Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P23 235B Tafsir Al-Saffat 1-10

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the meaning behind the use of "soothing" and "soothing fat" in English, with the use of "soothing" referring to individual actions and "soothing" referring to groups. They stress the need for individuals to be disciplined and consider their values when forming groups, and emphasize the importance of unity, humility, and strength in relation to the culture of Islam. The concept of "branded discipline" is also discussed, with the use of "by the way" and "by the way" in relation to the timing of sunrise. The segment also touches on the use of shaming and hate language in media coverage, with the example of a woman being killed by police and being punished for her actions.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Surah to solve Fatt Surah to solve fourth is a murky surah

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and it has 182 verses and about 860 words Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim was sofort your software

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was so fatty by those lined up how suffer enrols was so fat Wha what is of Kasam Allah subhanaw taala is taking an oath over here and remember that there are three letters for custom wow that and that well is the most common one was soft fat by those who are Insaaf soft fat is the plural of the word soft

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and soft fat literally translates as she who is in a surf she who is making a surf and she over here should not be taken literally all right. Why because in the Arabic language, we see that every object has some gender, it has to be referred to with some gender either male or female. And in these verses are soft fat and in the next idea Azad you rot and in the next is a Delia is all referring to the angels. A number that feminine is used for melodica for the angels, because the word Mala Iike it ends with what with a Tamar buta. So there is a linguistic reason over here. Angels are not male or female like human beings are, they do not have this division. All right, so,

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a soft fat meeting those angels who are in self self solid, fat fat, what is a sort of a straight role? So, so far the ones who are in roles, the ones who are lined up in straight roles, meaning the angels who arrange themselves in roles for worship, the best of them, being in the front rows, Intro to soft fat I want 65 We learned about the angels that they say what Inanna no soft foon we're in Ireland? None, Musa beehoon We indeed arrange ourselves in roles, and we indeed glorify and praise our Lord. Meaning they arranged themselves in roles for what purpose for the purpose of worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. Just as the believers the people on earth, what are they taught that when they

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worship Allah, how should they stand together in a crowd? No, in rows. The word Safa is also used for when similar things are together, doing their work meaning in unity, they are doing their work. So for example, soft menial evil, evil are what camels so soft, menial evil is when camels are arranged in rows on three legs. Why? So that? Because they're not standing properly, one foot is tied, it's easy to slaughter them that way. All right. So it implies doing something when a group is doing something together in unison, then we see that this word is also used for birds when they have opened up their wings. In the Quran. Allah says Insert milk our lamb euro in a pod for among SAR

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fighting, where COVID Because the birds together, they spread out their wings. And this is referring to birds when they are immigrating, particularly because we see that their wings are outstretched, right? So together opening spreading out their wings. So Assaf that then refers to the angels who spread their wings out, meaning they're in mid air, with their wings spread out. Why, why are they in mid air as if they are awaiting the orders of Allah subhanaw taala listening attentively into Nora 41 Allah says what Pharaoh soft fat the birds are in soft fat me together, the wings are open. So what soft fat is referring to the angels who are arranging themselves in perfect roles? And

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secondly, angels who are in mid air with their wings outstretched because the angels do have wings as returned and sort of faltered and why are they doing

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No waiting for a loss orders suffer, suffer soft is soft means a roll. And over here self is more thrown around with Ruby. And basically it's giving the meaning of plural. So it means a software to suffer meeting or software to sofa in their roles they are as they should be. So basically, it's emphasizing the perfection and the orderliness of the roles that the angels form, that the sooner it begins with the mention of the angels. And so the father also begins the same way. Angels, what are they they are a symbol of complete surrender and submission to Allah and the peace, the harmony, that the creation gains by the submission, right, because we see that when you think of angels, you

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think of peace, so called, Why? Because the angels surrender to Allah, they are obedient to Allah, they don't disobey Allah. So they symbolize this, that when we surrender, we are in peace. And they also symbolize that when a creation is humbled before Allah is submissive, then what kind of a rank does it attain there? Allah, a high rank. So this is what the angel symbolizes. Now Allah is swaying and all over here by the angels, because Allah subhanaw taala, he can take an oath by any of his creation, we on the other hand, can only take an oath by WHO, Allah, His attributes, right? But not the creation? Why does Allah swear an oath? In the Quran? Does he need to know he does not need to?

