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The transcript describes a group of speakers who are dis biical and dis appreciative, including Lavina's home with them and Rugg's protected by Lavina. A woman named Lavina claims to have been in a home with them, while a woman named Ramona refuses to do anything until they have a woman in their ear. The group also talks about a woman named Ramona who refuses to do anything until they have a woman in their ear.

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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no matter who went to Saudi Arabia Sudan Kadeem Amma Bertha Ruta bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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are Bishop Rouhani Saudi WASC li MD One was the domain designing a couple Foley webinars.

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Lesson number 252. So that was slated ID number 37. To 54.

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woman and from IOTV His signs and Laila the night when they're held, and the day was Shamsul, and the sun will come through and the moon left. Do not just do your prostrate Lee shrimps for the sun. Wanna and nor lil karma for the moon was judo and y'all prostrate. Lilla for Allah. Allah de the one who halacha Hoonah He created them in if you were a year who only him Darboux Don't you all worship for in then if it's that volatile, they became arrogant for Lavina than those who are in the near Rebecca Europe. You said they Shona, they glorify the WHO for him belaying at the night, when the hell and the day were home and they left not. Yes a moon they tire

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woman and from IITJEE His signs and Nikkor that indeed you Tara, you see

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the Earth the land,

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harsher earthen one that is barren. For either then when and Zelner. We sent down or lay her up on it. Elmer the water. It does. It stirred water but and it grew.

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It increased in indeed, Olivia, the one who last year her he gave life to law Moshe surely one who gives life and Mota to the dead ones in the who indeed He Allah upon Kali, every che in thing for the Quran, always all Abel

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in the medina indeed those who you will hate sooner, they deviate. See in Aya, Tina, our vs. La not the fauna, they hide, or your fauna they are concealed, or Lena upon us, as a man is the man who you will, he is thrown fee in a now the fire hydrant better. Or man who yet D He will come Amazon secure Yoma en de ultium The Standing air mallu you all do math whatever * don't you all willed in the who indeed he Bhima with whatever term Aluna you will do mostly your own, always all seen in indeed Alladhina those who care for all the disbelieved with the with the with the reminder, Loma when Jet A home it came to them, were in the who and indeed it lucky there but surely a book or Z isn't

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respected, honorable love not yet D when it comes to Al battle, the falsehood, men from benei a day before it wala and law men from Kulfi behind it, then zielen a gradual revelation, men from harkaman always always comedian, always most praiseworthy

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man not you call you it was said Lucky for you Illa except, man, that which in fact, dealer it was said listen to the messengers, men public from before you in indeed, Rebecca your Rob Ledoux surely possessor mafia routine of forgiveness wudu and possessor your carbon of retribution, Aleem painful wallow and if there are no who we made it, or Annan, a Quran or a Jimmy yen, non Arabic, la Kalu. Surely they said Lola, why not? Firstly, it was openly detailed. It was openly explained as to who it's versus

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what are Jimmy Yan, a non Arabic were Arabi and an Arab.

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Say who were it, Linda Dina. For those who are new they believed her

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and guidance where she and a healing

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well Lavina and those who love not you may know that they believe fi in any hit their ears walk around a hollowness we're Hua and our lay him upon them I'm a blindness Allah Chica dos Yuna Dona. They are called men from McCann a place where even for one accord and certainly at Dana We gave Musa Musa alayhis salam al Kitab the Book for us to listen. Then it was disputed. It was different in fi in it. Well Hola. And if not Kadima tone, a word, subaqua. It proceeded men from Arabic Your local Lea shorty, it was decreed by in a home between them. Were in the home and in the day Luffy surely in Shatkin adult men who from moody one that is disquiet, one that arouses suspicion.

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Man, whoever Urmila he did Silesian righteous. Funnily enough so he then for himself, woman and whoever a sir, he did evil for our lay her then upon warmer and not rob Booker, your bill will learn at all, one who is unjust, little Arby's for the slaves. Next year.

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He lay he towards him. Euro do it is returned. Really mu knowledge a Sarah of the hour. Warmer and not Duff Raju it comes out. Men from Samara any fruits men from a command me her its sheets warmer and not tashmoo It carries men from unser any female, wala and nor double. It lays down Illa except bury me with his knowledge. Way OMA and en de una de Him He will call them Aina where Shoraka II my partners follow they said the nurkic we announced to you, man, not Mina from us men from Shahidan any witness while bla bla and it was lost on home from them. Man. Whatever. Guy No, they were yeah the owner. They invoke men or blue from before. Well, one knew and they were certain man not law

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home for them. Men from mushy slim, any place of refuge or mushy slim. Any escape.

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Left not. Yes. He gets tired. I'll insert the human being men from the calling and height of the good. We're in and if Messiah who it touched him a shovel the evil fire goose. Then he is hopeless for no one who is despairing.

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What are in and surely if at the corner who we made him taste rotten, a mercy. Mina from us. Men from birth after birth and adversity must set who it touched him. Lay a colon. Surely he will definitely say Heather this. Lee for me. Warmer and not a woman new. I think a sir that our our Emerton one that is established while in and surely if Ruggiero to, I was returned a lot of be to my robe in indeed Lee for me are in the hole near him. lel Hausner surely the best fella no not be and then surely we will definitely inform Alladhina those who care for all they disbelieved? Bhima with that which are millou they did well and who the econo home and surely we shall definitely make them

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taste men from our the punishment of a leading severe harsh what either and when an alumna, we blessed Allah upon al Insan the human being,

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he turned away, one and he turned sideways, be Janee be he with his side, what either and when Messiah who it touched him a shell, the evil further than possessor, there are of supplication or the long extensive

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say, or a tomb. Did you see in if Ghana, it was men from in de la near Allah. So then give out to you all disbelieved, be with a man who are Balu is more a stray

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Minnemann then who who are he fee in Chicago in opposition buried for salary him soon we will show them I am Tina our science fee in LFL be horizons wealthy and in and foresee him themselves had the until yet a yen it becomes clear law home for them and now who that indeed it will help is the truth I went on did and not yet feet it suffices build up big definitely Europe and know who that indeed He Allah upon Kali every che in thing Shahidan a witness Allah unquestionably in the home indeed they see in mediating adult men from the meeting what became of the other unquestionably in the who indeed here because with every che in thing Washington one who encompasses

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let's listen to the recitation

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does that in the end

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on the

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as you will

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a woman

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in a movie man

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also needs

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a lady

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in Busan EMIA

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fall 20

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Jamie and

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Jamie you

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he won a hula Can you imagine

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levy shaking me Moody

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way only

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nothing less

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we're in several shops

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the above all and essentially

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any one

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Hawala he'll

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be in

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why either

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way either shovel by The

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again I mean

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to be

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involved in

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do you want me

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nation, nation He, Allah

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all be him

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a homie Felicia