Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P21 214D Tafsir Luqman 32-34

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of remaining focused on one's goal and not giving up on promises. They stress the difficulties of achieving success when faced with difficult situations and the danger of driving in the future. The speakers also advise against taking risks and not letting fear or rumors convince them to pursue afterlife. The importance of protecting oneself and not acknowledging the consequences of the disaster is emphasized. The speakers stress the importance of not getting up again and heating up hot and ready food to avoid washing another pen.
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What either and when was she yeah whom it covers them. What covers them mo John waves, waves at sea when they cover the people, meaning they're so high that they're literally rising above the ships. All right, the waters getting into the ship. And these waves they rise. They cover them culturally. Like canopies. Lulu is the plural of the word Lulu from the root letters la lamb lamb. Lin, what does little mean? Shadow? All right. And Lola is something that is above you, in order to give you shadow. So for example, an umbrella, right? Or for example, a shade a canopy, a tent or something like that. Right? So over here, Lulu, Lulu basically is a canopy, a huge umbrella like a tent. So

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waves when they cover them. And these waves are like canopies, literally rising and coming above them. Can you picture this image in your head? huge, massive waves rising above the ships? What do they do? The people in those ships? What do they do at that time? That I will allow her they call upon Allah, they do dua to Allah. But how is it that they make dua to Allah mostly seen Allah hood been mostly seen floral of Mukhlis one who makes sincere from the word is last is last is sincerity.

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exclusivity, meaning you make your intention, your goal exclusively for who? For Allah subhanaw taala. So they call upon Allah, mostly seen as ones who are making sincere and pure love who for him meaning for Allah alone. What is it that that makes sense here for him? At Dean, the religion meaning worship, in other words, they make dua only to who? Allah subhanaw taala they call upon who, only Allah, because they tried reaching out to others in order to get help. But what happened, nobody could help. Nobody could help. And even if somebody heard, and they're coming to help you, it's gonna take time for them to come to you for them to reach you in order to help you. Right? So

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what happens even in life when we're surrounded by difficulties when we're overwhelmed with difficulties, such difficulties which appear to be big enough to crush you, big enough to bury you? Then what is it that we call upon we tried calling upon people, our friends, but then we realized that nobody can take us out of this mess except for who? Allah subhanaw taala

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mostly seen and a hood Dean, you see at sea. That is where you learn, though hate.

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You know, sea travel really teaches you to hate. And I'm not saying that if you don't go to sea and you don't go you don't find yourself in a storm like that you'll never learn to hate. No, that's not what I mean.

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The way you understand, though, hate when you're surrounded by difficulties

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you don't understand or hate otherwise.

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So be grateful for the difficulties that come your way also. Because these difficulties have drawn you closer to who? Your Lord, they have made you pure. They have made you more sincere in sha Allah, because you realize the reality of people. You saw the weakness of the creation.

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You saw the pathetic nature of creation. You saw the ugliness of the creation. You saw their lies. You saw their betrayals, you saw their selfishness. You witnessed it with your own eyes, you experienced it firsthand. And what is it that you saw at the same time? The beauty of Allah, the perfection of Allah, the richness of Allah, the fact that he is a Sameer that he is an alim, would you learn this lesson? If you didn't go through a storm? Would you learn this lesson if you didn't go through some difficulty in your life? No, you wouldn't. So Tao will allow her mostly seen Anna hood Dean they call upon Allah, making their worship sincere to him, meaning the call only upon him

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Philomathean when Naja whom he saved them, he rescued them. Ill burry to the land. They were at sea stranded, close to death. But what happened Allah subhanaw taala rescued them and he brought them to the show.

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He brought them to land. What happened from in home than from them? Are those who are Makuta slid. Only some people are marked as

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marked as moderate, focused,

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were made to huddle and none denies yet Hadoo from Jehovah and Jehovah strict and I, with knowledge meaning a person knows exactly what he's doing still, he's in denial.