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But why does he need to, to emphasize the message that is being given to establish the truth that is being spoken off, because the listeners may be in doubt? And then the object that is chosen that is selected to be the maximally meaning the object on which the oath is being taken? So over here, the angels? Why has that object been selected? Because there is a lesson to learn from it. So over here, the roles of the angels are mentioned, and Allah is taking an oath by it. Doesn't that tell us about the significance of forming rules of self? It does. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, we have been favored over the rest of mankind in three ways. And one of them is the jury let sofa funa

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Castle fufilled, Mala Iike our roles have been made like the roles of the angels, meaning the way as human beings, we stand in roles to worship Allah subhanaw taala. That is the exact same way that the angels worship Allah to me. And together, they farm rose, the profits of a lot of southern alto said, Will you not farm rolls as the angels farm rolls in the presence of their Lord? Meaning when the angels go to Allah? They're not standing in a haphazard random crowd crowding around, know, how do they go? How are they near Allah in rows? And the people asked the Prophet salallahu Salam, but how do the angels formed their roles in the presence of their Lord. And he said, they make the first

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role complete, and they keep too close together in their roles. So everyone looked to your right and left, or you close together to the person sitting next to you, or you fall apart. And those that strangeness and you know, that awkward feeling between you and the other person?

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It happens, right?

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Because when we're close together, there's, you know, you're more relaxed. I'm not saying that you have to sit on top of each other. But when you're close together, you're relaxed. When you look at each other. Look to the person sitting next to you.

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You're relaxed, because you know who's sitting next to you. You exchanged a smile, you exchanged a greeting. So you're relaxed, and when you relax, then you can focus on your work. Right? Then you can do your work with your son. Whereas if you're sitting or cold and uncomfortable, I don't know who is she looking at me? Who is she? I've seen her? Maybe, maybe not, you know, you can't focus them. So the prophets of allies have encouraged us that we should form our roles, just as the angels do and how do the angels form their roles. They make the first roles complete, meaning first to fill different roles, and they keep close together in their roles. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam also

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said keep your role straight, because your roles resemble those of the angels. Join

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shoulders and fill the gaps between yourselves. Join the shoulders. This isn't salah. All right, and fill the gaps and be gentle and soft in your brother's hands. And do not leave spaces for shame upon what does it means be gentle and soft in your brother's hands. Meaning if somebody is, you know, pointing to your or touching you tapping you that come closer, right? Don't say, leave me alone. How dare you touch me? Right personal space, where is that concept of personal space? Right? Don't get offended there. Be gentle in the hands of your brother, be gentle in the hands of your group and charges. Alright, if they're advising you to a little closer, if your friend is telling you move a

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little closer, don't be offended, and do not leave spaces for shaytaan he who joins the role that Allah joins him, and he who breaks the role, then indeed, Allah breaks him was Safa to suffer the fact that Allah is taking an oath by the angels farming girls. That's enough of a reason for us to take this matter seriously.

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Now, you think about it roles, what do they exhibit, discipline and organization, what discipline what organization personal as well as collective,

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because only when a person is personally meaning in their life, they are disciplined and organized, will they bother to form their own property? Will they pay attention to detail and collective discipline and order also, because when a group is collectively meaning together, they are disciplined, they will give importance to forming groups properly. The angels they do not stand haphazardly crowding around, rather, they arranged themselves in an orderly fashion, showing utmost respect for the one they are standing before Allah subhanaw taala showing up most respect for the one they are worshipping, they are standing for this is how they worship. And this is how they

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receive commands from their Lord to because a soft fat also means those with their wings open meaning they're ready, ready to take orders ever attentive.

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So ultimately, after informing roles, there is strength. Right in this unity, there is humility in this order. And it's definitely a way of receiving Allah's love.

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Allah says in the law, you handle Lavina your party you don't if he's a really soft fun and banana muscles, Allah loves people who are standing in rows, fighting in the way of Allah. Now, specifically do you have is mentioned over here but this is a general rule. When people stand organized in the work that they're doing, disciplined, organized, it shows unity, it shows strength, and this is the way of painting Allah's love also. It also looks beautiful, doesn't it? Straight rolls they have their beauty and the Prophet sallallahu sallam said that in Karma The Sufi min hoarseness Salah This is a Hadith from Buhari that a comment is soft meaning forming roles properly.

