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The speakers discuss the importance of learning the truth and being sincere with oneself, as well as finding one's own way to live life. They stress the need for change and finding one's values to be stronger than others, as well as avoiding harming others and advertisements. The speakers also emphasize the importance of flexible living and not giving up worship and belief in Jesus. They stress the need to be mindful of one's actions and not to give up belief in Jesus.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salaam aleikum, which means peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode of the deen show. We're here trying to help you understand Islam and Muslims. And we'd like to thank you for coming to this program. To learn the truth, we ask that you have an open mind, to be sincere with yourself to be sincere with the Creator. First and foremost. And this episode of the deen show is one. Once in a while I will pick certain emails, I'd like to get your comments and suggestions. I am not a scholar, but I like to sit with scholars sit with students of knowledge sit with people who are more knowledgeable than myself, so we can both benefit. So please the fit questions, these

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questions that will require someone with a bigger beard and

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myself. We're gonna save that for them. Now,

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this email in particular was one that

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really touched my heart. And my next guests we're going to analyze this talk about it. It's a from a sister, and I'm sure a lot of you people, some people who are really not firming the deen, we're making mistakes day and night. Allah is the most forgiving, the Most Merciful. So we hope that we can stop making these

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bad decisions. And we can get to submitting ourselves more to our Creator. And after we read this, we're going to analyze this and try to give some advice.

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email goes a little something like this. She says, Please, could you help me out? I'm so upset. I can't stop crying. I don't want to see my sister crying.

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I'm so upset. stressed out. I can't think straight. I'm 17 years old. I've never drank. I haven't smoked, thank God. However, I've done something very bad.

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She started text thing. It starts with those little things texting a guy. And then she hooked up with a guy. I'm so bad. She says

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it just happened. I'm not proud of it. I regret it.

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I met this guy last year, I used to see him. And I've done some really bad things with him. I know I'm so bad. I do ask a lot to forgive me.

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I know life is short. And I don't want to go to I got no future with this man. And why do I feel for him so much even so even even though he showed me his true colors. Even said I don't love you anymore. I feel that the only way

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that I can get true happiness is through slang.

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I'm not practicing Islam as I should. I've seen so much. Is there any hope for me? she asked my brother, please help me and that's why we're bringing out our next guest to talk about this. We're in the real world there are real issues that are going on. So we're gonna try to reach out to the sister and talk about this when we come back on the show.

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There's only one Jesus was his messenger

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Why did that maybe maybe it's just to break the ice. Salaam Alaikum brother, Salama, are you doing very good. It's good to have you back here with us. Good to be here again. We want to get straight down to the topic here. A lot of people got to

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see your last show. Hopefully if they're keeping up with this series that we do every week. And they can visit the deen show calm and our brother Muhammad Ali Khan has his own

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area there you can click and see all the shows that we've done with his brother, the sister. She's made a mistake. We all make mistakes. Yes, we send by Dan by night colossal merciful, he comes up our sins. We don't want her lose hope you heard what I just read just hooked up with some guy, you know, and these women, sometimes a naive and the guys on the hunt. And he got what he wanted. And now he's out. We don't want this to happen to another sister. And we don't want the brothers doing these things also. So we want to just touch upon this so everybody can benefit and show the right thing. Sure.

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First things first

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shamelessness or fascia as it's called in the Quran, Sunnah is one of the biggest problems and one of the biggest sins that are mentioned. It's a grave matter. It's a very serious matter. At the same time in the times in which we live. This is the most common sin. In my assessment. This is the most common sin after district

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perspective parents that our youth are involved in? Yes. It starts with things through technology like text messaging, and Facebook or MySpace or whatever. Pornography on the internet and other sources. And then it moves on to the actual physical act of Xena with Muslims and among non Muslims. And this is a prevalent thing. It's a serious, serious problem. Yeah, dealing with this is a particularly difficult issue.

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Because it's very close to the heart for a lot of parents who are heartbroken if their children are engaged in something like this. And a lot of times parents don't even know that a lot of their kids are engaged in something like this.

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But at the inshallah we'll talk about its consequences in a bit.

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But what I want to share first is the key question that sister had in particular, is there hope for me?

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Allah commands us in the Quran not to lose hope in Him. Yeah. And he speaks about that. I have hope in the beginning with the with very interesting phrasing. Yeah, anybody are my slaves and Latina software Allah and foresee him those who have transgressed and engaged in violations against their own selves, that duck Natoma Rahmatullah, don't lose hope and the mercy of Allah in the La Jolla for a little bit me I have no doubt it is Allah who will cover up the sins who will forgive the sins all of them altogether. This principle of love forgiving

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before we talk about it more I want to show you share with you another side of this picture in total for Kansas or number 25. Allah speaks about the person who commits murder, or commits Xena, Xena is the act of fornication. Okay.