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Non denies be i attina Our Signs Illa except Kulu every hot dad in extreme treacherous got fooled, extremely ungrateful. Who is hot dogs, hot dogs, through letters hot out rock, and hot Tara is to betray to go against one's word, to say something else, and then do something else later on. And who is scuffle? Not just cafard but before I go for one who is extremely, extremely ungrateful, meaning the blessings are obvious, undeniable, but still a person rejects them, he does not acknowledge them. It's obvious that this was only Allah's help, but still a person does not accept that it was Allah's help. He is Kofoed extremely ungrateful. Or that he realized that it was Allah's favor, but

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then later on, he didn't do anything to thank Allah. He didn't even say Alhamdulillah guffawed extremely ungrateful. Now, over here, what do we see? A lesson has been caught here,

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that at sea, when people are surrounded by a storm, when they're in the midst of a storm, they leave everybody else and they call upon Allah alone. Then what happens when Allah saves them? Then there are two types of people, two types of people, first Furman home, from in home, mocked acid. Some of them are mocked acid,

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meaning all of them do not remain locked acid, only some of them remain locked asleep. And the rest of the people the majority, how are they cut down the food? Treacherous and ungrateful. Now what is this word mocha said we have done the word if this blog post earlier, numerous times. And remember that US is goal cost is to intend towards a goal to set a goal. All right, and if the solid is to go straight to one's goal, to remain focused on one's goal. And from this, the word Mukhtar said is used for moderate also balanced also, because he's free from extremes. He's not going right. He's not going left. Where's he going? Straight to his goal? All right. So for men who mocked us it. And

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this has been interpreted in numerous ways, I'm giving you one interpretation over here. And that is that only a few people remain focused on the goal, their main moderate, meaning they they stick to the promises that they made to Allah subhanaw taala.

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They are true to the words that they said, when they were in that difficulty.

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What happens is that when we are in some difficulties, we reach out right we ask Allah subhanaw taala for help. And when we asked him for help we make some promises also, you say, if Allah takes me out of this, I'm going to do this. I'm going to show the world that this is this and that, is that right? Or I promise that I'm going to give this Masada

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I promise that I'm going to go for Umrah you know what I'm going to call this person, I'm really going to thank them. I'm going to give a gift to so and so because of the advice that they gave me, I'm going to, you know, show my support to this individual because of the help that they offered me. Right. So we say a lot of things we make a lot of good plans when we are in difficulty when we're making dua to Allah.

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But what happens when Allah subhanaw taala takes us out of that difficulty when he saves us. How often is it that we remain true to our words? How often does it happen? Allah says Furman home mock does only a few are marked as they remain focus. They actually fulfill their promises. They're true to their word. They go and thank people and they also thank Allah.

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They show gratitude for men who mocked us it

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remember the story of economic in Abuja, or come out of the Allahu Anhu that how when he was trended at sea. Also, he promised that he would accept Islam. Right. And when he was saved, he actually went to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he embraced Islam from in home McCaslin everybody doesn't very few people do that. They fulfill their promises once they're out of difficulty.

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Instead of the Toba. Also, we learned about how neufeldt How hypocrisy occurs in the heart, how it comes about in the heart, that women have money

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I had Allahu amongst them as he who makes a promise with Allah, that if Allah gives us this much this much money, then we will do this and this and this. And when Allah subhanaw taala enriches them, He gives them what they want, then what happens? They forget about the promises that they made.

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So we need to be honest with ourselves. We to be honest with Allah subhanaw taala because those who don't fulfill their promises, Allah called them hotel, food, treacherous, treacherous, that they only said those words, they only made those doors, they only made those promises. Why? Just to get somewhere just to get some benefit.

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Has it ever happened with you that you come across some people who say, You know what, I'm in a lot of need. I really need your help. I really need your time. And you know what, don't worry about the work that you're doing. Once I'm done with my work, I'll help you do. What happens? You leave your work, you help them and then

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they're busy partying, right? They don't have time for you. Perhaps we are the ones who have done something like this to somebody. This is Hotjar CAFO extremely ungrateful. Allah says yes, a U haul nurse, all people all mankind, it the core of back home, Fear your Lord, have fear of your Lord. He owns you. You think you got out of this problem right now? He doesn't have any grasp over you. He cannot catch you again. He cannot put you in difficulty again. He cannot put you in another storm. He can bring a worst storm at home also. Yeah you announce it Takuro book on Fear your Lord will show and fear yo man a day which de la ye Jersey he will not aware who will not avail well he don't

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a father on from one of the he his child. Fear The Day when no father will avail his son

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Wallah and Nora mo Lu don a child that is born mo Lu from wild Lambdin Mahmoud is one who has given birth to and remember there is a difference between mo lewd and wallet while that is also a child mo Lu there's also a child but mo Lu is the direct descendant Okay, the direct descendant and wallet can apply to even grandchildren. Okay. So even a mono the direct descendant he cannot who or jazz in he cannot avail on Wiley, the he his father che on anything. If he cannot avail his immediate Father, how can he benefit his grandfather? How can you benefit his other relatives uncle or who or anybody else?