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This is a part of beautifying the prayer merciless Salah

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which means that if we don't follow those property then with our Salah be beautiful

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tell me when you stand next to a person who makes the real property with you

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what kind of a solid do you perform as opposed to performing Salah next to somebody who refuses to join you know their shoulder with yours

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then it's a constant struggle right?

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So this is a part of beautifying the prayer so what so far to suffer by those angels who are in roles for Azad Euro desert jaw, Azhar, Gerard fell fell over here is after all, what is asked me it gives me enough end meaning the following statement is being connected with the previous what was the previous statement it began with a wah wah of awesome right and oats and now for this means that the OLS is continuing.

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So we'll solve it so far being I swear by the angel standing in rows perfect rows as they should be in rows and then facade your art is agile, then I swear by those who drive facade Euro Azad euro is a part of the word Zara Zara from the letters Zed. Zed your means to drive back to hold back

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It's forcible prevention, suppression. Right? And how it is basically a duffer be

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forcibly repel or prevent suppress something when which kind of to which kind of force voice before what is the sweet. All right with the off voice. So for example, scolding, rebuking, shouting, right, forbidding with rough speech. This is what's legit is, have you ever done this that, for example, somebody is going towards something that they shouldn't be touching, right? They're taking your cookie like, Ah, don't take my cookie. You don't even say don't. When you make that sound, that's enough to stop them in their tracks. There's no, this is legit. All right. Xandred is to forbade with rough speech. This is the meaning of surgery. All right. And now exaggerate. It also

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signifies driving away with a cry or with a shout. driving away with a shout chase someone away by making some noise. So for example, it is said zatural buried. Buried buried is a camel zatural Meaning he incited the camel to quickness that the cow was walking really slowly. So he made some sound, he shouted or he yelled, and that made the camel walk faster or start running.

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This has ever happened with you. But you're walking away from someone. And as soon as you hear their footsteps, you start walking even faster. Right? You're walking away from someone and you hear them calling you and then you start running. Right there sound it made you run faster. So this is also meaning of Zetter. All right, do urge on with a peculiar cry to urge on with some noise. So as Zod you rot, what is this referring to a Zadra? What is that? Well, it's referring to the angels that drive urge on urge on what different things like for example, clouds, for the purpose of rain, who bring the wind who bring the rain? And how do they do that Zadra who deserted me with some strict

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orders, strict discipline. So basically, the angels who discipline the creation, who keep everything in order,

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Azad Irati ZEdge. So what do you see over here, another side of the angels, the angels are a Safa to suffer, they observe discipline themselves, and then facade you Artesia dua, they enforce discipline, in the creation, also non human beings until the time of our death. But otherwise, when it comes to the clouds, when it comes to the rest of the creation, then who is behind them? It's the angels that are behind them. They are administering discipline in the creation.

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When we think of angels, we think of piety and softness and leniency and this doesn't mean that the angels are casual and irresponsible in their work, no, they are disciplined and they ensure discipline also, because Frazetta jurati is a draw, because who are the loyal to Allah Who servants are they Allah servants Azadi rot is agile can also be understood as the ancients that harshly take the route of some people at the time of their death. Driving your forward taking it away, or could be referring to the monkey on the kid who will scold literally scold sit up,

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they won't be soft in their speech. Sofia Zod, eurocities Zadra and zijin to exaggerate the end is a must

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for the purpose of tokeep for the purpose of emphasis for Tolyatti fatale yet again fell over here is after peep or off alright connected with the previous meaning the OLS is continuing that I swear by who utterly Yet those who do to our

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to our what is still our recitation. They do to our of what off the craw of the message and what is the message the Quran. So for Talia technical meaning by those who recite the Quran, the angels who recite the Quran, or the angels who recite the vicar with the vicar of Allah

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meaning alongside their work, whatever work they're doing. They're ever ready to receive Allah's orders because a sulfat Right, they have their wings outstretched, waiting for Allah's command for Azadi, right is a draw, and then they ensure the work is being done with discipline, utmost discipline, but whatever they're doing, how do they do it for Tolyatti Decra with the vicar of Allah, they remember ALLAH, they are never heedless of Allah's remembrance. Now this can be taken as literally the angels that recite the Quran, like Gibreel, recited the Quran to the Prophet salallahu Salam, right, or it can refer to the angels who engage in vicar, fatale at the Kra. Now, these

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verses, as I mentioned to you earlier, they're primarily referring to who the angels This is the common interpretation, some of us Iran, they have said that these verses are referring to the scholars of the Ummah, because who are they?

