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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salam Alaikum peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode of the deen show. And today, bringing you another great topic for discussion. We're bringing in our good friend who's been with us this week on the dean show former Christian minister, preacher, shake use of sts sit right there. Don't move. And we'll be right back on the dean show.

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Welcome back to the depot. I'm your host Eddie's in the Digital Studio. Our special guest

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thank you again for being with us shake use of Esther's holiday coming to Lake Como salon. What kind of topic do we have today? Can God Be a man, shall we say what can God Be a man we have to get right down to it. All right, we got to explain to the to the audience because people are taking rocks as God sticks is God. Money is God. And they take in a man is God. Is this possible?

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First of all, let's talk about something in general, let us agree before we start even having a discussion, what is rational and what's your right, I agree. All right. And when I point this way, and I say okay, this is up and you say yes, okay, that's up. And when a point like this, I say this is down, you say okay, this is down. Now, during the discussion, if you said well, this could also be down.

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or this could also be up, I'm gonna say okay, that's the end of the rational discussion. Yeah, have a nice day. I got things to do. Opposite down is down. Yeah. Well, there's some basic things when you talk about something in a rational discussion that go undisputed. Here, yeah, you set parameters before we begin the discussion. When you say, God, what are you talking about? Okay. And if you're talking about something that's limited, something that is human, something that, then for me, this is not God? It's as simple as that. Because if you want to talk about God, and you're talking about the one who is the creator, God, that set everything into motion in the beginning, the one who is

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the Sustainer, the creator, the one who is

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all knowledgeable, we're gonna talk about the epitome of the qualities or attributes of this God, that He is not, he doesn't just know he's all knowing.

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He doesn't just hear he's all hearing.

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And he doesn't just have knowledge, he is all knowledge. So if you understand it from that perspective, then when you begin your logical discussion, your rational

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communication on the subject, you're going to be able to say, Alright, this would work and this wouldn't work. But if you don't set the parameters in the beginning, then the discussion goes crazy. You can say anything you want. You can say your God, well, go ahead and say that, but what it doesn't make it happen. It's like playing a ball game with no rules now, no fall. Foul lines are not we got to make sure we stay in the perimeters. Like I remember, I'm from Texas. I remember years ago, someone said to me, Would you like to learn how to play a new kind of poker? I said, poker is a card game. They said, yeah. I said, we get a new kind. It's called as you go poker. I said, as you

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go. They said, Yeah, I make the rules as you go.

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So we made the rules. Now if you say Up, up, down, down, yeah. Okay. All right. Now, when we're talking about God, if you're saying God, meaning the one who created everything, quite obviously, he's not the creation, and doesn't need to go in his creation. That doesn't make any sense. Even a human and we're not comparing God to a human. But if human makes a computer, and he has a problem with it, he doesn't crawl into the software, and try to work in for that doesn't work like that. That's nuts. Yeah. And how about the Lord of the Universe, when you realize that, that we as human beings are tiny, compared even to a tree? Or how about a tree compared to a mountain, or a mountain

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compared to the earth, or the earth compared to the sun, or the sun compared to the the solar system, or the solar system we're in compared to other solar systems, which are much bigger, there are suns, which are many times bigger than our Sun. And then within that, you've got your galaxies, and these galaxies are huge. And within that, it all gets bigger and bigger. Now you're talking about the Milky Way. Now they tell us even the Milky Way, doesn't cover everything, and it goes beyond and beyond. And you're talking about the one who created all of this. And how in the world are you going to compare this God to something tiny and miniscule here on the planet? That's an

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insult, though that's disgusting. Now, then, once we've established that Now, let's talk about in particular a man if somebody said God could be a man

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And then the logical statement following that should be then why can't he also be a woman?

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Or thought about that? Why not? And if they said God is a man,

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then Where did he come from? What color was he? That's a good point. What language did he speak? There's another good point. And how tall is he?

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You see, you have to start defining God. Yeah. And and immediately, you'll have somebody who go irrational on you here and there. So Well, yeah, but he's got he can do anything. Well, this is another problem. Does God do anything? Is God without limits? Can you if you said, Well, God has no limits. Okay. From a human standpoint, that will not make sense. And an atheist can shoot you down immediately. Very easy. He can simply ask you, does God have any limits? And you say, No. Can God do anything? He's setting you up? And you're saying, That's right. Is there anything God cannot do? He's got three questions to get you to the only three questions and you're up against the wall, and

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you don't even see it coming.

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Is God without limits? You bet. Can God do anything? You bet. Is there anything God cannot do? Can God do anything? Yes, absolutely. emphatically.

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Okay, can you die?

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Now, for some, they will say yes, because they'll say their god died on the cross, or their god died for me or something like this. But to someone who's really thinking about he's gonna go,

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No, the real God can die. Is that true?