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Each person shall be on his own that day. So fear that day worry about that day. Has it ever happened that in some difficulty, you feel alone?

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You feel alone?

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You see, when we are in some difficulty and there are words of support pouring in from everywhere.

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Anywhere you go people hug you. Right? You lost somebody, you failed an exam, you know, your five God burnt, what happens? People console you. It's okay. Your mom calms you down. It's okay, I'll still eat the burnt pie. Right?

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Your favorite cup broke.

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Your child looks at you with pity,

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isn't it? People show their tenderness, you know, their warm feelings, their words of support. And that is so comforting, isn't it that no matter how difficult over time, you're going through the words of support Alhamdulillah there's such a huge blessing.

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But imagine if you're going through some difficulty, and nobody even knows about it.

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Or if people even know about it, they don't care about you. Instead, they blame you. Doesn't it multiply the problem

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doesn't multiply the hardship it does. And if they leave you on your own, you're on your own. That makes it so much more difficult. So Allah subhanaw taala is warning us using the difficulties you're going through today are difficult or bad. What do you think about the Day of Judgment? When your father will not help you when your child will not help you? You are on your own?

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Jazzy, nobody's going to give Jezza to the other. Nobody is going to help another. Nobody is going to avail another. Nobody is going to be of use to another the word Jasmine. All right. The

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The edges II jazz and both are from the letters GMs. A yet does and what is jazz up to pay? Alright, when you pay someone, you're actually helping them you're being used to them, you're benefiting them. So no one's going to be of benefit to another in the word Allah He helped, indeed the Promise of Allah is true.

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Don't doubt the coming of the day of judgment. So what do we learn from here the difficulties of this world? What are they teaching us? What are they a glimpse of

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the difficulties of the Day of Judgment?

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Any hardship in this life should remind us of the hardships in the hereafter.

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You want to get out of problems right now you want to run away from them, you want them to end already. Think about the Day of Judgment. Wouldn't you want problems to end on that day? Once you want them to go away that day? What are you doing for those problems right now? What are you doing to protect yourself that day? What are you doing to save yourself that day?

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In the word Allah, he helped, indeed the Promise of Allah is true for Allah that will run a comb. So let it not delude you that will run from the root letters, ln rah rah and noon, we shall definitely never at all at any cost. Let it deceive you what? l higher to dunya the life of the world. Don't let the worldly life deceive you.

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What is the deception of the life of this world?

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What is the deception?

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What is the deception of this life?

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Okay, it's going to be there forever, but people know that they're gonna die.

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See, the thing is that we know we're gonna die.

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But we think we have a long time,

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isn't it? We think that if we weren't able to get something done today, we can get it done tomorrow.

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We think that if we did something wrong today, don't worry about the consequences. Right? We'll deal with it when it comes.

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Okay, another deception is that we get deceived by our own strength, our own abilities or the resources that Allah subhanaw taala has given us, the creation that surrounds us. So we think that we are fine the way we are, we don't need Allah. But what's the connection over here, the Day of Judgment is coming. Don't let this worldly life deceive you. Don't let this worldly life make you believe that this is all. And this is all that you need to worry about. So your goal becomes the life of this world. You are concerned about your image here. And you're concerned about your reputation here. And you're concerned about your success here. And you're concerned about your

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safety here.

