Tarek Kareem Harris – 2min Hack – Don’t choose your career without watching this. WHY MOST CAREER ADVICE IS WRONG

Tarek Kareem Harris
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When considering your career, it's natural to want a clear guide that aligns your skills, attributes, desires and abilities all into a suitable path. However, we won't be following that approach for two important reasons. First career means two things a timeline of occupational activity with upward progress and secondly, career also means to move in a swift, uncontrolled and unpredictable movement. In today's world careers often resemble the data more than the former parts can include upward, downward, sideways and even no movement. highly capable individuals career journeys are more nuanced and unpredictable than the linear progression idea would suggest your

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career should fulfill your needs and not the other way round. Many people try hard to boost their CV in the hope of getting some future golden ticket but this is really putting the cart before the horse will dismantle a common career pathway model to reveal the truth more suited to today's flexible careers and individual empowerment derived from the Japanese concept of IKI guy this model describes four elements what you love what you can be paid for what you're good at, and what will need seeming to make sense this model can lead to take and disillusionment itself deeper first, cultural considerations The ego model originates from Japan culture known for its demanding work

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environment and high stress Japanese work culture intertwines identity with work suggesting that all fulfillment comes from work but is it wise to rely solely on your job for happiness ikigai can make work overwhelming, leading to burnout second, conceptual flaws the model suggests doing what you love for work. This can transform your passion into obligation robbing it of joy. Finding all your joy from work means surrendering your control of your life to your employer. What happens when the job ends third, it's quite an unwise ideal. The central point of the model suggests that the ultimate job lies where all four elements intersect. Don't put all your fulfillment eggs into one

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basket you should get two maybe three elements from work the rest best find outside of work. Fourth, flexibility matters. The model static nature doesn't account for how the most interesting people spend many years not knowing what they really want to do they grow their depth they have adventure along the way. Be content with not knowing simply do the best work you have for now and keep reflecting the final flow is this individuality is overlooked people want different things true success stems from self awareness, maximizing strengths influencing your path towards your wishes, and not some kind of one size fits all model and his work culture focuses on conformity and hinders

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individuality. So let's take a wiser more balanced approach. iki guy still has utility but don't take it too literally. Instead, use it to assess your current state what you're getting from your current job. Become aware of what you really seek from your work and pay attention to how your work could really give you that often that satisfaction is right there right under your nose. Remember, a career shouldn't fulfill all of life's needs. In the face of uncertainty. Many people struggle with career choices rather than dictating that prepares them to embrace uncertainty. If you're unsure or unhappy about what you're doing. Do your best to do a good job. Whatever you do, you'll soon

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discover why or if you don't want to do it odd work is inherently rewarding because the payoff is inside. Leverage your brains processes to explore new career paths engage in activities beyond your routine, pursue completely novel interests and seek diverse opinions Oh confusion to guide you for a time but questions need time to percolate your brain processes things unconsciously aided by relaxation and sleep then the brain will start producing answers out of that positive uncertainty. Once success relies on adaptability, embrace varied career paths, especially if you're highly capable approach work with agility and confidence for exceptional performance. Understand and use

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your uniqueness when working hard. Always focus on the how maintain your composure do extra tasks for recognition and compensation. Every job is challenges. Every job gets boring interrupted and so on. That's where the real high performance arrives. That's why for the highest jobs, it's not called pay. It's called compensation.

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