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Can God died? How about this? leave that one alone? Can he cheat?

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Can God lie?

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Can God trick you? Because if you say yes to that one, then how do you know you're on the right way? How do you know if God can trick you maybe the whole thing is a big trick.

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So the poker game The guy was trying to make as you go, as you go, just go along and change everything and play with people's brain. But in reality, the only way that a human being could come to know or Let's forget a human being, anything within the creation could never understand the Creator. This is impossible, because that which is subjected to something bigger, is not going to be able to control that, or manage it, because this is this doesn't make sense. Yes.

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Check this out.

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Welcome to the deen show, and another episode of The mailbag, and questions from you a question if God can do everything, then why can't he be Jesus as a man who came to die for our sins?

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Some people ask this question. And this question, actually, to answer it, we have to know the characteristics of God, the Creator of the heavens and the earth, He is the most just, he's the most merciful. Nothing is the like of him. And he's the all hero, they all see it. And he's capable of all things. So his attributes cannot be contradicting to one another. So he's capable of all things. He's still someone that is the most just so can we say that since he's capable of all things, then why can't he be unjust? Can he perform injustice against people? This is not a valid question. Because there's no contradiction between one attribute and the other. So he's capable of all things,

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yes. But he's nothing is the like of him, because he's the most perfect the creation, with their way have been created that are in need of the Creator. They eat and drink and they have to relieve themselves. They have pain, things of that nature, which is not befit the Creator of the heavens and the earth. So that's why God allowed the Creator of the heavens and the earth did not come in the form of a human being he does not need for such a thing. If people claim that he come in the form of a human being for the forgiveness of their sins, He is the most forgiven. He has the capability if we say that he is capable of all things, he's the most powerful, then part of this is that he

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forgives people. And that's it. If people turns to Him alone, seeking forgiveness, there is no need for such a thing to happen. He just forgive their sense because he's capable of all things. Why would he have a son and send His Son, people have son because they have deficiencies? But this is not the case when it comes to the Creator of the heavens and the earth? And what about the people that were present before Jesus? Those who died in the state of sin? Would they be doomed to Hellfire forever, because Jesus was not living at the time because he came as people claim to die for the sins of the people. It doesn't make sense and plus, if it's true

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True. If it's true, as it says in the Quran, in one of the verses cooling Canada, many well I don't find I will live with you. Which means, say, Mohammed salatu salam, if the Most Merciful has a son, I would be the first to worship him. But this is not true. And what's the evidence and the proves that this is the case, there is no evidence, God refuted this claim. And it's clearly a deficiency. And again, there is no contradiction between one attribute and the other. So God is the most just, there is no need for such a thing to happen. If people would turn to a creation, they turned to Jesus, then what would make them not believe in another creation? Someone would come and say, I'm

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another son of God. And someone would say, I'm a third son of God, and worship Me, I come and I suffer for you. What would stop the people from believing in Him? There is no evidence in such a thing. Right? So that's why, what compared this beliefs, to the belief and there is, Jesus was a prophet of God, a human being, that has the characteristics and the qualities of a human being, but a messenger of God, aided by miracles and everything from God, nothing is the life of the Creator of the heavens and the earth. And that's where we turn to alone, and we worship Him alone. And we do not worship a creation, present the two arguments to someone that is away from all forms of

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religion, Which one will you choose? I think the answer is clear. The normal ways to believe in the creator and the heavens of the earth, and that his attributes, and this is the main key is not contradictory to one another, he's the most merciful. He's the most just, he is the most powerful, and he's the most twice there is no wisdom, in such a thing that did not even prove itself to be true. So we call everyone to worship the Creator of the heavens and the earth, the creator of Jesus, the Lord of Jesus, the daughter of Moses and the daughter of Prophet Mohammed and our Lord, to worship Him alone, that he has the perfect names and attributes. He has no son, he has not begun he

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would not depend on anyone, he does not have a wife. He does not have what these individuals and the human beings have. He nothing is the life of him and he's the all heroes. They all see us. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us see the truth, and to hold fast to the truth. Also the Los Alamos Erica Mohammed in all areas of you seldom was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa. Evening being a former Christian minister, you actually used to believe that God was a man,

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I would have probably done the irrational thing with you and said, Well, yes and no.