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You're only concerned about a large Allah the immediate This is the deception of the worldly life, that you think that this life is everything because you see it. And because the Day of Judgment, it seems far, death seems far. So you forget about it, you put it behind. You don't worry about it, you don't prepare for it. So you end up preferring the Agila over the Agila, you end up preferring the immediate which is the worldly life over what over what is to come later, which is the afterlife. And so to recap, what do we learn? Allah subhanaw taala tells us that in Nirjala, ma Allah or we Zenith Allah, everything you see is what it's just adornment decoration of this life. But what's

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going to happen to all of this decoration, it's gonna turn into sorry, Don DeRosa

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it's gonna turn into a plain, flat ground, everything is going to finish. So don't attach yourself to the things of this world to the goals of this world so that you neglect the afterlife Smilla Salam Alikum we shouldn't let the dunya to deceive us because maybe you might hear some business people telling you alHuda Is this good or that? Do not let that deceive you because alHuda Gino is how it's amazing. I'm here in Alberta for five years. It's amazing. I hear some student they're not coming because they hear the incident what happened but it's not unheard of. And I trust * with them more than my home and I feel safe you know with a more than I hope my home and you should feel

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To because this is allows home if we don't feel good in Allah's home where we're gonna feel good. If we are safe to go mall, if we are safe to go outside, how come you don't feel safe to come here? This is a safe place. Don't let the dunya deceive you.

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I was reading this post by says she asked me which I had in which she had written about how, when you're driving, there's always a risk of an accident, isn't it? There's always that risk that you could end up in a crash. You could lose your car, you could lose your life. There's there's always that risk. But do we stop driving because of that risk?

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Do we know? It's amazing, because people are telling us don't go right now. It's dark. Don't go right now it's raining. Don't go right now there's a snowstorm. Right? Don't go right now, because of this reason, because of that reason. But we are

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adamant, no, I have to go pick that pizza up. Right? I have to go for my class, I have to go to the mall, I have to go to my friend's house, we still drive even though we know the risks of driving.

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So why is it that when it comes to worshipping Allah subhanaw taala, then the risks over there, we get deceived by them.

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And we think I can't take this risk. Because this could potentially have an effect on my career. I can take this risk because this could potentially have, you know, have an effect on my whatever.

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Fella to hold on Haoran Nicole here to dunya the life of this world, do not let it deceive you what does this mean, then, that the nature of this worldly life is that it is deceptive. It is deceptive. This is how Allah has created this life. This world it is if Tila it is empty. Han it is a test.

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And there are going to be disruptions in the test. Aren't questions meant to be tricky. Seriously, in a test aren't questions meant to be tricky. That's why it's called a test right? I mean, half of passing your test is not about the content. It's about understanding the question,

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isn't it?

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So this is how this life is. There are going to be risks there are going to be dangerous. But don't let your love of this world deceive you. Don't let it prevent you from seeking the Alpha filata or Ronda. camelhair to dunya

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wala and not your one knuckle it deceive you Billahi about Allah Allah rule, the deceiver.

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rule. Rule is who notice this word is not rude. Look at the word. It is not rude. It is rude. Who is a master which is deception. All right. And Laurel is a person. It's on the structure of ferule. Just like our food. All right. So Varun is one who deceives who is the deceiver. It is the shaitan the greatest deceiver. And he is after each and every single one of us.

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bombing us bombarding us with what's worse, with evil thoughts with fears

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bombarding us literally

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negativity, you know, falling into accepting rumors and lies. So don't let him deceive you. Be careful, he's an enemy. And he's after you

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are a couple of things that came to my mind after reading this if we didn't point that one out. When we talk about the sea, that we've been talking about that in our group to that when we're talking about C and the DNI changing, it kind of brings us to the law of nature and as the Newton laws and Allah Tala is pointing us to the knowledge of physics here to study more about it and get to know how does a bigger ship can float and the needle will sink. So Quran is not

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asking us not to study but it's pointing us towards to study more about the nature and looking at the time of no when the crash the the boat was made out of wood. And nowadays when we have like those big stallers for the oil, and then we have like bridges who are miles down in the earth, and that is all around us. So we see how a lot and it and it has been placed in sort of Lachman that talks about wisdom, that how Allah has given us wisdom and how we can use it. So it's kind of broadening our horizon. It's not limiting us. At the same time, like the wisdom or

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for using the knowledge and I don't know I kind of say it again and again is knowledge of technology and putting things and not putting things and putting posts and not putting posts is so important what you do and what you know not to because you become liable what you say or what you not say or what you write it down anywhere or you do not write it down. So we need to use our wisdom again and again with all the things that we have around us.