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Was Sarfati suffer? Right? Meaning when they do their work, when they are learning when they're teaching? How do they do it in the form of rules, any school that you go to Islamic school in the sense that Masjid halacha? What do you see some kind of discipline organization when people are sitting and remember, wherever we are lacking discipline, this basic discipline of how we should be sitting, then that's not really a gathering of

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discipline in the way we sit is necessary. Because if we're just crowding around, the bar is just crowding ourselves, right? I mean, there's no organization in the knowledge that we're taking in the way that we're processing it. It doesn't mean that every time it has to be straight, it can also be in circles. Right, but some orderliness, there should be some orderliness. Think about it. When you go to a class, right, you're sitting amongst others, at your desk at your spot. Do you get in the mode of studying? Do? Yes. But if you are sitting, let's say, at the library where some people are sitting on the floor, maybe some people are eating, some people are sitting, others are half

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reclining? Can you get into the mode of study? It's difficult, unless you put some headphones on and just look down, right? Focus on your book, cut yourself off from the rest of the people, it's difficult to focus. So these verses, some have said they refer to the ruler, because when they do their work, they learn teach, this is how they sit, and meaning they make and maintain rules for disciplinary purposes. And then they're also strict sometimes for Zadie, Lottie, Sandra,

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right? We don't know what Zeder is, okay. It's amazing how sometimes when you're listening to the lecture is up to you. Okay, in the middle, all of a sudden there will be as

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I remember when I was listening to a lecture in Arabic by a chef, and somebody asked him a question, right? And he said, Medallia medallic. What's the evidence of this? And you know what the chef said to him?

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He said, You have certainly transgressed in the way that you have asked the question.

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So before I address the question that you've asked you seek forgiveness from Allah.

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Because this is not how you ask a question. It's not respectful.

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And when I heard it, I was like, how many times I said, Well, what's the proof of this? Right? I mean, so casually. We object at teachers or to you forget about asking them in person, look at the trolling that goes on, you know, on social media, or she access something and people are responding as if they are better than the real shoe.

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It's amazing. Amazing. So sometimes exaggerate is necessary.

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Jonas is

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coming, when is breaking coming. I mean, the breaking coming or sometimes you want to because you pay for the class, you going all the way down to the door, and bring you how so embarrassing your thing because you have to be on time they said because this LM is not cheap. When you want to get LM you have to be respect him. So he really strict with that. And everybody next time when the student knows about this as policy and rule, so everybody's on time, nobody's coming too late. So we have to be strict for when you getting some things. Is that a recommendation? Yes or

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no? Okay.

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I myself actually, many times it's happened with me that in a class, I was scolded in front of everybody.

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I remember once I was sitting

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same class and I was kind of falling asleep, like sometimes you do too. I mean, I've been there, done that happens, right. And I remember trying to, you know, wake myself up, I was pinching myself literally wake up, you know, you press yourself, you poke yourself with your pen, something, you know, cross your fingers to wake yourself up. Because in our class, by the way, it wasn't even respectful to pick up your bottle and start drinking.

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So it wouldn't work there.

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And I remember, I was called it. Once in class, I got up to get something. And that was for the class, I came back. And I was again scolded in front of the whole class. It's happened, but I believe that it's this strictness that I have been through Alhamdulillah that has, you know, that has brought me something. Because when we take things too casually, then what happens? It comes casually, and it goes casually. Also, it doesn't stick, it doesn't stay, we don't value things that come too easily to us. So strictness sometimes isn't necessary, so facade Your worth is

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and then the whole amount what do they do for Tolyatti? The Quran they recite that they could they teach that they could now after the Assam, what does Allah subhanaw taala say what's the Joab? Assam in Isla? How come lower? Indeed Your God is who? Surely one, this is a conclusion to the oath, the derive Assam is indeed a law haco lower head.

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Your God is One Who the one who has created these angels, and the one who has managed the affairs of his entire creation. So what do you see over here the angels are proof to the evidence of one God and there.