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Allah says about this person in lamb and taba, except what for the one who repented? We have to talk about what repentance really means. What are mana and revive their faith? Well, I mean, I'm sorry, and then engaged continuously and rigorously in good deeds. So the three things they repented revive their faith and acted, they were good after that. Now hear this out for you. But the law who say you see it, Hassan, Allah says, Then for those people there mountain of evil deeds, Allah will replace them with a mountain of good deeds. So he will take your pile of filth and convert it into a pile of gold. If you can do just three things. First thing tobot repentance. Second thing, revive your Eman,

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revive your faith. Actually, the prophet tells us the lohani of Salah law yesterday Posada kahina yesterday,

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a thief at the time that he's engaged in theft is not a believer

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now is dissolved in his new home in a fornicator. At the time that they're engaged in that act. They're not they're not a believer. Yeah. They have to leave that faith to do that. Yeah, right. So it's a profound statement of the messenger sallallahu sallam. This is why when a lot talks about though, where he says, first you repent from it, but what you have to get back now, your faith will revive your faith. So you're not a believer at that time. Not at that time of death catches you, you're in some big trouble when

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the theologians talked about this at different scales. And they talked about, you know, a man being different from Islam, meaning you're still a Muslim, but your Iman is gone. Yeah, because the word used in the Hadith is Yemen. But they're more stern interpretations of that same text to in any way. In any case, this sister and many brothers and sisters like her, the first step really is stopping it. You have to stop all communication, you have to give this up in its entirety. If it is that you end up texting this person or emailing this person talking to this person, when you're alone, then stop being alone. If you're that weak, be around company, go to the machine and sit there. Go sit

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with some other sisters go serve your parents, because that'll take the opportunity of time that you had where you were falling into sin. It'll take that away, but sincerely repent, sincerely get away from the sin. And if you're really sometimes people are addicted, they hate themselves for their addictions, but they're still addicted. You know, like, you know, drug addicts, sometimes they hate drugs, but they still take them and then they hate themselves more for it. So the best thing to do is actually get out of that cycle. Right? So get out of the those those times and places and opportunities that trigger this behavior. Get out of that cycle, get away from it altogether, this

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is the first step you have to take. The reason you're drawn to this person is this is the first person that you actually emotionally attached yourself to, and Allah made women exceptionally loving and compassionate. And they're attached. So this is a, you know, it's a strength that Allah gave women, but if it's used incorrectly or if it's misused, it becomes a weakness. And in this case, in your case, it's a weakness. So the man pray often, the men pray off of that compassion. They'll be they'll be nice and kind and flowery words.

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And they will, you know, throw words that have emotional meaning, but they don't mean them because they only have one agenda, fulfilling their desire. And when that agenda is fulfilled, she's nothing more than a piece of meat to him that's used. Go get lost. I don't love you anymore. I'd rather marry a secret, etc, etc. Yeah. So, you know, you already fallen into this trap, and you already know that he's showing you his true colors. So what you have to do now is get away entirely, just completely walk away from this. Make Toba spend your time and learning about your religion. Spend your time in worshiping Allah, you I know you've cried a lot. But you need to cry not because you're

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sad over that guy. You need to cry begging a lot of forgive you, you need to shed sincere tears. There's not enough tears you can shed when begging Allah for forgiveness. Allah loves nothing more than the sincere tears that the slave of Allah sheds in begging forgiveness of him. This are precious to a less panola town. How about the we got some young men? They're Muslim? Yeah. And you know what? They're out there hustling? They're trying to hook up with the women. And now how do we give them advice to know that they shouldn't be doing this? And I've actually talked to some brothers who are doing some good, but he said brother, I, I this is a vise that I have. I just can't

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stop. It's an addiction. What do we got to say this is this is a it's unbearable. It's a terrible addiction. And it's so powerful that the messenger sallallahu Sallam warned us the greatest threat he feared for this oma for this nation wasn't the threat of invading armies, or like, you know, massive weapons of destruction. What was the greatest threat? He said, for the men of my alma I fear women? Yeah, this will be the temptation, this is where shaytaan will get you, you will have the long beard, you'll be at the mustard for fudger you'll be a good brother even memorizing for undoing good deeds. But when it comes to this one thing, you can't help yourself. My advice and because I