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So the life of this world, don't let it deceive you and the greatest deceiver, don't let him deceive you either. So there is one thing that we see which is deceptive which is the life of this world. And there is another enemy deceiver, whom we don't see and that is the shell con. So there is going to be deception which is direct and there is plenty of deception that is indirect, visible and hidden. So you better be very alert you better use your mind so as a student it's also like a test for us like how strongly are like either we're gonna continue our education over here or not right. When my students they assisted Is it the same school that you go as so do you find anything wrong in

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me in my black baya in my hijab, right? We are should be you know, should be so much confident about ourselves, you know, Alhamdulillah we are blessed that we are coming we know that what why we are studying here Alhamdulillah the students who are not showing up they should come they should come right Inshallah, who's going to tell them?

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Who's going to tell them

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who will raise your hand who will?

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Good two hands I see. Raising both your hands mashallah Baraka low Fico. And even those who are not coming who are not regular students. Okay?

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Invite them. Don't wait for an open house and a formal invitation that is to be printed and then given to you. And then your requested, please call somebody know, if anybody talks to you about that, tell them why don't you come with me and see for yourself? Come with me. Right? This false assumptions that people have now they need to be broken, people are usually enemy to what they're ignorant off. So when you do break that ignorance

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Yeah, and don't assume that just because somebody is not coming, it's because of this reason, or that they're feeling weak. It's possible that they want to, but it's the families or it's a genuine concern. So, of course, when we approached somebody, keep that in mind in sha Allah. I mean, fear is a real feeling. And it's a genuine feeling even heard, read about prophets as it Musa became fearful, and prophets of the most believed and I would say and I would rather save and everybody's here. It's it's important that when you're not comfortable with something, whether it's a student or a teacher, that you need to question it and question it in the right way. And to the right people,

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because every every area has more space where you can make things better or change things but if you do not question it in the right way, whether you are in altitude or you're in a regular school or anywhere, you need to question it and question it in the right proper way. Instead of just posting things where it doesn't really belong. So yeah, Are you her nurse or people at the core of bekam Fear your Lord, walk show yo mama and fear a de la jolla jersey? Well, you don't know whether the Walla mo Luden who are jazz in Anwar Liddy, he che, the day when a father cannot avail his child, nor can a child avail his father at all anything. In nawada Allah He helped indeed the Promise of

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Allah is true, fanatical run, Nakamura HYAH to dunya so do not let the life of this world deceive you. What are your whole Rhonda Camilla Hello rule and do not let the deceiver meaning Shavon deceive you about Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, Allah told us about shaitan URI do whom were human need him shaitan promises them, threatens them gives them hopes false hopes wama Yari Dumas Chapin who Illa, hoorah but the promises of Chopin are nothing but deception. It reminds me of how these days we use the word YOLO a lot, how you only live once that's that has become like an excuse for everything. And that is the biggest deception. Yes, it is the deception. Right. So don't let

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this deceive you. Yeah, we forget that we only die once to when we're gonna be raised. Yeah, it's like, you know, do all the wrong things possible when you're getting married because it's that one day, right? Do all the things you can when you graduate from high school because

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you only graduate once hopefully.

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Or from university or whatever you get your job. You know, for everything. We have this excuse

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It's my 17th birthday and 70th birthday is only once you know, it's my 18th birthday, my 18th birthday is only going to be once right? This is the excuse we have that this is no time. You know if I don't have fun now I'll have no fun ever. Right? If I don't get this now I'll never, it'll never be the same.

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This is the deception of this life. You know, this urgency, urgency that I have to have fun. Now I have to do it now. And if I don't, it's as if I'll be deprived forever.

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So don't let this deceive you into the fact that I am 18 Allah says, well as you're always zero to withdraw, Oh ha. No bear of burden will bear the burden of another, no father, no child, nobody at all. In a hadith and synthetical. So he had the Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Indeed this world is green, luscious, sweet. It is sweet. There's no denying it. It is delicious. It's enjoyable, no denial of that it is how Allah subhanaw taala has created it. But he also said that whoever acquires it through Huck will be granted blessing in it. Meaning any part of this world any part of this worldly blessings, you acquire it in the right way, Allah who will bless it, and he who takes it

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from the wealth of Allah and His Messenger unjustly meaning he steals or he cheats, then they will get nothing, the day they meet Allah, such a person will get nothing when on the day that he meets Allah. So if a person prefers this dunya over the hara, then this is a

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wise choice. What is it? It's otherwise the prophets on a lot of sentiment, he explained the reality of this life to us in very simple terms. He said in normal form of Ni Adam, during the method only dunya

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the food of the son of Adam is the example of this world being the food that people eat. That is the example of this world. What in Kazaa, who were Mala, who fun Lu Ilana your zero, no matter how flavorful you prepared, no matter how delicious you make it, how awesome you make it mouthwatering and whatnot, all those words, big words that you have for delicious food. Right? Bring them to mind, no matter how beautiful that food is, in every way. Look at what it turns into.