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There Tallinn is also all leading up to this one God, fire alarm and a whole La Ilaha illa Allah you should know that indeed there is no God worthy of worship but who? Allah.

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So in the illogical lower head, though, if you see over here, the angels are mentioned Allah subhanaw taala takes an old by the ancients. All right, and then the responses. Your God is one.

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Why? Because of the beliefs of the Arabs was that the angels were the daughters of Allah. And so they worshipped the angels. So over here their false belief is being refuted. It is being refuted. No, the angels are who servants they are. Allah servants, they are worshippers off Allah. They are reciting his vicar. They are carrying out his orders, they are standing in roles in His service. They are waiting for his orders with the rings spread out why while in Hulu service in the service of in Isla Helcom, lower hadiah one God, God this summer wealthy who is he? He is loved this summer, WHAT THE LORD OF THE SKIES when out and also of the Earth, just that No.

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And whatever that is between them of the various creations that exist. He is the Lord of every creature. The sky is the earth one Albina Homer and what is between the sky and the earth? The sun, the moon, the clouds, the stars Gollum V Falcon, yes. Boronia is the Lord of all of these creatures with a machete and he is also the Lord of all the machete Machete is opponent of the word Mushrik and what is my ship the pace of shuru the point of schroeck and what is shuru? What is a shock?

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Shock, when do people pay a shock? after sunrise, right? So Mushrik is the point or place of sunrise. Now literally what this means is he is the Lord of all the sunrises Hi, or of all the East's because that is the place where the sun rises from. Now why sunrises because each day the sun rises from where from a different point. Right? And also at a different time isn't whether there are differences of two minutes from the previous day or half a minute or some seconds from the previous day. There's some difference in place and in time when it comes to sunrise. The angle is different. Right? So this is why I build my shot it because every day of the year the sun comes out from a new

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point. So there's 365 times of sunrise for each city for each place. Rob bull machete

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To notice how only the East's are mentioned why not the West because every East implies West also sunrise means there is a sunset. Right? And the ploy Masaryk I mentioned why? Because it's not just the sun that rises, but it's also so many other celestial bodies that rise stars moons, right? I mean of different planets. So, throughout this scenario, it was out of the former Boehner Houma. What have been in Musharraf just imagine this,

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no matter what place what time what location what moment, Allah is, its Rob, in indeed we ze Yumna we have adorned we have beautified a summer a dimia, the sky which sky a denier, the world view being the sky which is right above the dunya the sky that is closest to the world, meaning the sky that we see. So we have a bounded we have beautified it how the Xena tin with a Xena with a beautification, which beautification of Alcoa kick off the stars portion of the word. clone of the word go cub what is called cub star, can you think of any other word that's for Star najem there is a difference co cub is used for a big star. Have you ever noticed that in the sky, some stars, they

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appear bigger compared to others, some are so faded and some are so bright. So

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even as a young the summer a dunya, busy Nathanael Cava cube, the sky of the world meaning the lowest sky, the one that we see is covered with stars, meaning we see it full of stars. Now these stars are for purpose, and what is that purpose? One of them is beautification.

00:31:56 --> 00:31:57

What are stars

00:31:59 --> 00:32:02

mashallah mother and daughter? Excellent. Go ahead.

00:32:07 --> 00:32:08

Okay, you've got her well Masha Allah.

00:32:09 --> 00:32:18

So they are gaseous, what objects that are compressed, right together? And how far are they from the earth?

00:32:19 --> 00:32:33

How far are they? Too far away? Right. Now, if you think about it, if Allah subhanaw taala wanted, we would never see the stars, right? I mean, so many objects exist in space don't.

00:32:34 --> 00:33:24

And the space that we know of that is somehow Adonia. All right. And imagine there's six more Samoas above it. Okay. So if Allah subhanaw taala wanted, he could have hidden the stars from us just to swallow, the other things are hidden. But he has created them in such a way at such a distance in such a manner that we can perceive them, we can see them from where we are. Why, for what reason, Xena, adornment, beautification, so that in the sky in the night, when it's totally dark, and you feel afraid, but you look up the sky, it looks peaceful. It looks beautiful. Isn't that amazing? There have been so many times, you know, for example, when we arrived home late at night, all right,

