example, look at someone who is like Bill Gates. Yeah, one of the richest, if not the richest person in the world. Yeah.

00:27:25 --> 00:27:42

Had education been the cause for him to be rich, he wouldn't have been rich. He left. The university didn't complete his BSc or his master. He was, of course, a student learning from all his professors. And after just a few years,

00:27:44 --> 00:28:33

he hired his professors to work with him, and he did not complete his education. He did not finish his education, his degree. And but he's the richest person in the world. Is it big? Is he the smartest person in the world? I doubt that. But it is the will of Allah subhanaw taala that made him and not somebody else rich. Las panatela is observing Bill Gates and observing them and observing it and observing everyone. How you are going to use this money? Are you going to use it in the way that pleases Almighty Allah? The most beneficial way that to help people in the world? Or are you going to misuse it and abuse the money and use it in bad things? So this, the Koran guides you? And when I

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answering this question, it opens up your heart, day after day that you're looking for the truth. Oh, now I know, I know the right way. And we can talk about hundreds of examples in this. Again, and again, this is my tip. And my advice to everybody, to the viewers have to have the listeners just to take your time and open your heart. read the Quran, don't read all of it. I don't advise you at all. Just read one chapter. Just read the first part of a second and see and compare it with other books and see, you would immediately see the difference. Once you see the difference, you would know that this is the book the only book that was safe, kept safe from Almighty Allah. And it is guidance for

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people. If you are sincere. In seeking that. We look forward God.

00:29:24 --> 00:29:25

Thank you very much.

00:29:26 --> 00:29:59

And thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. Come back here every week, where we try to try to clear up some of the misconceptions we've been talking about. And if you didn't see parts one and two with the Dr. Shaikh Mohammed module, you can go to the deen show calm. And in this episode we talked about the some of the miraculous nature of the car and it's a guidance not just for the Muslim but for the non Muslim for all of mankind. And the teacher just like Moses, Jesus, these messengers that were sent by the Creator

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Have is an earth with the last and final message of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. They were all teachers, and he was the one that was showing us how to live the Qur'an. So, to learn more, make sure to come back here every week, visit us at the deen show until next time, peace be unto you. You have to play as if everything depends on

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what you must work.

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Everything depends on you.

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That's my point. You see, I'm saying and I don't like that. I don't like us sitting here. What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now? What are you waiting for all these people to come to this? What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now when they're gonna come? They're gonna come along and bring these people lots of fun and put in our hand the ability to do it now do your job.

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eats comb eats lay everybody asleep.

00:31:07 --> 00:31:25

Arise and ask a lot of thinking me. Ola us see. Oh, you know, all the sins I do. I turn to you to forgive my sins.

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A young man

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runs away. Oh, guy me.

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