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Look at what it turns into. This is the reality of this life. It appears to be so beautiful, attractive, glamorous. And you know, especially when food is hot, right? Just out of the oven just off the bat. Have you ever heard your parents telling you, for example, your mom telling you eat now before he gets cold? It's not going to be the same once you heat it in the microwave. Right? I don't have a microwave in my house. And it's a personal choice. But you know, heating up the food is not an easy task. All right. So every time the food is hot and ready, I'm like eat now because I'm not getting up again, and heating up the food in a pan just so that I have to wash another pen. Right?

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So eat now.

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And of course, you know it has a different enjoyment when you eat it right when it's ready. But no matter how it is, let's what is it going to turn into?

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Seriously? Then does it matter if it was salty or not salty? Do you get the point over here? Does it matter if it looked beautiful? Or it didn't?

00:33:37 --> 00:33:43

Doesn't matter if it was from a fancy restaurant or it wasn't? Doesn't matter if it was fresh or it was two days old?

00:33:45 --> 00:33:54

It doesn't? Because what is it going to turn into no matter how fancy it is even if it's $100 plate? Even if it's a $70 dinner, what is it going to turn into?

00:33:56 --> 00:33:58

So don't go crazy about this world?

00:33:59 --> 00:34:07

What is its end? What is the end of this world? It is sorry than DeRosa it's going to finish

00:34:08 --> 00:34:17

and what is going to finish is not worth your life. So don't go chasing this dunya all your life. Seek the hereafter

00:34:18 --> 00:34:59

in the Lucha indeed Allah or in the WHO with him meeting with him alone is really Musa knowledge of the Hour, meaning when the day of judgment is going to occur. This time is known to Allah alone, where you nest Zilla lies and he sends down the rain. You see there's so many words for rain in the Arabic language MATA is one of them. lathe is one of them. Allah subhanaw taala uses the word lace over here because lathe is used for rain. That comes after a long wait

00:35:00 --> 00:35:11

After a long wait, you're expecting it to come and you're waiting and waiting. It is rain that comes after a period of dryness

00:35:13 --> 00:35:20

and rain that comes after prayer meaning you've been praying for it. You've been asking Allah for it. You've been begging him for it.

00:35:21 --> 00:35:24

And it is rain that is in profusion

00:35:25 --> 00:35:31

because your need is great. So the rain is also a lot. This is like

00:35:32 --> 00:35:57

what Yuna Zilla life He sends down the much needed rain, and he sends it don't doubt it. He will send it but when will he send it? It's time is known to Allah alone. He knows. He decides when to send the rain. How often is it that we see the clouds? I mean, the whole day there is an overcast but what happens? Not a drop of rain?

00:35:58 --> 00:36:01

Is it not a drop of rain?

00:36:03 --> 00:36:07

I lived in Karachi for many years Karachi is a city in Pakistan by the sea.

00:36:08 --> 00:36:22

And you don't get much rain there were at least when I was living there, not not much rain. But one thing you see in the sky is always Clouds. Clouds are just traveling, traveling traveling.

00:36:23 --> 00:36:53

So it's amazing clouds are formed perhaps at the sea and then they just rise and they go away somewhere else. Right. unis delays lays because who decides when rain should fall Allah azza wa jal way or Alemu. And he knows mad that which fill our ham is in the wombs of ham plural of the word, Rahim. What is Rahim? the womb of the mother. womb of a woman. Okay, so what is exactly in the womb? Allah knows about it.

00:36:54 --> 00:37:37

Whether a fetus is forming or not a child is because so many times it happens that a woman doesn't even know she's pregnant. Right? Months later, weeks later, she finds out Allah knows what isn't there. And if the child is there, then what is its gender? What are its, you know, characteristics, the appearance, right? So many times it happens that the the doctors think that there's a problem, but when the child is born, no problem. Right? The ultrasound shows one thing and then when the child is born, it's another thing. Right? So who knows the reality of the child that is in the womb, Allah and mafia or ham man doesn't just refer to the child, it could refer to something else also,

00:37:37 --> 00:37:39

meaning anything that's in the womb.