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Because when you answer a question with yes and no, you cancelled out both sides of it already. And you're going to give a irrational answer. That's why you say that? Well, yes. And no, yes, this but no, that, okay. Could God Be a man? Well, it would

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not God, God, but a form of the God a part of the God, but not the whole God? You kind of get into sticky web as well. Yeah. Because if you said God's a man, oh, he's walking around there. Yeah. who's running the rest of the universe? Oh, we had it on automatic pilot. You go automatic pilot. That automatic pilot said, Will your God has whatever he wants to have? You know, he can put it on autopilot. Hey, where do you get this stuff from? Well, you can say that, a form of God, a spirit of the God. While many spirits is he got, we know he could have a bunch of spirits. Okay, so how are you gonna argue with that. But the contention now of the Muslim is this, the only way the human is

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going to know God is by revelation. God reveals Himself through what we call scripture or revelation, and has done so since time immemorial. And we know this is evidenced by the many manuscripts that have been found and discovered around the planet. They don't all match because they're not originals. None of these originals. Many of them are copies of copies of copies. Many of them are translations of copies and things like this. But it's enough in suffice to say that we know there were original manuscripts. We know there were original revelations. And we know based on so many of the continuity of so many of them that you can compare that yes, there was revelation that

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came from God, does it exist in original format? We're going to say no, as do male, most of the real scholars of the Bible say no. In fact, they recently bought Aaron, if you've perhaps heard of him, biblical scars, has some books out on borders, books and music at Barnes and Noble By the way, do you get any cut back a royalty from these guys if I mentioned their names, right? No, no, Oh, darn it. I thought maybe

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they can go to these places and look for a book called misquoting Jesus, or another book. It's called Lost Christianity's lost Christianity.

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And misquoting Jesus by Bart Ehrman. And that's about e h. r A and I believe.

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And he makes it clear, he used to be a real strong bible thumper much stronger than I was. And he used to go to the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, here, yes. And he says in his books, it's even on the jacket cover, he wants to be emphatic about what is going to say, he says, Now look at this. And he said, I want you to see what I'm saying. We do not have a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of anything that was original.

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He's saying for all of the whole entire Earth of all of the collections and all the museums, and all of the screw, He's everywhere. There's no such thing of even a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of anything original. The only original scripture extent today

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is called Koran. And the reason is because Koran doesn't mean a book, it doesn't mean a piece of paper doesn't mean ink. It means what is being recited. Koran is being recited today, as it was recited at the time of Muhammad peace be upon him. And it's impossible to imagine that 10 million people today can recite the entire Quran, from memory without looking at anything from age. Are you ready for this age six years old, all the way up to 96.

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You've got no words I'm saying this that basically, all ages of people, 10 million people can quote it. And their native language may be for instance, Farsi, their native language may be or do or their native language could be any of the languages in India, or Indonesia, where they speak many languages, but not Arabic. Yet in Arabic, they can totally recite this whole thing where it's this is an existing document. Let us look to that document and see what it says about other documents. And in fact, it tells us that a true believer must believe in what is unzila which is sent down. He like to you why in Zilla men public and what was sent down before you and it refers in the Quran to

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something called the Khattab and the people of the Khattab. Khattab means book, and also refers to something called zebra zebra translates to English as Psalms. It also refers to something called Soho, which translates in English to scriptures. And it says so hufa Ibrahima will Moosa, this means the scriptures of Abraham and Moses, and it refers to all of them and says that God had sent these revelations to these great prophets, so they could explain who God was, what the nature of God is, what their correct religion is, and so on. And no word that any of these prophets who had these revelations ever come up with this belief that God was a man

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from whatever Abraham Moses, you can't prove they did or didn't from the scriptures that are being promoted today as being the Bible. But you can definitely do that from the Quran. Because the Quran denies this. It says, lamb you lid, well, I'm your lad. He's not the father of anything, and he's not the son of anybody, just so you make it clear. Now, there is a phrase in the Old Testament in the book of Numbers, chapter 23, verse 19, numbers 23, verse 19, correct, which says, it says God is not a man. It says clearly in there God is not a man. Absolutely. God is not a man that he should sin. And God is not the Son of man that he would repent. Is there any explicit statement where Jesus

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peace be upon him ever claimed that he was God and call people to worship Him? Well, no, actually, he said, the opposite of that. What did he say? He said that he's only there by the will of God, he's only doing what God is giving him permission to do he doesn't do anything of himself, but rather of the one who sent him. I want to come back to that, but really quickly answering you went into God, setting the perimeters of what God can and can't do. And how do you know I don't say that. We as Muslims, don't say God can't do something. What we say is, God doesn't do anything that would make him no longer be God. That was what I wanted to ask when someone asks you can God do

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everything? So how do you answer that? Well, what he says that his capabilities, Allahu Allah colletion could dear. It says that Allah is capable and has the power to do whatever it is that he wills to do whatever he wants to do whatever he wants to do, he can do it. So if you ask me, can God do anything? I will say he can do whatever he wants to. You see, then you can't pull that trick. Well, can he die, he doesn't want to. This is simple as that. They just need to know the rest of the phrase, because it's very clear in the Koran. God never wills to fall asleep, either.