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you know, I used to live on my own in New York City. And you know, you can keep the facade of a religious person, and a good person does good things, and then have this one thing that's kind of your voice. And you'll see you start telling yourself Well, at least I don't so much other good. Yeah. So I have this one bad thing. Ally's gonna forgive. I mean, it's not that bad. It's bad, but it's not really that bad, you know, so you start justifying to yourself, Allah speaks about the people of duck was really I was baffled by this passage in Anambra. He speaks about the people who enter Paradise. He speaks about their good characteristics, but we're not here to talk about the

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good characteristics. In that same passage. He says, when the Drina is alpha, alpha, whenever these people committed an act of shamelessness, they looked at something they shouldn't have they touch something they shouldn't have. They went somewhere they shouldn't have that was shameless as they gave into their seduction, their desires, right? These people, Allah says, as soon as they older, more, and for some, are they wrong themselves in any other way? What's the first thing they did? The court of law, they immediately remember the law. Immediately. The first thing was remembering a lot. Now think about this. When we disobey a lot. How easy is it to remember at that time? Like if

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somebody's stealing wood, they want to remember a lot that time? No, somebody's looking at something. How long would they want to say a lot of stuff but a lot that time? No. They're so ashamed of their behavior. They don't even want to mention a law. Right? So what Allah is asking you to do what is commanding the people agenda are people who do make mistakes. But as soon as they fall into a trap, immediately, they remember Allah, then they asked a lot of forgive their sin sincerely asked for forgiveness. And this asking for forgiveness, we have to learn is not just saying the stuff it'll law, you know, the phrase in Arabic and stuff at a law which we learned in the Sunnah I

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seek the forgiveness of Allah right? Is memorized, and people just recite it over and over and stuff through law stuff through law stuff through law. But really, what I mean by that is, you know, if you insulted your mother,

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and you didn't even look at her, and you say, I'm sorry, just like that, are you really sorry, no, there's an ad, there's a face, there's an attitude. There's this feeling when you're really embarrassed and humiliated, and sorry. So that's what we have to be. But as advice to brothers who are fallen addicts to this thing, what they definitely definitely need is change of company, that is most likely their friends that have sucked him into this environment, or if they have good friends that they're not spending enough time with. So they need they're not strong enough on their own. They need to be with somebody else. They need to be around better people, people that will save them

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rather than drag them further into hellfire. This is absolutely absolutely critical. No amount of knowledge will help you sometimes you can have the whole Quran memorized, but you won't get help from that. Sometimes the only thing is a lot of help. And even the most strongest. I mean, think of this example, Yusuf Ali said I'm a prophet of Allah, a prophet of Allah. He's in that situation. Beautiful Woman is seducing him. He's in the room alone, nobody else around and he actually is scared of Allah. But in addition, you know what, he's scared.

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Have himself, quote unquote smart enough. See, I don't consider myself innocent either. I don't say that I don't have desires. He acknowledges his human weakness. This is the greatness of use of hiding set up. In the end, as noble as he is, as a prophet. I think he's set up, he's still a man. And a man naturally has desire for women. So he asks a lot of protect him after acknowledging his own weakness. A lot of times these brothers, they they live with the facade this weak shallow argument that brother, I'm not that weak. I'm strong, I can handle myself. Yeah, I'm just talking to her. What do you think I am some kind of pervert. You know, this, that's what the that's the

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mentality. I'm strong. I can take it. You know, here you have one of the greatest prophets, this man can take imprisonment. He can handle being thrown in a well, but he can't handle that he has a lot of protecting from that. SubhanAllah he said prison is better for me than what these women are calling me. Right? This is a very serious lesson. If you don't have that firmness, first acknowledge your weakness. And then second, make sure you have a change of company get away from that environment. Get away from things that lead you to that. He says Okay, brother, you know what? The the person is saying, Okay, well, then why did a law put this in me? Why did the creator put this in

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me? And now, you know, I'm supposed to fight this is there it's natural. It is natural. So natural that Alice calls it natural. Law says z nuts. Certain things were beautified for people. Yeah. This is the idea of things that were beautified for us. hobo chahatein aneesa love of desires fulfilled out of women. Number one thing that was made desirable for people nowadays you want to buy a car half naked woman standing next to it in the ad. What does beer have to do with women? Nothing but they want to sell it, sell it through women use women as objects, right? The first desire that people have multi multi million dollar billion dollar industry pornography, selling What? desire of

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men for women, that's what it's selling, right? prostitution, desire for women, all these crimes come from what one thing that obsession man has for women women, right? So Fukushima had been an ISA, well, Benim later on in life, you will desire to have sons rather than daughters. Allah says people love having sons will cannot