00:37:40 --> 00:37:53

Right? a fertilized egg or not, or, you know, something else. Some disease, tumor cyst, something else? Allah knows, urine, OMA fill or ham.

00:37:54 --> 00:37:57

You know, it's amazing. We think our body is ours.

00:37:58 --> 00:38:01

Right? What do we have control over the whom?

00:38:03 --> 00:38:03

Not one bit.

00:38:05 --> 00:38:18

If you think about it, hey, why is it called Haldeman situation it's called Halo head literally is blood that flows. Okay, it's something that flows by its own. You don't have control over when it begins and when it ends.

00:38:20 --> 00:39:07

And that is a reality of the womb you have no control over it. Ya La MaMa fill or ham? He knows what's in the womb, and he knows what is in every hidden place. What it look man tell his son, that if there is something as tiny as a mustard seed, inside a rock or somewhere in the sky or the earth, Allah will bring it out. Nothing is hidden from Allah will matter that enough soon. And no soul knows that tree from the Royal Dahlia. To learn about something no soul can find out. Mother Why what is that which duck Cebu it will earn London tomorrow the next day. No person knows what they're gonna do tomorrow the next day.

00:39:08 --> 00:39:16

It's amazing. You go to sleep at night thinking tomorrow is going to be just done, you know, a normal usual typical day. But then what happens?

00:39:17 --> 00:39:26

turns into a completely unexpected you know, Storm, right? So you don't know what you're going to do tomorrow.

00:39:27 --> 00:39:48

You make plans but what happens the next day none of those plans work out. You set goals for the week but the whole week. You got nothing accomplished. Right? You don't know what you're going to do tomorrow even woman 13 up soon and no soul knows be a year Lin. In which land the move to it will die.

00:39:49 --> 00:40:00

No person knows in which land it will die at home or somewhere else in one's own country or in a foreign land at the road. While tree

00:40:00 --> 00:40:35

Traveling at work in the mall. No person knows where they're going to die in the Lucha or Lehman hubby. Indeed Allah, He is Eileen, he is knowing and he is Hubby he is acquainted. So what is this is teaching us that these matters are known to who? Allah alone. These matters of the unseen are only in Allah's knowledge. And what does that show to us Allah's power, His might, the perfection of his knowledge was the accuracy you somewhat you will want.

00:40:36 --> 00:41:10

Everything is within his knowledge, his control, and he has kept this knowledge only for who for himself. And it is said that these are the matters of labor that are known only to Allah. What are they? Firstly, the knowledge of the Hour. Remember, when God last the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when is it going to be and what was the response? That the one who is being asked doesn't know any better about it than the one who is asking? Secondly, when rain will fall, we can guess we can estimate but we can never know for sure what is inside the womb.

00:41:11 --> 00:41:14

Again, we can try to find out but everything we can't know

00:41:15 --> 00:41:38

what we're going to do tomorrow. It can be so unpredictable, right? And fifth, where a person is going to die. These are matters of the unseen that Allah subhanaw taala has kept with himself alone. And this shows to estimate the power of Allah subhanaw taala and what is wisdom that a person surrenders to this Lord?

00:41:39 --> 00:41:45

That a person is grateful to this Lord recitation of these if we're either watching him

00:41:48 --> 00:41:54

go more slowly down long. I'm awfully sweet. Dean

00:41:58 --> 00:41:59


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manager, Elan rifampin who's

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also in the

00:42:07 --> 00:42:08

Adobe is

00:42:12 --> 00:42:18

daring Oh yeah.

00:42:19 --> 00:42:21

A human

00:42:25 --> 00:42:27

mind walk Shall we Oh

00:42:30 --> 00:42:30


00:42:33 --> 00:42:35

no no don't whatever is in

00:42:41 --> 00:42:42

the log he helpful

00:42:52 --> 00:42:55

are you Oh?

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00:43:20 --> 00:43:24

don't hold in

00:43:25 --> 00:43:30

long Ali mom's lobby

00:43:32 --> 00:43:40

Subhanak along the hammock, a shadow Allah Illa illa Anta a stuffy Luca to be like us Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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