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and the kids are kind of scared because it's dark, it's quiet. And you can easily distract them look up. Look up. Can you see any size? Can you see them all? It's such an easy distraction, it calms you down. So this is Xena, Xena to Caracas. But is it just for the purpose of beautification? No, another purpose also and what is that we're here for one and also as protection against what mean against cliche upon in every shaitan that is mad ID rebellious, the word hips, what does hips mean? To protect something from external dangers, right for from being wasted away, and chottani married, married is from the letters mean rodelle marold is to rebel. All right to rebel and married is used

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for a rebellious jinn. So the stars are there in order to protect against who against the rebellious shall clean. So the stars are there for the purpose of beautification, as well as protection. In total MBI authority to Allah says we're Jelena sama assoc from Marvel law, we have created the sky as a protected ceiling protected against who against the child when this is mentioned in various places in the Quran, protecting them or production in what way because they Shayateen as we learn from the Quran, they go up to the skies in order to listen to the conversations of

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Though angels eavesdrop, right to find out about what's going to happen, because Allah subhanaw taala gives them orders, right? And the angels, those who are more elite amongst them, they order the rest of them. So when the angels have the conversations, the sheltering try to go and eavesdrop to get some information from there so that they can find out about what's going to happen all right, and what do they do they take this information wherever they can manage to hear to to their friends amongst people, and those people they claim to know the unseen they claim to know the future. So the stars are there for the purpose off against Shere Khan unmatted how how do the stars protect against

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the rebellious Chopin? Allah says law not yes some Morona they listen, ILA to a manner in

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the exalted assembly. They do not listen to the exalted assembly except that where you prefer that they are touted men could be journeyed from every side belted by what by the stars meaning shooting stars now let's look at this I again lie yes Simona Yes, a minor is from the letter seen me my What does summer mean? To hear to listen? Do you see anything interesting in the word yes. Simona Yes. Simona the scene has a shudder right yes Simona so far we have learned yes noun or yes them your own. Right but this is yes, Simone. Yes, some noun is actually yet as some Marilyn yet as some my own. But that that is a simulated with the scene and the scene gets shut down. Right? Yep, as a

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maroon. Right. And yet as unknown, what does it mean? To try hard to listen secretly to overhear? Okay, so lie Yes. Simona. They try. They try to overhear, they're paying so much attention to mind in the air to listen secretly. And when they do that, what happens? They are belted. Now who are they trying to listen to Ilan Mala

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Mala Ilana, who is Mala Mala assembly. All right, and our highest highest Council, High Council. What is this High Council of the angels? And why is it described as an ALA high? Because where is it?

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Where is it high up in the skies. So they try to eavesdrop and when they do that, what happens up the fauna up from off the wall

00:37:57 --> 00:38:52

and other is to her lunch at someone. So except that they are launched dat min couldn't be Janet from every side. Janet from jump every side meaning every side of the sky from all directions. We learned that into the Sha 212. Allah says in the Homeline a summary Lamar Zulu, the shayateen are kept away from even listening. Because they used to listen, they used to go up in order to listen but when the Quran was being revealed, were they able to know they weren't able to and this is described in detail in sorta Jin Intuit origin where we learned that in iOS eight and nine that the Gene said that anonymous for Santa we used to go touch the sky for whatever the now ha for we found

00:38:52 --> 00:39:02

it money at Harrison shared Eden where shuba we found it filled with guards. And also with what with burning flames while

00:39:03 --> 00:39:32

older men have more car than the summer before we used to sit there in order to listen. But now what happens for me yesterday, Mary and the St. Lucia Harbor rassada Whoever goes and tries to listen now he gets shot at all right? shot at by what by the shooting stars. So over here that is being mentioned layer some Morona, Elon Mueller, Ilana where you could afford I mean, couldn't the journey they used to listen before but now what happens? They get shot at do

00:39:33 --> 00:39:59

retitled The hood they're touted for the purpose of being without the who gives the meaning of motherhood, meaning one who is without they're driven away, removed, far expelled, chased away, who are shouty, one of whom either been were asleep and for them is a punishment that is well said was said as a constant while sad but what