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be piled up heaps of wealth out of gold and silver meaning savings assets, big savings accounts, right? Lots of lot, lots of assets to fall back on. Right? And then a good ride will hide in whatsoever and branded horses. Now we don't have branded horses, we have brand new horsepower. But it's the same thing. With an arm we'll have cattle cattle refers to your investments, because cattle in the old day was the investment that you put to its career Really? What is the fragrant? How the return on your investment, the crop that comes out of that investment? These are things that people are obsessed with it and if you find people that now it is worldly people that are not concerned

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with religion, what are they obsessed about? Look at what they're doing. Either it's women, desire, or it's money, right? Or if their investment their business, right? Or if their car they're right, it's a big thing. Right? These are the things that people are obsessed with constantly. Allah says these things are there, they've been put inside of you. But then the question arises Why? Right? Allah says beautifully, that he can without all hayati dunya, all of that is utility, things to enjoy a little bit in worldly life will love who are in the who has stood up and Allah, he has much better return than this. He has much better than this to offer. So if you think your desires are

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being challenged by the beauty of this woman, or this wealth, or this house, imagine the one who created this as saying, I've got much better than this. Right? So actually, these desires are there to feel if you really believe in the hereafter to make you help you imagine, man, if this is so tempting here, I should be far more tempted by what he has. But this is only going to be done for the one who believes in the unseen. Every Muslim says they believe in the unseen. Do they really believe in the unseen? Do they really believe Alas, something better to offer? Do they really believe the house that Allah has for them will have better specs, better square footage, better

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landscaping, better property value than what they're going after in this world? It's really it's not just a thing you say in Passover. It's a state of mind to really believe that there's something better than the luck in the next slide, right? And this is what it boils down to. These desires have been put in us to see in the end, is your belief in the next life and better things in the next life stronger? Or would you rather take this now to cap this off? Allah speaks about disbelievers. But this is a human condition all human beings, especially those who are weak a man may Allah protect us all from it or not. Nobody's susceptible from it or safe from it. One of the things he tells us very

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powerful is cannabis to a Buddha

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Agila, okay? What this means is no, you people are in love of rushing to things. You want to get things quickly. Now the thing is, just to put this in perspective, if you run a business, right, and I'm trying to sell you something, or you're you're trying to sell me something, and I say, Okay, I'll buy it from you for 100 bucks. But I'll pay you next month. Okay, I'll pay you 100 bucks. But next month, another customer walks in and says, I'll pay you 90 bucks. I'll pay you cash right now. You know what a good businessman will take the 100 bucks next month or the $90 cash right now. You'll take the $90 cash. Yeah. Why? Because we need to we love getting things immediately. We don't

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want to wait, you know, in businesses a time is money. That attitude want to get everything now. So now here's the picture a lot. Our Lord tells us, I will give you a house, I will fulfill every last one of your fantasies, every last one of them. There's nothing in your imagination that you desire that you will not get everything you will get and more beyond your imagination. But it's not cash. It's credit. Yeah, if you want that, then you got to wait. You can have some of this. This is not like you're denying the world. It's not like you can't get married or can't have children who can't have good life in this world too. You can have them but I'll put restrictions on it for you. But if

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you want it unlimited live this restricted life and I'll give you unlimited. This is the sales pitch from Allah. Another sales pitch from shaitaan. He says why you gotta wait. I get you this stuff right now. Enjoy it, live it up. You're young. When is this gonna come back. And when when the shaitan says this and you forget that Allah is offering eternal youth. Allah is offering never ending life. Allah is offering desires to the to the nth. You forget all of that. All for what one weakness, we rush to things you can't wait. Well, we can hold on we're almost out of time. A couple more points briefly go over if the person says Look, I'm going to have this in paradise Anyways, I'm

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going to have this good time and all these other things that you mentioned. What's the big deal if I have it here? If they say thank you, I take your pick the Messenger of Allah told us or tell them adonia signal minhwa General Kaffir beautiful phrase. He says this world is the prison of the believer and the paradise of the disbeliever. If you want to turn this world into paradise, then who are you? According to the messengers description? You don't really believe in the next. You might think you do you might say you do but you really don't. The The other thing just to add to this, Xena Latina cafaro al Hayato dunya Listen to these words are so powerful, especially for believers

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in our time. worldly life was beautified for those who disbelieved

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where the life is beautiful, but for who? those who disbelieved? Well, yes. Haruna mean and Athena Amano, and they will poke fun at those who believe. They will say you guys are missing out on life. Look at you people. You give up all this stuff you so for what for some paradise or some and they'll make fun of our paradise. And last words came true. They run after dunya and they poke fun at the believers for running after what? The Torah right? Allah says when levena taco and those who guarded themselves, look at the words he didn't say those who believed. He said those who guarded themselves those who feared the disobedience of Allah, they will be the ones who will be on top of the