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Will that he's going to die doesn't will that he's going to forget anything. His memory or his, let's just say knowledge, not going to know about memory, we're going to say knowledge is absolute with absolute knowledge. You don't need any memory because you already know everything all the time. Yeah, so God basically doesn't do stupid things. It's impossible. It's impossible. They wouldn't be God. He's the most just so he doesn't do unjust things. But he has these names. His name is ideal, which means he is the absolutely fair. Yeah, so he's not gonna be unfair. Now. He can't and we would not be that quality anymore. Another quality he has. He is a rock man, which is totally merciful,

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totally and completely merciful. He is All Merciful. And in fact, his mercy is for all as long as they don't commit to one unforgivable sin. And which is that? Well, probably we ought to do that in another program, make people come back. Okay, if I tell him right now, let's say Okay, I get it on you come back to the deen show. So stay tuned. And another episode we're going to be talking about the unforgivable sin. You can also see it on the deen We're going to come to closing it in a sec in a few minutes. Tell us now going back to Jesus. You mentioned one verse in the Old Testament numbers 2319 write that down where it says God is not a man. And you mentioned Jesus

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calling people to the will of God. Not to Well, look at this in the New Testament, you have two places where Jesus is supposedly I say always say supposedly, because we don't know exactly what he said, Yeah, mostly don't have the document more. But it's very likely considering what we have quotes in the Quran. The Quran says that Jesus called the people to worship My God and your God, my Lord and your Lord, this is a dress in the Quran. This is grant said he said it. Now if you do find that in the Bible, which you do, then you can say okay, worship, my Lord and your Lord my God and your God. Okay? So it says in the Quran says in the Bible, when only the Bible is say that we got

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the ground it says, so no explicit statement where Jesus ever calls people to worship him where he says, um, God worship nowhere in the Bible. No, no, no, real quickly, we're gonna come back, come back to this one more time and look at this. He's telling people in the New Testament, to pray like this, God's will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. He's telling you and I, and everybody pray like this, as for God's will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. If that's true, if he said that, then did he do that? And in fact, he said, I don't do anything except by the will of the one who sent me. And you see Jesus praying and asking, and he's asking for God, even when he says, let

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this cup pass for me. But even so your will be done. This is what I want. But wherever you want, it's bigger and better. And I'll accept that is very clear. How about implicit statements where people take versus twist them and say, Look, Jesus said, I and the Father are One, or no one comes to the Father except through me. Someone's probably watching us on this program. Now say, No, no, he said i in the Father, what? Look, look, look, first of all, I don't know. He said that. You don't have the original text. I'm sorry. But you're trying to give an illogical argument based on what you don't have. Okay. Okay. But even if you have that, even if you have a statement like that, that Do

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you agree with me that there is a God? Or we weren't in agreement on that? Okay, folks, I just want to let you know that Eddie and I are one

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aren't we? Yes. on that subject on episode one. Absolutely. Okay, so what happened? Did I just become your Siamese twin? No, duh. I mean, come on, you know, let's, let's be rational. Because if you say things like that, you totally destroy other teachings in the Bible itself. Totally disclaiming those things. Okay, if you go through the Old Testament and read it, you don't find anywhere that God is calling himself a father. These things were added much later.

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And they were only added in the New Testament, we're gonna have to talk about in our next show, the unforgivable sin, we're also going to be talking about

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many things. Another one about the sonship people hearing this word Son of God, I'd like for you to bring you back on and to actually, I did, there's a really good website that we have for this purpose, because a lot of people are curious to know more things about God. And I've in the past told you about God. Yeah, God, Allah calm. But there's another one we have, that I think will help people a lot too. It's called the Islam code is Li M. co. D, Islam. That's just two words, Islam And that's where you're going to find some of the things that we're talking about now, and possibly in the future as well. Okay. Well, thank you again for answering our

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questions that we'll have here. And you know what, real quickly just so nobody gets the wrong idea. Let them know.

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What we how we actually feel about Jesus. Because this is such a touchy subject, we can do a whole episode of this and it wouldn't be enough. But suffice to say we as Muslims are commanded to make no distinction between any of the prophets, our love for Jesus must be there because we have a love for Mohammed. We have a love for Adam, and Abraham, and Moses and David, and Solomon, and Jesus and john the baptist and prophet lute and prophet au, which is job, we love all of them. And we don't make distinction between any of them. And this is very clear as a Muslim because if I don't have this, I can't be a Muslim. I love them so much. You hear us say so many times peace be upon them, peace be

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upon them. Ali Salaam in Arabic means mpsp Bonnie.

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And you heard the sheikh said, we love Jesus, you're not a Muslim, if you don't believe in Jesus. This is one of the basic teachings of Islam coming from a former Christian minister preacher whose relationship is actually tighter with Jesus now. So we invite you to log on to the deen You can also visit the websites that show use of estas mentioned for no for more information about this topic and others and we hope to see you again on the deen show. As Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you