00:40:00 --> 00:40:50

is worse than that which is that in Lion copter eternal it never ends permanent lasting perpetual forever punishment. So in the dunya there is punishment for them and in the hereafter also they will have an ongoing punishment in that except meaning the only show upon that manages to hear something to get some information is well, man who hoppy for hot fatter hoppy for he snatches he snatched a hot for that which is snatched. Now interesting words caught the full hook further. What's the route cop off a hot and hot is to grab to * something quickly and run off with it. run off with it. That's how people steal, right? Run to a woman who's sitting in a wheelchair, maybe grab her purse

00:40:50 --> 00:41:41

and try to run away. Right but what happens? She happens to be very strong who fights back for example, right? But this is the idea. Run, grab and run off. This is how theft is done. Have you ever seen birds? You know snatching food maybe from your hands or somebody else's hands? It's amazing. So this is hot. Okay, so how can you find hot, fatter, meaning quickly? He comes over here something by theft because he's not supposed to be listening to that. All right. But what happens when he runs away with that information for at the bar who then it pursues him what pursues him she havin a burning flame? That is sadly that is piercing. She had from their letter sheen how bad she

00:41:41 --> 00:41:47

had this blazing burning flame. Right? And that could SAP off

00:41:48 --> 00:42:45

What does support mean? So there is a law to basically brighten light up and the word Thorkild is used for drilling to drill to make a hole. Okay, and sakib is used for glowing red fire like bright flame. Alright, a flame that is what kind of a flame glowing red fire like. And it's called saccade because it pierces through the darkness. So picture shooting star, it's as if piercing through the darkness, okay? And she haven't stopped that. You know, a burning ember, for example, as the firewood it drops, it breaks away. And those sometimes they are shut off. All right, maybe you've seen that in a barbecue or something. And as they're shot off, wherever they're meant to burn it.

00:42:46 --> 00:43:07

I remember once we went to a barbecue that was on you know, very good, real barbecue, unreal word that was burning. And I came back and I see there was a hole in my dress at the bottom. Just straight roll. Why? From what from one of the members that probably came in landed, and I just pierced right through. This is she have thought that

00:43:09 --> 00:43:10

pierces through.

00:43:11 --> 00:43:59

So anyway, shaitan that goes up and listens to the conversations of the angels and steeled some information and he comes quickly overhearing and running off with what he has stolen of information, what happens to bow who she haven't thought of, and this she had started, it pierces him hitting him like a bullet or a laser. So what do you see in all of these verses, the shayateen are prevented from hearing any of the conversations of the angels and those who do manage to steal some information, they're instantly seized, like and sort of hinted at knitters mentioned a lamb and is a summer for at bow who she hadn't been. And remember this was especially for the protection of ye as

00:43:59 --> 00:44:43

described and so with the jinn right, so during the war he remember none escaped non managed to even draw closer when the Quran was being revealed to the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but before that time and after that time, okay, there are those Shayateen who go and who try to listen who can alright, but they managed to escape sometimes when they do escape, how do we escape after they've been hit by she happened Falcon. And when they bring this information, they mix it with 100 lies and the tacit information to to their human friends who makes it worth further lies, and then they claim to know, the unseen because the people once they asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you know, the

00:44:43 --> 00:44:59

soothsayers, fortune tellers, sometimes they're right. How are they right? And this is what he explained that the shell team they go and listen, some of them they manage to steal some information, and they bring it to the human friends, mixing it with lies who mix it with more lies.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:20

And then they pass it on. I mean, if you think about it, or horoscope or anything like that, aren't they such a vague statement? Sometimes something good is going to happen? Well, of course, every day no matter how bad the situation is something good does happen. Right? You're gonna die Yes, everybody's gonna die.

00:45:22 --> 00:46:07

Somebody's gonna get sick, yes, everybody gets sick, right these are facts of life, that they presented as knowledge of the Unseen that somehow they have access to right. So, in all of these IRA to what do we see over here the angels right there orderliness in that is a lesson for us the discipline that is maintained within the heavens the organization and that is also a lesson for us and who is the one above all of this Allah subhanaw taala and all of this is a proof this creation is a proof of what Illa hecho who lower head He is only one all of these verses point towards though hate presentation.

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Miss me learn

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was asked

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a lot is Joe.

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Do you recall

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To have been

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ushered in as a

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duniya be Xena genial Kawakita. The wife one Coalition on in married lie a son Merona Elan mela

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while you call the phone I mean coolly journey but do for all Waller who neither

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Well sleep in probably felt horrible Fanta. Baron Moon she

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