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disbelievers on the Day of Resurrection on the day of standing. So the phrasing there is a taco which means they had taqwa they protected themselves, they warded themselves off from these temptations. They're the ones who will have the upper hand in the arrest on the Day of Resurrection. May Allah make all of us from amin couple more points for the person to a they're sincere, they want to do what the creator wants them to do. How did they vet this? What is the direction they should go to let these urges out in the right way that's pleasing to the creator and be just In short, because we we got only a couple more minutes. And the person what's waiting for him if he just continues to

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persist, doing what his desires are leading him to do and not doing it the right way. See, if you allow speaks about the one who persistable I'd like to your latter question first. Allah says balamb and cassava say no, but rather the one who earned a sin a single sin. He's doing all this good stuff. But there's this one vise, well, I have thought to be healthy, too. And his mistake, surrounded him. That one mistake, he just kept going back over, over over he wouldn't stop. Unless you guys have been out on a holiday. Those are the people of fire in it. They will remain this person that's being described in this ayah is not someone who does all kinds of things.

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One sin but what's the problem? over and over and over? He doesn't want to let it go. Yeah, this sin has become as God Yeah, basically submitted to this God. One item and into the ILA hahaha. Have you seen the one whose desire has become Hezbollah, the one he worships the one he submits to the one he gives

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into, he will give up everything except that one desire. So then who are you giving into a lot of that desire, right? So it actually becomes a form of shift, which is why this person earns ends up earning the Hellfire as far as the advice is concerned. For those who are in this in this cycle, they're stuck in this rut and they need to get out.

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develop a relationship with the Quran. develop a relationship with the Quran in the Salah, in the Salah. have that relationship. Why do I say that? What does prayer have to do with shamelessness? Allah tells us in the salata, tenha an infection, it won't come beautiful. He says no doubt it is the prayer that prevents from shamelessness and evil deeds. So if you're a person who prays, but still does shameless things, that means you're not really praying because if you were really praying that it would prevent you from shamelessness and evil deeds. So work on your prayer really I mean besides the good company thing I talked about before really make a project a life project. Memorize

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more Koran study its meaning know what? You're resigning when you're reciting in this a lot of married men get married? Absolutely get married. Absolutely. Absolutely get married get married. ASAP get married yesterday said and marry for the right reasons Mary, you know the the temptations will disappear. Yeah, the she won't look beautiful to you after a couple of years. You'll just your life now the ride is over. Right? So marry for the right reasons. If that's your reason for getting married. It's too shallow, and shallow to marry. Someone you find beautiful, but also who has beautiful character beautiful Deen, that'll make you a better person. Most importantly, that'll

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raise righteous children for you. Because those are your assets with a lot. That's your investment with Allah. May Allah make us all those who have righteous children, righteous wives, righteous husbands. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us in our family. Thank you very much for being with us. And thank you for being with us. Also, everyone that is viewing us from all around the globe. If you don't get to see us here in the local Chicago area, you can see all of our shows at the D show comm please take the advice. Don't barter something that is temporary for something that's permanent. We should strive to see our Lord in paradise. That is what the believer he gets excited

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about. And then to be in a paradise where there's things to delight and true peace and happiness. Things that no I have seen no ear has heard things that you can't even fathom and imagine. This life is not worth losing all that for and we'll see you next time here on the deen show God Willing inshallah until next time as salaam alaikum peace be unto you. The DVDs for Dawa as Allah has said in the Quran in surah now 16 125 Voodoo Illa Serbia lira bakeable hypnotic, invite all to the way of your Lord with wisdom beautiful preaching and reason with them in ways that are best and this is a great opportunity for you to take up the obligation take up the call as Allah has told you to do and

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share this beautiful message with the world Islam submission to the One God see what everyone's talking about. You find one contradiction it can be from God.

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But the rational idea the rational explanation is you do your best to give up worshiping God I will never give up spreading hope that you take the necessary steps you don't know if you're gonna live till tomorrow.

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So you got to find that urgency to do the right thing right now.

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If you say that you do not believe in Jesus, you have stepped outside of Islam you cannot be a Muslim as a tenant our faith to

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aids comb aids lay everybody asleep.

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I arise and ask a lot of thinking me. Oh Nah, you see, oh, you know, all the sins I do. I turn to you to forgive my sins.

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You seen a young man

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runs away. Oh Allah guide me